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  1. He is a young kid still, hugely ambitious and clearly driven, that is a good sign for me. I don’t see him as being disrespectful, especially when we do not know the full facts, only the snippets (sorry) translated. Culture comes into it too as someone stated. But, if we do sign him, maybe we should appease the Norse gods and burn him anyway, just to be on the safe side.
  2. I bloomin well hope so, otherwise it’ll be another 3 point deduction for not turning a team out
  3. Been away for a few days, can some kindly soul (I know you are out there) give me a summary of transfer news/action since we signed Hoppe. Mucho Gracias.
  4. GK. J. Lumley RB. J. kay CB. M. Saxby CB. P. Whelan LB. A. Wright CM. M. Buckley CM. D. O’Riodan RM. A. Hamill LM. M. Cook ST. C. Folan ST. L. Dong-Gook
  5. They wont announce it till the work permit is obtained would be my guess.
  6. This seems like the transfer window of January 2017 for me. We know what and who we want but we either can’t or wont pay the money or the selling club wont sell and it ends up affecting our outcomes negatively. That window relegated us, clearly this wont. If we were to end up with Akpomb, Forss, Watmore, Hoppe and Muniz, I can see Muniz and maybe Forss scoring but don’t see it as a top 6 strike force. Additionally, I feel our midfield is powderpuff defensively as it stands and as everyone knows, I was worried about Steffen and his ability on crosses, well the jury is out on him for me. Th
  7. Clearly Parker not the only coach that isn’t in charge of recruitment
  8. I’d quote Corporal Jones but some would assume i was talking about Izzy
  9. Will some of you calm down please, the parents are trying to sleep.
  10. Exactly, look at Forest last year too. This season will likely oversee one of the highest 1st team squad turnovers in our recent history. Once the window has shut it is fair game to be ‘realistic’ of how you feel about the squad. Even then I think you need to give 5 or 6 games to judge where our season could be heading. Patience is a virtue us fans are not good at heeding, for the sake of unity, let’s at least try and give those in charge time to achieve the best they can. Pitchforks need to be laid down and time given.
  11. We signed him, but due to an unfortunate phonetic error and the recruitment teams failure to put it in writing, Bausor went on and tied down Conteh
  12. My problem is I worry far too much. I spend absolute fortunes travelling to watch the Boro at home and away. I learned to moderate my expectations and hope over the last 14 yrs. Wilder’s comments and the hope and expectation that came with the change in structure made me let my guard down. The signings of Giles, Lenihan et al were a great start and the sale of Spence pleasing. However, since we have been concentrating on strikers, the early season talk of Archer, Muniz, Riis, Gyokeres, Armstrong had me filled with joy. The reality since has me feeling like I have lost a £50 note and
  13. Fair comment 👍 I am very critical of this deal, not for the fee, but for his achievement (or lack of it). We desperately need 2 proven scorers at this level now. Although Muniz is inexperienced I saw him via TV play for Fulham and he looks like he has goals at our level but we need at least one of Armstrong and Gyokeres as a minimum or their equivalent, otherwise we are taking a huge risk. I get we may possibly be holding money back for January but I’d sooner have the quality in now. Whoever wears the shirt will have my 100% support during games, but I reserve the right to use critique af
  14. If you think Hoppe is just a bit under what we need I’d suggest we double Hoppe’s fee and buy Gyokeres, Riis or Frankly even Larsen. I would happily quadruple the Hoppe money for near certain goals than a lad who offers nothing but just hope. Hoppe is a Yugo compared to Gyokeres being a top of the range Seat or Skoda waiting to become an Audi.
  15. He has played the equivalent of 16 games over 27 league matches, has had serious injuries and people are thinking he is just what we need to help win promotion as a part of a strike force to fire us to victory. Do people realise Wilder will be off if we don’t make it and we will be back to square 1 with what exactly…… I hope the words do come back to bite me, but I feel it highly unlikely that those two will score 15 league goals between them If in our top 3 used strikers. I have never been so deflated from the hope offered post Preston as I am now. We are currently worse off than last season
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