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  1. As of yesterday we were exactly 2 weeks behind Italy. On March 7th they had 233 deaths. Yesterday so did we. UK, 19th - 144, 20th - 177, 21st - 233. ITA, 5th - 148, 6th - 197, 7th - 233 We are mirroring their growth, just 2 weeks behind. It doesn't mean we catch up in two weeks, it means in two weeks expect 700 deaths a day, whilst who knows where ITA will be. They went on lock down 2 weeks ago tomorrow. We haven't learned.
  2. Given it can take up to two weeks for an infection to become symptomatic, you may want to keep an eye on your mum anyway, if you saw her at any time whilst you were ill. As to flu vs COVID19, flu has a mortality rate of approximately 0.1% for your stated 650,000 deaths. If COVID19 comes out at 1% (and that's a figure that's widely considered likely) that's substantially higher. It's also way harder to prevent infections given there is no jab for it, so the base figure of infections could come out higher than flu as well. This is why self-isolation is a thing, and not for flu, because the high risk groups (elderly, immuno comprimised, etc) cannot protect themselves from people spreading COVID19 like they can with flu. It's not about you or I (assuming basic healthiness), it's about the population at large.
  3. Next up you'll be telling me Juninho didn't have a magic hat.
  4. And of course all expenses for those clubs stop if the season was abandoned. Except for player and staff wages, refund on season tickets, loan repayments, etc. Not clear to me how playing without selling tickets is massively more expensive than not playing at all. Were the season ended, I suspect the TV money for remaining games would have to be repaid. Could be even worse.
  5. Thank god. Terrible game management from Woodgate again, mind, with those late subs.
  6. Charlton are truly awful. Might be our best hope for survival, if we can see this out.
  7. And if he was a competent manager he'd have found a way to get the players he has playing together, regardless of his dream. A rookie manager walking in and needing a half dozen new players to play "his way" is nonsense.
  8. Defenders waving their arms rather than clearing lines. Awful.
  9. Great run and ball in from Coulson. Little lucky with the shot.
  10. Why is Meijas on the bench? Did we forget to register the new guy?
  11. Has Spence shat in Woodgates cornflakes or something?
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