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  1. Yep. It would be underwhelming if we wait the best part of 2 weeks for Hal Robson Kanu to rock up holding a boro shirt on deadline day
  2. He actually does fit the profile though 😞
  3. Yeah, if it’s getting called off, earlier the better for our lads.
  4. Not the best stats them like. He’s looked good as an impact player in the games ive seen Burnley play. I still think he’s a top end championship starter. It probably won’t be him that we are in for anyway
  5. Doesn’t bother me if he calls me by my fmttm username. I don’t hide and pretend I’m other people like him. Well said mate good post. He will be back under another name or carrying on posting on COB under my Block21 fmttm name he’s nicked. He will grow out of it all one day
  6. He’s been decent when he’s come on for Burnley this season. Always looks a threat. Think he would probably leave to be a starter somewhere aswell
  7. Would be a good replacement for Browne.
  8. I have just a personal message from Borotron with a gif of Thor Winking. He loves it
  9. We are not signing a player who has scored goals in the champions league semi final and final whilst we are 8th in the championship mate. If you are Divock Origi and you get chance to go to Ac Milan or Boro where are you going?
  10. Purely off that it sounds like Kamara.
  11. Lhys Mousset not getting much game time recently at Sheff United. He is predominantly a striker though but when he was at Bournemouth they did use him out wide on occasions. Can’t see it being him for my reasons above but just throwing another name out there
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