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  1. We are starting to turn the corner now. I do think that the pieces are falling into place. I also think DJ can emulate Josh Allen next year, just need one of Smith, Waddle or Chase to drop to 11.
  2. I'm a Giants fan but I dont think you can put the loss last night on Rodgers. What was LaFleur doing at 4th and goal?! go for it and worst comes to worst they start on their 5 yard line, not the 25 yard line from a kick off return. I also think the overall quality of Brady's receivers was the difference. Rodgers just has Adams. The Bucs toasted Kevin King all night too
  3. "Likely" is the key word there, gives him enough room to save face if he stays. I could say that Boris Johnson is "Likely" to miss the vaccination target in February - is that logic based on the figures and the people in question or an exclusive?
  4. I think somewhere along the lines he turned into a defensive centre midfielder and doesnt play out wide anymore I remember he was great on FM as a winger years ago, but I don't think that's how it's turned out for him
  5. we've not had a HT unveiling since Danny Mills and Mendi together... Seems extra pointless in the social media age with no fans at the ground.
  6. What's the craic here? You make up rumours to a bunch of people you don't know to feel like empowered or something and then try wind people up when they call you out on that? Is this like some sort of cry for help or something?
  7. This would make sense as we have seemingly been after him since like 2011
  8. This is off topic, but what a job Hodgson does with that squad of players.
  9. Oh it could be Kamara - ticks a lot of Warnock boxes
  10. we need Wing in this game. Their keeper has poor handling and we need to peppering the goal from distance
  11. I agree - you just need to be consistent in this league, you dont need to be that Leeds type side beating everyone 3-0. We could be like Warnock's Cardiff side - hard to beat and can close out games.
  12. This Dijksteel has been our signing of the summer! Totally different player to the one we first saw. I've been so impressed with him and McNair in equal measure.
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