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  1. Was a 3 year deal announced in 2018, so unless it's been extended, yep.
  2. It's an irrelevant game. Only thing that can make it interesting is if we play the kids.
  3. Because you don't say "KIeffer Moore was my number one choice, but we couldn't sign him, so we've got this bloke who I've never heard of. Let's hope he's not ***." It's standard management talk. It's hardly a surprise Warnock has it down pat.
  4. Glad I'm not alone in being underwhelmed with this guy.
  5. Promotion by autos? No. But is it unrealistic to think that had we a single competent striker and a half decent keeper we'd be 10 points better off and in the play offs?
  6. Decent line up, plenty of attacking options. Just wish it wasn't Akpom up front.
  7. Reading have some big games in the run in: Swansea, Norwich, Barnsley and Watford. There's a lot of points there to be lost.
  8. https://footballleagueworld.co.uk/exclusive-middlesbrough-keeping-tabs-on-sunderlands-charlie-wyke-and-rangers-man-jordan-jones/
  9. Shock that they got into that position to begin with?
  10. All about match fitness for the new lads as far as I'm concerned. Get them out there.
  11. “It’s a deal I didn’t think would happen. We’ve been after Neeskens for a few weeks now and we’ve managed to get it over the line which is a real plus for us. “Mendez-Laing and Yannick are both lacking match fitness whereas Neeskens has been involved and playing. He’s another string to our bow and we’re looking forward to him joining us.”
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