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  1. H Cardiff v West Brom A Huddersfield v Blackburn D Hull v Blackpool H Middlesbrough v Sheffield Utd H Preston v Stoke H QPR v Birmingham H Barnsley v Nottingham Forest A Derby v Reading H Fulham v Swansea D Luton v Coventry H Millwall v Bristol City H Peterbrough v Bournemouth
  2. H Coventry v Peterbrough H West Brom v QPR A Reading v Middlesbrough H Birmingham v Preston H Blackburn v Cardiff D Blackpool v Barnsley H Bournemouth v Luton D Bristol City v Fulham H Nottingham Forest v Millwall H Sheffield Utd v Derby H Stoke v Hull D Swansea v Huddersfield
  3. H Hull v Sheffield Utd D Barnsley v Blackburn D Cardiff v Bournemouth A Derby v Stoke H Fulham v Reading D Huddersfield v Nottingham Forest A Luton v Swansea H Middlesbrough v Blackpool A Millwall v Coventry A Peterborough v Birmingham D Preston v West Brom H QPR v Bristol City
  4. H Blackburn v Hull D Blackpool v Huddersfield H Bournemouth v QPR H Sheffield Utd v Preston H Reading v Peterbrough H West Brom v Derby H Birmingham v Fulham A Bristol City v Luton H Coventry v Cardiff A Nottingham Forest v Middlesbrough D Stoke v Barnsley D Swansea v Millwall
  5. H Cardiff v Bristol City A Derby v Nottingham Forest H Barnsley v Birmingham H Fulham v Stoke H Huddersfield v Reading A Hull v Bournemouth D Luton v Sheffield Utd H Middlesbrough v Blackburn H Millwall v Blackpool D Preston v Swansea A QPR v Coventry A Peterborough v West Brom
  6. X Bristol City v Swansea D QPR v Barnsley A Blackburn v West Brom H Bournemouth v Blackpool H Cardiff v Millwall H Coventry v Reading A Derby v Middlesbrough D Fulham v Hull A Luton v Birmingham H Preston v Peterborough H Sheffield Utd v Huddersfield D Stoke v Nottingham Forest
  7. H Barnsley v Luton A Blackpool v Coventry H Huddersfield v Preston D Millwall v Fulham H Peterborough v Cardiff H Swansea v Stoke A Reading v Bristol City A Birmingham v Bournemouth H Hull v Derby H Middlesbrough v QPR D Nottingham Forest v Blackburn H West Brom v Sheffield Utd
  8. H Peterborough v Derby H Barnsley v Coventry D Birmingham v Stoke A Blackpool v Cardiff A Huddersfield v Fulham H Hull v QPR H Middlesbrough v Bristol City A Millwall v Blackburn D Nottingham Forest v Bournemouth H Reading v Preston H West Brom v Luton H Swansea v Sheffield Utd
  9. H Bournemouth v West Brom A Blackburn v Swansea H Bristol City v Blackpool D Cardiff v Barnsley A Derby v Huddersfield H Luton v Peterborough H Preston v Hull H QPR v Millwall H Stoke v Reading H Sheffield United v Birmingham A Fulham v Middlesbrough H Coventry v Nottingham Forest
  10. Tuesday 6th July Italy 2 v 2 Spain FGS: Morata Card points: 6 Wednesday 7th July England 3 v 0 Denmark FGS: McGuire Card points: 5
  11. I only realised that when Spain kicked off and I checked who I was playing! I’m happy to concede defeat if we become inseparable. @Snowblind did predict first. Fingers crossed for a 3-0 England win tomorrow 🤞🤞🤞then I’ll proudly bask in the glory of my prediction victory and look forward to killing it in the semis.
  12. Friday 2nd July Switzerland 2 v 3 Spain Belgium 1 v 1 Italy Saturday 3rd July Czech Republic 1 v 2 Denmark Ukraine 0 v 3 England
  13. It must be because I beat @Uwe so good I’ve taken his place in the plate too!
  14. Outstanding work @Youngy228 Very well done and a big thank you!
  15. @Youngy228 Indeed! So I should’ve put 0-2. Just trying to keep you on your toes 😳 Well spotted!!
  16. Saturday 26th June H Wales v Denmark 2-1 H Italy v Austria 1-0 Sunday 27th June H Netherlands v Czech Republic 3-1 H Belgium v Portugal 2-1 Monday 28th June A Croatia v Spain 2-0 D France v Switzerland 0-0 Tuesday 29th June H England v Germany 2-0 D Sweden v Ukraine 1-1
  17. @Uwe Given the draw, now this makes sense! Got to be prediction of the tournament so far!! Bring it!
  18. This is the best predictions league to date with all the graphics etc. Keep up the great work and don’t worry about a few mistakes. It’s not like there’s a week between each round. There’s loads!
  19. H Netherlands v Austria H Ukraine v North Macedonia D Croatia v Czech Republic H England v Scotland A Sweden v Slovakia A Denmark v Belgium
  20. A Slovakia v Spain H Sweden v Poland A Portugal v France H Germany v Hungary
  21. A Russia v Denmark A Finland v Belgium A North Macedonia v Netherlands D Ukraine v Austria D Croatia v Scotland A Czech Republic v England
  22. H Spain v Poland A Hungary v France H Germany v Portugal H Switzerland v Turkey A Italy v Wales
  23. D Finland v Russia H Netherlands v Austria H Ukraine v North Macedonia H Croatia v Czech Republic H England v Slovakia A Sweden v Poland
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