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  1. Why would we want Friend to stay, He was a brilliant player, now he cannot play three games on the spin.
  2. Asked my terrier the same thing, She gave the same answer "targets for next season being discussed... also players who are free to go... no chance on woodgate etc. 10 games to go" Whoof Whoof.
  3. Would not trust him with a push bike, never mind a fast car.
  4. In all honesty compared to WBA, Leeds, Forrest and Fulham how far off is our squad. Results would suggest we are miles off. But money spent / wasted we are up with the best.
  5. Gibson does not want to see it, as Woody is nice and cheap. That fits nicely when we drop to Div 1 NICE and CHEAP. Walking blind folded in to Div 1 with the likes of daft Maddo on Tees talking rubbish every week.
  6. Conditions awful, Ref awful, Wigan awful........ FFS WE ARE AWFUL no more excuses.
  7. Utter Dross. Has Britt actually touched the ball, The best £14 million spud in football.
  8. I would like to see Gibson move to a good premier league club and proves his worth. If he is any good that move would be good for him an the club he goes to. Coming back to us appears to be a easy option and proves to me he has little ambition. One fact is true he has wasted 2 years of a short career going to Burnley.
  9. Are this evening two signings match fit ? Can they play tomorrow ?
  10. If we do sign Ravel Morrison it proves beyond any shadow of doubt that we do not have recruitment team that have any clue what so ever. They have worked tirelessly for nearly a month only to turn up this diamond. You could not make it up.
  11. John Joe Shelvey and one other. Sounds about right. Ground hog days.
  12. If it wasn't for injuries to our CB. I see no need to bring anyone else in, we look to be a fair middle table side now so lets get this season over and look forward to building next year, the team at the start of next season may look quite different with the expensive stiff's getting moved out. As for giving coaching jobs to Friend, Clayton. etc NO WAY.
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