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  1. People put far too much stock in the "ITK" label as if it's someone's job and they spend all day sat at Rockliffe or are in with Bausor doing deals. They're only passing on what they are told - which luckily for us on this forum is sometimes absolutely spot on and makes for exciting reading.
  2. Of course mate as with any player, but given Fletcher was our top scorer last season and has pretty decent chemistry with Assombalonga, I'd assume he's as nailed on as Britt to start.
  3. Not sure what else you'd like us to do mate, only other striker at the club is Ste Walker. One injury or suspension and we're relying on a 19 year old with one senior goal to his name. You're not getting much better for that money in England because the market is so inflated for permanent deals. It's not a lump £3m either. It's going to involve add-ons and if he does well enough to meet those, surely it's worth it? Definitely need a few more additions at key areas, mind.
  4. We're not going to go out and a sign a 15-20 goal a season striker from any league when Britt and Fletch are clearly the main forwards and money is needed elsewhere. Supposedly beat Besiktas and Fenerbache to sign Akpom, which gives hope he has some quality about him. Looks like he can hold the ball up, decent feet and experience playing for a side that went unbeaten while winning a fairly decent league. Not bad for a third choice striker
  5. Being annoyed at the current situation and accepting that it's how things are so of course we're struggling aren't mutually exclusive. The position we find ourselves in is down to the actions of the past few years and people are rightly going to be critical of that - it's not like we've slowly stagnated like you see at some clubs that are permanently stuck at this level, it's been a complete nose dive that could and probably should have been reversible at numerous points. But that doesn't stop people from taking stock of the here and now either and realising that we're going to struggle to attract decent players. Take a deep breath everyone. Hopefully we'll get some bodies in to lighten the mood.
  6. Where have you picked this information up from mate as it's not correct? They haven't "packed in". Majority of RF will be in the same boat as a lot of ST holders - unable to renew currently because of the freeze on sales and hadn't renewed prior because of the uncertainty around even being able to attend games.
  7. Thanks @Humpty and to everyone who has taken an interest in the series. Really appreciate the feedback. Will be doing some shorter pieces in the coming weeks!
  8. Think I jinxed myself by saying I had a lot of extra time on my hands working from home - things haven't half picked up. Here's the third and final part of the miniseries, looking at the real golden thread of any football club - the connection between supporters and the club. https://erimusfootball.com/2020/08/13/how-to-solve-a-problem-like-the-boro-the-real-golden-thread/
  9. At least we know that we're definitely after a left-back now.
  10. He might be desperate to come back to Boro, but there's only so much longer Gibson can sit around at Rockliffe and train away from his parent club. Can't see him being a Burnley player after the window closes regardless.
  11. Even at Brentford, they balance it between the data and the "eye test". Thomas Frank said in a Sky Sports piece that he looks at footage first then the stats to decide on a player. There's major positives and negatives to both so really hope we can strike a balance of both going forward. https://youtu.be/vPTAKhca0Uc
  12. Cheers guys! Hoping to have part three up tomorrow.
  13. Thank you everyone for your kind words. Really appreciate it and cheers to everyone on the forum for the engaging discussion - it's making working from home a lot easier.
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