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  1. He's always wanted to leave, in fact he never even wanted to come here.
  2. Is he ok to smile again now? Checking for a friend 😉
  3. I don't like people bullshitting, which is what you've been doing about Britt for over a year. You even said on the previous page that it was Pulis who wanted rid of Britt, not the other way round. At least it's now clear to everyone that you like to embellish things that you're told.
  4. Incredible. So you have been bullshitting about Britt wanting to leave all along @Denzel Zanzibar 😂😂
  5. This is still just as untrue as when you were peddling it over a year ago x
  6. But you specifically posted that after a match he’d done well in despite nobody commenting otherwise after the game. It’s almost like you have some kind of agenda 🤔
  7. *looks for anyone ‘sucking him off’* Cant see anybody doing that mate.
  8. Being relegated to League 1 this season would put Woody as one of our worst managers of all time (given we have only ever spent two seasons outside of the top 2 leagues in the last 119 years). If that doesn't warrant sacking then I really do give up.
  9. This. It's as annoying to me having it all seperate as it is to others having to see an unread NFL talk thread.
  10. Everyone else seemed to understand...
  11. Take what was an obvious joke as it was intended you big sourpuss
  12. I can see the grin on his face from here, the swine!
  13. Will

    Steve Gibson

    Paul Mitchell is the one who worked wonders at Southampton (then Tottenham and now Leipzig), and although he was gone when van Dijk signed he'd done all the spade work for the signing. Ross Wilson, the one who just went to Rangers, was largely awful for Southampton with signings like Carillo, Boufal and Elyounnoussi all signed for massive money and struggling to make any noticeable impact between them. I do agree that we definitely need a DoF though, preferably an experienced one.
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