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  1. What is it with Boro and Goalkeeoers called Brad? Jones, Guzan and now James, lets hope he doesn't suffer the same ignominy of being nicknamed "Bad".
  2. I'm surprised that Gestede has actually managed 178 games in his career so I just checked and according to Wiki he has managed 284 games over his entire career which for a 32 year old isn't many. Smith at three years younger has played 410 games so at least he may be available for selection instead of sending in a sick note. They both seem to have a 1:4 ratio which isn't great but much more useful if fit and available and that's before we consider the respective costs involved for fees and wages.
  3. I'm clearly seeing a different football match. I'm seeing a side with skill and ability cheating and diving at every opportunity. That they are clearly a class above and have no need to do that is shameful. There is no disputing their talent but the cheating aspect along with a very weak Referee is making me nauseous. Better Referees in this tournament would wave a few of those "challenges" on letting the game flow and letting the Italians know that they need to win by playing football not winning free kicks.
  4. What a fantastic loan spell for Brad James. Playing competitive games, playing a major role in helping Pools get to the Play Offs then getting to the Final itself, flapping at a last ditch cross in the Final and losing the promotion dream with mere seconds remaining, then added time, penalties, then sudden death penalties and making that promotion winning save!
  5. Before Christmas Johnson was our top scorer and with the most assists. Watmore came in towards the end of the year and done really well eventually overtaking him (not too difficult when he wasn't playing), but then came the January Transfer window and despite NML, Bolasie and Kebano all being better on paper the results weren't. Towards the end Bolasie was getting fitter and looked like he was maybe getting back to his previous high standards but even then it still isn't nailed on. Kebano looked decent and tidy at times but with nothing to show for it in reality, I'd have him back but I'm not
  6. Truro, Dorchester, Yeovil, Viking, Forest Green Rovers, Torquay, Ipswich, Rotherham, Barnsley, Wigan is equally unimpressive than Smith's history yet Kieffer Moore has just had a great season and is doing alright at the moment in the Euros. He has scored 107 goals in 314 games to date, 1:3, managing 10 in 36 games for Wigan when they went down. Granted Smiths ratio to date is more like 1:4 but Warnock wanted Moore last season and I don't think any of us were particularly excited by the thought of a big lump from a relegated side, albeit they had points deducted, but Wigan wasn't exactly t
  7. I doubt he is hanging on to the Club for his ego. It's a money pit and money he knows he will never get back in all likelihood. The only thing that affects his reputation negatively is the Football Club. Having said that it is time he shuffled the structure and took a back seat in the same manner as Norwich.
  8. Such sad heartbreaking news, stay strong and thoughts are with you and your loved ones.
  9. There would be a few on here who would love their kit as our new away strip!
  10. Watching the Scotland defence all at sea and then their attack just reinforced how lucky we were to dodge Lyndon Dykes It doesn't bode well for them at all on Friday. There was seemingly no cohesiveness or understanding between them. They were receiving the ball, standing around looking for a Navy shirt to open up space, make a run when nobody was moving or even looking to read the next phase of play. They looked totally disconnected and disjointed and it baffled me how they managed to qualify on that performance. There is only so much that pride and determination can substitute skill and
  11. Trouble is every other Prem and Championship sides scouts are watching thinking the same thing in these tournaments. Chelsea will probably sign him for £5m blowing us out of the running, loan him out for 6 years getting his wages plus a loan fee paid into the bargain never ever getting anywhere near their first team getting back the £5m on him in loan fees and then sell him as surplus for £15m. Rinse and repeat.
  12. I wonder what UEFA would have done had Eriksen not made it? Played it the next day at 15.00 instead of 12.00? Leaving it at 0-0 and a point apiece to me was the moral thing to do.
  13. There is a good write up here about the goings on at the time. Apparently a "settlement" was reached. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-7214509/Middlesbroughs-new-bombshell-accusations-Garry-Monk.html
  14. Definitely not that one, he's too short at under 6ft plus his strike rate is the Pitt's although when he does score its usually a cracker!
  15. Actually Football Transfers was 37th on my list just nudging Global Warming into 38th spot and World Peace into 39th. Proud to say I had my priorities right. I voted for it, purely on the basis that it would maybe help take some of the pressure of Gibbo having to appoint another non British manager.
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