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  1. Certainly can! But I think the winning streak were about to embark upon means my services won’t be required until next season...🤞
  2. If Akpom plays the ball down the line like Spence was shouting for in the first place, none of that happens. Akpom could’ve ran in to the space down the right that Spence was wanting the ball played into originally. Poor decision making.
  3. My late grandad would always say about the Boro: “They Always Let You Down” ‘TALYD’ is a familiar acronym in our family Boro group chat. Unless we win, of course.
  4. And the Boro boss revealed after that the huddle saw the latest edition of Warnock rewarding a member of his squad with the honour of a round of applause from his team-mates. Warnock said: "That's the best I've seen Sam Morsy play since he's come here. He covered every blade of grass. We had a round of applause for him.” Alright, I was wrong. How long before I’m allowed to share another opinion?
  5. Haha, I’m glad my opinion was good for something! I’ll have to try again next match! He must be good for something that I’m completely missed the last two games. Yeah he did well for the assist. Holding my hands up here, I’m very happy to be proved wrong!!
  6. Happy to be wrong but I just feel like he looks really uncomfortable tracking players and when he’s got the ball he seems to panic. Don’t seem to remember many accurate passes from him. Having said that, it was a while after Robbie Mustoe left that I understood what he was doing playing every week with the squad we had then.
  7. The more I watch Morsy, the less I think of him as a footballer. Feel like he’d be better at rugby. Or at least more defensively than he’s being played at the moment.
  8. Pretty sure we will. We look most likely to score. Howson seems determined to kick a ball into the clouds never to be seen again. Finally a decent save by Bettinelli. Should help with his confidence!
  9. Great run from Johnson through the middle, passed to Fletcher who hits the keeper. Great chance. Corner.
  10. https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/injuries-taking-toll-middlesbrough-inside-19826360 Here you go E63. I think the EG is making something out of nothing but we’ll see. I doubt Fry and Tav will be available. I was hoping that it would reveal an elaborate way of being able to drop Bettinelli for a few games without coming out and doing it publicly which would further knock his confidence but that looks unlikely. Awesome OP @boro-unger!! UTB
  11. I’ll reiterate my earlier comment that if we’d had the opposition keeper and they had Bettinelli, we’d have won the game. I don’t get the hoofball comments. Paddy could have hoofed it up, but instead he tried to keep it and slipped over. And multiple other times in games I see us press and win the ball back then try to keep it. It’s the keeper that hoofs it when it goes back to him. For me, we lose when we let the opposition have a few shots on target, because Bettinelli is really that bad.
  12. This is another game where I’m thinking that if we swap their keeper for ours, we’d win this...
  13. Dimi was 1000 times better than Bettinelli
  14. What a surprise, a shot on target beats Bettinelli...
  15. I want all the teams from the north of England to be in the Premiership: From York, head north and have all the teams at the top. Even Sunderland and Newcastle. I check the scores every week and hope they’ve won.
  16. That’s what happens when I don’t read the OP properly 🤦‍♂️... sorry about that...
  17. I think I'd have to say Mark Schwarzer. He made a massive difference when he arrived and gave the defence a lot more confidence than Gary Walsh did if i remember rightly. At the age he came in and the length of time he stayed - that scenario now would be massive for this squad. Especially replacing Bettinelli. I kind of feel like losing Randoph was almost as massive as losing Schwarzer. However, where as Schwarzer was always one of the best keepers in the Premier League when we were there, Randolph clearly isn't...
  18. I don't think that's a bite. More a push in the back but surely there would've been a reaction if Britt's teeth had got anywhere near him! Anyway, the game I thought was spot on apart from conceding the late goal. A complete contrast to the performance against Brum. It was like a different team, the whole mentality and attitude was spot on. We really frustrated them and despite what some people think, I actually find our style of play quite entertaining to watch. A lot of pressure without the ball and trying to retain it and move up the pitch with it.
  19. Signing this Jordan Archer fella leaves me scratching my head... would we not have been better just giving one of the keepers from a local team a contract until the end of the season? He looks utter garbage!
  20. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/55522133 Did anyone see this goal? It’s one of the best goals I’ve ever seen! Totally unbelievable skill. I think the ref should’ve just blown for full time after that and the scorer should have a statue outside the stadium erected immediately.
  21. I don’t know much about Wycombe Wanderers other than Martin O’Neil managed there as an up and coming manager in the 90’s before he worked wonders with Leicester and made a real name for himself. He was the manger that beat us in the cup final replay at Hillsborough in 97. Also in the 90’s, Wycombe had a player called Steve Guppy (he was lightning fast on an old computer game I had) who followed O’Niell to Leicester, then to Celtic and even played for England once. After Wycombe beating Cardiff on Tuesday and our defeat to Sheffield Wednesday, I’d say this one is tougher to call than I’
  22. A disappointing way to end my MDT run. Felt like Bettinelli could’ve done better with their goals but so could McNair, especially for the second. But, it just didn’t happen for us tonight. Bring on the next game and the next 3 points. UTB
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