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  1. France v South Korea. 07/06.. 8 pm........h........4.......0......3....20......8.....17 Norway v Nigeria. 08/06.. 8 pm........h........2.......1......5....20......7.....20 Germany v China. 08/06.. 2 pm........h.........3.......0.....6.....20.....10....18 Spain v South Africa. 08/06.. 5 pm........h.........4.......0.....5.....20......9....18 Australia v Italy. 09/06..12pm.........a........2.......0......4.....20......9....18 Brazil v Jamaica. 09/06..2.30pm......h........3.......0......8.....25.....10...17 England v Scot
  2. Saying something when the match day thread is what I look forward to more than the actual match! SmogDane, that was some performance. Very well done!
  3. Big thanks to MM for running the PL, much appreciated and a sterling job done! Looking forward to next season and smashing the league! Well done to the winners!!!
  4. H Blackburn v Stoke. A Bolton v Ipswich. A Brentford v Derby. H Bristol Cty v Wigan. H Hull v Reading. A Millwall v WBA. A PNE v Sheff Utd. A Rotherham v N.Forest. A Sheff Wed v Aston Villa. A Swansea v Middlesboro. (Fletcher)
  5. H Aston Villa v Blackburn. H Derby v Rotherham. D Ipswich v Hull. H Leeds v Millwall. H N.Forest v Swansea. H QPR v Bolton. A Reading v PNE. H Sheff Utd v Bristol Cty. H Stoke v Sheff Wed. H Middlesbro: v Norwich. (Howson)
  6. H Leeds Utd v Sheff Utd. A Aston Villa v Middlesboro (Assombalonga) A Brentford v WBA. D Hull v QPR. A Ipswich v N.Forest. H PNE v Birmingham. A Rotherham v Norwich. D Sheff Wed Blackburn. H Stoke v Reading. H Wigan v Bolton.
  7. H Blackburn v Preston H Sheff Utd v Rotherham. H Bolton v Millwall. D Bristol Cty v Leeds H Derby v Sheff Wed:. H Middlesbrough v Brentford. (Fletcher) H Notts Forest v Hull. D QPR v Stoke. A Reading v Wigan. H WBA v Ipswich.
  8. H Aston Villa v Derby. H Brentford v QPR. D Hull v Birmingham D Ipswich v Reading. A Millwall v Norwich. D PNE v Bristol Cty. A Rotherham v Blackburn. A Stoke v Notts Forest. H Swansea v Bolton. A Wigan v Middlesbrough. (Assombalonga)
  9. A Birmingham v Blackburn. H Brentford v Hull Cty. H Leeds v Bolton. H Middlesbrough v QPR (Assombalonga) H Millwall v PNE. H Norwich v Bristol Cty. H Reading v Rotherham. D Sheff Wed v Swansea. D Stoke v Aston Villa. D Wigan v Ipswich.
  10. A Rotherham v Sheff Wed:. D Aston Villa v W.B.A. A Bolton v Norwich. A Ipswich v Stoke Cty. A P.N.E v Notts Forest. D Q.P.R v Leeds H Sheff Utd v Reading. A Blackburn v Middlesboro (Saville) H Barnsley v Wycombe W. H Bradford v Plymouth
  11. A Birmingham v Nottm Forest A Brentford v Blackburn H Bristol City v Swansea A Hull v Stoke A Ipswich v Sheff Wed H Millwall v Rotherham A Reading v Aston Villa H Sheff Utd v Bolton A WBA v Boro (VLP) A Wigan v QPR
  12. H Aston Villa v Ipswich H Blackburn v Hull H Norwich v Sheff Utd (Vrancic) D Notts Forest v Wigan A Rotherham v Leeds Utd H Stoke v Preston NE H Barnsley v Rochdale D Burton Alb v Bradford H Coventry v Blackpool H Fleetwood v S***horpe
  13. *LOUD SWEAR WORDS* Can’t believe I didn’t predict. I was sure I had. *LOUDER SWEARING WORDS*
  14. A Birmingham v Middlesbrough. (Wing) A Brentford v Stoke Cty. H Bristol Cty v Bolton. D Hull Cty v Sheff: Wed:. D Ipswich Twn v Rotherham. A PNE v Swansea. A Reading v Notts Forest. H Sheff: Utd v QPR. H WBA v Norwich Cty. A Wigan v Aston Villa.
  15. D Birmingham v Brentford. A Bolton v Stoke. H Bristol Cty v Rotherham. H Leeds Utd v Hull Cty. H Middlesbrough v Ipswich. (Friend) A Millwall v Notts Forest. H Norwich v Derby County. A Preston North End v Aston Villa. H Queens Park Rangers v Reading. A Sheff Utd v Blackburn Rvrs.
  16. Have a good Christmas everyone. Here’s to a successful 2019, however you define that to be.
  17. H Blackburn v Norwich H Brentford v Bolton H Derby v Bristol City A Ipswich v Sheff Utd H Forest v QPR A Reading v Boro (Tavernier) A Rotherham v WBA H Sheff Wed v PNE H Stoke v Millwall A Wigan v Birmingham
  18. Absolute Belter of an OP that! I like Cormick’s line up but I’d like to see Tav in the team and Braithwaite behind the front two for Howson amd Saville. I’m hoping we win but I’ll not be surprised if we don’t. The Anti-Pulis bug seems to be taking hold of me...
  19. H Aston Villa v Stoke H Blackburn v Birmingham. A Bolton v Leeds Utd. D Hull Cty v Brentford. H Ipswich Twn v Wigan Ath:. A PNE v Millwall. A QPR v Middlesbrough. (Assombalonga) A Rotherham v Reading A Swansea v Sheff Wed: D Bristol Cty v Norwich Cty.
  20. H Birmingham Cty v Bristol Cty. H Brentford v Swansea Cty. H Leeds Utd v Queens Park Rangers. H Middlesbrough v Blackburn Rvrs. (Tavernier) A Millwall v Hull Cty. H Norwich Cty v Bolton Wanderers. H Notts Forest v Preston North End. H Sheff: Wed. v Rotherham Utd. H Stoke Cty v Ipswich Town. A Wigan Athletic v Derby County.
  21. What do people think of the idea of trying to get Mowbray back at the helm? Surely he could do something with the players we have now. I think he deserves a second go, especially given that we seem to be in a much better position financially than when he first arrived and that must in-part be thanks to some of the things he did whilst here. A Mowbray/Woodgate team wouldn’t be too bad would it? I’m all for getting rid of Pulis. I think I’m fed up of being disappointed by performances.
  22. Interesting points raised there. I totally see the comparisons to Howson’s first season here. He looks a confidence player and needs a run. But when you have players playing better and in the same position then that becomes difficult to accommodate. He will get his chance though. Just have to hope for his and our sake he takes it when it comes.
  23. D Sheff: Utd v Leeds Utd. H Birmingham v Preston North End. H Blackburn Rvrs v Sheff Wed: A Bolton Wand: v Wigan. H Derby Co: v Swansea Cty. H Norwich Cty v Rotherham Utd. H Notts Forest v Ipswich Twn. H Q P R. v Hull Cty. A Reading v Stoke Cty. H Middlesbrough v Aston Villa. (Braithwaite)
  24. This debate reminds me of the good old days of Justin Hoyte, that sprinter we had at right back for a few years.
  25. When I was in about 11, I went on a Boro football in the community coaching week. One of the coaches was Gary Hamilton who, if I recall correctly, had retired due to injury. I remember beating him in a race and I’m convinced that I genuinely beat him! We met a few players at the end of the week, John Hendrie, Nicky Mohan and Jimmy Phillips I think but I could be wrong. I remember thinking John Hendrie looked more like a farmer than a footballer!
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