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  1. For some reason I absolutely despise Ronnie Jepson. Everytime I see him I cringe
  2. I am the same. I support the football club not Neil Warnock. As much I want him gone it will not diminish my interest
  3. Looks like it’s all been a load of *** unfortunately
  4. That’s a shocking article. Totally 1 sided.
  5. The silence from the ITKs is deafening. Thinks it’s safe to say nothings happening.
  6. Would of been far easier if you just said you bought some pies from BLACKWELLS
  7. Haha he’s the same on fmttm. Find it strange. He puts a laughing emoji at every post slagging Warnock on there
  8. You heard anything else? Or are you thinking he’s staying for now
  9. I swear if I have to listen to Warnock waffle on about his wonderful beautiful time in Cardiff in that pre game presser I’m done. ‘ I love Morrison me, I wish we had someone like that, Dael can’t finish for toffee’ oh he was a warrior for me gunnaroson. And the throw on him wow! No wonder they called him Thor. *** off
  10. I think if he was more sure there would of been more updates. Hopefully we hear more today and can’t see this 11 am thing coming off but hope I’m wrong
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