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  1. Will any of our deadline day signings start? I reckon Kebano will start, NML on bench. Will Britt try and put himself in the shop window and up his game? I’d prefer Bolasie starts as a striker tbh, but if Britt starts hopefully he turns up (and let’s Kebano take free kicks) Will/can we win? Brentford flying at the minute, they’re gonna get beaten at some point though. I think we’ll put on a much needed good showing at home - not sure it’ll be enough to win, but I’ll go for an optimistic 2-1 win When was the last time you cried at a film? (Think mine was The Cham
  2. Not too sure how you’ve come to this conclusion to be honest
  3. Something about him serving a 6 month suspension, god knows
  4. I hope Warnock can get Mendez Laing in the sort of form he showed in spells at Cardiff, he went through a period where he was excellent
  5. He’s 100% faster, lads got some real pace. He’s very clumsy on the ball, mind
  6. I think it'll be Britt out and a striker in today, would love more incomings but I’d be doubtful Wing might go too, not sure we’ll bring anyone in as a replacement
  7. I think Juke coming in will suit us more with the way we play. He’s limited and not a prolific scorer by any means, but his hold up play and bringing others into play is something we’re missing in a striker
  8. Britt does not have pace. I don’t see how you can say he’s fast. My bad.... mis read your post 🤦🏻‍♂️
  9. He can’t really take on his man very well either
  10. Definitely won’t be, Warnock wants someone a bit more proven, and Davis isn’t a winger
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