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  1. Have we improved or are Forest so bad that they are making us look better, albeit not much better and still looking very susceptible?
  2. All fair points, my take is that the plan is now with Scott and therein lies the continuity rather than with the management appointments going forwards. Like McClaren, Karanka did have some previous experience sitting next to their masters but Lampard is more experienced than say Robson was or indeed Rooney is at Derby who in fairness to him is far exceeding my expectations of what I thought he would achieve especially considering the state of the Club imploding around him, not that I'm advocating a move for Rooney.
  3. Any Football Manager plan is only for 18 months at best. Championship Managers average less than 400 days in the position. If they last longer then it's because they are successful even if it is only relative, for example Dyche at Burnley compared to Guardiola at City. A 3 year plan makes sense but that rarely happens, just look at WBA, Bournemouth or even Watford as an extreme example. The position and appointment of Scott is the plan, the continuity and execution of it will be whoever is sat in the dugout at any given point in time.
  4. Heaven forbid we get another Robson, McClaren or Karanka then. Looking at Norwich I doubt many of us would have looked at Alex Neil at the time or indeed Daniel Farke. I doubt many would have complained had we beaten WBA and brought in Valerian Ismael this summer yet his career history was low key to put it very mildly before coming to Barnsley. I'm not sure how experienced you think we can realistically attract or afford? Lampard was deemed good enough for a top Premiership side and at 43 is only two years younger than Valerian. Marco Silva is 44 despite seemingly having been around
  5. Whether its a Wilder, Howe, Lampard or whoever may become available shortly (Hughton or even, Farke perhaps?) I'm guessing that already SG is working with Scott for a rehashed Plan B. The challenge for Lampard would be very similar to the Derby one except with a Chairman that is probably considered to be more realistic and with a better run Club (or so we think and hope). It would almost be the perfect Club for him to rebuild his managerial career with and also perhaps not get his head turned too quickly after his Chelsea stint. Howe doesn't seem to do the Northern parts of the UK an
  6. Sobering reality of the last two thirds of the season to date: https://www.footballwebpages.co.uk/middlesbrough/form-guide/four
  7. I don't think we need an immediate replacement, lets face it SG didn't make a permanent replacement when we were in the Premiership so no reason to start now. Granted it would probably be something like Downing and Leo but could they do any worse than the garbage presently being served up. Heck I'd even ask Grant if he fancied having a go, at least he was a leader and got the best out of those around him.
  8. I don't think that points return will save him from the wrath of the fans. Negativity is setting rapidly in after a very poor end to last season which has continued into this season. The Football is dire and the tactics ridiculous leaving fans with their heads in their collective hands. Something radical has to happen and quickly, nothing less than three points at Forest will keep the fans at bay. A defeat there I think will be the final straw for many bearing in mind there was always a significant amount who never wanted or warmed to him in the first instance. Bottom line is what i
  9. There is now a continuing theme of really abject performances, totally wayward defending with a midfield that look totally lost. We have players being square pegged out of position and we can't even pass to a red shirt. I've never seen so many panicked balls giving away possession. This isn't as bad as Woodgate just yet but it's approaching it fast. Watching this dross is actually worse than Strachan. I can't think of a single justifiable excuse why Warnock's side have put four dreadful performances in a row in and have seemingly learnt nothing. Fair play to Robbins and his Sky Blues they
  10. Warnock has all the right players but just not necessarily in the right order!
  11. That first half looks like Warnock has continued with the same below par efforts from QPR, Derby and Blackburn. Having the odd purple patch in games doesn't hide the fact that the tactics and organisation defensively are shocking, set pieces terrible and offensively we look powder puff but apart from that Warnock's doing a great job.
  12. That would imply he was in breach of his Norwich contract unless he received dispensation from them. I hope Warnock isn't failing to engage his brain before his mouth as it seemed pretty clear that Scott could only start after the window. Norwich may have declared zero interest in the targets and gave permission of sorts but even that would imply Scott was engaged with his new Employers before the contracted date.
  13. I was thinking of something which may be more challenging than that and from a personal perspective he may not want it publicised as he may currently have enough issues trying to get his own head around it. It seems very strange for an unspecified knee injury to be so vague after such a long period of time. My guess, being kind, is that they are possibly awaiting more tests, prognosis and possibly treatment to be able to give a definitive answer. It was pretty clear that Fisher suffered a stupid and careless/freak accident, that was made clear from the off and that he would miss the seas
  14. There may be far more to it than simply an injury per se. It does seem to be a strange one and perhaps we should keep in mind that Ameobi may be going through his own personal hell right now. Should there be something more sinister I would imagine the club would be very protective with a veil of secrecy. It's logical for us fans to think we have been duped and he is just a lazy so and so who needs a good kick up his backside but in fairness to Ameobi he doesn't seem that sort of individual.
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