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  1. Surely the fact they were willing to offer him a new contract (even on reduced terms) would significantly work against them? If its gross misconduct then the argument is that what he's done is so bad that they feel unable to allow him to continue doing his job, offering a new contract flies in the face of that. If anything it makes it clear that Derby's motivations were purely financial and nothing to do with disciplining the employee.
  2. They will definitely appeal, although I find it hard to see them winning when two other players who did far worse in the same incident remained on their books (Bennett has now left but remained employed by them).
  3. No bait, I literally said that I'm not getting involved in your spat, I don't who you are/aren't. If you're a honest poster, you're welcome, if not it'll show eventually 🤷‍♂️
  4. Absolutely not getting involved in the argument but this made me laugh.
  5. Will

    'Other Boro stuff'

    I'd be happy for Woody to take on a role in the scouting department, he clearly has an eye for talent.
  6. Will

    'Other Boro stuff'

    The fact Mendieta was never hired onto our coaching staff is an absolute travesty, the guy stayed living in Yarm for about 5 years after retiring because he loved the area that much and we wasted the opportunity to hire that brilliant footballing mind.
  7. Didn't have you down as an old fuddy duddy! @BillyWoofs_shinpad on the other hand, everyone knows he's ancient!
  8. Will

    NFL talk 21

    Pretty simple tbh, the ball is (roughly) a foot long
  9. Will

    NFL talk 21

    They were still the only team in the league to not concede more than 30 points in a game all season, the defence was still playing at as high a level as anyone, then they nearly conceded that many just in the 1st quarter. You could tell the second the ball flew over Roethlisberger's head on the first snap of the game and the Browns recovered for a TD that it wasn't going to be the Steelers night. They were playing a team low on confidence, without their HC and multiple players and other staff due to COVID, and they gave them the perfect confidence boost on the very first snap of the game.
  10. It's not me disagreeing, it's just facts. You choose to ignore them, I choose to take them into account.
  11. Gibson puts in as much as he is allowed within the rules. I wish fans would stop saying he doesn't.
  12. Agree with what most have said, those three were the ones identified as Woody's hand picked targets from his presentation. Along with what others have correctly pointed out about Woody being a scout and very highly thought of at Liverpool, I'm hesitant to give Bevington any praise for the signings of those three. I think it shows that we should maybe hold on to Woody in some capacity in recruitment.
  13. I'm just going off what my mackem mate tells me. He has no idea how Wyke has that many goals.
  14. I think you may need to go and watch the video again mate
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