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  1. 👍 Wind ups don't work when they're blatantly obvious.
  2. Thousands? 😂😂 Yeh ok mate.
  3. There isn't a keeper in the world who saves that first goal imo
  4. Maybe we should try playing it on the floor against poorer teams as well then?
  5. Will


    Honestly think it should be Fry. He's come on leaps and bounds under Warnock and definitely seems to be finding his voice and becoming the leader in the defence. Plus he's one of the few players in our squad who is from round here, which always helps. I know it didn't work out giving him it under Woody but lets be honest, nothing worked out under Woody.
  6. Will

    'Other Boro stuff'

    Removed the ones I wouldn't really have an interest in. Some interesting names left, some really quality CB's available from this league and the Prem. Would all depend on what wages they're asking for for the rest of them.
  7. I've never been as cold as that day!
  8. Who am I insulting? I'm not calling you stupid, the argument you are making is.
  9. Make stupid argument, try to critique opposing argument. It's going well for you mate.
  10. Hamilton would beat Russell just as he has beaten all of his teammates past and present. The idea that the only reason Hamilton wins is because of the car is, frankly, stupid.
  11. Will

    'Other Boro stuff'

    Must've just been reaching for a stick of gum from his back pocket at an inopportune moment then I guess...
  12. Whilst true, are these clubs in a position different to what you would expect? Maybe you'd expect Leeds to be in the bottom 7 having just been promoted and a club the size of Newcastle probably shouldn't be, but other than them two I'd say you expect the others are in the bottom 7 because they are among the worst 7 teams in the league.
  13. That's fair, I'm just saying from the outside looking in I'm not sure they were given a fair shot at Huddersfield and seemed to get used a bit by their owner who moved on as soon as they were secure in the league. Probably worth noting I'd only be interested in them on the proviso that Warnock retains some kind of advisory role to help guide them. With an experienced head helping them I think they'd have a good chance of succeeding here.
  14. Not sure judging them on Huddersfield is fair, they were brought in to keep them up, they did it, then they were thrown on the dump because the chairman didn't actually want to play that way.
  15. Wide overlaps surely lead to cross, cross, cross?
  16. The Cowley's working under Warnock might be an interesting prospect to consider.
  17. I don't see how anyone can say there wasn't contact, the video clearly shows there was. Bacuna's leg was moving forwards and at the exact time Paddy's foot would have contacted it, it starts moving backwards. If you haven't noticed this please watch the video again and just focus on Bacuna's leg, don't look at Paddy at all. The only possible way for that to happen is for something to impact it from the front.
  18. Well, obviously. But it's McNair's job when committing to the tackle to know if he's going to pose a risk to anyone, not being able to see someone isn't a valid excuse for dangerous play.
  19. I'm not sure it matters if Paddy knows where Bacuna is or isn't or which direction he's moving. Intent only really comes into it when it's violent conduct or not. If he has contacted Bacuna's leg, whether intentional or not, it's endangering an opponent as he contacts his leg about half way up the shin. It's the tacklers job to ensure that this doesn't happen, same as it was with Branthwaite in the Blackburn game.
  20. This is actually the clearest for me. That's a red, no question about it.
  21. Will

    'Other Boro stuff'

    Won't respond to Billy as one more quote of that message will be considered a pile on I'd imagine.
  22. Will

    'Other Boro stuff'

    There must be some mistake here, I went on his Wiki to check and apparently his England debut came over 2 years after Bielsa became Leeds manager? Can't be right as you're saying he inherited "England international Kalvin Phillips" 🤔
  23. Average manager I will accept, I think he's a good coach.
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