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  1. Oh man I was sooooooo wrecked by the end of that day.... 😄
  2. Good lord, even the name brings that taste back into my mouth haha! Gamel Dansk, the gift that keeps on giving... 😉
  3. Nice one, SB! guess to add to the media section, Sol Bamba was linked to us in Gazette last night
  4. Weyoooooooh! Been a loooooooong time since I last posted, but WHAT A RESULT!!!!
  5. Merry Christmas all! I’ve not been particularly active member this season but always on here enjoying everyone’s contributions (not so much the games). Let’s hope things pick up in 2020! Much Love, ETO xxx
  6. I always said Brunners would go far... ?
  7. Edit - sorry wrong thread - and also conversation up and running #latetotheparty
  8. Exactly, It’s ridiculous. My only thought is that AV is playing it safe so as not to upset the current regime. Haha this is exactly what my thoughts were guys. The Gazette did a much more critical article a couple of days back and this to me is an attempt to take some of that back. How this goes back to Karanka is completely beyond me. That was two managers and two squads ago for crying out loud!
  9. I do see what you mean, the new format has taken some getting used to. That battlefield report/Reinactment on episode 2 had me in stitches though!
  10. Yes I really enjoyed Russian Doll, excellent series. I can’t get that Harry Nielsen song out of my head though. Ah man, I know exactly what you mean! Had the same issue!
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