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  1. Right now I dont feel negative towards the situation. The entire article is such propaganda spin/rose tinted that its funny to me now.
  2. "An England U20 international, Tav is admired by many at St Georgeโ€™s for a reason. With his ability to receive in tight areas and his intelligent movement to create space, Iโ€™d love to see him played a little more centrally. If you consider the type of role David Silva has been so successful in for Man City or even, dare I say it, Lionel Messi at Barcelona, that's the type of influence I think he is capable of having for the Boro." Jesus Christ ๐Ÿ˜‚
  3. Honestly I struggle to see how anyone can criticize Karanka after all the other managers that have been after him. He created the best feel good factor with the club we've ever had in a long time. Get him back, give him the keys to the town I say ๐Ÿ˜‰. The only stick people beat him with is the Premiership season. To which if we are honest every newly promoted team is gonna struggle to survive. Also, Dyche took Burnley down and back up again and they are firmly established. I just feel people got too swept away with what we would do in the PL when we signed Negredo, De Roon and Valdes.
  4. What a post ๐Ÿ‘. I truly believe the club will only begin to heal when the Gazette, Radio Tees and those around Gibson are allowed to speak honestly. Its seeing your cruise ship is sinking and everyone else on board is carrying on as normal. Frightening.
  5. This wasn't made by me as you know I've said previously I blame Gibson. But this is what happens, Woodys reputation is being torn down whilst others are allowed to get away with it. By the way, how shockingly bad was the original tagline 'Break New Ground' what does it even mean?
  6. What you thinking for this Leeds game Durham? I know people say anything can happen in the championship but I will be stunned if it's not at least 3 nil to Leeds.
  7. This post absolutely nails it and is by far the biggest problem with the club. The Media are absolutely terrified to criticize the club and point the finger, afraid of being excluded from the club like the Gazette were for a time. I've been to a few Boro events which Maddo has attended and he is a really nice bloke but he simply should not on BBC Tees if he's working for the club. Its a conflict of interest, he's not going to criticize those at the club and in turn he has this false spin that he puts on the radio. I remember in September when he said this season is one of transition, well i'll tell you right now that the ST prices do not reflect transition and must be lowered but we know that is not the case. The problem is at the club as it seems no-one dares question Gibson, he wont allow it and I dont think thats a healthy working environment to have. Everyone right now is absolutely slaughtering Woodgate, for me personally I won't because I dont think its right. Gibson is the one who shoulders the blame and he can own this casserole of ineptitude. I dont think one person of sound mind wanted Woodgate appointed at the end of last season, the club tried to string it out as if they were extensively looking at all options. This was a ruse and Jonathan was their choice all along. Finally, its one thing appointing a rookie manager who no-one wanted, for the cheap option. But if your going to do that at least give him some proper funds to get some quality players to refresh the squad and give him a chance to succeed. So now when the inevitable does happen, Woodgate like Mogga will be the fall guy to have his reputation damaged. The fans will be convinced the next manager will be the next messiah, overlooking the upper management teams atrocious judgement and thus the cycle begins again. This ones on you Gibbo.
  8. Gibson or Woodgate? Who shoulders the blame? Gibson with an appointment that no-one could say that they wanted at the end of last season. Lack of quality additions to rejuvenate a squad desperately lacking in attacking quality. Woodgate for not getting the best out of the squad.
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