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  1. For £150,000,000 in Premier League money and parachute payments, any day.
  2. Overseas pass? Yes, it's on. Most of the games have been.
  3. More quality from Johnson there. And his facial hair is awful.
  4. Need a goal before half time, before they change things up.
  5. Wasn't it Fry with the concussion check last game?
  6. Three LB/LWB on the bench. And possibly Tav playing there instead.
  7. Yes it is. Paraphrasing does not change the meaning.
  8. Paraphrasing means stating the same meaning using different words. If the meaning is different, which it is, then it's not paraphrasing.
  9. Overseas season pass can't watch it - it's chosen for overseas broadcast.
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