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  1. Cheers NB, I wasn't worried about the match until I saw this!
  2. Interested to see how we'll cope with Armstrong, Dack and Elliott in the same side, they were heavily depleted last time. At least Ayala has taken January off again so it rules that particular "typical boro" moment out!
  3. That Burrow looks like a suspect account, Talksport journo with a few hundred followers? Can't tell anything from the video but Britt was definitely looking to rile Ribierio, could have been sent off earlier on for the same thing. Might have dug his chin in between his shoulder blades at a push. Everyone to a man was class tonight. Can't argue with 3 points down there. If Britt played like that most weeks we'd be flying.
  4. With another reunion tomorrow against Karanka and co, we've had a look back at Adam Clayton's Boro career. The cynical fouls, the haircuts and all of the memories https://t.co/GJg6B7kNt3 Cheers. UTB 👍
  5. We'd be lucky to get 5 million for Tav. He's very important to us granted and we certainly look a worse side when he's not playing, but one of the reasons for that is because we're not exactly blessed with attacking talent in the first place. The likes of Eze and Jarrod Bowen went around the 20 mark as some of the best attacking talents in the league.
  6. Great news about Watmore. Hope he's still able to keep himself fit and firing now he's got the security of a long-term deal.
  7. Well put DS. It's been great having an outlet to chat about Boro constantly this season especially with how active the forum is. Best wishes to one and all.
  8. Cheers Uwe. Definitely my favourite player of the past ten years or so and always a pleasure to meet in person. Glad we won't have to see him in blue tomorrow.
  9. Should we start with the same 10 that finished on Wednesday? (why change a winning team?) Can make it 11 now! Good to hear that Morsy is back think he's got a major part to play with Howson out. Not convinced anyone else can step into midfield without a significant drop off. 7 days before out next game so let's keep the momentum rolling in the team. Is Beau Brummie the most ridiculous mascot in the championship? They're all ridiculous, I don't trust them. Does Aitor Karanka love Boro more than he loves Birmingham? Definitely. I don't see him being there much lon
  10. Know that he's out of the match tomorrow but had a bit of a tribute/reflective look on George Friend's Boro career already knocked up. Our Friend forever https://t.co/qfXMtPJM4o
  11. Had a quick scribble about last night. Still buzzing. Think it being my last day at work before Christmas holidays has helped. https://erimusfootball.com/2020/12/17/12-days-of-erimus-perfect/
  12. Great result. Would've been a fantastic game to have been at in the second half, the backs to the wall performance towards the end with the dodgy red card would've made for a great atmosphere. Good to see Chuba back in the goals. Big game against the Teesside Blues now.
  13. Really important that we start well today and set the tempo. They're without a win in 9 but have a better defence than their league position would suggest, they rarely concede more than once in a game so they will need some amount of unlocking. Attacking wise, they've scored even less than us so should be able to be a bit more adventurous. We need the ingenuity of Roberts, Tav etc. 1-0 Boro https://erimusfootball.com/2020/12/11/12-days-of-erimus-let-pat-loose/
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