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  1. I mean Oxford's on 20k a week with a potential 2 million pound fee at the end if it goes well the Gibson stuff is a completely different ballgame he's on minimum 40k a week plus if there was a potential fee the minimum would be 8-10 million I don't understand why Gibson gets spoke about when every other name we're linked with or are reportedly scouting are just nowhere near that level financially. Reading up on Oxford's season apparently the manager just lost complete faith in him after substituting him on vs Schalke and then late in the game Oxford misplaced a backpass causing them to score the winner and he's been cast out of the starting XI/fringes since there's definitely an interest from them in cashing out on Oxford this month. Even at 20k a week Oxford would be in an upper bracket for us that's why I'm glad it seems like a loan to buy because going forward next season I don't see us having many 20k a week subs around the squad.
  2. Reece Oxford not in the Augsburg matchday squad at all after being involved in every matchday squad until now suggests maybe that one is moving quite quickly? If we can get the rumoured option VVV Venlo negotiated of 2.5 million euros in the summer I think it could be smart business.
  3. https://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/sport/18169841.middlesbrough-targeting-former-west-ham-defender-reece-oxford/ Echo have confirmed we've made an approach to loan Oxford and we're hopeful of convincing him to come. On Jordan Jones he played a cup game with Rangers fringe players/youngsters played got hooked after 60 minutes by Gerrard who said he was bored watching them in the first hour. He's the only consistent attacking loan link left on the table and I think he'll end up leaving Rangers soon it's whether it's us or Stoke he definitely would give us something on the left cutting inside.
  4. 18 games remaining 34 points 6th placed average points over the past 4 seasons 76 points. So we need 42 points from the remaining 54 points available, or we need 13 wins and 3 draws (so W13 D3 L2) or 14 wins out of 18. I hate ruining dreams but whilst it's not impossible I mean it's very very unlikely we run the board like that regardless of our next few results.
  5. Past 4 seasons the average 22nd places relegation mark is 41 points we get 3 more wins in the next 4 months and we're mathematically safe bar an anomaly hopefully that puts you at ease! To get up to the 60ish point mark Karanka hit in the 13/14 season would require 7-8 wins from now so pretty plausible we're set for a 10th-14th finish. To get relegated we'd have to lose 15 games and draw the rest I don't think even we are capable of being that naff.
  6. Woodgate said he thinks he'll get a 'few more in' suggests 2-3 personally I want people who'll be here past May since the season now is a write off I saw Oxford to Venlo was going to be an option to buy in the summer for 2.5 million euros if that one comes through hopefully we'll have the option. Freeman, Jones and Oxford would do us nicely all 3 we could feasibly sign permanently in the summer and not break the bank if they perform well.
  7. I mean look at Karanka's dead end period a lot of 0-0s to poor teams a couple of hammerings by Leicester (Champions), a hell of a lot of red cards as well. It's hard especially when we're signing Man City loanee's to seemingly finish 12th but you have to view this season as similar to Karanka's12th placed finish which started off pretty horribly looking back but turned out alright the next year with some tweaks. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2013–14_Middlesbrough_F.C._season
  8. The problem Woodgate will have now after that run's put us clear of the drop is this next 4 months of essentially dead games, it will be awfully hard for a lot of fans because this period we're basically playing for nothing something unfamiliar for Boro fans for 7 years the play-off dream the past few weeks was nice but short of running the board with Ws in almost every remaining game that's dead and we aren't going down either. It's hard to switch focus to next season and building for it when typically we're counting points and biting nails in this period the signs I'm looking for is whether we compete with the top teams of this season that will be important next season it's almost back to Aitor's first season use and assess what you have add the missing pieces in the summer build the foundations on the training ground. All that sounds nice but the pressure Woodgate and the team will be under next season after taking this season off will be off the charts right now you just try to size up the squad and the system and hope the West Brom/Preston games were a sign of what happens when it clicks.
  9. For anyone who thinks that was end of the world bad with the XI we fielded you must not remember the time we made Ross McCormack look like Messi there. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/32362246
  10. We didn't play badly since we switched Tav out and dropped the 523, season's written off anyway with actual CBs and McNair in midfield we'll do even better you'd imagine. Fulham are one of the better teams in the League and we just went there with Gestede up front, couple of kids at wingback and Howson at bloody CB I don't think we embarrassed ourselves we caused our own problems most of the time if we get it right, get the right players into place next season I don't see why we can't be right up there.
  11. We've let far too many balls come across our goal line today far too many.
  12. Tav off for Wing's smart, means a formation change you'd imagine the 523 has not worked.
  13. I'd hook Gestede at half time for Nmecha we need a bit more up there the arm up backpost cross calls just aren't working.
  14. Stepping up a little higher now, we're somehow still in this game if we get the next goal we'll have this lot panicking.
  15. We're making Michael Hector look like Van Dijk
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