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  1. First season in the premiership and we haven't signed a player from the championship yet so suck it up Teapot! Stop being a goat!
  2. I've said it before it's around £3.2m for Nugent
  3. Newcastle have been asking for Nugent for weeks now, said it ages ago
  4. I have a saints fan friend who says Valdez is a washout! Envy much?
  5. Lol I've heard a fair bit from Italy if I'm honest with you, I'll sit tight until I hear anything solid! Gone the days of me creaming up the place only for it to end up all over my face lol.
  6. Yep I was told £7.5m then sky sports confirmed it
  7. Not going to lie, these days my most reliable "sauce" is cold and in the fridge! :) mainly because I really don't chase for info anymore. However I've had my fair share of exclusives, Adomah, Bennet(sale), Graham, Vossen, Rhodes, Butterfield. Emnes (sale we turned down 7.5m) Just busy with life guys.
  8. I have it on good authority Boro have received a bid a little over £3m for Nugent, not a clue who from though!
  9. I'm thinking the budget is more around the £60m mark if we secure the No1 options and more £40m if we are forced to go for plan b & c
  10. http://youtu.be/2OIXv45LaGk seem a funny guy
  11. Hopefully they are talking to Rafa Silva ;)
  12. I beg your pardon, I have two small children and I enjoy that they enjoy something I watched with my sister when I was a youngen.
  13. Are you alright N.B? Has something changed to make you so negative? What's up chicken...
  14. A Boro player has talked of Falcao enquiry, some truth in it ;)
  15. Think we should have a large relegation wage drop written into every players contract (50%) so that players are seen as more attractive to buy if we do go down.
  16. You don't in the championship either
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