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  1. If all aspects of the contract were being achieved then yes that would be correct as it stands they are not
  2. They are not paying that. Guesswork journalism 😂
  3. It's become more complicated because the player they want to replace Gibson with is Dael Fry. Higher offer for Dael is imminent Ben won't be heading south
  4. Fry to Burnley highly unlikely to happen as both clubs values are so far apart.
  5. Dyche might not like the Boro but there is no issues between the Boards of the 2 clubs.
  6. All I can say is £8m plus add on was not even going to be considered
  7. Burnley will take 6m for Gibson with 4.3m outstanding Fry 8m + add ons not entertained It's held the Gibson deal up as it was hoped it could be included in negotiating the Fry deal. Tarkowski could well be moving late in the window as well.
  8. From what I have been told from the Burnley side this is still going ahead the reason its not been sorted as yet is the interest in Fry is genuine but the difference in valuation between the clubs is way off. Wages are not the first point of thought but playing football is, thought it would be done now personally. The deal will cost around 1.7m with outstanding payments from Burnley against the player remaining and as far as wages are concerned let's leave that to Mr Gibson to sort 🙂
  9. Really looking forward to the game not sure I would rest anyone everyone will want to play we are playing really well as a team confidence will be running high and in effect there is nothing to lose and everything to gain. Safe trip to all who are travelling UTB
  10. I think if you move him back across in the back 3 you will see him regain his form (I hope)
  11. Think if you have a back 3 of Gibson Ayala and Fry gives Coulson and Spence more freedom think we will cause teams all sorts of problems. Think it will be more solid at the back and the pace throughout the team. That team will definitely climb the league quickly will it be good enough to get in the Play Offs?? Fingers crossed I don't think we will be far away, who thought we would be saying that a month ago??
  12. I have never been ITK before however through work I have a connection at Burnley Ben has quite a few options on the table including a couple in Europe but there is only 1 team that he wants to go to Would expect this to go through this week as an initial loan with option to buy and as Tudders stated there won't be wage issues with this deal
  13. Great Post b_u hoping for another win for another match day thread from you. Hope Britt is back for this one if not I would go for Gestede I think. After advocating giving Walker a chance he doesn't look ready to step up yet although I would be more than happy to be proved wrong. Come on Boro a belated Christmas present for us all please. 1 - 0 nervy win for Boro UTB
  14. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all
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