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  1. Will

    'Other Boro stuff'

    The contrast between this and your lack of sympathy for Ben Gibson's situation at Burnley is puzzling to say the least.
  2. I've seen this in her personal statement, however obviously because of the sad situation that has unfolded since last weekend there is no chance of trying to come to the truth in a court so it remains very much unconfirmed. If what she says in the statement is true it makes you wonder why the boyfriend called the police and made his original statement which caused them to charge her.
  3. It absolutely does in my opinion. In fact a friend who works in the police says it’s standard practice now due to the amount of people who used to retract statements.
  4. The CPS’s statement on the matter seems to suggest they were very much still in support of the trial and prosecution and from what I’ve seen it’s been backed by independent lawyers who have worked in the field of abuse cases. The police always work with the CPS and present a case to them that they believe someone should stand trial. The CPS then decides if there is a good chance of prosecution and if it is in the public interest to prosecute. Only if both of those answers are yes does it go to trial. I’m not sure how much pressure the police can exert on the CPS as they have a final say on these matters. I also don’t think the possibility of someone killing themselves should ever effect the decision of whether to go to trial or not, otherwise it would become a very easy way to get off what are pretty serious charges.
  5. The alleged pictures from the scene (which match pictures she posted of her flat on instagram) are pretty gruesome. If she came away from the whole thing with no injuries then it's a hell of a lot of blood to come from one person. I think there's a public interest in pursuing a prosecution in that case and I think you (and eveybody else criticising the police) would too if the sex of the two involved were reversed.
  6. Couldn’t disagree more. Lots of domestic abuse cases are stalled because victims withdraw their statements, you have to remember that lots of domestic abuse stems from one partner controlling or wanting to control the other. He felt the need at the time to call the police. The police (and subsequently the CPS) made the decision to prosecute based on what he originally said and what they saw at the scene. It’s their job to protect victims and get justice. It’s terribly sad that she felt this was the only way out and my heart goes out to her friends, family and her boyfriend but I don’t think it was wrong to pursue prosecution against someone the police and CPS believed committed a serious assault.
  7. Will

    'Other Boro stuff'

    I think realistically it’d take at least double that for Wolves to sell. Such a shame we don’t have anything in that deal.
  8. Will

    'Other Boro stuff'

    Which goes against everything his former teammates and managers say about him
  9. Will

    'Other Boro stuff'

    I also have a vague memory of this and it coming up around the time Justin Hoyte was coming to the end of his contract.
  10. Ah damnit, well I wasn’t expecting one until this afternoon so no big disappointment
  11. That would be great, looked good in the pre season game at the Riverside and would give us the upper hand if he comes here and does well
  12. He's much more negative on Twitter, I'm not a fan of Twitter Tom
  13. £65k is really, REALLY hard to believe. He signed a new contract on promotion, there's no way we gave him £65k a week based on performances only in the championship.
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