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  1. A wing back system without our two alleged wingbacks of Spence and Coulson.
  2. Pathetic response. And from a mod too.
  3. 6ft1 says the internet. Which is pretty tall.
  4. According to Teamtalk. I mean, he's alive and we are still a football team, so it could happen. Not convinced they are working on any more information than that though.
  5. Because we're Boro and we throw money at players and they have no choice. He was interested enough to talk to us. We were interested enough to make an offer. That's a serious interest. Not outbidding other teams doesn't mean we weren't serious. I mean, if he'd signed on the terms offered do you think we'd have said 'sorry man, only kidding, we're just wasting everybody's time'. We complain endlessly about how poorly run the club is; not offering more than we think someone is worth is actually sensible. And just because Luton think he's worth more doesn't mean we weren't serious.
  6. Not really. Seriously interested and willing to pay more than we think he's worth are two different things. Luton may well value him higher than we do. If we think he's a, for example, 5k a week later and they offer 10k, then it doesn't mean we weren't serious, just that we have a different opinion of his value. By some accounts we were in negotiations with him and made an offer. That's serious.
  7. Couldn't and not willing to are different things.
  8. Downing: β€œTo be honest I should have left after the first season because he (Karanka) didn't want me there." This is turning into a classic transfer thread.
  9. Someone on here did the maths for points for the work permit.
  10. But there isn't a L1 striker we don't know about - full stats for anyone in L1 are all over the internet and we know the quality of L1 teams. And the strikers we are linked to, L1 or otherwise, are all of a similar type - big blokes to be used as battering rams. Nothing there to be excited by. A random South American midfielder? The sheer lack of information, relatively, about him means we don't immediately know what he is, so it stirs the imagination a bit. He could be the next Juninho. Or the next De Pena. Our L1 striker options all appear to be the next Gestede, at best - we're not
  11. Not exactly clear what Smith has to do with Payero, really. Don't think one is in anyway related to the other. Today's signing of Ikpeazu might have pushed Smith down the list though.
  12. Ikpeazu signed, 3 year deal. Peltier signed, because Fisher is knacked. Argentine press say we're dropping 5 million quid on a 22 year old midfielder, Payero.
  13. Well that's out of nowhere. @Lurkeryou've really not had the heads up today! 😁
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