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  1. There you go again with the insulting - is stupid a word you've just learned or something? Be better
  2. How long did it take you to come up with that hardly reasoned argument?
  3. The question remains - would he have been so dominant had he been at Red Bull or Ferrari? I think not - George Russell showed how easy? it is to win in the Mercedes if you are a half decent driver Even Valteri Bottas could win now and again when he wasn't been shafted by his pit team or team orders!
  4. You can put your hands behind your back whilst still facing the ball. In fact there is more chance of the ball striking your side on hand(s) when you can't see it coming at you. I agree the handball rule is stupid and needs changing Also - why don't referees penalise clear diving instead of just waving away the claims for a foul/penalty?
  5. I've seen an alarming habit that Dael Fry has developed (or maybe he has always had it) and it was there again yesterday His improvement has been colossal since he came back from his injury so I'm not being over critical hopefully but he does need to stop turning his back on shots. The best centre half's (think Mogga) stand up to the ball and if it hits you in the face then that's where you get good looks that frightens centre forwards and you've stopped a goal bound effort! He's not the only one that does by any means
  6. Cardiff? Who cares? They'll lose to us anyway I think we could do what Reading did though There that's better now isnt it! 🤣
  7. National League now suspended in its entirety
  8. This is an interesting site to browse through and not just for the old Boro match pictures. Big Jim Irvine - legend Apologies if already posted https://www.mytownmyfuture.co.uk/middlesbrough-football-club-v-preston/
  9. I do hope you aren't going to start those ridiculous stories that you used to post on COB before you got banned?
  10. Allowing Mercedes to use a development (DAS) that nobody else could was a major factor last season. George Russell (the Mercedes team intern) dominating in the single drive he had just showed how much the car itself contributes. Hamilton sharp recovered from his Covid when he saw that!
  11. Which means that we've had 5 crap decisions that may have cost us points! Speaking of crap decisions - according to Sofascore Mr Dean Whitestone has not been given a game to referee since his appalling decision against us on 24/01 which will be a 4 week ban garden leave when Saturdays game comes up. Prior to this he was doing a couple a week
  12. Darlington have stated they will not fulfil their fixture against Boston United tomorrow due to the financial implications of doing so following revenue drop caused by Covid and need for testing. This is a bold and honest move on their part and it remains to be seen how the National League will react to it Here's the Directors statement https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fdarlingtonfc.co.uk%2Fnews%2Fstatement-from-the-board-of-directors-of-darlington-fc%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR3H7Evi7Y81Cf6uAA-J9OY6YzzU-42ml9CJ4J-BZFTkwO18VkQOSimNJN8&h=AT2yn_2sruZKjEQoUsqqaRMpsRqhUbMSQZJm925yOAkVOT9epWysqlTL9_LM5NTjoTETPWPQwa0zqyXzaxJmbDiZCxp61v3EJkq6YUegZKRi4n6m9MQlorZVYQJs5N8MYw&__tn__=-UK-R&c[0]=AT2ncu4Avg9B4Dd1BB10XuoYGrivQPuB3ICnn7JPXe1VxM0eOLU8rtJaxDHCIke4jGLcXhP_QGpr5lVrdoDY3wOMGfGSMjF3NfSFNlueojQA3eNmnB97dhnVqs3l4Zrlpn-x7Xdd34HCiA1_MKyRR-IjNztVXIrj81zEy6ITzBHj5j4ZcVlQhFKZAEMOTEZvB9kdrrRzsQDRvw
  13. That's exactly what would happen. This clown we have now never gets his timing right - he's either too early or too slow going down for things, he can't seem to catch a ball even one into his midriff, never comes and collects a cross, doesn't dominate his 6 yard box, has no skills to distribute the ball other than a big hoof, has slow feet generally. I actually think he just fell over trying to backpedal for their first yesterday! Apart from that he's OK
  14. The ones we'll lose are hardly pulling up tree stumps this season though - no great loss except for Fletch. Betty Nelly definitely not - I'd send him back now
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