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  1. I think we may have very different definitions of "bossing it". He only made 25 appearances last season, playing only 11 full games worth of minutes for Sampdoria and now doesn't have a club.
  2. It's because they don't have a permanent downer on the team solely because they don't like the manager.
  3. I agree completely. Warnock being here this season gives Scott 9/10 months to nail down every aspect of his plan to move forwards. I wouldn't want him coming in and having to pick a manager straight away, or worse like you say already be burdened with a manager on a long contract.
  4. I'm not saying they can't mean different things to different people, in fact I'm saying the opposite. Mr Holgate seemed to be saying that kneeling is always and inherently submissive. The power of having the choice to kneel and doing so is wildly different from being forced to kneel by an oppressor.
  5. Sporar definitely had a medical, he posted a picture of him at some kind of medical facility in a pair of very short shorts.
  6. If you're ill informed/stupid and that results in booing a message of anti racism you may not be a racist, but I think it's hard to argue the act itself isn't. Same goes for the drunk thinking they're funny/risqué. If you choose to associate the action with something that the people doing the action have told you it has nothing to do with for them when they do that action, again you may not be a racist, but you are booing a message of anti-racism, which is inherently racist.
  7. Having experienced it myself there most certainly isn't zero racist abuse of players at the Riverside. And given the lack of action from the club when I reported it, I highly doubt it's an isolated occurrence.
  8. Anything can be divisive if people choose to make it divisive.
  9. Choosing to kneel and being forced to kneel are completely different things.
  10. For me atleast the problem isn't Fry in a back 4 vs Fry in a back 5. He looks incredibly uncomfortable playing on the left side of either a pairing or a 3, always has since he broke into the team.
  11. Should've been brought on as soon as QPR went down to 10 last night. Was the perfect opportunity to give him minutes.
  12. I think it's a big deal as it would be seen as cowing to racists.
  13. Woah woah woah, it's actually a fact presented as an opinion thank you very much.
  14. We agree. They are taking the knee in support of the Black Lives matter movement for racial equality, that hasn't changed at any point.
  15. Yeah, which works out just under £33k per week. Seems high to me, but it's the second place to report it.
  16. Sounds pretty high for a guy who went to them direct from the Slovakian League, but does tally with what @Changing Timessaid he'd read the other day.
  17. In this context the words campaign and movement are synonymous, so not sure what your point is?
  18. It all seems a bit harsh when you look at his stats. 19/20 - 5 goals 4 assists (from 6 xG and 5xA) in 25 games 20/21 - 4 goals 1 assist (from 6xG and 5xA) in 32 games He's by no means set the world alight but some of the comments are talking as if he can't kick a ball 😂
  19. Sadly as someone who has reported racist abuse at the Riverside before, I know how futile this is. Asked my seat number, brought in to look at CCTV from the ground, point out the 3 people who were doing it, few weeks later I got a call to say they couldn't identify them and that was that.
  20. That's fair enough. I only mention it as I know people personally who have literally never taken any interest whatsoever in politics arguing that it's Marxist and that's why they're against it.
  21. Had your Dad expressed strong feelings about Marxism before let's say, 2019?
  22. They have been ordered to recalculate them as they were using irregular accounting practices with regards their amortisation of players over the length of their contracts. It's part of the EFL's FFP ruling on them.
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