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  1. These are exactly the games about which I'm always the least confident. This is Boro, after all. I'm likely to be unpopular here, but with 12 new signings over the window, lots of outgoings/contracts ending we probably can't expect the team to gel overnight. The next international break is probably when the must-win games start because by then everybody *should* be up to speed. Not that we shouldn't beat Forest, far from it, but there are very likely to be alternating between the performance levels we saw against Blackburn and Coventry for some time yet. Will Payero get some game t
  2. One of the things I'm quite excited by is the fact that after years of research, the mRNA technology has come of age. Since the success of the coronavirus vaccines I've already heard that they're getting close to vaccine trials for HIV, malaria, some cancers and even allergic asthma. Some very cool technology which will transform the world in years to come.
  3. I think they're referring to the time that Jagielka ran into big Uche and bounced off with a busted face. The man is hewn from granite, I tells ya, but they're thinking it was an elbow.
  4. Maybe when he turned up (and it’s not actually known that it was him coming to us, right?) he was being an entirely unreasonable, money-grabbing tosspot. We just don’t know, people will jump to have a go at Gibson, even after the window we’ve had.
  5. Actually, scratch that, there's an exemption for elite sportspersons which means that he wouldn't necessarily need to be jabbed at all. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-travellers-exempt-from-uk-border-rules/coronavirus-covid-19-travellers-exempt-from-uk-border-rules#elite-sportspersons--domestic
  6. Not wishing to start anything, but France is on the amber list, so he would be fine if he's fully vaccinated, so long as he gets a test after two days.
  7. As soon as Jones got near the ball, Blackburn were doubling up on him. Difficult to get much end product when they crowd in on you. Same as clubs did against Adama. They obviously identified him as a threat, and it’s probably why Tav had his best game in ages, they had to leave gaps somewhere and he took full advantage.
  8. He not only got dragged to the ground, but he was almost lifted back up again.
  9. Quality entertainment for me. Had everything, attacking, defending, and a pantomime villain in the ref. Top class shithouserry from Morsy, too. Love the friendly hand to the head which turns into a snide push, even right in front of the ref. Shame about his red, though, suspect it will be rescinded. Jones again was superb, even a brilliant block in defence. Great work from Blackwood to stop Olusanya from getting himself sent off. Given our recent record against Blackburn, can’t be too disappointed, really.
  10. You see, I think NW was ambiguous on this. As I remember the conversation on the video: Reporter: So, Neil. There's been reports that you're getting close to signing MvB, has there been any movement on that? NW: Well if there has been, it's been nowt to do with me. Is he saying that the whole transfer is nothing to do with him, or is it regarding any recent movement? It's caused a lot of resentment on here, a lot of "two different transfer policies" and the like, but I don't think it's necessarily justified.
  11. Can I just point out that after all these years, we now have people commenting that "Maybe we have too many wingers?" What a time to be alive!
  12. Around 1986, at least where I grew up, the local council took to putting "No Ball Games" signs on any green space before they quickly sold it off. All of a sudden, kids had nowhere they were allowed to just have a kick around with their mates after school. You had to be pretty good already if you wanted to join a team, and you probably needed a parent who would take you along, so a lot of kids just stopped playing, or never really took it up as they were growing up. The talent pool was bound to shrink.
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