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  1. Add that to the list of weird things SmogDane is in to 👀
  2. Good, sick of seeing the George Savilles of this world fannying out of tackles. Morsy is an absolute breath of fresh air and exactly what we needed.
  3. I think it's more just a case of him playing back in his favoured position. He clearly can't play left side of either a back 4 or a back 5. When he's played central or on the right he goes back to looking like one of the best CB's in the division.
  4. Seems a reasonable downgrade from him from his current 65K+ a week.
  5. Because I don't want him to sell to stop it happening, our only hope for that is the other 14 Prem clubs (which seems likely tbf). I want him to sell because he seems like a defeated man, and I don't want someone like that leading our football club going forwards.
  6. Never thought I'd say this, but after reading his comments I'd like Gibson to sell our club. Everything he says in that article is like a man who is defeated, falling at the feet of the big six for the slightest sniff of some money. This isn't who we are and it isn't who he used to be. A new owner may not be as caring for the club as Gibson, but I'd rather see us die trying to be better than pander to the big clubs in the hope they keep giving us their scraps.
  7. I think Warnock has just tightened up on the leaking of information out of the club.
  8. Nothing more than an attempted power grab by the top 6. If it goes through it will kill my interest in football entirely.
  9. Will

    NFL talk 19/20

    The Titans should be forced to forfeit both games. We (Steelers) already had our bye week taken away by it being announced on the Friday that our game was being rescheduled and that the whole week we just spent training and preparing was actually a bye week. Then it comes out that the Titans are holding secret training sessions which further spreads the virus. It is entirely the Titans organisations fault that they are still having to deal with this, it shouldn't be effecting other teams who have kept their situation under control like the Steelers and the Bills.
  10. Will

    'Other Boro stuff'

    You could clear 1000 people from the Riverside faster and in a safer manner than you could clear 100 people from a cinema.
  11. Will


    I've sadly had to move to using an Adblocker, usually try all I can to avoid using one as I know that ad revenue is important to sites, but this website has become utterly unusable as of late.
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