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  1. All about match fitness for the new lads as far as I'm concerned. Get them out there.
  2. “It’s a deal I didn’t think would happen. We’ve been after Neeskens for a few weeks now and we’ve managed to get it over the line which is a real plus for us. “Mendez-Laing and Yannick are both lacking match fitness whereas Neeskens has been involved and playing. He’s another string to our bow and we’re looking forward to him joining us.”
  3. Loving the "fact file" on NML - https://www.mfc.co.uk/news/factfile-nathaniel-mendez-laing - makes no mention of his recent issues.
  4. On official Boro TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@middlesbrough.fc/video/6924426299859537158?sender_device=pc&sender_web_id=6924427441624614405&is_from_webapp=v1&is_copy_url=0
  5. https://www.tiktok.com/@middlesbrough.fc/video/6924426299859537158?_d=secCgYIASAHKAESMgowUfn%2BMi90FwSYZjFwsZgSUPsZzc450XAYp3meJSbXpmZAdRpI%2F3d6Ddc4GifHV4FsGgA%3D&language=en&preview_pb=0&share_item_id=6924426299859537158&share_link_id=9D78AEC4-445C-47E5-8BA6-AE5F54096566&timestamp=1612218863&tt_from=twitter&u_code=0&utm_campaign=client_share&utm_medium=ios&utm_source=twitter&source=h5_m Horrible link - but NML confirmed.
  6. Would imagine a VPN would get round this. Should anyone feel the need.
  7. They got an Onlyfans?
  8. Juninho did alright. Don't remember the fee, either time, but imagine it was up there at the time.
  9. For £150,000,000 in Premier League money and parachute payments, any day.
  10. Overseas pass? Yes, it's on. Most of the games have been.
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