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  1. Yeah I feel like the EG really lost something with Vic - I used to have non-Boro mates reading his articles because they enjoyed them so much. If Boro were ever to get a dedicated journalist for The Athletic, Vic had to be the top of the list.
  2. I enjoy it too but you know other people are going to throw it in his face at any chance when he says anything.
  3. So JLS went to Cameroon despite Warnock's comments so he wont be getting a game anytime soon. so untrustworthy...
  4. this 11am thing is going to make or break him on here! Either way people won't forget!
  5. If we keep Warnock now but then sack him 2/3 games after the international break giving the new manager next to no time to get settled in, i'm going to be so p*****d off! It's clear where we are as a football club
  6. Olusanya looks like someone who's won a competition to be out there, no offence to him but it's baffling that he is getting 15/20 mins a game ahead of Payero
  7. Funny you should mention Akpom, it looks like Payero is getting the same treatment. - NW glowing quotes about the player upon signing - publicly criticises them It looks a growing pattern
  8. I think the reason it has turned so quickly is that Warnock was never the long term answer and was only a short term, almost a transitional manager and once you think like that, the amount of games he is judged on becomes shorter, so patience becomes shorter etc. I do also think the style of football and the press conferences are just accelerating the turn because most fans think there is going to be a younger more progressive coach brought in under Scott.
  9. You'd like to think question number 2 of Scott's interview after "what style do you want to play?" would have been "who would you appoint as the long term successor to deliver that style of football?"
  10. This makes most sense to me, why would Warnock stand for being told what he can and can't do at this stage of his career? Doesnt make sense otherwise and do the club actually think that Warnock can play a different style of football anyway?
  11. he could be genuinely homesick outside of the whole Warnock aspect.
  12. Least this is the fun end of the cycle!
  13. I still think Woodgate was worse, talk about a rabbit in the headlights. Just the absolute car crash comments..."the table is lying" etc. The big deal he made about being on time for everything in his first press conference. The total abandonment of the "Liverpool" style he wanted to implement three weeks in when Mowbray taught him a lesson. We just stank of relegation that year. It was a total utter mess.
  14. You'd like to think we had already drawn up a list or at list discussed where we want to go in terms of style.
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