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    Another vote for Opera, I have been using it for years without issues. As DZ said above it has an ad blocker built in. The free VPN does occasionally have a hiccup but if you just turn it off it works fine until the VPN is back up and running again. There are a few sites which ask you to disable it or block your access but very few. I have no problems with ads per se but many web pages now are simply inaccessible because of being bombarded with unwanted ads continually popping up in the middle of the article. Ads at the top or down the side that don't interfere are fine with me and I don't object or have a problem with but there are now a growing number of sites which I no longer visit even with an ad blocker. For me Opera solves a lot of issues.
  2. Sadly the history of mankind is littered with "ism's" of many types. Wars have been started over them and millions of lives lost because of it. Since the days we lived in caves we developed tribalism and it has continued throughout thousands of years where anyone or anything that looks or sounds different or in reality we don't understand. Usually fear is the driver, fear of not having enough food or water, fear that something would be taken from us, fear that we would be killed or abused, fear that we wouldn't have a job, fear that someone or something else would upset what we had. Fear develops and grows out of ignorance, it evolves into a dislike even irrational hatred. Tribalism thrives in football and feeds our deep neanderthal desire to belong to and to triumph or ridicule "them". Many Boro fans who were at Goodison Park in the 70's will have the scars of twin bladed Stanley knife inflicted Football Tribalism. Last week I read about a Wall Street Bank making the news because it appointed the first Female CEO in Wall Street's history! This is 2020 and to read that shocked but not surprised me, sexism is alive and well it seems (as the BBC are continually being hung out to dry for) and still exists in many organisations and walks of life. Catholics and Protestants in Glasgow or Ulster, all supposedly Christians. Sunni and Shia killing each other yet are both Muslim. Steelworkers and Miners battering the bejasus out of each other on Teesside less than a 100 years ago because of their place of origin. We have Football World Cup Stadia being built by slaves without civil liberties who are literally punished and abused, many lose their life for the privilege of us, yes thats you and me, football fans! Pogroms have been eradicated but in certain parts of Europe the underlying mood hasn't changed all that much sadly. Our own general election was stained by allegations of antisemitism at one party with the irony of the accuser being allegedly anti Islam. I have spent a lot of time in the "deep south" and have friends who outwardly are the nicest most God fearing people you could meet but a few drinks later and you can sense the bigotry and hatred that has been inbred over generations. I just know they will have KKK hoods stored away at the back of the wardrobe for the fourth rising. This Country is one of the worst for Classism, it wasn't that long ago that nothing but a BBC accent was acceptable to progress in the higher echelons of society. Our Fathers and Fathers before them knew their place and submissively doffed their cap or bravely marched from Jarrow or had their brains caved in by truncheons for trying to save their communities and jobs just a few decades ago. Now we have marches because of "phobias" where people feel compelled to protest to stop abuse just because of their orientation. How many Football fans at the Riverside have jeered abuse at certain footballers for their perceived "preferences" for a bit of a laugh? TV programmes that we once laughed at are no longer funny be they Love thy Neighbour, Alf Garnet or Benny Hill. All of us have experiences, likes and dislikes, phobias, fears and loves that shape who we have become and how we think or react to situations. People in Warrington or Brighton may have a dislike for people from the Emerald Isle, does that make them an outright racist or is it because they have personally suffered a tragic loss. Many who suffered at the Manchester arena have been magnanimous in their defiance of hate and evil but there are others who hold a different view because of the pain that doesn't and will never go away. I'm sure we would like to think of ourselves as being pure and accepting of everything and everyone which is a great place to be but as soon as someone mentions Religion, Brexit or Corbyn, Rangers or Celtic and our deepest "ism's" come bubbling to the fore. Ageism, sexism, racism, classism, able-ism, homophobia exists in all of us even if its just a casual one off "silly old git" when someone pulls out in front of us in rush hour traffic. Maybe we all need to be more accepting, just think a little harder and deeper and change ourselves, discrimination in all its forms has no place in society but its only us who can change that in all its forms.
  3. Hope not, too much baggage to be remotely interested in wasting more time with him. There are enough problems in the area without bringing another one back and thats before you consider his mediocre and sporadic footballing ability. We have had Rangers Players down here previously and they were nowhere remotely near the standard required, there is a reason Gerrard isn't overly fussed about him.
  4. Hopefully he's feeling better soon and back in the dug out in no time!
  5. I remember Tartan Ginger wigs against Plymouth (I think) and Willo Flood's goal from the East Stand touchline against Swansea at the Riverside. The rest of the Strachan era is a blur interspersed with Thompson hobbling about and Boyd looking disinterested and unfit. Memories of Steaua and the Millennium Stadium on the 29th February 2004 are far more vivid.
  6. Bringing in creative players is one thing, finding affordable ones that are available and willing to come is another thing. We can't just sit and wait until we sign creative players and then start looking for strikers, life isn't that simple. These things happen in parallel, the timing of them getting over the line is variable.
  7. Maybe that isn't far from the truth! What if we get a decent offer for either Britt or Fletcher? We aren't in a position to turn it down with only a year remaining of their contracts (not to mention wages that are currently unsustainable). We do need at least 3 probably 4 Strikers and Walker is nowhere near ready for this level so his signing makes sense but it wouldn't surprise me that having signed him we also sell one.
  8. Just watched the video "highlights" again. The two goals we conceded were as a result of rank poor defending. With the first one Bola was ball watching, drifting into the middle and left the scorer totally unmarked. That was reminiscent of his frailties last season when he often went AWOL defensively, seemingly unaware of his surroundings. It was why Woodgate had to accept defeat and send him back to Blackpool, seemingly he hasn't learnt much in the intervening period. For the second goal Coulson was gestured to by Fry to pick up the overlapping player who cut in and scored but was indecisive, hesitated and left the stable doors wide open. If I was Warnock there wouldn't be a tea cup left in one piece at the Riverside after those two goals regardless if they were in their preferred position or right side or left side. It was basic Sunday League Pub Team stuff, nothing to do with a Manager's intent to win or otherwise. Many of us on here have been clamouring for Coulson to be included but on the strength of that I can see why Warnock isn't convinced in his defensive abilities. As for Bola, well I doubt he will be anywhere near the first team any time soon yet again.
  9. If you think that we will lose to Bournemouth then why on earth would we want to play Chelsea at the Bridge with all that wasted cost and time spent travelling there and back, disrupting preparations for the Championship season which is our bread and butter? No travelling fans for a day out, no share of gate receipts, no atmosphere and a humiliating scoreline destroying what little confidence is slowly being built. Once the double draw was made the die was cast and lets not kid ourselves the double draw was done to suit the big boys not the EFL teams who are merely a necessary inconvenience. We can pick the semi finalists already with four from ten or even six depending on the draw keeping top sides apart. The winners will be one of four who we already know but it keeps the money where it belongs and Sky happy so its all OK as we scramble for crumbs off the table. Does anyone seriously think Warnock told players to just go out there and don't really try against Barnsley. We all know what Coulson can do (wide players get switched flanks regularly during games to cut in) but he had a bad night. We have all heard rave reviews from Oxford about Browne (playing wide and centrally) but didn't see much of it, Bola surely should have grasped his opportunity and played his guts out to force his way into the managers thinking and pretty much the same can be levelled at the rest of them barring one or two. Why did Dijksteel come out with some credit and then McNair (the Midfielder come CB) if it was a nothing game. If any of us had been on that pitch last night we would have left blood, sweat and tears out there for the opportunity to play. Regardless of formation or tactics, even bad ones, players have to show willing and that they are up for it. The harsh reality is that they bombed and bombed badly against a Barnsley team that made six changes to our seven. Neither Manager took the game too seriously with a total of 13 changes out of 22 but one set of players wanted it more. Arguably they were better organised with better tactics but that isn't an excuse for individuals who had a chance to shine. What we (and Steve Gibson) saw was the the state of the squad after years of excessive overspending and contracts followed by swingeing cuts to the playing (and last season Coaching) staff. The inability for MFC to produce a realistic and workable Cash Flow Forecast and Budget several years ago allied by woeful recruitment in the interim is to blame. We needed six or seven first team signings as a minimum at the end of last season just to replace what we had lost, more preferably to improve on what we already had in other areas to move forwards. As of now it hasn't materialised, in fact we are in a far more parlous state and as Dickens would have likely proclaimed last night was the Ghost of Christmas yet to come.
  10. Tonight certainly laid bare why Warnock didn't mix things up by using the bench against Watford. If he had the 1-0 scoreline might have been more damaging. We were never going to win the Cup and a trip to Chelsea would be another game with a very small squad that would like as not end up on the wrong end of a humiliating cricket score. Just the cost of going down there alone when there has been no income for months would be eye watering. Did Warnock deliberately throw tonight's game? I don't think so but he handed opportunities for individuals to shine even if it was with only work rate and determination. Dijksteel did and then McNair but what about the others? I won't name names but half a dozen aren't up to the level required even though a couple of them have been believing their own hype on the back of a handful of games last season. They are in danger of becoming the modern day Footballing equivalent of Uncle Albert and his stories of "did I ever tell you when". Did anyone see anything remotely uplifting about the performances of several fringe players tonight because I certainly didn't. Have we replaced the likes of Shotton, Friend and Ayala etc. with the same or better quality? Clearly not, so with a weaker squad than the one which escaped relegation by the skin of its teeth only weeks previously what are people expecting? We have a half decent first eleven and thats it ,no more, no less. Tonight we played our "two for every position" back up players and it stunk the place out. Warnock didn't drag the Club to where it is now, he dragged it out of the mire and has been rewarded by the Club struggling or unwilling to bring in the required quality and quantity since last season ended. If ever clarity was required that was it tonight, the one good thing is it prevents an "I didn't see it coming" speech because a blind man on a galloping horse can see what Warnock has to work with. There are a few weeks still remaining to add the necessary quality required if the Club don't, can't or won't then there is only so much you can do and only so much you can get out of players as was shown tonight. Our Squad depth is not fit for purpose, the reasons for that are many and varied but to blame Warnock is incredibly blinkered. The mess the club is in wasn't caused by Warnock tonight was the symptom not the cause.
  11. His performances at the Riverside were dire at best although Leeds did more or less kill him off. Hopefully he comes back from it all and makes progress but usually when you watch a player you see something even if it is a bit raw, unpolished and naive but with Bola I really struggled to get a positive from watching him. I thought the same about de Pena and he has carved out a career for himself away from here so it isn't the end of the world but the Championship is a tough gig at the best of times and no place for the feint hearted.
  12. I haven't seen anything in Bola that suggests to me he is even a Footballer let alone a LB or left sided CB. Even Blackpool dispensed with his services when he went back on loan. The "hope" is that as the team under Woodgate was a shambles tactically and that he didn't enjoy the best of starts here maybe it was just bad timing and that he is far more capable than we have witnessed. If anyone can resurrect his career and restore confidence its Warnock so hopefully he sparks into life and shows what he can do. My memory of him is him looking lost, caught out of position ball watching and not tracking back when he wandered off piste. On a positive he hasn't as yet outshone Alan Wright as the worst LB I've ever seen in a Boro shirt!
  13. I would take what Warnock says with a pinch of salt during this transfer window. I doubt he is going to come right out and say "I want X, Y and Z" as when he enquires about them the price will be set in stone. When I go to buy a car I know exactly what I want and what I'm going to look at but I never walk onto the forecourt and home straight in on the low mileage sports saloon with German Engineering that I just drove for three hours to look at. I always mooch about looking at similarish cars and when the beeming salesman (pun intended) comes out to strike up a conversation I tell him the type of thing I'm looking for and we look at one or two and walk past the one that I really want exclaiming "that looks nice if only". The bait is inevitably taken up when I pause and say "it looks lovely but far too rich for my blood", look at a few more and dismiss them due to colour, alloys, mileage or furry dice and as I'm about to give in I get "well what about the one that you really like?" "sorry mate I'd love it but its way out of my League". "What if I could get you some discount and see if we can do a deal" "Hmmm not sure but it won't hurt I suppose". Now he's thinking I'm going to take out his finance deal and shaft me that way but I already have my finance in place but nicely if his Manager can match the interest and terms after the price has already been slashed then he has a deal. I get what I want, he gets a sale and I save thousands in the process. Its already been mentioned on here that since Warnock has come in getting insider info is almost impossible. With decades of experience in wheeling and dealing he knows to keep his cards close to his chest and not to declare his hand. If he came out and declared what he desperately needed and then enquires about the same the selling club are going to play hard ball knowing he desires something they have. The players agent is going to do the exact same thing in contract discussions. Give the impression that it's not what you are really looking for but he's a decent lad and willing to give him an opportunity and the power is in the buyers hands. Similarly bigging up your most expensive asset and even making him Club Captain just in case an offer is forthcoming is a far better negotiating base point than demoralising and devaluing your stock like the one who sold Bamford and spent the money on Saville while saving Steve millions allegedly.
  14. I think there are a few considerations with regards to money. Firstly it seems that we do have a few million to spend, I'm guessing around £2M to £5M although any outgoing fee raising transfers may boost this. Secondly we (or I should say MFC) haven't had any income from gate receipts for six months. OK I know that includes the summer break but there were also the refunds for games behind closed doors at the end of last season so whatever way you look at it money is a very rare commodity in football outside of the Premiership right now. I doubt many clubs can afford to run the entire season without any income and if it comes down to surviving not just in the Championship but surviving full stop then I'm all for survival. The Covid threat seems to be regaining strength and another lockdown a distinct possibility especially as we have already seen local ones enforced. If the season is abandoned it could mean the death knell for many clubs or even if the season continues as it is it could still make administration the norm for many. Thirdly then I guess that is why we would prefer to loan rather than outright purchase just now. Ultimately the employment contract is with the Players Parent club and we are then only liable to one year exposure or part thereof at say 40% or 50% of wages depending on demands. We could I suppose do a Sheffield Wednesday and spend, spend, spend but what happens if the season is suspended (or as I suspect more likely this year after being wiser after the event) cancelled altogether? A raft of new signings on a minimum of three or even four year contracts to run which are probably inflated to attract Players to a Club with a points deduction. I'm pretty certain that Bulkhaul will be feeling the pinch and we all know that Hotels are on their backsides and that even Golf Courses were closed (baffling to me that one) despite being as socially distanced as you can get (even more so when I play). SG's pockets are limited like everyone else and whilst he has made some irksome decisions over the last decade keeping the Club alive through a pandemic isn't a stick I would use to beat him with as frustrating as the transfer window looks.
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