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  1. Toss 50p and a packet of cheese puffs our way and he's theirs.
  2. He definitely shouted for it, heard it on the coverage.
  3. McNair made a deliberate attempt to play the ball and made connection with it, that is in the law and starts a new phase of play. VAR wouldn't have changed anything. Please see relevant section from the FA website below.
  4. I agree that if he doesn't even get a chance now then it really doesn't look good. Shame as I thought he stylistically matched with Wilder pretty well, kind of similar to Sander Berge who he bought for Sheffield United.
  5. Personally think we could see Payero start the next game. None of the midfield had good games tonight.
  6. It's times like this that make me want you to be banned again.
  7. I'm pretty sure nowhere on earth has ever been as cold as that corner of Griffin park was that day. Yusuf had the right idea!
  8. I wouldn't describe Onel as deadwood personally. The only reason he left is exactly because the manager and style of play changed. I also think there's a very good chance we would have got him with or without Scott as I believe he is widely believed to be the player Warnock said he'd "take in a heartbeat" when potential transfers were being discussed.
  9. Warnock signed a player to play ahead of him and was going to send him out on loan. Jones got a chance because of a freak set of circumstances, not because of anything Warnock did.
  10. I'm not sure he deserves that much credit for this, I'm sure he said in an interview that if Ameobi hadn't been crocked when we signed him that Jones was due to go out on loan to Queen of the South again.
  11. And it was then widely reported once the gransfer was complete that we were paying 6k a week. And you say it wouldn't be much to make up, but it'd still be an average of 20k each per week, which I doubt we're paying any of them.
  12. When Gibson f*cking dies, when Gibson f*cking dies, we're all having a party, we're all having a party when Gibson f*cking dies.
  13. Not all Derby fans, just all the ones on forums, social media and at away games... Screen_Recording_20220122-215034_Twitter.mp4
  14. Given that we're paying £6k a week of Baloguns the others must be on scary money.
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