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  1. Can you keep making these predictions please, reverse psychology at its finest!
  2. Derby have scored 4 goals less than us, so by that logic an inevitable draw
  3. Yeah I’d take a point too, but ever the eternal optimist
  4. Just stumbled across this on YouTube, get it played to the lads before kick off tomorrow to inspire us to a 1-0 win
  5. Didn’t look like cramp unfortunately, was definitely feeling his upper hamstring hopefully it’s only a minor pull, he’d be a huge miss in defence
  6. Fair enough mate, I know I’ve had enough of getting stuffed 3 and 4 nil with spineless performances whilst trying to play ‘entertaining’ football. Warnock will do for me for now
  7. Some people just have an agenda against Warnock, point blank. Many on here were predicting a relegation scrap this season. I agree it’s disappointing to an extent that Roberts didn’t get on for the last 2 games, but if you’re arguing Warnock’s currently doing a bad job then it’s pretty obvious you just don’t like the man
  8. The majority would’ve taken a point before kick off, defended excellently again and passed well at times, without any real penetration in the final third. Can’t grumble with the job Warnock is doing at all
  9. Such a good display, everyone played well, but howson and saville were outstanding for me. Just a shame we didn’t get the deserved 3 points
  10. Excellent result, some top individual performances. Happy days 🥳
  11. Faris Haroun captaining a Royal Antwerp side who are 10 mins away from beating spurs. He’s actually played well (as has Ritchie De Laet)
  12. I can forgive the Greek lothario for that, I can picture him doing his best Jan Koller impression at Soccer Sensations no problem
  13. I play in a 6 aside league on Mondays at Sports Village, about 2 years ago my team were a man short and (bizarrely) Walker was down there and offered to play for us. He’d have been 18 at the time Looked brilliant at the time, although he was playing against mainly average players obviously. Got to question why he was down at SV in the first place, I imagine the club wouldn’t have approved due to risk of injury etc
  14. Some of you lot are unbelievable the way you moan 😂🤦‍♂️ What do you expect under Warnock and this squad, champagne football? Or maybe Woodgates “the leagues lyin tho’ heart thumping style of play? Warnock’s doing a good job under less than ideal circumstances, long may it continue
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