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  1. Don't know but that bottle looks as though he got caught short on the drive to the stadium.
  2. I tend to agree with you SmogDane, but to me it would be reminder of the painful way that it happened. It's hard to judge someone who's been through such extremes only minutes ago.
  3. So sorry to hear about your wife, Sue. I really hope she pulls through fella. Can't imagine how hard this is for you 👍🏻👍🏻
  4. What an excellent opening post. I haven't been on an adventure like that since I got in an American phone box with George Saville.
  5. I really like Roy Keane now. I find his cut throat attitude absolutely hilarious. Some of the punditry he's done is quality. They don't make em like that anymore. I absolutely despised him in his playing days though.
  6. I reckon we might table a deal tomorrow for Diedhiou, take it or leave it. That journo's post has a bit of an angry denial undertone about it, I think. I could be totally wrong, just a vibe.
  7. Dimi Constant-Sarcophagus
  8. I wouldn't be happy with this, although it seems a good idea. It's a bit like selling your soul to the devil. But hey, football is riddled with gambling promotions and all sorts of darkness so who cares.
  9. Yes absolutely, but I'm not sure 10-20% would be enough to make a significant difference to our decision making. But it would be a reasonable start. Maybe our richer fans could cough up more, even at 20,000 contributions, some people are on some really healthy monthly salaries. There's more huge houses in this area than most would think, they must be on some whack to afford them. Then we would become revolutionaries.
  10. If 100,000 fans put in £50 a month, we would have £60,000,000 a year. Some could put in less, some could put in more. Maybe we could take over our own club. Yes, my figure of 100,000 boro fans willing to do this might be a little bit inflated.
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