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  1. Question to everyone demanding Woody out (not that I necessarily disagree), Who would you get in as replacement? I'm not a big fan of Woody but I can't think of anyone who I;d rather have EDIT: Who I know of and is available and would come here.
  2. Just got back (found a nice pub after the game). Eerily similar to the spurs game earlier in the week. Preposterous first half full of errors, lying deep and conceding the midfield. Second half was end to end. Boro supporters in full voice, home fans mustering little. Roberts was excellent, he didn't stop running. Fulham looked dead good though, It took us a full half until we could scare them. I'd like to think a draw would have been fair but I think Fulham were just better (and so they should be). Onwards and upwards.
  3. At the game tonight in the Spurs end. Last time I saw Spurs at home we beat them on pens in the league cup. I'm the lucky charm lads!
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