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  1. Thanks James. I have already been on a couple of Boro forums. 3,587 website views so far:)
  2. Yes Luke - I have a lot of the clips for it I just have not got round to it. That will possibly be on the website in the next couple of days. Thanks for your comment!
  3. That will be changed Anglian, I already have a spare one made if anything happens. ;) Thank you for the comments Anglian
  4. I have supported him since he joined Middlesbrough, I will still support him if he leaves at some point. That is one of the reasons I added some of his other clubs at the top :)
  5. Hi everyone. I have not been on here in a while but I would like to ask for you all to check out my fan website for Muzza. I launched it yesterday and it has had 1,853 views. I didn't even think it would get close to that. A lot more is still to come in the next couple of days including a domain name but I would appreciate your feedback. Hope this okay to post with the Moderators and Vector. Thank you. http://mustaphacarayol.webs.com/
  6. Best: Player to play for Boro: Juninho Boro match you attended: Middlesbrough 4-2 Steua Bucharest Away stadium you've visited: Old Trafford Boro match ever: Middlesbrough 8-1 Man City. Worst: Player to play for Boro: Dong-Gook-Lee Boro match you attended: Sunderland 3-2 Middlesbrough Away stadium you've visited: Fratton Park Boro match ever: Middlesbrough 0-2 Cardiff (F.A Cup Quarter Final)
  7. I would just like to know what people think of Wyke? i have kept a close eye on the reserve results especially last season and the amount of times his name has been on the score sheet is unbelievable. I really do hope Mowbray has had a look at him because i reckon he will be one for the future. Im not to sure on how Adam Reach done in the reserves but he made it to the first team, i would like Mowbray to give Wyke a shot maybe a Carling Cup game since this season will be a big one for us.
  8. Follow updates on twitter & Facebook: Facebook.com/weshallovercome & the twitter page: twitter.com/MFCFacebook. I know it's on the Radio & i know not many on here go on Facebook But if you want to follow updates you can Oh and it will most likeley be filled with kids asking who scored etc on the night so its best not to click on 'Most Recent' on Facebook. Twitter will be best! Thanks lads.
  9. Does anyone have any idea what's going on between these 2 groups? I did not even make it out of stockton without some guy stuck in traffic shouting ' Are you the Red Faction ' To me and my mates to which we replied 'No' Then he said 'Twel1th Man are going to kill them'. It was some scruffy old middle aged man. Do they hate each other or something?
  10. Why are we letting him train with us? He is without a club and he will be thinking everything will be alright, He does not need to worry about his fitness or anything now that he's with us. Rhys Williams came out and said he owe's it all to Middlesbrough after they stuck by him through his injurys. Its a shame Arca has not came out and said something like this.
  11. Any good graphic & web designers out there? could do with one who could make me a good profile picture for the Middlesbrough FC page? You dont need to be graphic and web designer but if you feel you can do it let me know E-mail me = i-hate-geordies@hotmail.com yes the e-mail is real. Thanks for reading guys.
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