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  1. It’s not fair for him or us how it’s come to an end. I can only hope that Boro v Birmingham is late enough into next season that a stadium full of fans can give him the reception he deserves for years of unbridled commitment, energy and professionalism. His body sadly seems to be giving up on him so from a footballing POV it was time to split, but that doesn’t stop it being hard to take.
  2. Nobody ever wanted Alex Nimely back 😔
  3. At least we finally know who KM saw from the bushes
  4. Will

    Ex players

    I'd have to go with a winger given our current lack. Young Stewy probably
  5. If any serious investment had happened at Boro it would have to be registered with companies house, correct?
  6. How can it be? They don’t own those assets anymore?
  7. Can we all take note that Cardiff’s keeper is called Etheridge, not Etherington. Thanks.
  8. I agree, if it was Gnanduillet or one of the lads from Scotland that have been mentioned I think they'd be here already.
  9. Let's be honest, Zohore has done far more in this League that Moore has.
  10. Would rather Gnanduillet. I like the two we've got and both played well under Warnock. Having a big lamppost costing us very little as a third option would be ideal, Moore was asking in excess of £25k a week.
  11. Just about every team in the championship has an offer on the table for Lyle Taylor tbf
  12. I’ll take the stats, you take the condescension 👍
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