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  1. After our Millwall game I assumed that Linesmen are redundant in the Championship now as well?
  2. Made his first start for them and scored before going off injured, consistent is Andy!
  3. He is potentially the replacement for George Friend in the Boro bromance stakes, there I've said it! 😍
  4. I think Jones was a mere shadow of Osbourne in the first half and how he makes the team but Osbourne hasn't is totally beyond me, the lad even set up our first goal. Overall I thought Jones was much poorer in comparison.
  5. That's the one, the poor lad had some health problems iirc and later retired at a relatively young age for a Keeper. Funny how once prompted your mind can suddenly recall things.
  6. All this Goalkeeper talk reminds me of the time we had Paul Smith on loan from Forest (2010?). I thought he done pretty well for us at the time, certainly compared to my expectations. Thinking about that makes me think that we had another loan Keeper around about the same time, maybe a bit earlier/later (not Given obviously) who again done a decent job but I can't recall his name or am I imagining it?
  7. It was great to record Wilder's first win, better still after enjoying that first half performance but I thought we really struggled in the second half when Osbourne went off at half time, his absence in the second half was really noticeable. On a serious note I think had Jones still been on the pitch at the end then our defending for their consolation goal would have been a lot tighter and he wouldn't have broke into the box as easily, Hernandez clearly isn't a defender.
  8. Just hope we are all this bubbly and excited at the end of today's game. We have the dreaded second half to come when we always concede and run out of steam. Maybe today will break the curse!
  9. Best 45 minutes from a Boro team in I don't know how long? It could be because we have thirteen players instead of eleven on the pitch by the sounds of the commentator. That James Tavernier has been relatively quiet but that Isiah Osbourne fella looks a real handful. Let's hope we can maintain a performance throughout the entire 90 minutes and not just the opening 45.
  10. When you have to retrain someone the first thing that happens is that their output drops as they relearn and develop new movements and skills whilst having to concentrate on not slipping back into what previously became natural. Once the new methodology and movement is repeated and practiced they start to pick up speed as the new way of working becomes the new norm and new behaviours are instilled. Considering the massive change in philosophy and tactics I would have been shocked if we had done anything but go backwards. In Industry at this stage the common response is often to lose faith
  11. The Barstewards want stringing up and I'd happily tie the noose myself and kick the stool away. Perhaps the club should limit their away allocation to 500 and it would be easier to control and point out culprits. Hiding in amongst a huge crowd is how these vermin operate. Who on earthy gets kicks out of being so peed up and off their face that groping kids is considered good fun and just a bit of a laugh? If they thought there was a chance their names and faces would be on the front of the Gazette I'd bet their bravado would be severely diminished when their family, friends and workmates
  12. I doubt people would want to use a park and ride as most want the comfort and relaxation of their own vehicle plus the ability to get straight home after a game. It may however have some attraction and even if it was for only a minority if it can take a hundred or so cars from the surrounding area it's an improvement. Marked parking bays cut out from the grass verges alongside access roads may help to tidy up parking and permit more cars to fit in and reduce the clogging of roads. The recent example of the empty ghost Sainsbury car park is a good example of space being available in the ar
  13. Who do you think are all these drunken, snorting imbeciles? Mother-in-laws obviously, the scourge of society especially the ones with those tartan shopping bags on wheels. Think they own the pavements they do and don't ever try overtaking one with a brolly!
  14. Yeah, I was thinking of both scenarios but I take your point. Perhaps that's the way that all bans should go where the Club submits a ban to the Police and the fan has the opportunity to defend why he was taking Charlie in the Ladies loo before it becomes a full FBO.
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