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  1. macapes


    Yep, loads of redirects recently, all to scammy 'you have won' nonsense.
  2. Unless they're racist doyles, can't see why there'd be any reaction.
  3. Maybe they are happy paying more than us. And paying it for three more years.
  4. Oooooh, a qualified scout. Go on then, what would you look at with Sanogo, a 27 year old purported striker with no real goal scoring or assist record? We've had plenty of strikers who can't score, he looks like another one. Tell me why he isn't.
  5. Odd statement. What exactly would you judge him on then?
  6. Seasonal Video Subscription Out Now! Our Matchday LIVE overseas video subscription is now available to purchase for the 2020-21 season. Matchday LIVE is returning for the new campaign, giving overseas Boro supporters access to watch all eligible Championship fixtures from across the globe. The club has invested in a new dedicated Matchday LIVE website, introduced at the end of the 2019-20 season, to give our supporters greater confidence in our streaming platform, while we will soon also be launching a major update to the MFC Official App. Key information: •A seasonal video subscription is priced at £140 - in line with an EFL-wide pricing structure •Passes will also be available on a match-by-match basis, costing £7 - again following the EFL pricing guidelines •The video stream will be four-camera coverage, complete with score and clock graphics as well as replays, for both home and away fixtures, with synced commentary from BBC Tees •A seasonal video subscription will also entitle you to audio-only commentary for all EFL Cup and FA Cup Boro matches as well as any non-eligible Championship games that we can't stream due to EFL broadcast regulations.
  7. Yes, he'd consider it a failure.
  8. Suggestion from Mfc on twitter is there's an announcement yet to come about overseas streams.
  9. macapes


    You are not tested/checked for COVID when entering the country under any circumstances, legal or not. The hundreds of thousands of Brits happily holidaying across Europe (and the sheer number who won't quatantine after) and coming home are clearly a far higher risk for bringing it in than a few hundred refugees. The suggestion that refugees are somehow responsible for the pandemic continuing is itself is racist.
  10. https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/12064013/middlesbrough-4-3-shrewsbury
  11. Just as a value proposition; buying all 46 games, through Boro and the opposition, across the season would cost more than buying Sky Sports for a year. For your money you get radio commentary, crappy 720p streams, no half time stuff, poor support fir devices, frequently no replays. Its a poor product - and, bar a bit of extra bandwith, at no more cost to the club than last year. Its price gouging, done supposedly to support the clubs, all of which of course are owned by millionaires. Back to the pirate streams though, as i can't even buy it if i want to.
  12. And use a VPN to pretend to be in the UK. Can't even buy a video stream here in France.
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