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  1. The only ruling out there that is relevant is that Wigan's appeal on the same grounds was rejected.
  2. See, now you're seeing the positives!
  3. Given we only had 1/3 of the possession it's a solid 6 passes per minute when we had the ball 😉
  4. @Daveybongeyeare you like this in real life? Do you just spend the whole time pulling faces rather than actually talking or interacting with anyone?
  5. It doesn't worry me at all to be honest. Gibson brought in Scott for a reason, I'm sure the plan from the very start was for Warnock to see out the season.
  6. I doubt Warnock will be asked for his opinion.
  7. I'm pretty sure Vickers ousting was a cost cutting exercise by the Gazette. Both him and Tallentire left in a very short period of time and were replaced by significantly more junior journalists.
  8. CT is Vickers, even more closely intertwined with the club nowadays.
  9. Pretty sure Daveybongeye is Kelloe, you've probably had reactions to your posts from him. Seems to be his sole method of communication.
  10. These statements seem completely contradictory.
  11. Not a good look when only this summer you cried off the forum for people questioning your info...
  12. Yeah and Olusanya looks every bit a non-league footballer from what I've seen. But he'll get every opportunity going because he's Warnock's pet project.
  13. Yet more dinosaur methods. Just train harder, that's obviously how you stop injuries from happening...
  14. Ten Hag seems to be linked to loads of jobs, which would leave Reiziger in line to potentially become Ajax manager, doubt he'd leave before at least exploring that opportunity.
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