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  1. And by your measure losing over 100,000 of them should be considered success because it wasn't 450,000
  2. No it doesn't? Doing better than doing absolutely nothing is not success or anything to be proud of.
  3. Now it's the civil servants and external experts fault (who by all accounts lobbied strongly against a lot of the governments key decisions) ? Anything to avoid criticising the actual people in charge making the decisions I guess. Even when you can bring yourself to direct a tiny bit of criticism at the Tories you temper it by including that it's not just them.
  4. I don't, but I literally have no reason to trust a word they say.
  5. All of them just happened to be randomly selected to be in the testing half of the pilot. Pull the other one.
  6. Going to be announced alongside Bolasie who signed his contract about a month ago apparently
  7. Really don't think there's any more to it than this. He came and got his chance and we've said no thanks based on a week of training and the half against BA.
  8. Is it possible for him to be more than one of those? 😉
  9. As is tradition in the Transfer thread 🙌
  10. I know the Steelers signed a UFA with a $25,000 signing bonus this offseason and it was the highest they have ever given out to a UFA. That was alongside a 3 year $2.5m contract though, but obviously only the $25,000 is guaranteed.
  11. I suppose so yeah, they are all played pre-cutdowns so that could be the discrepancy.
  12. I think to be considered an NFL player you have to be at least eligible to play a game in the NFL, which those 37 players who get cut aren't. If they make a 53 man roster then they earn the minimum, which is above the average that was quoted.
  13. That was sort of my point. Not that we should be like them, but there's certainly a happy middle ground where we don't just say that someone earns too much money because they are well paid.
  14. The average career length is correct, but $300k is lower than the minimum NFL salary, even for a fresh out of college rookie.
  15. Yep, every single one of them. They really should do something about it
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