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  1. What on earth are you talking about? Same nonsense every summer with you, football finishes and you go off the rails, with weird daily mail style rubbish. Left to you and we'd be in brown shirts.
  2. I don't think Wilder and Co think they were good signings either mind. I suspect there wasn't much available in January and we needed something up front, so we took a punt on players who might come good. Balogun might have made the step up, he came with some reputation. Connolly might have found form with a move down to the Championship. Neither happened obviously.
  3. No. 21 year old vs near 24 year old at the time of signing. Jones was 20 when we signed him, Munce is an attempt at similar.
  4. Signing a 23 year old for the under 23s was always nonsense. Barely got a game in the PL2. Dodgy signing that.
  5. Dylan Bahamboula. 3 goals, 3 assists for Oldham in 30 games.
  6. So that leaves, possibly, Djiksteel, Jones and McGree from the first team that finished just off the playoffs. That's one hell of a rebuild. And all three are worse that their alternatives: McNair, Spence and Tav.
  7. Ha ha. Again, Wilder has bumper us up 30% over Warnock. There's no comparison.
  8. His actual performance was the issue there. And the dire football being played. And the players he wanted to sign.
  9. I dunno man, an own goal, a red card, a direct goal from a corner (even if it wasn't given), McNair giving piggy backs, Tav scoring with his head, it was all pretty surprising to me.
  10. Indeed. Transfermarkt has Warnock on 1.29 PPG for this season, 22 points from 17 games. Wilder got 48 points from 29, from the same source. Which is 1.65 PPG. Warnocks average has us on 59 points over a full season. Wilder's over a full season is 76. That's 5th place versus 17th.
  11. Lumley for fraudulently representing himself as a goalkeeper.
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