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  1. Didn't Guediora boss the game at Vicarage Road in their promotion season? I realise that was 2 years ago, in a different league and he's not played much football since then but still, there's an alright footballer in there.
  2. On my way back from the game so a couple of quick thoughts. Our goal looked like a foul on the keeper, as did their first. I imagine there's been a lot of blame laid on Valdes on here. First goal he was fouled but still got a fist to it, would have cleared it but unluckily it hit one of our players on the back and rebounded back into the box. Second goal, good goal. Third goal I thought Lukaku was offside. Either way we have to stop the cross coming in. Not much Valdes could do, looked like he gambled on Lukaku getting a touch and he didn't (or got a very slight one). Gibson goo
  3. Anyone know where's best to park at Goodison?
  4. Forshaw hasn't looked out of place at all. Very good performance from him.
  5. Thought I'd clear a few things up about thrombosis as I work in medicine. He's had a venous clot, like a DVT in the leg but in his arm. The treatment for this is blood thinners for 3 months, this is why he could only take part in light training as he would be at a higher risk of bleeding. This allows the body to dissolve the clot by itself while preventing further new clot forming. Only in cases where people are extremely unstable are they given clot-dissolving medication (thrombolysis) or surgery to remove the clot (thrombectomy). It would be very uncommon for this to cause a stroke, he
  6. What are they meant to do though? Hunt and the Government agreed a contract with the unions and representatives from the BMA, the BMA strongly urged doctors to accept it (which they haven't with any previous offers) yet their members still reject it. I really don't like the guy but in this specific scenario I can't see any other option. Find out why it was that 98% of the doctors that voted (over 75% of all eligible doctors) felt the changes were of sufficient concern to vote for industrial action? There's no trust between front line doctors and the Government, and Hunt in particular,
  7. And with all that going on, Hunt quietly announces he's imposing the junior doctor contract.
  8. There's even a "10 things" for him already.
  9. Mmm and it's nice to know, as an NHS worker, that the £350m promised to the NHS as part of the leave campaign was a 'mistake'. Thanks Farage.
  10. From the ten facts on the website: 3. He only played once for Sevilla’s first team, against Osasuna in May 2011, when he lined up against former Boro men Damia Abella and Kike Sola. 4. Sevilla lost the game 3-2 and Kike Sola was in fine form, scoring two of Osasuna’s goals. I'm not sure that's something the club should be shouting about...
  11. I think the talk of Ramirez 'failing' in the Prem is a little unfair. His first season for Southampton was excellent. His second, after suffering an injury, he struggled a bit. Then he was thrown into a relegation-threatened Hull squad and he's not really a Steve Bruce type of player is he? I'm not sure he ever had a consistent run of games at Hull like he's had with us.
  12. Richard O'Brien used to drink in my local. Loved a lock-in.
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