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  1. 1986 was 34 years ago. To have had any memory, experience or emotional attachment to that era would mean that the Fan would be at least early 40's and more likely mid to late and above. Those below that age bracket will just know of Gibson as the bloke who owns the Boro. Older fans who do recollect and lived through '86 will cut him more slack but that "slack" along with goodwill has been diminishing at an alarming rate these last few years, perhaps turning to indifference at best. That's a huge proportion of the current fan base who have little or no real sentiment to his legacy.
  2. My worry is that he is about to take us back to exactly where he found us!
  3. That was a series of errors starting from Warnock dropping Fletcher to a lack of effort from too many or maybe just lack of ability. No Leadership on the pitch and those substitutions and lack of tactical changes from the Manager was frustrating to endure. Lets hope Warnock saw the same game and shakes things up big style because that shot shy shower need a rocket up them.
  4. It is so that the travelling away teams can avoid Hotels as much as possible. In Boro's case it means that they can travel down this afternoon and then immediately straight back up North after the game all in a reasonable time frame.
  5. I think (or at least hope) that under Warnock we will now be the team that we should have been all season, not running away with the title but at least lower Play Off level. We of course can't make the Play Offs but if we play at that level it should see us steer clear of danger and lay good foundations for next season providing that Warnock is happy for another go. Bringing his back room staff up here with him would suggest that maybe there is reason for optimism that Warnock has planned for a longer visit than eight games. Even if we went down he would still be the one I would want to take us straight back up.
  6. I think we need to reign in the optimism just a little bit, besides its not something we are used to over the last few years. Most of us wouldn't have been surprised to lose at Stoke and a draw would have been great, the win was a huge injection of positivism and belief but Hull will be scrapping for survival or at least they should be. As a Club they are in disarray but we weren't much better before Warnock arrived and in just a week contracts have been agreed, extended or ended and everything seems a lot more organised and controlled. Hull seem to be caught in two minds and don't know whether to stick with or sack McCann (along with half their squad). That would seem the ideal time to strike but some of those Hull players will be playing in the hope of attracting their next contract away from the Allam Asylum possibly with Middlesbrough or any other Club they play against in the run in. On paper I think where we are now compared with two weeks ago is a massive advantage. Our squad is better than it has performed to date which now under Warnock's tutelage should be enough for at least a draw down there but the Championship is the Championship like Luton winning at Swansea etc. strange unexpected things can happen. My heart says we win by two or three goals but my head says don't be surprised to get a wake up call. The opening twenty minutes I think will dictate how things pan out.
  7. I would like to think that Steve Gibson can realise that the expense of a DOF is far cheaper than the disasters we have repeatedly witnessed by not having an experienced DOF. OK maybe its the equivalent of an expensive player that we will then not be able to invest into the squad but I'd rather sacrifice that one Player than witness the series of car crash signings that we have had to endure. Persistent failings have seen us gone from one extreme to the other. Paying highly inflated fees and wages for average journeymen footballers (some even worse than journeymen) at this level, awarded ludicrous contracts and wages meaning that we can't shift them and therefore stuck with them. To the the predictably ill fated knee jerk Golden Thread Committee buying cheap including a cheap Manager. Buy cheap you buy twice! Of the three players signed last summer, two of them went back to where they came from. One seemingly out of his depth and the other an ill disciplined loose cannon. The one who showed some potential is seemingly a Midfield player who only covered a few games as an emergency Right Back for Charlton but was signed as a Right Back. Trying to be open minded In time they may come good but they were signed for the present to fill gaps in the squad. The cost of those two extreme failed philosophies will amount to many, many millions and has almost (and still may yet) cost us our Championship status this season. The cost of a DOF would be a far cheaper investment than relying on the incompetent and unfit for purpose methodology that has failed MFC miserably and repeatedly.
  8. Lists of Middlesbrough Football Club Managers include all Managers whether we like it or not. If we keep turning over Managers then we keep needing those interim Managers, is that not a problem in itself and perhaps a major reason why we now find ourselves where we are? My point if it wasn't clear is that there is no continuity and we bounce from one Manager to another who all tried to play their way with a squad that was assembled by a previous Manager and by the time they got their Players in they were gone, some quicker than others. I disagree that Agnew was always intended to be interim, seems a very poor strategy to be placing your Premiership survival on an interim or there again is that just another manifestation of the problem. Which Club Chairman would surrender their Premiership place in March by handing the job to someone if he didn't have belief in him? Just for contrast we had 6 Managers in the previous 20 years which coincided with Bruce Rioch reviving us in '86 to McClaren leaving in 2006.
  9. Not off on a tangent at all. The club has been declining and its now clinging to Championship life. I think its a toxic mess caused by years of mismanagement at the top with no coherent strategy, plan or structure as I have illustrated in all the previous posts. The latest being the appointment of a coaching team with no experience of coaching at this level, a squad of players that are overpaid and brought in at ridiculous overvalued prices, more poor recruitment at the opposite end of the scale which was meant to be the way forward and now a knee jerk desperate appointment (albeit the best under the circumstances) to try and plug the leaks caused by the aforementioned. Today's appointment makes it 13 Managers since 2006, thats 13 Managers in 14 years.
  10. Its a short term fix to allow the club breathing space to plan for a longer term future. Not an ideal appointment for the long term but for right here and now he is probably the most proven at this level at doing what is required and that is keeping us up. Importantly he was available so under the circumstances which had gone on for far too long it was the obvious choice. No doubt its a handsome 8 game contract with a bonus at the end if successful. After that there will need to be a summer of planning only this time without the spin and nonsense of last summer, as the old saying goes "if you buy cheap, you buy twice".
  11. Anyone worth their salt will do some research into what they are taking on, if they don't then best any employer gives them a wide berth. From a mid to lower Premiership club to an upper Championship club to a struggling Championship club hurtling towards League One. A Chairman who is seemingly blind to it all because anyone who has/had a counter opinion is deemed negative and not welcomed hence all the shiny new clothes jibes on social media. Surrounding himself by yes men has brought the club to where it is now. That covers a demise of 15 years or so apart from a brief Karanka hiccup so definitely not judging everything off Woodgate. Woodgate is merely a symptom not the cause.
  12. From one of the best Chairmen in the game to seeming distrusting paranoid nepotism isn't a great advert. Just the appointment and manner of Woodgate in itself speaks volumes. Feel free to see it differently however, its all about perceptions and opinions.
  13. Nigel Adkins is probably at the upper end of what MFC could afford and maybe attract. The greater problem however is the Chairman and his shiny new clothes. I'm pretty sure that what has happened at Boro won't have gone unnoticed to many in the game and what would once upon a time have been regarded as a great managerial opportunity will now be regarded as toxic.
  14. My concern is who would want to come to Boro in our present state? A Club in free-fall with a Management team that are inept at best. We apparently no longer seem able to bribe players with above average wage deals so why would any up and coming young player want to come to Boro? Its far more likely that we will see more of what we saw last summer, players with questionable ability or flawed character traits with maybe one in three (Dijksteel) perhaps eventually making it after a year or two of adjustment. Our Scouting is as bad as our Coaching so I don't hold out much hope for any rough Diamonds being unearthed. We will need to replace five or six of those out of contract, most of whom started yesterday plus a few more to replace those who will inevitably have to be sold on at knock down prices to get them off the wage bill. We could be looking at a dozen new faces coming in with a clueless Manager to mould them into an effective League One unit.
  15. Not putting any player on a pedestal at all all footballers are contractors, nothing more, nothing less but there are two sides to a story and I doubt either of them come out of it squeaky clean. Ayala effectively handed his notice in in January, how both sides dealt with that seems to be unclear unless of course you fully buy into the hastily published Gazette version. Money motivates most workers in life in all walks of life, a footballer is no different to the rest of us. Past footballers are exactly that, in the past when they once played for us. You seen today a few examples of players playing with their heads held high, I'm not giving Ayala a free pass but nor am I giving MFC a free pass, to me something currently stinks thats all.
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