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  1. Watmore definitely looked tired but that is to be expected not having played competitively for so long. As ScarBoro said his assist was a huge improvement and that opportunity when Britt swivelled and put it past the far post Watmore was in the perfect position to receive it. I often bash Britt but I get that as a Striker they should be instinctively greedy and want to score goals but he should have laid it off for Watmore. Having said that Britt probably isn't used to having someone to lay it off to that far forward.
  2. I was thinking an offer more like £10K but then again I don't think he has fit into any Manager's system since he has been here so unless we build a team around his strengths I don't see what he brings to the table. Due to those limitations I would let him go in January if someone did offer him something just to save on the rumoured £35K a week (around a £1M of wages saved). It would leave us light on Strikers but I reckon we could take a budget gamble elsewhere and save ourselves a fortune and be no worse off. Its not going to happen of course as nobody will buy anyone who has 6 months remaining of a contract, they will just sign a pre agreement but if they did urgently want him I wouldn't stand in his or their way. A Premiership loan could more than adequately cover plus Fletcher would be returning soon.
  3. The way the results went last night a win is now imperative if we are to keep momentum and belief going. A draw or perish the thought a defeat would be nothing short of disastrous. It does make you wonder "what if" at Blackburn had we seriously went for it. Of course we could have and then equally we could have lost but at some point NW has to start delivering a few wins which means he needs to change things at the sharp end. No better time to do it than tonight against what is currently the worst team in the Championship.
  4. Has to be 433 for me with Howson and Morsy anchoring the midfield and Saville pushing up to turn the opposition and also providing an outlet for the wide players as well as arriving late in the box (not too late however ☺️). Roberts and Tav should be providing the pace and width up front with Akpom in the centre. Derby have only scored 5 goals in 12 game so far, we shouldn't need to be overly concerned with them exposing our defence. The Rams strangely seem to have large periods of possession in games but as Mourinho said on Saturday after beating Man City, "they won all the possession but we won the three points". Spurs achieved that with swift counter attacking play against their opponents having 66% possession. If NW wants to sit deep and keep things tight then fine but he needs to have outlets to counter attack and so far Spence and Johnson/Coulson haven't provided that with only Johnson troubling the opposition Keepers. Tav is able to play wide left while also having the engine and the appetite to get back and defend. Roberts is borderline in becoming a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma so he should be given the opportunity to prove Warnock wrong or to show exactly why he doesn't get selected considering the opponents propensity to offer little threat from open play allied to conceding goals Derby's one obvious threat is a Free Kick from Rooney in shooting range so for me that precludes the selection of Coulson and Johnson for fear of a stupid trip or foul twenty yards out. I'd also rest McNair in case of burn out, personally I think Wood is more mobile and up to speed than anything I have seen from Hall although either should be more than adequate stand ins. Bettinelli Dijksteel Fry Wood Bola Howson Saville Morsy Roberts Akpom Tavernier
  5. Great news but I can't see Middlesbrough being in a low enough Tier unfortunately any time soon.
  6. Reality is that Warnock will keep faith the the system despite Derby being bottom of the pile. In this league anyone can beat anyone (they beat Norwich at Carrow Road). By the law of averages they will not put us under the same type of pressure that Norwich could and did so it is far more likely that there will be more frailties to expose with them. I'd imagine Coulson won't be near the team after his headless moment but there again knowing Warnock he might be selected to get it out of his system. I'd go with the usual back four (or maybe Hall or Wood in for McNair if he is weary) then Howson and Morsy in front shielding with Saville slightly advanced supporting the forward play. I'd put Tav on the left in place of Coulson and Johnson and Roberts on the right in place of Spence. With Morsy hopefully back available that should be enough cover for the back four with Howson alongside him. Preferably I'd go with Akpom up front with Tav and Roberts being slightly more adventurous than normal but only slightly of course, still got to keep things tight despite the opposition. Saville then would be roving just behind Akpom looking for loose balls and to link up, providing options for our wide men and the Striker.
  7. I think Assombalonga is very much a one trick pony and unfortunately during his time here a succession of Managers haven't played to his strengths. The same to a lesser extent could be said about Gestede much as I loathed the signing but his most successful era in fairness to him was as part of a front two the other of whom whose career we also managed to destroy, never to recover.
  8. We have only lost twice this season, against Watford and Norwich. Both of those have Premiership quality squads, albeit lower end but still a big step up from Championship level. Hall went to sleep at a set piece against Watford otherwise we would have drawn. Yesterday Tav slipped which could have given us victory or at least a draw. Another Ref on another day probably wouldn't have spotted anything wrong. Coulson then had an aberration which cost us the game unnecessarily. Three tiny moments in games against two teams with vastly superior resources which resulted in defeat. I think we all agree that score a few more goals and we should be nailed on certs for the Play Offs as a minimum. The issue is how to achieve that with the resources we currently have. Maybe playing Tav or Watmore if fit (which is probably why he has been given a contract as NW likely sees the same problem) on the left instead of Coulson or Johnson, keep Spence on the right and bring in Roberts in the Tav role. Unfortunately I think Britt is too limited with his portfolio so I'd go with Akpom as the Striker. As a twist to that when Morsy is fit I'd even consider playing Howson in front of Dijksteel instead of Spence. That takes Spence out of the firing line for now and Coulson. Whatever permutation from the above it involves utilising one more creative player than NW currently feels confident with. There are some "easier" (at least on paper) fixtures coming up so perhaps we may see more positive intent starting with Derby or it may be that the existing set up will be just as stoic but more effective against those sides without Premiership quality.
  9. We shot ourselves in the foot today, Reading threw away a two goal lead, Brentford could only draw 0-0 with Wycombe, Forest despite their impressive squad (and Chris Hughton) got beat yet again this time by Barnsley. Its a marathon, not a sprint, we will lose games but we are still credible for a Play Off spot which idealistically is the best we could have hoped for with what Warnock has to work with. The lack of of goals is a worry but I'm pretty sure that Warnock sees the lack of finishing ability the same as we do. He won't want 4-3 thrillers like Stoke witnessed today but he will want tight 1-0's as it was today but in the wrong direction unfortunately. Fix the Jaffa's up front and things will look better, if he doesn't or can't then they will drag him back down to where he found us and I can't see that happening.
  10. Woodgate was a joke appointment which predictably turned out very unfunny in the end but he wasn't expected to get us relegated. I don't think even he expected that.
  11. There wasn't a great deal between the two sides but Pukki is a different class to any of the Strikers at Boro. Contrast his influence on the second forty five minutes to Britt's entire time here. Had Tav scored his penalty they would have had to take more chances and we could maybe have had a few more opportunities with a different result. He didn't, Coulson then committed a foul that was reckless, immature and handed the game to them. Pukki doesn't take penalties like Boro and after the penalty was awarded it was a forgone conclusion. Norwich have a far superior squad of players and held onto the bulk of their players and their Manager and as a consequence they will like as not go straight back up. They had the worst Premiership defence yet sold two defenders bringing in something like £40m and then brought Gibson in to replace one of them, we bought Grant Hall. Our lack of attacking intent is no doubt down to tactics but lets face it Tav is frustrating, Spence just isn't cutting it and Roberts dances but with no end product, Coulson looks at a lower level than Spence unfortunately and if Britt was as good at scoring as he is smiling we would be top of the league. You can't make a silk purse out of Pigs ear. I don't recall Bettinelli being troubled all afternoon but if we don't score then it all becomes irrelevant. I'm not sure what he can do but somehow Warnock needs to do with Tav, Spence, Coulson, Roberts, Akpom, Tav and Co. what he has achieved with McNair, Dijksteel, Bola, Saville and Fry.
  12. Clearly he hasn't learnt a thing since he left Boro and if anything it sounds like he is worse now than before he departed Teesside. It has to be just lazy journalism, either that or an unofficial press leak from Rangers proclaiming that if anyone wants him, please come and get him.
  13. I agree that what Warnock done to keep us up is totally different to what he is doing now. One was reactive and instinctive firefighting but now it seems he has a plan in place. Its yielding results with individuals like Dijksteel and Bola and arguably Fry, Saville and McNair so why isn't it rubbing off on Roberts? I can only conclude that he wants his ability but until he is confident that he can deliver both flair and team discipline simultaneously he will be considered a luxury or a risk. I think that as confidence in the Team keeping shut outs grows he will slowly release the handbrake. Like yourself I suspect that either Norwich or Derby will see Roberts get his opportunity to prove what he can offer. I do think Warnock wants him and wanted him but he has to conform and buy into the blueprint for the greater good which could maybe be the making of Roberts.
  14. True but Warnock's mantra is more geared to not getting beat and building up an invincibility factor rather than gamble and drop a point. Granted there are two more points up for grabs with a win but that isn't how he has built his teams in the past and his methodology has proven successful plus it saved us from going down. To date all I have seen from Roberts is trickery and great ball skill but he usually takes on one defender too many with his mazy dribbles. Exciting to watch but inevitably ends in frustration because he didn't pick out the pass when it was on. Hopefully Warnock is working with him on that but Farke apparently had the same concern. Maybe on Saturday Robert's may be hungry with a point to prove if he gets a game.
  15. I think that is what it boils down to, don't lose the games that we are drawing.
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