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  1. Would we even be allowed to give Chelsea any of the gate receipts? Surely that would be income for the club, which would go against sanctions?
  2. I suspect it's just become an explicit rule because previously it was assumed that clubs would depreciate assets in the standard way, like all other businesses do. Similar to the way that there were a shed-load more accounting laws introduced into the US statute after Enron (who also chose their own rules on how to value assets, among other things). Just because the laws weren't explicitly written down before, doesn't mean that what they were doing previously was legal.
  3. Must be difficult for them in the run-up to the play-offs. Realistically, whoever was to replace Djed against us would need a few games to get back into things. So do you rest Djed and run the risk of not actually getting to the match against us? Or do you bring someone in cold against us?
  4. We should wait for Sue Grey to complete her report on Derby County…
  5. Statement: Agreement Reached With Derby County The club can confirm that an agreement has been reached regarding the claim against Derby County, subject to legal documentation being completed. Derby County have issued the following statement... As a direct result of private conversations between Mel Morris and Steve Gibson both parties are pleased to announce that they have reached an accord on a resolution of the claims by Middlesbrough Football Club against Derby County Football Club, and others. The basis of that accord will remain private but details have been shared wi
  6. Also, wasn't Robbie Keane meant to be the striking coach during Woodgate's reign?
  7. It's likely that it's also 8% of male football fans, a significant number of any club's fanbase. Interestingly, it's only about 0.5% of women/female football fans. I think large blocks of the same colours probably falls foul of the same rules as the home kit. If we were playing Sunderland, for instance, which kit would we wear?
  8. Green is a bad choice for an away kit, given that we have red as our main kit. I'm not colour blind, but there isn't a lot of difference for those who are (8% of men). Man U even wore different socks against us so that people could actually tell us apart.
  9. Yeah, I liked big Uche, it was great watching defenders bouncing off him. When he played in the Wilder system though, he never seemed to keep up with the ball, just too slow. Not his fault, it’s not his game. He’ll have a decent career with clubs that want a battering ram, but that’s not us under Wilder.
  10. And if Ronaldo hadn’t missed his pen in normal time, it wouldn’t have even been a shootout, yet they have a go at the teenager? It’s almost as though there’s another reason.
  11. Also shows what a difference it makes when there's always an easy pass on. Under the Warnock system, there was never a teammate in space nearby. With Wilder, there's usually a nice triangle and enough teammates occupying the opposition so you don't always have to try something risky.
  12. Looked like a dive to me, to be honest. Certainly there was a couple of times where they could easily have had a man sent off, he was very lenient with them after he’d given the original yellows.
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