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  1. Can I have a copy of the link, just asking for a friend 😋
  2. With three at the back and Dijksteel effectively covering he could be a good option especially in an attacking team pushing forward. Offensively he is good and likes to attack, as poor as his defending is at times I have also seen him charge back and get in some decisive tackles but I understand it's the howlers that linger on in the memory. As a back up to Jones I would be more than happy.
  3. I thought at times Wycombe looked like a Pub Team. The difference in quality between the two sides whilst in possession was very clear. Watching I was thinking what if Roberts had been here under Wilder, he looked a far better player than the one who struggled to get a game at Boro, pleased for the lad. Under Alex Neil Sunderland will likely be a far more formidable proposition in the Championship next season than Wycombe would have been. With Akinfewa retiring I wonder if they will make an approach for Ikpeazu?
  4. I took at as complimentary, SG did start it and with just cause. MFC have been on the receiving end of unjust decisions in the past from the authorities and now they seem incapable of policing their own rules or at least be "consistent" in policing them. SG showed them up for what they are and now others have joined the Boro bandwagon.
  5. Wonder if it ends up with a points deduction for Everton this season for the pitch invasion or next season for the FFP or even the season after if it takes as long as it took with Derby.
  6. I think he's a bit more aggressive than Fry and unlikely to be bullied at Championship level but we can pick up similar for less so other than his Boro connections I'm not overly convinced that we should be seriously targeting him at the money it's likely going to take to bring him back North. I doubt if Norwich would get anything remotely close to £6M for him but fair play to them if they do. Personally I'd rather we brought Darragh Lenihan in for free and for wages that are likely to be the same if not less than Gibson's leaving us with money to spend elsewhere on the squad. He's a Capt
  7. I think he'd be ideal if Fry is sold as he is very vocal and plenty of experience at this level. I wouldn't see him as a solution to the overlapping LCB role that Paddy has filled in for. Ben just isn't agile enough not does he possess the footwork skills required at pace. As a solid anchor in the middle of a back three then it's a yes from me but there are others out there like Kipre from WBA that looked impressive at Wigan a few years back at this level but he is right footed so again it would only be as a Fry alternative.
  8. I know from family members in the Force that confirm that. They have been involved in incidents they have attended where they know what has happened and like as not why but the victim doesn't want to make a statement, even to the point of saying it was their fault (meaning themselves not the Police) such was their level of fear.
  9. Talk about being misquoted, now I know how Gibbo felt over his smash the League comment! I never once mentioned "slipper or cane". I used the word "Discipline" not "Corporal Punishment". There is a very clear and distinct difference. Had I wanted to say that they needed a damn good thrashing and twelve of the best then that is what I would have said, all that teaches is resentment not respect and that the way to get what you want is to abuse someone weaker than you.
  10. Fully agree with all of that especially the Clowns running the Country!
  11. "harm kids as a preventative solution is barbaric" I think you are getting carried away now!
  12. Just to be clear disciplining Children doesn't involve beating them with a stick. it's providing them with a role model, teaching them right from wrong, what is acceptable and what isn't acceptable. Nowhere have I advocated nor would I ever suggest giving Children a good hiding is what they need, all that does is teach them that abuse and bullying. Having "consequences" does not mean physical assault. Talk about Chinese Whispers!
  13. Every generation has (and will continue to have) an undesirable element that cause and provoke trouble and disrespect others for a multitude of reasons. 80 or even 90 per cent of society fortunately grow up behaving themselves and go on to be productive members of society, maybe the figures even higher at 95%. My issue is that the 5, 10 or 15% or so that don't wish to behave responsibly have gradually become more confident in the extremes that they go to because there is nothing that they see as a deterrent. As a consequence the levels of abuse they go to (or sink to) is getting worse not
  14. If you all you get out of that was that I am somehow in favour of beating kids then it has obviously sailed over your head.
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