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  1. 😂 Specsavers are back open for eye tests now mate
  2. Getting relegated to League 1 would've been pretty embarrassing too
  3. Will

    'Other Boro stuff'

    Good riddance. The mystery injuries after Christmas never sat right with me. As a player he will be missed, as a personality it seems he won't be.
  4. Will

    'Other Boro stuff'

    He would've done in the right squad.
  5. You should make a weekend of it, Saltaire is a beautiful little town (and UNESCO World Heritage Site) and has lots of little independent shops and restaurants/cafes as well as some beautiful old buildings and walks along the canal and surrounding areas.
  6. I live pretty much next door to the SALT brewery!
  7. I see CT is still whinging 🙄
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52446058 Was browsing the BBC sport website and one of the people in the thumbnail of this article looked a bit familiar.
  9. Leo had quite the reputation for doing it by then, can hardly blame Hughton and Calderwood for trying to stop him from doing his usual antics.
  10. Weird that Adama is in the thumbnail, don't think we played them in that season?
  11. I can't see them doing this, would just result in clubs dumping a load of expenditure into this years accounts. For example, excluding this coming years accounts would be phenomenally good for us from an FFP standpoint.
  12. They EFL and PL will have to make allowances for the current situation, I reckon we're fine either way but there will be clubs right on the edge with regards to FFP who will fail without the gate receipts they would have received.
  13. We did when he joined in fairness
  14. And there lies the ultimate problem.
  15. We don't need to spend big money on a first choice striker. I think Fletcher has easily shown enough this season to show that he is good enough for it and with more creativity in the team would score goals for fun in this league (this is all under the assumption that Britt goes, which I'm still not convinced by.)
  16. Was Italy's first case 13 days before ours? I feel like it wasn't even close to that long.
  17. The problems with these figures are numerous. If 80% of patients don't get symptoms severe enough to bother getting tested (WHO and Public Health England numbers) then the vast majority of your 'infected' population never even gets counted in these figures, exaggerating the mortality rate possibly 4-5x. Another issue is under reporting of cases, there is some speculation that Iran could potentially have millions of infected citizens but are only reporting a few thousand at the moment for their own political agenda. The other issue is that in some countries there appears to be significantly less aggressive strains of the virus, leading speculation that this virus could be significantly more widespread than anyone has predicted, if this is the case, given the lack of reported deaths from it, the death rate would drop even further. Death rates are useful up to a point, but until a virus has fully ran it's course, or at least a full year cycle, they can be wildly off the mark. The death rate for flu is based on years and years of historical data, using an early stage death rate for the current virus is like trying to use a league table after 3 games to see who will win the league.
  18. Worrying indictment of our managers ability to identify players that suit his formation and positions.
  19. Yeh, they do. Their entire culture is far more tactile and touchy feely than ours. It's absolutely no surprise to me that the virus has spread like wildfire there.
  20. Will

    'Other Boro stuff'

    I'm not sure it requires hindsight to see that spending £7m and £8m on Flint and Saville was a *** poor decision.
  21. Will

    'Other Boro stuff'

    It's impossible to see where that puts us now as we don't know the current situation on wages. I'd be confident saying that they've dropped at least as much in the current reporting period as they did in the newly reported one, but that's pure speculation. We've also made significant player sales again, bringing in well over £10m from that. A £2m profit coupled with our £6m loss last season leave us with £35m of allowable losses for the next reporting period (This will probably be higher as all academy costs are exempt as well as other things), which from a very brief glance at the figures seems like we should be within.
  22. Will

    'Other Boro stuff'

    It unquestionably is a good thing.
  23. The bigger problem with the death rate stats is that we actually have no idea how many people are infected with the disease. 80% or more that get it suffer no/mild symptoms that almost definitely wouldn't cause them to go to a doctor, meaning that reported death rate figures could be as much as 4 or 5 x higher than the reality.
  24. 😂 I was trying to make the point that just because it will probably only seriously effect over 60s doesn't make it any less of a public health risk. I am worried about getting it because of the potential of passing it on to my elderly relatives. The fact I'd be relatively unaffected by it is in no way a source of comfort for me.
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