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  1. If we're playing the Transfermarkt game, I'd suggest Francesco Margiotta. 14 goals and 12 assists last year in Switzerland.
  2. But Browne stepped up when called upon, and I think NW really appreciates that kind of thing. We’ll still be pretty short of players and I think with more coaching there’s a lot to come from Browne, especially if his attitude is good.
  3. If that was the case, you’d be wanting to see how the recovery was going before paying fees, etc.
  4. Whilst there's so much money to be made in the PL, the temptation to gamble to get there will always exist.
  5. Interesting quote from Mowbray in an article: ”Covid has affected things, there’s a lot of footballers around the world who gave up money, they deferred money in salaries, and when a transfer is coming up midway through the repayment of those deferrals, the clubs sometimes aren’t quick to repay that money that’s owed, and it’s difficult. “I’m sure we’re not the only clubs who have hit these kind of circumstances of trying to sign footballers who are still owed money. “It then becomes more difficult. Are you just giving up on that money, are you expected to walk away? Those are the sort of scenarios that hold things up a little bit and it become that bit more difficult. “You understand it from the players’ side, and their agent, so I can’t really tell you where we are. I wonder how much this sort of thing has affected our business.
  6. Quite reasonably priced. Hmm.. 🤔 Might be an interesting thing to look into. Which level did you go for?
  7. Probably the first time they were able to get him involved with training. I'm sure they've done the tests with our players already.
  8. I mean, I know it’s a highlights reel, but I really like the look of this guy. Skilful, great awareness and pinpoint passes all over the pitch. Why the hell is he in the Championship?
  9. When did people say Fry came back to training? Monday? I would say that five days isn’t a lot of time to get a defensive partnership which understands one another. I’m sure that when they know one another’s strengths and weakness, the whole system will work a lot better.
  10. Seem to remember Grant Hall being sceptical that NW will ever walk away from football. His contract is for a year, his tenure could well be much longer.
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