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  1. I always said Brunners would go far... ?
  2. Edit - sorry wrong thread - and also conversation up and running #latetotheparty
  3. Chris Houghton sacked by Brighton - any takers?
  4. Exactly, It’s ridiculous. My only thought is that AV is playing it safe so as not to upset the current regime. Haha this is exactly what my thoughts were guys. The Gazette did a much more critical article a couple of days back and this to me is an attempt to take some of that back. How this goes back to Karanka is completely beyond me. That was two managers and two squads ago for crying out loud!
  5. I do see what you mean, the new format has taken some getting used to. That battlefield report/Reinactment on episode 2 had me in stitches though!
  6. Yes I really enjoyed Russian Doll, excellent series. I can’t get that Harry Nielsen song out of my head though. Ah man, I know exactly what you mean! Had the same issue!
  7. Anyone seen Russian Doll on Netflix? Outstanding series. Also thoroughly enjoying Alan Partridge’s comeback!
  8. So at half time, sounds like we’re giving it a go - how’re people feeling? Would you take a point if someone offered you right now, or should we be winning this one? (Obvs in an ideal world, I know you’d all say we’d be winning!) How do you feel Pulis’ tactics are working?
  9. Have a very merry christmas everyone, love y’all x
  10. I’m still here guys, just not checking as much as I used to for various footballing and non-footballing reasons. I still love the forum and the friendships I’ve made so I’ll always be around! All the bickering and bitterness did get a bit much though so it made me feel less like coming on here - why we can’t all accept we have differing opinions without descending into insulting one another I don’t know! Having said that I have splinters in my *** I sit on the fence so much. It just got really tiring looking at a thread and having to go through pages and pages of arguments - the threads got so diluted with that that I forgot what they were about. It’s a difficult one though, because it’s only because we all care so passionately about the Boro that these arguments happen. Hopefully though as we come into the new year and start (hopefully) picking up some more wins and (hopefully) cementing our place in the top two we’ll all be united by optimism and excitement and it’ll be a happy place again! There’s a reason I call myself Ever the Optimist ;)
  11. Its the Pulis effect Agree. I got excited initially that we are on TV on Friday and then i remembered that the last 3 games i've seen in full were Ipswich, Bolton and Swansea. It's becoming more of a chore to watch Boro. I’m with you all here. Our early form looked promising but some lacklustre displays have just made me feel a bit nonplussed really. Hopefully Tony and the lads pull something decent out of the bag on Friday and things pick up all round. For what it’s worth I still regularly browse the forum, just haven’t posted a lot because, well, it would just be repeating the same things others are saying/feeling. But all is not lost... yet!
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