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  1. So do we take it that it is Lazaro as the South American in question? Or Muniz? or someone else?
  2. This could be said for every transfer window
  3. If we are after Payero, could he play the Taarabt in Warnock's QPR system? Would be on set pieces either way it would seem
  4. Seems a very weird blend of a transfer strategy if this is the way we are going i.e. lower league strikers and potential gems from South America. Someone mentioned South America as somewhere we are looking, is that right?
  5. Oh yeah we cannot forget what they did less than 48 hours ago - they should still be punished. They arent now the good guys in this The US owned teams are all very quiet.
  6. That term is probably the worst part of this whole thing. I hope they get kicked out of the leagues and driven out of playing their games in the "legacy" cities. if they want the American model so badly, they should move to another place and become a franchise.
  7. Would Liverpool fans actually start to follow Everton instead?! I could actually maybe see them doing that as they have this whole Scousers vs the world mentality. What about the Mancs though? they would lose both teams
  8. this is obviously all a disgrace but if it went ahead, what happens to the actual fans of those clubs - do they just become like football orphans? I'd like to think that some of the glory hunters would support their local teams but say for actual Liverpool fans from Liverpool - where do they go?
  9. Charlie Wyke supposedly signing up in the next few days
  10. I think a lot of people on here have a similar set up. I live in East London and apart from a few PNE and Forest fans everyone I know just follows a Top 6 side or West Ham.
  11. I made a fuss the other day that people were labelling this as a great window a few days ago etc. BUT, i'm really happy with the way it turned out and the signings we made yesterday particularly Kebano who could be that missing piece of magic in the #10 area. I think this now is the best January window we've had since Rhodes and Ramirez in terms of getting players for positional needs and showing some intent for the rest of the season.
  12. Sorry is this aimed at me? When have I ever claimed to know anything apart from Chelsea related stuff because my mate is an actual accredited journalist who sits in the press boxes (even now) and conducts pitch side interviews alongside attending press conferences? Or have I totally misread this?
  13. Totally agree with the bits highlighted - it's so parasitic and sad
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