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  1. we need Wing in this game. Their keeper has poor handling and we need to peppering the goal from distance
  2. I agree - you just need to be consistent in this league, you dont need to be that Leeds type side beating everyone 3-0. We could be like Warnock's Cardiff side - hard to beat and can close out games.
  3. This Dijksteel has been our signing of the summer! Totally different player to the one we first saw. I've been so impressed with him and McNair in equal measure.
  4. Yeah I get the reasons why he did it and it wasnt the David James upfront type decision either but it just showed we havent got much to play with.
  5. I actually think the style of Warnock's football has surprised me. Yes it isn't Klopp or Barcelona but it's not quite in the same bucket as Dyche, Pulis and Allardyce either.
  6. Yeah the Nathan Wood substitution was a pretty stark reminder. Our only other fit in the CB at the club, who is 18 came on up front as we didnt have another striker to bring on.
  7. I agree on the really tough start and I think we've done really well. It's mad to think about how far we've come since February/March when it really looked like the writing was on the wall. None of those teams have been a Wolves or Leeds type team either where they've clearly been on the next level. I don't usually look at the league table until we are about 10-15 games in but I can't believe Reading are top based on what I saw on Saturday! My only fear is that we are so paper thin that we will be banged up around Christmas time. I think we still need 3 players in the squad.
  8. I honestly think that the Bolasie deal is a bullet dodged. When was the last time he was any good? It was before that injury at Everton for definite, which is about 4 years ago now. Patrick Roberts is a signing out of the two we needed to make and we got it done. On Baba, it sounds like he was playing a high risk high reward game from what i've heard. Right until the end he was trying to force Watford's hand, so I don't think the club are entirely to blame for it falling through. It does sound like the club is pretty inept though and I think Gibson needs to look a bit closer to home why this stuff seems to always happen to us. But I don't think it is a total disaster. There are some good free agents out there who are probably starting to get a bit nervous so we can still get something sorted.
  9. The agent hasnt phoned my mate back so who knows at this stage - looks like it will go to the wire
  10. He told me last night he has been trying his agent all week but he got in touch last night and said he would call him today. My mate reckons he was taking last night to make up his mind. He said that Baba has a better chance of playing every week for us, so thinks that might be a big factor.
  11. Hector wont come. My guy said that he is a family man and wont leave London (knows him as he is ex-Chelsea)
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