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  1. Maybe, although with Wigan last year the Administration penalty was only applied when they stayed up. Had they been relegated without it the penalty would have been applied this year. The administration penalty also doesn't offset the 9 point agreement they were apparently close to for breaking FFP. So still potentially 21 points, with 12 of them applied when it will affect them most.
  2. He's apparently been covering the entire cost of their away games this season, so fair play to him in my opinion.
  3. If it's off Uche I think this could work, not sure how effective it would be with him trying to play off Sporar.
  4. Agreed with both. We and he need to find ways to help him to perform to his ability more often given how important he is to our success as a team. Outside of the set pieces I though he was good last night personally, the freekick he took a shot with was ridiculous though.
  5. This. He got caught off guard a few times, and there were a few occasions where he didn't quite put enough on his passes. But the quality was clear to see, once he's up to pace (along with Payero) I think our midfield will be a real area of strength.
  6. Not confirmed, but John Percy is about as reliable as they come for football journalists
  7. If he plays his way out (or someone plays their way in), then so be it. With his start here he's earned the benefit of the doubt for the moment.
  8. Is it just me or did Sporar have a tap in if Hernandez hadn't shot there? Looked like he'd got in front of his man
  9. Will

    NFL talk 21

    You're very welcome 😎
  10. It was maybe 2013/2014 kind of time, and they were available at all the food kiosks.
  11. I am eagerly awaiting a response. Thank you Wilson.
  12. Will

    NFL talk 21

    How did everyone's teams get on?
  13. I'm not wanting to dismiss your point or anything, but how much time have you spent researching the significantly more important Yorkshire pudding wraps?
  14. More important question, is saying someone is being obtuse really an insult?
  15. As someone who works in this industry it's been both uplifting and incredibly frustrating to see how much can get done when the money men loosen the purse strings a bit. Uplifting in the sense that it proves how good and effective we as a species can be when met with unprecedented challenges. Uplifting also in the sense that it proves me and others in the industry right who have been frustrated for years about how large companies stifle innovation because they balance all decisions against their shareholders interests (which is obviously their right). The frustration comes from the fact
  16. Even forcing our English lads to learn his language, who is this prima donna?
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