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  1. Dimi Constant-Sarcophagus
  2. I wouldn't be happy with this, although it seems a good idea. It's a bit like selling your soul to the devil. But hey, football is riddled with gambling promotions and all sorts of darkness so who cares.
  3. Yes absolutely, but I'm not sure 10-20% would be enough to make a significant difference to our decision making. But it would be a reasonable start. Maybe our richer fans could cough up more, even at 20,000 contributions, some people are on some really healthy monthly salaries. There's more huge houses in this area than most would think, they must be on some whack to afford them. Then we would become revolutionaries.
  4. If 100,000 fans put in £50 a month, we would have £60,000,000 a year. Some could put in less, some could put in more. Maybe we could take over our own club. Yes, my figure of 100,000 boro fans willing to do this might be a little bit inflated.
  5. 1) Yes, he should do. 2) I hope so 3) Of course ketchup is acceptable, but I'm with Anglian, depends on what mood I'm in. Either way, it must go in when the bacon is piping hot so the whole thing warms up to uniform temperature. All this vegan talk got me thinking. Maybe we can cultivate a plant based left winger
  6. What happened to @Smoggydownsouth this year? Did I miss something?
  7. You're spot on. Genius is another one that's used.
  8. Hate is a strong word, overused these days. I think we just say it, without knowing the real meaning.
  9. If Maddison is as low as he says he is (which I believe he is), I think if we gave him a chance he would repay us. The red lion would roar within his chest. Sign him up, club 00 agents who read this site. It's an obvious one.
  10. Gee Whizz. Everytime I do a search for any type of transfer news at the moment it's either articles about how Warnock has said something good about someone else's new signing, or papers clickbaiting boro fans by headlining the big money player our rivals are signing. Enough to make me pig sick.
  11. This point stirs a whirlwind of emotions in me. Too much for words to fathom. To the point that the thought of them both in a triple threat match with Leo Percovic is the only thing that settles me.
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