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  1. Just watched Draft Day, with Kevin Costner in - really good film if you're into NFL.
  2. it does when Leo told the club to point out that it isn't him and he isn't on twitter. Yep cheers mate, I had posted that before I had read the other comment.
  3. Ah fair, Dean Whitehead following him means nothing then. And Adam Reach. And Meijas. And Munoz.
  4. It's in a holding pattern DS, waiting for its slot to land.
  5. His flight path goes right over my house haha.
  6. This year: really good players Last year: good players
  7. With KM on this one, seeing some tweets confirming that he stayed in Sao Paolo instead and is having a medical there.
  8. Gibson and some ex Boro players go over to Singapore every year for a tournament and this lad is involved in it. He gets on with Gibbo. I doubt he will have heard anything though? Seems a bit risky for SG to let information like that loose...
  9. The same way I passed on what I was told, doesn't mean it's 100% happening And he had his medical on Friday didn't he? Like I told everyone ages ago. So wheres the issue haha? Out of nowhere you've just had a pop at me...
  10. I was on about Adomah. And I was passing out what I was told, I gave the names rather than act sensationalist like its the most exciting story ever. I'll get the screenshots to show you, just cause you are the godfather of transfers now KM xxx ps. Wasn't I right about Amorbirieta signing? Lets ignore that though yeah?
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