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  1. Where are all the Sabermetricians when we need them?
  2. I think it is now crucial that the Club resets itself from a marketing perspective in order to attract new talent. We were seen as an attractive proposition last summer but didn't leverage it in the transfer market. This coming summer window we will be seen as a car crash and upcoming players and Premier Clubs willing to loan players will be looking at the likes of Hull, Norwich, Coventry, Ipswich, Southampton, WBA even Preston or heaven forbid a Portsmouth or a Derby before Boro. Three months to rebuild credibility to have a chance of attracting out first choices. That needs to be a mixt
  3. Think the problem with analytic data is that everyone now has access to the same data from the same companies compiling and supplying said data. It just comes down to how soon someone is prepared to act on the data, the earlier the riskier, the later the more costly. The option is to find another less popular part of the lake to fish or to interrogate the data differently to yield results more quickly and importantly more accurately. I would have thought that having someone/s to interrogate the data would have been a high priority because we aren't going to find many hidden gems first if
  4. Had to check that as I hadn't realised that we had been that bad! Jan 1st Lost 3-1 to Coventry at home Jan 13th Won 3-1 against Millwall away Jan 20th Drew 1-1 against Rotherham at home Feb 4th Drew 1-1 against Sunderland at home Feb 10th Lost 2-1 against Bristol at home Feb 14th Lost 2-1 against Preston away Feb 17th Won 2-1 against Leicester away Feb 24th Lost 2-0 against Plymouth at home March 2nd Lost 2-0 against Stoke away 9 Games in total, two wins and two draws this year, 8 points, 5 home games and 4 away games. That is poor by any
  5. For me the word "luxury" pretty much nails it with him. Put him in charge of a United or City or a Liverpool and I think he would like as not be successful, it's where he is familiar and comfortable. Last Season he had pretty much five players who were probably the best in the Championship in their respective positions or at least amongst the very best and others who were pretty decent at the level. I think he is struggling because he is trying to get donkeys to run like thoroughbreds and simply doesn't know any other way.
  6. Speaking of passionate owners verbal outbursts that come back to hunt them, here is a timely reminder of our midweek opponents famous outburst of her own. https://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/news/22390652.delia-smith-remembers-lets-havin-you-plea/ Two bits from that, that resonate with me and equally applicable to just about every Football Club (outside of the top 6 or so Premiership sides): "the brightest shining star of community there is left." "You get people from 9 to 109 all together as one" To me that encompasses why fans are so passionate and the high
  7. How excited are you for the game? There seems to be a large number of season card supporters threatening to not bother going to games now due to being totally underwhelmed and fed up with the state of the performances. Now I know a lot of people say things in anger that they later relent on and habits of a lifetime are hard to break and will attend anyway but I haven't heard this level of disgruntlement since the end of the Pulis reign when he basically bored us all into submission. Personally I didn't bother attending Pulis' last four (from memory) home games, happy in the knowledge that
  8. The very real likelihood of that is another example of how badly the Club is run. Woodgate shouldn't be anywhere near the Club now, he's yesterday's chip paper. In fact he should never have been anywhere near the Managers seat in the first place let alone the farcical PowerPoint story, just another example of SG treating the fans with utter contempt and thinking we are idiots. Managers and Coaches, like playing staff come and go but one thing remans constant.
  9. The coming midweek game against Norwich has a similar feel to the Southampton game earlier in the season when Carrick was under pressure for the first time and desperately needed a result. I suspect he will go with a back five again and look for breaks and set plays. It has worked in other games for him so I wouldn't be surprised if he gets something out of this game but and it's a huge BUT, I'm not sure the Players are buying into what it is he is trying to do anymore, the body language of many of them yesterday was appalling. This is a far bigger ask than that Southampton game when the major
  10. Don't think it would go down as well as that! 😁
  11. Sold as seen, no refunds implied or given!
  12. Or we could employ a European scout to trawl the Hungarian, Slovenian, Polish and Bulgarian etc. leagues to uncover low cost gems while we simultaneously buy a few tried and tested Championship players and find a Manager who can manage with what he has and get the most out of.
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