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  1. Fun fact: Warnock has managed more games against Mick McCarthy than against any other manager. Out of 18 games so far, Warnock has won 9 and drawn 2. Head says Cardiff win, but given the performances we *are* capable of, who knows? Depends which Boro turns up.
  2. Just have to suck it and see... May never leave the house again.
  3. Just got my appointment through the post. Beyond excited to both helping the world back to normality and receiving my spectacular rack.
  4. That's a pretty misleading photo, IMO. From that angle, it looks like he's sliding towards the leg (which would be a leg breaker), but he's actually sliding towards the camera. Only takes the ball from what I could see on the video. Great tackle, I'd say.
  5. I remember when Richard Bacon was sacked instantly from Blue Peter when he admitted taking cocaine. Similar reasons were given by the BBC. I always thought it would have been a better message if he’d been given the chance to explain what he’d done and why. Hell, they could have done an excellent lot of work by standing by him. Would have been a better role model for making a mistake, apologising and working to rectify it. NML? I hope he’s in a better place now and repays Warnock’s faith in him.
  6. He deserves a chance. Warnock knows him, but obviously it's a short contract for a reason. Hope he comes good.
  7. I guess some people thought that a club wouldn't take the action that Cardiff did for just taking cocaine, especially when he was a saleable asset. Obviously not taking into account Cardiff's owner...
  8. It’s alright, I played through the game above and we won 5-0! That would do for me.
  9. Well, I certainly wouldn't have expected that kind of thing from someone who was a Radio One DJ in the 80's!
  10. #4 is Viera isn’t it? Oh, and #10 is Asprilla.
  11. I thought we played relatively well. I mean, they were lethal on the break, especially when we were chasing the game, but we had some superb chances. Still not sure how some didn’t go in. I do have goalie envy, though. Other than our goal, he was amazing all match. Also have striker envy, 22 for the season already! It’s another match towards fitness and understanding for the new boys. Bolase looked sharp and strong (and *** off that nobody was on the end of some sublime crosses). Kebano provided some nice dead balls, too. It’ll come.
  12. Will any of our deadline day signings start? Kebano, perhaps? I think given their recent form, though, it’ll be a game to keep things tight. Will Britt try and put himself in the shop window and up his game? He’s going to have to at some point, let’s face it Will/can we win? Certainly we can. I think it’ll be a hard fought draw. When was the last time you cried at a film? (Think mine was The Champ) A Monster Calls. Took my you youngest daughter to see it at the cinema, as the trailers had cool, fighting trees. Turned out to be a really well done drama about a kid whose mum was fighting cancer. Was not expecting that and was really, really glad that the only time I’ll ever watch it was in the dark.
  13. Maybe because we still have Leo? Always thought AK was missing a connection with the dressing room, he just doesn’t seem to have the personality to get people onside. Same with Monk. I can just imagine them going through a PowerPoint with the team and everyone glazing over, bored stupid.
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