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  1. Wish you all the best. Unfortunately had not been well so missed out on signing up and also predicting last week fixtures. Looking forward to next season, God willing!!
  2. (H) Blackburn v Derby (H) Brentford v Millwall (H) Coventry v Barnsley (H) Luton v Watford (H) Middlesbrough v QPR (H) Norwich v Bournemouth (A) Nottingham v Huddersfield (D) Reading v Cardiff (D) Rotherham Birmingham (H) Sheffield Wed v Bristol City (D) Stoke v Preston (H) Swansea v Wycombe
  3. (A) Barnsley v Middlesbrough (A) Birmingham v Stoke (A) Bournemouth v Coventry (A) Bristol City v Nottingham (A) Cardiff v Blackburn (A) Derby v Norwich (H) Huddersfield v Rotherham (H) Millwall v Swansea (A) Preston v Brentford (A) QPR v Sheffield Wed (D) Watford v Reading (A) Wycombe v Luton
  4. I had Wendies win in Prediction League..but 5-0 lol....one of the most unpredictable leagues... Birmingham and Coventry would be following closely
  5. (H) Blackburn v Bournemouth (H) Brentford v Birmingham (H) Coventry v Bristol City (A) Luton v Barnsley (H) Middlesbrough v Watford (H) Norwich v Huddersfield (D) Nottingham v QPR (D) Reading v Derby (A) Rotherham v Wycombe (H) Sheffield Wed v Cardiff (D) Stoke v Millwall (D) Swansea v Preston
  6. (H) Barnsley v Reading (D) Birmingham v Swansea (A) Bournemouth v Middlesbrough (H) Bristol City v Stoke (H) Cardiff v Nottingham (A) Derby v Luton (A) Huddersfield v Brentford (H) Millwall v Rotherham (A) Preston v Norwich (A) QPR v Coventry (D) Watford v Sheffield Wed (A) Wycombe v Blackburn
  7. (H) Barnsley v Sheffield Wednesday (H) Bristol City v Rotherham (H) Coventry v Wycombe (A) Millwall v Middlesbrough (H) Norwich v Blackburn (A) Preston v Luton (A) Reading v QPR (H) Stoke v Derby (D) Watford v Birmingham (D) Swansea v Cardiff
  8. (A) Birmingham v Bristol City (A) Bournemouth v Barnsley (H) Cardiff v Watford (D) Derby v Millwall (H) Middlesbrough v Stoke (H) Nottingham v Reading (D) QPR v Huddersfield (A) Rotherham v Coventry (D) Wycombe v Preston (A) Sheffield Wed v Norwich
  9. (H) Barnsley v Birmingham (H) Brentford v Rotherham (A) Bristol City v QPR (H) Coventry v Derby (D) Millwall v Blackburn (H) Norwich v Luton (H) Preston v Bournemouth (D) Reading v Sheffield Wed (H) Stoke v Wycombe (A) Swansea v Middlesbrough
  10. Tuesday 2nd March 7pm (H) Cardiff v Derby (A) Coventry v Middlesbrough (H) Huddersfield v Birmingham (D) Millwall v Preston (D) Nottingham v Luton (A) Reading v Blackburn Wednesday 3rd March 7pm (H) Norwich v Brentford (H) QPR v Barnsley (H) Bristol City v Bournemouth (H) Sheffield Wed v Rotherham (H) Watford v Wycombe (D) Stoke v Swansea
  11. same with me...I was runner up to you. ☹️ Good old days hehe
  12. (D) Barnsley v Millwall (A) Birmingham v QPR (D) Blackburn v Coventry (H) Brentford v Stoke (D) Luton v Sheffield Wed (H) Middlesbrough v Cardiff (A) Preston v Huddersfield (A) Rotherham v Reading (D) Swansea v Bristol City (A) Wycombe v Norwich
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