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  1. I think we can only assume that he's somewhere sunny and warm.... Mauritius perhaps?
  2. She looks fantastic 😍😏
  3. Nooooo, he'll be class backup hopefully next season. He didn't have long to get into Wilder's style after his injury I thought. Taylor got too much game time. He's got a decent left foot on him, Bola.
  4. Patience, Patience πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈ
  5. That really really really was rank to see 😱
  6. Brilliant question that. I simply cannot answer it...
  7. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/12590663/sean-dyche-sacked-as-burnley-boss-after-10-years-at-the-club It's taken from this article TLF. A few paragraphs in. I had a nightmare trying to read it with the pop up ad covering my whole screen and moving with it though.
  8. I've still got one of those with the mighty name of Dean Gordon on the back of it πŸ’œ I can confirm it's definitely purple.
  9. Come on Boro! Really hope we put them to the sword tonight and get a bit of leverage on those playoff positions baby 🚩
  10. Nice from the BBC commentator, explaining why we dont have VAR. Because we're not a Premier League team.... YET
  11. Looks like everyone's expecting us to get rolled over by these tonight
  12. Same to you fella! I was a Senior Steward in the away end at the Riverside when we've played you a few times. You have the nicest, most respectful fans I've ever encountered and I was in there for a number of seasons, spread over our Premier League tenure under Karanka. You had a great following that day aswell, doing the same massive journey. Always had a soft spot for Bristol anyway. The music that has come out of your city over the years has been tremendous! Massive respect to you all and all the best to your club in the future ☺️
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