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  1. Great bet, I lost 1.5k on betting against us! Oh well easy come, easy go.
  2. You joking right? If not absolutely deluded and shame on you.
  3. I live in Berlin, but have property in and frequent Marbella and Dubai. What would I need to do?
  4. Got a grand on Boro to lose. 2 nil. So either way I will be celebrating tonight!
  5. If we park the bus like this best we can hope for is a 2 all draw. No chance we can do this for the next 40 minutes.
  6. Absolute donkey, there goes another 3 points. Why does this club self destruct and why does everyone overreact when they go ahead in a game, calm your passions. This one is far from over.
  7. It's time to smell the coffee, we don't have the player's to play expansive football!
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