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  1. I wanted him out too, but I don’t know how you can say today and the Barnsley win weren’t convincing, fair enough with Peterborough. I know we started the first 10 badly against Barnsley, but after that we had chance after chance. Today, again we had a fair few chances and clearly deserved to win. I know Warnock isn’t the answer and I’d be surprised if we made the play offs still, but I’ll try to be objective as long as he remains our manager
  2. Defend like we have been doing, and it won’t end well. Readings defence isn’t great either, mind you. Going for an optimistic draw myself
  3. I like to try and keep tabs on our players out on loan, I watched the extended highlights of Plymouth vs Sheff Wed from the weekend. Saw plenty of Wing casually jogging back when Plymouth were on dangerous attacks, including when they scored their 3rd. Warnock almost certainly won’t have wanted morsy to leave, but with Spence I get the feeling he wasn’t bothered either way
  4. 100%, hit the nail on the head. It’s not the quality of Spence or Coulson that leaves me scratching my head why we let them go, but the lack of alternatives we have (especially on the left)
  5. I agree re Coulson, didn’t make sense letting him go when we weren’t confident of getting another competent LB in. Having said that, by all accounts he had an absolute stinker for Ipswich on the weekend vs Bolton
  6. Forest are awful and we’re playing terribly away from home at the minute. Banker draw for me.
  7. Some guy on FMTTM claiming Hernandez is out with covid. Let’s hope that it’s nonsense
  8. I still reckon we’ll bring in a left back on a free (unless we’re confident internally that someone can step up from the u23s). Can’t see us bringing in another forward though, sadly
  9. He has started well when you compare it to his performances last season, but I still feel Jones has done more in a few games than Spence has managed for us in two seasons. im only worried we’ve not kept hold of him in terms of squad numbers, not quality
  10. Hernandez looking very sharp, twists poor Jonny boy inside out at the end of that video
  11. He didn’t really look too interested whenever he played for us either, body language wasn’t the best
  12. Would definitely take him, but Peterborough want daft money for him
  13. Interesting one, looked to have loads of potential at forest but it’s all gone down the drain a bit since his big move to Germany
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