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  1. Goddamnit, you've jinxed it now. Typical boro, here we come.
  2. As a result of Wigan Athletic confirming they have entered into administration, the Club will be subject to a 12-point deduction and, in accordance with EFL Regulations, the timing of the sporting sanction can only be determined once final league placings in the Championship are determined. If in the event the Club is relegated by virtue of their final position following the conclusion of the Championship season, then the deduction will apply in League One in 2020/21. However, if the Club is not in the relegation places following the final game of season, the sanction will be then be applied to their season 2019/20 total and final league standings amended as appropriate. The EFL is awaiting formal notification from the Administrators and once the League has received this it will commence discussions with the relevant individuals with the aim of achieving a long-term future for the Club.
  3. The rule certainly used to be that if you aren't in the relegation zone at the end of the season, it's this season you get deducted, regardless of when it occurs. If you are in the relegation zone, it's next season you get deduction.
  4. Neil Warnock is an anagram of Colin Wa**er. Or vice versa.
  5. Rudy Gestede has joined Daniel Ayala in departing the club ahead of the final games of the season. Like Ayala, Gestede’s contract was due to expire on June 30, and as there was no commitment from the striker to sign an extension to July 20 to take in the remaining games of the season, he has left the club. Since joining Boro in January 2016, Gestede has made 71 appearances and scored eight goals. His most recent strike came in the 2-2 draw with Nottingham Forest back in March. Both Gestede and Ayala are both now free agents.
  6. But would you rather watch Woodgate as manager in L1 or Pulis in Championship?
  7. jonathanwoodgate39 Today was a day that I hoped would never come, but I’ve been in football long enough to know that these things happen. To be given the chance to manage my hometown club - the club that I love - is something I will never forget and I will always be grateful to Steve Gibson for the opportunity. There is no one more disappointed than me at how things have gone, and believe me, there hasn’t been one moment when I’ve ever stopped thinking about the job and how to improve and make things better. I’d like to thank the players for their efforts, in very difficult circumstances at times, and I’d like to thank all the staff at the football club, many of who will remain good friends. I’d like to thank the fans for your backing. I know it hasn’t been easy for you, but the support you have shown and the backing you have given is something I will never forget, and has meant so much to me. I’d also like to wish Neil Warnock every success. I’ll always be a Boro fan, it’s my football club, and I hope Neil and the players can finish the job this season and keep the club in the Championship. I have every belief that will happen. Thank you
  8. Speaking to talkSPORT in his first interview since being appointed, the 71-year-old confirmed Kevin Blackwell and Ronnie Jepson will be on his coaching team. The Yorkshireman says he's not looking beyond the end of the season as things stand, insisting his focus is only on keeping Boro in the Championship. Asked about Woodgate's future, Warnock said: "I have not spoken to Steve. I'm speaking to him in half an hour, I don't know the ins and outs. He asked me to come up and asked if I would help until end of season. "Jonathan will have learnt an awful lot. He's a sensible lad and he'll have learnt a lot, that's how you get your experience."
  9. I mean, that suggests that if over 70s were under lockdown then we'd have continued with Woodgate regardless. Scary. But unless he was "shielding" for specific conditions, then I don't think there would have been anything to stop him attending work, given you can't really manage from home.
  10. "Too little, too late" for me. I mean it's good, but should have happened way earlier. And at the very least, before the Swansea game. If you were going to sack Woodgate, don't give him the few weeks training before the restart, let the new guy have it. Warnock has a hell of job on his hands, there's barely any time between games. Have to hope for that "new manager bump", because I don't know that anyone can turn this lot around without real time to train.
  11. Well, that's a surprise. No idea why he was given the Swansea game though, that's just stupid. Could have had a few weeks of Warnock to drill some sense in to this defense.
  12. Not sure you do. "The practice among those with power or influence of favouring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs." Gibson is the one in power, Pulis is, apparently, his friend.
  13. Honestly, it's not even sarcasm. Why would he pay someone else, he's happy enough doing a terrible job himself.
  14. I imagine Gestede or Nmecha could look like a world beater in training playing against our defence. I mean, if Nmecha is going up against Friend he probably comes out looking like he's Messi. Neither of them have shown any consistent form in competitive matches suggesting they are good enough, or fit whatever system this is supposed to be.
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