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  1. Bamford's snapchat last night read "Doing the hokey cokey fml" Which probably implies he's in and out of the starting line up, or he may just dislike the dance.
  2. Randolph - 7 - Made some good saves when needed, distribution improving. Christie - 5 - struggled to get forward much, first half we we let them in time and time again down our right side. Fry - 7 - made some strong and well-timed tackles. Won his hair share of headers against a busy Hugill. Gibson - 6 - similar to Fry but gave away a few fouls. Friend - 3 - couldn't pick out a red shirt all afternoon, passing was beyond poor and didn't seem to know his role. Fabio - 5 - didn't do a lot wrong, but was played in a position begging for creativity and forward runs, don't think
  3. Didn't another news outlet tweet Taylor asking him to follow him? So he could pass on some information about Braithwaite? Sure I saw something like that.
  4. Late to the party. But Abel Xavier has to got to be down a pint of Guinness.
  5. Looking at the bench I think we were limited to what we could change really. Two up top would mean Traore and Downing on the wings and like I said both were struggling.
  6. What were his other options? Traore was struggling and Downing can't make an impact on the wing any more.
  7. If I remember right it was Bamford who won the initial header then Negredo flicked it on? I guess it just fell to the wrong person, but again I can't use that against Karanka, he had Bamford, Negredo and Stuani on the pitch. Without a doubt we look a lot more threatening when someone is up near Negredo, be it Ramirez behind or Bamford alongside. I can understand the moaning about the WBA result, that game was there to be won, but I just can't fault the approach and set up to the Spurs game considering their incredible home form.
  8. A lot of those chances were half chances though. I can't really remember a real "should have scored" opportunity. De Roon's maybe but you're still relying on a Centre Midfielder finishing off a chance our lone striker created. If we create better chances for our forwards, they'll score goals and have more shots on target. It's just common sense. Agree there weren't many big chances, but I think Negredo's header and De Roon's late chance were certainly there to be finished, and I didn't expect many more clear chances than that to be honest.
  9. People using the "0 shots on target" stat against Karanka is so frustrating. We had 8 shots, it's not Karanka's fault that none of them were on target. We lost 1-0 at Spurs, they also beat Chelsea 2-0 at home. Move on.
  10. We also had Ayala attacking corners last season. To think we moaned about Grants corners, his were 10 times better than Forshaw and Claytons.
  11. I think tonight confirmed Fabio is our best full back. And Ayala needs to start ahead of Bernado
  12. Looking forward to going to the game and escaping all the transfer madness. I'd like to see the following team: -----------------Valdes------------------ Barragan--Ayala--Gibbo--Fabio -----------Clayton--De Roon--------- -----------------Downing--------------- Traore--------------------------Stuani -----------------Negredo--------------- Really tough game for us, I'd have said I'd take a point but feel 3 points is needed to lift the mood around the whole club.
  13. His passing was poor, misplaced quite a few simple balls.
  14. Imagine that, in 6 months: Sign for £7mil 0 goals 0 assists Ran fast Sell for £20mil
  15. I'd be over the moon for Forshaw, But if Southgate watched that game and selects him over Wilshere he'd be mad. Wilshere was the best midfielder if not the best player on the pitch Saturday in my opinion.
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