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  1. I can't fathom out why Ajax don't seem to be using him more. He appeared in 25 matches last season in Eredivisie, playing a total of 1038 minutes. Scored an average of 0.95 goals for every 90 minutes that he was on the pitch. Those stats placed him at 2nd out of 389 for Eredivisie Players who've played at least 3 matches. Those are the sort of stats most Clubs would give their right arm and left leg for. Normally I'd suspect that maybe there was an attitude problem or something going on behind the scenes with a player but we know from his time here that he is a consummate professional. He maintained his dignity and didn't even kick off when Wilder tried to force him out and was only brought back into the fold begrudgingly because of an injury crisis and the rest as we know is history. To me it's like ELL being benched next season and rarely used, it's a head scratcher even considering the wealth of talent that Ajax have at their disposal because last season they massively underwhelmed. Really bizarre.
  2. Not the best PR from the Club towards their most loyal and diehard fans judging by responses. Works out at just under £37 a game based on 23 Championship away matches. I wonder if it includes Cup games in which case another two games (FA and League Cups and worse case scenario they lose both and don't progress) in which case over 25 games it drops to £34 a game. A bit of a Cup run of say another three games (5 in total from both Cups) and it works out at £30.36. If it includes Cup games and maybe Play Offs then it doesn't seem too unreasonable perhaps looking at it as a bit of an insurance policy that if the best rather than the worst happens you get to see all their games. There seemed to be only an elite 265 fans who qualified as "suer away fans" which would have guaranteed them a ticket at say a non league side in the Cup where their allocation may only be 300 or so tickets, if they are just lumped in as "away fans" now then I guess they will be allocated on a lottery basis. Edit: I don't know why I even typed all that $h!t, it's dirty Leeds and reality is I don't give a $h!t. Need some Boro news desperately obviously!
  3. Could be wrong here but I think Gilbert's only game for Brentford was against us in the Cup.
  4. Interesting in the variety and type of goals and opportunities in that video. Quite impressive and a wide array of skills, I could see him fitting in very well in a Carrick side.
  5. That Pickford lad played for Alfreton, Burton, Carlisle, Bradford and of course the mighty Darlo!
  6. Over lunch and lack of Boro news, just reading something about West Ham's London Stadium and the roof being replaced with Solar membranes etc. but that it will weigh 6 times more than the outgoing roofing material. I'm no engineering graduate and I'm sure (hope) that it has all been analysed, modelled, calculated etc. but I find that weight difference alarming. "The new structure includes 8km of steel cables weighing 930 tonnes, 112 steel rafters, 2,308 purlins, 422 struts, 9,900 roof panels and 14 light paddles each weighing 43 tonnes, with the whole structure weighing in at around 4,700 tonnes which is nearly six times the weight of its predecessor" Just hope somebody knows what they are doing!
  7. There doesn't appear to be anything off the pitch about Burrows when doing a quick Google on him other than Preston were in for him but wouldn't meet Peterborough's demands. With Maddison (in hindsight) there were a few amber if not red flags, if we do land Burrows hopefully we don't revisit this post in the future.
  8. There again of late we haven't been openly linked with any signings until just before they arrived, Engel being the exception. We seem to conduct business in a quiet and professional manner which some clubs will prefer unless of course they try to get a bidding war going in which case they know we will walk away. The lad certainly seems to tick all the boxes but I'm sure Scott will already have him on his Excel Spreadsheet and if he isn't at the top of the sheet it's because his stats are bettered by others (hopefully).
  9. Hull ended up having to buy a Player for a previously agreed fee that they then didn't want. That £4M has come out of their Summer transfer kitty which as we know is a considerable sum of money for Championship Clubs. That's two good Players at this level or a really good Striker. They apparently aren't short of LB's and had they known then what they know now wouldn't have agreed to the obligation to buy, they know, we know it and they know we know it plus Giles himself knows it. Bit of a messy situation all round but gone are the days when Boro would overpay just to get their man. I'd guess that Hull want as much of their "investment" back to spend in other areas while we have different valuation or payment structure in mind. It's a case of whoever blinks first or Boro just simply look elsewhere. Brandon Williams is out of contract at United and would be a cheap option so long as his background checks out in terms of attitude and behaviour etc. Carrick will know him well obviously and would be the perfect Coach to get his career back on track. The lad was on loan at Ipswich until an injury ended his season halfway through. McKenna comes from the same stable as Carrick so if he deemed him good enough for this level then I'm sure he would have merit for some Championship Club this season if not Boro. Then there is the lad Burrows from Peterborough whom I'm sure we could afford and likely be cheaper than Giles and perhaps even a better option. Either way it's been well proven by now that Scott knows what he is doing and I'm sure with 6 weeks left to the close of the window we will be fine, and that's without the opportunity it presents to young McCormick who we might just be drooling over come October saying just think if this or that hadn't of happened?
  10. They were making a Blockbuster Movie, "Weekend at Shola's" (allegedly).
  11. Carrick wouldn't be on their radar, they would look for experienced and proven at Premiership/Champions League level. I doubt even the likes of Potter would be considered, the owners would be looking at Poch/Klopp levels.
  12. To be sure, to be sure!
  13. Are you implying a Turd Kit wouldn't be a surprise?
  14. I'm sure we can pick up a late thirty something Keeper who is out of contract and still wants to be involved in the game even as a part time Coaching capacity. Darren Randolph, Asmir Begovic, Wayne Hennessey, Bartosz Bialkowski, Joe Lewis, and even Tomas Mejias (you can't keep a good man down).
  15. Absolutely, Coburn is a far better player than the lad we saw last season playing while carrying an injury. We have just witnessed a half fit Harry Kane struggle in a tournament when we know his domestic and German record speaks volumes about his ability. Josh shouldn't have been playing but injuries didn't leave Carrick with much choice and even the mid season "procedure" he undertook was a patch up job and didn't didn't work. Fully recovered and fully fit I think Coburn will raise a few eyebrows this coming season.
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