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  1. BL did everything in his power to persuade the Montenegrin hitman to link up with Warny, but in the end the cultural flair of Berlin proved too much. So close yet so far
  2. I don’t think we could complain if they only offered around 1 million. 2 million or more and we’d be doing them over royally. Fingers crossed!
  3. I doubt they’re going to cancel at this stage, suppose you can never say never in this mad world we live in though
  4. Yeah I think he is mate, just wasn’t sure whether old Warny had mentioned anything about the scan on his knee he was meant to be having after tonight’s game
  5. Any further news on ameobi’s knee injury?
  6. Maybe it’s been decided he’s not quite good enough. He looked out of his depth in his appearances last season to me
  7. Thanks for the info mate 👍🏻 I’d assumed the Hoilett was still on, abs that potentially played a part in us not taking a chance on Bahamboula… I wonder if we’ve another winger in mind at all
  8. Sunderland fans don’t seem to rate Hume on the whole. Although, I suppose a lot were calling Watmore no good too when we picked him up
  9. Just realised that this should be in the other thread, apologies!
  10. Decent work out tonight. Watched a lot of Wycombe last season, I must say that people calling Ikpeazu useless when we signed him are well off the mark. I appreciate it was only bishop tonight, but he bullied pretty much every cb he came up against last season. Get runners off him and we’ll have success Id be surprised if Oldham would allow us to play Bahamboula in a friendly and risk injury without some form of agreement already in place? I think he’s probably worth a gamble, given the relatively low fee and (presumably) wages Malik D looked impressive 2nd half
  11. The issue with coulson is that he’s never been convincing defensively at left back. Bola is much more solid. I do think he has promise as an attacking wide player, but his crossing and decision making needs to improve considerably. Here’s hoping he has a successful loan spell and he comes back ready to win a place in the team.
  12. Will any of our deadline day signings start? I reckon Kebano will start, NML on bench. Will Britt try and put himself in the shop window and up his game? I’d prefer Bolasie starts as a striker tbh, but if Britt starts hopefully he turns up (and let’s Kebano take free kicks) Will/can we win? Brentford flying at the minute, they’re gonna get beaten at some point though. I think we’ll put on a much needed good showing at home - not sure it’ll be enough to win, but I’ll go for an optimistic 2-1 win When was the last time you cried at a film? (Think mine was The Cham
  13. Not too sure how you’ve come to this conclusion to be honest
  14. Something about him serving a 6 month suspension, god knows
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