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  1. Has to be 3 points for us on Wednesday. They've only kept one clean sheet so far this season so we need to get at them and make the most out of the more attacking players in the squad.
  2. Would be buzzing with a point, they've managed to keep hold of some of their best players and there's always a "typical Boro" worry with Hugill and Gibbo playing for them.
  3. With the international break giving us time to breathe, we've had a look at the emergence of Anfernee Dijksteel and Marc Bola in the Boro defence. The diamonds in the rough are finally shining. https://erimusfootball.com/2020/11/12/diamonds-in-the-rough/
  4. Wouldn't be shocked if Scotland beat us in the Euros. You can see the headlines now.
  5. Cheers Smog! Great news about Wood's call up. Really excited about him.
  6. Glad I made the trip to Griffin Park a few times as their new ground looks like something from Footy Manager. Think this will be the end of the unbeaten run with the firepower they have up top but if anyone can stop 'em it's Neil Warnock.
  7. The Boro U23s and U18s are top of their respective divisions so we've had a look at some of the players in those squads as well as the impact the younger members of the first team squad are making. https://erimusfootball.com/2020/11/05/them-young-reds/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  8. Will Coulson and Bola retain their places after a good showing last time out? Think Warnock will switch to three at the back to try to contain Blackburn's forward players and include Roberts to make the most of Blackburn's poor defence. I don't see too much of a problem with changing a winning team if it gives us a better opportunity of winning the game due to switching formation/certain players. Having a small squad will always impact that anyway. Easier to say that when it is currently bringing positive results though. Have your expectations for this season changed after our good start? No, I still see this as a season of righting the ship. We're in a great run of form but I wouldn't be shocked by a few slumps if our lack or creativity catches up on us or injuries pile up. Which Boro player (past or present) would you want with you if you were stuck on a desert island? Gaizka Mendieta. Can't imagine I'd ever be sad again.
  9. No matter how either team are doing, this fixture always worries me. Fingers crossed we aren't Chris Hughton's "turning point" game.
  10. Thanks @Blanco appreciate it mate 👍
  11. Hi all Wasn't really sure where to post this so please move or delete if it's in the wrong thread. I've been feeling pretty rubbish about the greed in football and not being able to go to the match lately so had a bit of a typing session today looking at Boro's uptick in form, Warnock and Marske United's FA Cup run. https://t.co/d0O0VxLJev
  12. Brilliant news about Roberts if it comes off. Gives Warnock options for how to set up the team so he's not wedded to wing-backs every game and gives us a bit of excitement going forward. Think he'll really be able to push on with a full season of football and hopefully the likes of Tav and the 3 strikers can take some pressure off him. Only downside of having him last season was we became massively predictable going forward so defences quickly cottoned onto what we'd be doing.
  13. People put far too much stock in the "ITK" label as if it's someone's job and they spend all day sat at Rockliffe or are in with Bausor doing deals. They're only passing on what they are told - which luckily for us on this forum is sometimes absolutely spot on and makes for exciting reading.
  14. Of course mate as with any player, but given Fletcher was our top scorer last season and has pretty decent chemistry with Assombalonga, I'd assume he's as nailed on as Britt to start.
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