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  1. I remember when we signed Neill Cox for £1m from Villa and Pearson £750k from Sheff Wed. I was really excited about signing players I'd never heard of. I think we got Clayton Blackmore for £300k too- He was an underrated player.
  2. I'd be pleased if we got Danny Graham. I hoped we'd get him in January and I haven't changed my mind!
  3. I'm in! Always wondered what it was all about, guess I'm about to find out...
  4. ^ This, this and this again! Well said Coxswain!! UTB
  5. Not sure if I'm allowed to do this, but I was wondering if anyone objects to me asking for Great North Nun sponsorship. I've been a member for a while and a Boro fan for life. I wouldn't normally put this on a forum but this is a special case. I'm hoping to raise a lot of money for the Percy Hedley Foundation, specifically the school part where I am a teacher. There's a bit of a financial crisis there at the moment and staff will be losing 20% of their wages in some cases. Which will have an impact on the pupils, all of whom have special needs. We need to maintain a high quality of provision
  6. 18 goals last season in an uncreative team and injured, yet still playing, for half the season. We need to keep him! I'd be chuffed to bits if Emnes stayed. That's all.
  7. Jp, a taxi from Newcastle to Boro will be about £60 at least. If you're getting one straight from the airport, even more. You'd be better off getting in a few days early, walking to Hartlepool and getting the bus!
  8. I like Hulk. Might even say he's incredible. Plus he'd match the ramsdens sponsor quite nicely. Get him signed on!
  9. marvin

    Ipswich tickets

    It's better than um-boro-ella.
  10. I assume you were watching the same game as Martin O'Neill. No I think if we'd had more going forward we would've spanked them easily. No way were they better.
  11. Forgot to say: Tony McMahon was awesome! How anyone questions him is beyond me. And he was at right midfield! Great player.
  12. Really enjoyed the game tonight. Shame about the result. Too many backwards passes 1st half and bad 1st touches. Young players looked composed, reach in particular. Pleased with Main's contribution though Emnes was poor- must be injured! Hoyte is no good. We deserved more. Penalties would've been fair I think. Looking good for the future though! UTB!!!!!!!!
  13. Spot on Xathras. Totally agree.
  14. Can we have an "it's got silly!" part of the site where some of the more funny, gone off topic and got ridiculous threads can go. Instead of closing them. I do enjoy all the handbags stuff. But I think this thread should be just be locked down for the sake of irony.
  15. It's got to be McMahon for me everytime. If he was as fast as Hoyte everyone would love him.
  16. marvin

    Billy Sharp

    I'd love to see Billy Sharp in a Boro shirt, I certainly think he could do a job. Him and Emnes up top with a juninho-esq midfielder. We'd easily beat teams like Shrewsbury!
  17. I don't think we should be too down about this result. I think Blackpool are one of those sides that are capable of beating anyone in the Championship. We've probably had a defeat coming anyway. Those 'two quality signings' everyones banging on about should see us win the league right enough!
  18. Happy new year everyone! I have loved reading everyone's posts and promise to post more/something in 2012! UTB
  19. I've joined! Pending approval. Hope I'm welcome!!
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