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  1. Don't really know why, but since the summer he was first mentioned when Woodgate was hired his name has always appealed to me.
  2. Surely these large companies standardise the water they use? It's pretty easy to engineer the exact softness, mineral content etc. of water that you want, and I know Samuel Adams in the US standardise their water across all plants. Find it hard to believe a company like Coca Cola or Guinness wouldn't as they'd want their product to taste the same everywhere.
  3. I don't think Warnock could not say something. Stay quiet after an incident like that and nothing changes.
  4. I'll just leave this here... http://backpagefootball.com/why-liverpool-wont-win-the-premier-league-this-season/126313/
  5. 👍 Wind ups don't work when they're blatantly obvious.
  6. There isn't a keeper in the world who saves that first goal imo
  7. Maybe we should try playing it on the floor against poorer teams as well then?
  8. Will


    Honestly think it should be Fry. He's come on leaps and bounds under Warnock and definitely seems to be finding his voice and becoming the leader in the defence. Plus he's one of the few players in our squad who is from round here, which always helps. I know it didn't work out giving him it under Woody but lets be honest, nothing worked out under Woody.
  9. Removed the ones I wouldn't really have an interest in. Some interesting names left, some really quality CB's available from this league and the Prem. Would all depend on what wages they're asking for for the rest of them.
  10. Who am I insulting? I'm not calling you stupid, the argument you are making is.
  11. Make stupid argument, try to critique opposing argument. It's going well for you mate.
  12. Hamilton would beat Russell just as he has beaten all of his teammates past and present. The idea that the only reason Hamilton wins is because of the car is, frankly, stupid.
  13. Must've just been reaching for a stick of gum from his back pocket at an inopportune moment then I guess...
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