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  1. “They info doesn’t come true” because we don’t live in Disney world and digger lad ain’t the fairy god mother….. he’s a very trustworthy itk over the years who may or may not have been given some bad info this time. Would you rather people who are genuinely passing on what they’ve been told stop? This place would then only consist of 90% moaning and 10% crisp talk
  2. You can pass on incorrect info without “making it up”, you know. Obviously there’s plenty on here that do make things up, especially recently, but diggerlad ain’t one of them
  3. Are you sure you don’t want to use your phone a friend option and ask digger to give you his take?
  4. Not sure what video you’ve watched, he looks useful and technically sound in the clips I’ve seen. Far from a sure thing he’ll be able to perform in the championship for us though, nearly all of his clips are in the u23s
  5. He started off well but he’s been progressively worse as the half’s worn on. 1 opportunity in particular he should’ve done a lot better with
  6. We completely dominated the first half to be honest, he barely touched the ball. He made one routine save right at the end of the half. Daniels came on and did the finest Bettsy/Lumley tribute act I’ve seen for some time. Quite a feat
  7. Daniels is every bit as bad as Lumley.
  8. He’s played well no doubt, we’re talking numerous one on ones though. A bit of composure and they’re all goals, most of them were hit at him ( although he made one fantastic finger tip save early on)
  9. I’m at the game, we’ve missed so many chances it’s laughable. Should be 5 or 6
  10. Mungosmum is adamant he wasn’t though….. the gazette or mungo. I know who my moneys on
  11. Wilder took the same approach when he first took over at sheff United, I watched an interview with Martyn Woolford recently. He basically claimed wilder told him through text message he wasn’t in his plans as soon as he took over, and stopped him training with the first team straight away. He did it with a few players apparently.
  12. He’s not great. He also turned us down in January, allegedly.
  13. I don’t understand the love in for McNair as a midfielder, yes he’s somewhat of a goal threat but he runs around like a headless chicken a lot of the time and gets caught out defensively. I know he still makes mistakes as a CB, but I much prefer him there
  14. I’d be interested to hear if he’s willing to shed some light on the ameobi situation, if somebody asks him.
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