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  1. People ITK at the Spurs end saying the deal is between £15m-17.5m for Spence
  2. I think today is the day for Djed Spence based off of what Spurs are saying
  3. With Friday being the 1st July that might bring some news with it. Spurs fans think it will be sorted fairly soon now based on the news today
  4. If he wants to come back to the North East then there aren't many other places he can go!
  5. Thanks Lurker - is the Gyokeres deal all in place?
  6. I used to hate it when teams would easily s*it us down... Glad we've turned a corner on that
  7. Sorry meant Tommy Smith, said Tommy Rowe instead - one obscure full back to another!
  8. Lot of players have been "close" to signing since Friday but nothing official, seems a bit strange? - Gayle - McGoldrick - Smith -Darlow -Steffen
  9. Adding to this, a manager who values a keeper being able to use his feet too.
  10. I feel like with any top 6 club, trying to gauge "fans" reaction is near on impossible on social media.
  11. Dont worry about our finances, let the Derby fans do that for us.
  12. Zak Steffan is much more well-suited GK to Wilder's style of football. City's number 2 keeper > Toon's now third choice keeper. Hoping Bailey is right for once.
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