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  1. It was a stupid and unnecessary free kick to give away in the first instance. Howson is facing the direction you want the ball to go in whereas Bola was doing an impersonation of a pogo stick with no control or intention. Had Howson left it it it would still have pinged off Bola's head to Ayew, had Bola left it Howson he would have headed it out for a throw in. As much as I don't rate Bettinelli the deflection would have duped any Keeper at that close an angle. The blame lies with the idiot who conceded the free kick more than anyone.
  2. He and Watmore are our top scorers so obviously Warnock is looking to unleash hell and fury on them from the off 😉
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if Saville is played up front with Watmore and Bolasie on the wings. Saville showed a bit of fight and energy midweek when he came on compared to Britt and Chuba's normal non descript endeavours. It's a strange one if he does but I wouldn't put it past Warnock.
  4. It's unclear wording but that doesn't surprise me. The use of VAR is the footballing equivalent of a pandemic, it has spread uncontrollably and they are now desperately fighting a rear-guard action whilst trying to find a vaccine for it. I seem to recall in the old days hand ball was simply a case of ball to hand or hand to ball. It didn't need an army of technicians and multiple camera angles to spot the obvious. That disallowed Fulham goal against Spurs for me signalled the death knell of the game that we knew and loved and its dystopian future. In all seriousness I can't for the life of me figure out how any football oriented individual could have perceived that as a handball.
  5. Old school Keeper with a real character. Legs like matchsticks but agile and really good at this level until Jim Platt came along in the early seventies to win the shirt from him. As with Downsouth he was the regular Boro Goalie when I first started watching the Boro at Ayresome Park. RIP.
  6. It is very clear as illustrated by all the other reactions as I have pointed out previously. I suggest you read it again and if you singularly don't understand it then I can't make it any clearer for you however I suspect that you are just indulging in a series of manipulative tennis semantics for your own gratification.
  7. It was blindingly obvious to the majority who reacted to the post except yourself.
  8. It's a given because the bloke who runs the club, owns the club, directs the club and makes all the decisions about the club even down to what can and what cannot be reported about the club. Us the fans can either accept it or not but it will make absolutely no difference to the decisions being made whether we like them or not.
  9. I seriously wonder if you deliberately use the art of obfuscation to manipulate posts down alleyways to amuse yourself.
  10. Warnock clearly rates Tav, he has also brought in Kebano, Bolasie, Watmore and NML. I know we have had a few hoof ball games of late but I struggle to see how those five players skill sets fit the big Striker to hoof it up to mantra. Without doubt Warnock likes a big Striker but he's not the only Manager to have that preference and his sides have also had other players like Hoilett and NML as recent examples from Cardiff that are more than just the footballing equivalent of Neanderthals.
  11. As far as planning goes the Golden Thread was going to be how Boro would do things going forwards but the thought, logic and implementation of it was farcical. Gibson may (or may not) have wanted Pulis to stay on but it was impossible for Pulis to stay, there was already a Pulis out banner, social media meltdowns, inflatable dinosaurs and our season card sales were going down faster than Sunderland. That MFC are not very good at planning and that their Woodgate strategy (like Southgate) was flawed and amateurish beyond belief I think is a given. With a distinct lack of personnel changes in senior roles since at the club since (indeed one less) I doubt a new plan would have much more success. It is possibly better to have a wily astute manager who can source his own players via his own contacts etc. and set up a team to do what he believes will garner a promotion bid rather than try again to implement a new dawning under those given constraints and maybe to his credit SG has accepted that. The "personal circumstances" I think was pretty clear, people talk about Steve Gibson's lack of it yet you eloquently proved why he has far more of it than anyone on here. If it was that easy we would all be doing it and so would every Club in the country, I struggle why you failed to grasp that but then I have to admit that I struggle generally with a lot of your thought processes. I guess we are just wired differently. The "future" with any Championship Manager is around twelve months at best (I think the average is actually less) because the demand for instant success doesn't permit for longer. Fans inevitably get restless and want a new one and they want it now, or worse they didn't want him in the first place (Woodgate, Pulis, Monk etc. etc. just with ourselves). A plan with a particular style of football and type of playing personnel etc. is a great ideal and I'm not against it but that brings us back as to who implements the plan and for that and Boro see Woodgate and the Golden Thread. Steve Gibson has made many mistakes, some absolute howlers and his seemingly narcissistic style of control hasn't ingratiated himself very well with those under 45 years old (let alone those of us older) but if you think he is bad then I guess you didn't live through the Charlie Amer era. As Mogga would likely say "it is what it is". As fans we have two choices, get behind the team and make the best of it or walk away and watch Champions League on the telly instead of Championship at the Riverside on a cold wet Tuesday which is a typical Boro trait when times get tough. That's not a dig at anyone, I refused to renew my season card after Pulis and the Club hoped that myself and others would renew just on the basis that Pulis had gone, it worked for some but others held their nerve waiting to see who was the successor. When it was Woodgate I walked away for a multitude of reasons and that as much as anything was another reason why the announcement of his appointment was delayed for fear of losing even more Season card renewals. I have no doubt that some may decide to walk away now and if successful many will come back in time.
  12. I pretty much agree with that but the Woodgate appointment was pretty much nailed on from the off when the decision was made not to continue with Pulis. The summer of spin with names being bandied around was all smoke and mirrors as the decision had already been made to go with Woodgate. That the club, planned badly and amateurishly is testimony to the running of the club. Even without Steve Round they still could and should have said that they were looking for a senior body but hadn't recruited yet. That they gambled and went headlong into it without an old head bit them on the backside. The milestones you mention are pretty much nail on the head.
  13. The average life of a Championship manager is measured in months rather than years. I get the desire for a long term plan but we had one supposedly with Woodgate and that didn't last for long and worse still it nearly brought us down to a Commercially disastrous League One level. Financially football clubs outside of the Premiership are really struggling, it was only a few moths ago there was talk that without support some Championship clubs may not survive. A long term plan right now is firstly, survival, secondly try and get higher up than you were previously and the ultimate is promotion. Most Championship Clubs will go through a few managers just in trying to achieve that. Brentford have been planning for years, they are finally getting close and are probably the best example of a footballing wet dream for a few on here. They may or may not make it this season. If they do how many actually think that European football is in their sights right now? Their next goal will be to survive in the Premiership, hopefully long enough to permit gradual improvement so that they can become an established Premiership club. After that they can plan for the next level but reality is that they are more likely to be joining us down here sometime soon or indeed we may even pass them on our way up. Slaven Bilic looked the real deal with the Baggies last season but for some reason European football wasn't in his sights and I doubt very much if it is in Allardyce's planning either. Having ambition is fine but how many on here are looking at brochures for Villa's in Mustique where they can dock their Yacht on their private jetty? If not, why not! Don't any of you have any ambition or is it that you live in the real world and know that the likelihood of achieving those dreams are relatively low. Perhaps your partners should divorce you and look to bring in (sorry Marry) a rich young Sheikh or Russian Billionaire so they can live their dreams and look down their noses at you stuck in your three bed semi's with an aspirational five year old 3 Series on the drive. I get that Warnock may not be Klopp or Guardiola and I get a sense of disappointment but you would have been a darn site more disillusioned sat ten points off the League One play offs right now with Woodgate still in charge clinging to the Golden Thread dream. Sheffield Wednesday saw their owners throw cash at the dream as have Derby and Forest, sometimes like Villa and Wolves it works but when it doesn't the entire future survival of the club is put at risk. I'm guessing that those in the midst of a temper tantrum right now didn't live through 1986. The Premiership is and has been for over two decades three distinct leagues, the ones at the top with the silver spoons, those in the middle casting envious glances whilst nervously looking over their shoulder and those in the third tier absolutely bricking it. I don't for a millisecond believe any club in the Championship is planning for European football any more than those in the third tier of the Premiership. Financial might, TV money skewed in their favour along with final League position money and Stadia twice as big as the rest down to dodgy refereeing decisions intimidated by the press, pundits and social media the gap is huge. It has been deliberately created and encouraged by all those with fingers in the pie. The Premiership is now the same as in Scotland with Celtic and Rangers except that instead of two clubs there are four maybe six at most who will not be usurped unless and until the status quo changes which will be like Turkey's voting for Christmas. I go back as far as Stan Anderson and Boro are where we have traditionally always been albeit we had a few bumper periods with Big Jack and then with Steve Gibson when he could afford it. There will always be some club/s who we can hold up as "if they can why can't we" just as there were fans from other clubs when during the Robbo and McClaren era's were saying "if Boro can why can't we". The Leicester's, Southampton's, West Ham's and even Villa's and Newcastle's will come crashing back down again along with the Brighton's Palace's and West Brom's and no doubt Burnley. Its a question of when, not if for all of them, meanwhile get behind what we have got because we at least have a chance and more than likely an even better one next season of getting up there and unfashionable Boro stinking the place out.
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