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  1. Will it? It would surprise me if he's even close.
  2. Thanks Newy, just had to punch a wall to deal with the anger caused by this
  3. That must mean our boy Andraz is double vaccinated
  4. If I can be a bit greedy, I do hope that we have some kind of fixed fee agreed for if we don't get promoted too. Would hate for him to come, be a massive success, us just miss out of promotion then get asked to stump up more money because that hadn't been agreed at this point.
  5. It's 15 goals AND promotion. Anyway, if he's banging them in we'd probably want to buy him at that price regardless of promotion.
  6. Does seem like Bausor has played a bit of a blinder in terms of the terms of the deal. Now let's hope our scouts were right in recommending him.
  7. Ah yes, if you don't immediately sign a contract the second it is proposed to you that means you've turned it down.
  8. Oh good, please don't let them wriggle out of this one mate, I'm counting on you!
  9. Can we get back to important things, like the continued absence of the Yorkshire pudding wraps?
  10. I'll be honest Alan, I think I probably live further away from Boro than Matt and Tom do now. Happy to go along if I'm given plenty of notice of when Wilson would need me to cover, but can't guarantee I'd always be available.
  11. First order of business @wilsoncgp, what the f*ck happened to the Yorkshire pudding wraps that they used to do at the ground? I feel like I've been patient enough on this and it's about bloody time they made a return!
  12. Hurl enough ***, some of it is bound to stick...
  13. With the squad that we had that really should have been the bare minimum expectation from that season. People will point to the fact he got the best out of Adama, the reality is that getting the best out of him should have catapulted us to winning the league, rather than just scraping the Playoffs then going out without as much as a whimper.
  14. I'm not sure how this is TeaCider's fault, you filthy minded bugger
  15. Seen a few comments about the amount of off topic stuff in here and I feel compelled to present the idea of a concise transfer thread.
  16. There's absolutely no chance it goes over 30,000 with over 6,000 unsold tickets
  17. What a shoddily constructed straw man you have there.
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