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  1. Gibson, Rhodes, Friend?? I look for meats to the return of Kike Sola
  2. Is Tav contracted to 2024 or 2023? I hear something different on almost Daily basis
  3. Remember him scoring a goal against Man United for the Geordies. If i remember correctly he was ok for them. Would maybe be a decent shout
  4. He’s a decent goal getter. I wouldn’t mind him as back up but not overly arsed . Better out there . Certainly wouldn’t be high on my list of players I want signing but if things don’t go out away he’s a decent player to have on the bench
  5. Scott Twine and Teemu Pukki would be my dream championship front 2 as Twine could play that second striker role Wilder likes and Pukki can be the bagsman. Twine also free kick taker etc
  6. Darlow seems to be getting the social media seal of approval so I’m glad it’s not just me and a couple of others on here who think he would be good for us
  7. Nothing arrogant about my tone at all. Tried to have a debate with my opinion but you got my back up by laughing at everything, nothing worse than mocking someone. And as for that final comment, what lovely person you must be.
  8. Nope as I said in my first reply that good footage isn’t the be all and all either. I watch a lot of football and he’s more than good enough to get us out of the division. The biggest problem last season was n it having a good shot stopper, if we had Darlow I’m confident we would have enough points for a play off spot. You disagree that’s fine but don’t mock me with laughing reactions and a sarcastic tone.
  9. Hahaha what an interesting take that is. They were good saves; he has an excellent spring off the ground that’s clear from them saves. People say there is more to goalkeeping than making saves of course there is, but we haven’t had a keeper for ages who can make saves. Darlow would be absolutely fine.
  10. Well let’s just wait and see what happens I would prefer Darlow but Iversen would be good too Considering he won player of the year for his club.
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