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  1. What are the remaining games?
  2. 23 points from the playoffs - not impossible yet
  3. No shiiiit!!! Lol just as well we have you giving us the inside scoop!
  4. Only 19 points off the playoffs - keep the faith
  5. 2-1 to The Boro! as we start to climb the league.....
  6. True that mate! I’m just clinging on to the dream I guess.. 😞
  7. Southgate-esqu appointment - it’s like rolling the clock back 15 years or so. Was never going to succeed. Ironically though at this stage I’d still say no. Let it run its course and make and make the change at the end of the season. We won’t go down imo
  8. If we win all our remaining games we could still make the playoffs tbh
  9. I’m going to work it out tomorrow! It’s not dead..
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