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  1. Thank god, 3 wins and a couple of draws to go to guarantee safety.
  2. We couldn't hold on against Derby or Forest we NEED to hold onto this.
  3. We need Fletchers legs on and probably Spence for Tav to go 5 at the back, we need to hold onto this.
  4. Tavernier wont cut it at this level as an attacker he lacks the quality around the box and his decision making around the box is dreadful.
  5. I haven't seen anything like that Pears and Grabban thing in years I don't know what Pears can do there my only thought is maybe flop to the ground because if you wrestle him it's a pen you just try and wrap your hand around him and hope the referee does what your defence hasn't and protect you. Bright spots today were Moukoudi, Coulson and Johnson I thought Gestede still mistimes far too many leaps and the midfielders I mean McNair's set pieces were dreadful he ran well but was too casual defensively. Tavernier tried and ran around but lacks quality and an edge there's no world he's an offensive player at this level for me maybe a midfielder but on the wing he's a passenger. Shotton was dreadful, Clayton tries but some of his decision making and touches were awful gave the ball away far too much. Wing was in and out of the game he put in a shift but I still question how long he takes on the ball before he gets his head up. Substitutions took far too long for me we let Forest put all 3 of theirs on then they penned us deeper and deeper as our legs faded and we had a lampost up front who couldn't run minute 1 yet alone minute 80 our outball became a Forest defender and the pressure/set pieces built from there. I think us getting out of this depends how quickly Roberts/Ayala come back and if Britt can actually hit some kind of form to rescue us because if we play that XI today 10 more times we'll be in League 1.
  6. I'm talking historical point tally's that grant safety from relegation the across seasons average is around 43 points (2 wins) the recent average is 45-47 (3 wins) I think we need 4 wins this season (49-50) points to guarantee safety. I've said this for 2 months though and we haven't managed to knock off even 1 win from the tally we're almost at needing a 50% win tally from our remaining games we are in deep deep trouble.
  7. We need 4 wins from 10 to survive normal years 3 wins would be enough but this year it will take an extra win to secure survival in my opinion, time's running out to get those wins...
  8. Forest are pretty blunt offensively the only time they've looked dangerous is us gifting them possession at halfway or anytime a ball is near Ryan Shotton.
  9. Coulson had an easy pass to McNair that I think Tavernier would have taken but he's got the balls and confidence to drive and try a difficult pass to Wing was a brilliant play off Pears' throw. Tavernier has been so anonymous lately we still don't know what he is but as a winger he always disappoints me I wouldn't mind Spence for him and go 5atb at 60/70 because he's a bit of a passenger right now.
  10. Coulson's a beast but how their GK messed that Wing shot up i don't know. BUT I DON'T CARE WE NEED THIS WIN!!!!
  11. Whoever won that back post header and put it back to Gestede is an animal my god how he managed that I don't know.
  12. The Sky narrative about us building a philosophy is risible I know Gibson said it earlier as well but it insults every fans intelligence. We're at the bottom of the division for possession/touches in opp box/shots/chances created/goals/crosses against I don't see the evidence of a 'philosophy' I see a bloke taking 40 million pounds of players into League 1 for nothing.
  13. Its going 1mph on top of the awful defensive positioning Pears has to do better with that for me.
  14. Gestede > Nmecha is a crazy decision to me there'll be no one within 10 yards of Gestede and he can't run. Nmecha played nearly every game for Preston last season clearly there's something there and whenever we've relied on Gestede over the years he's let us down outside of cup games and Preston Away we're going to get embarrassed.
  15. I can't think he wants us relegated we're writing off nearly 20 million in fees in the summer either way (count me very sceptical Howson resigns either way) taking Britt/Saville/Fletcher with their fees would be an eye watering financial pileon that I think could seriously cripple us for years to come. The idea that we just had to spend 5-7 million a head to assemble a Championship squad is mind blowing to me but that decision falls on Gibson whatever his motives he's monumentally cocked up any idea of Boro the club being sustainably ran anytime soon which he always used to say was the ultimate goal but 35 years later the bloke just can not let go and with the Rockliffe ownership on the clubs books it will not be a simple sale if it ever were to happen. Him being a fan is used by himself constantly to excuse horrendous decisions and 'policies' Andy Preston's got a few quid and is Boro mad I don't think he'd make as many financially costly decisions that Gibson's made over the past 15 years. The idea no one would buy a former pretty established PL club with a tinge of European folklore history tied in has always struck me as nonsense as well, factor in the clubs holding company owns Rockliffe which is valued at high 8 figures it's not like there isn't potential here and solid infrastructural and business foundations. The unattractive location *** doesn't make much sense when Sheff U are owned by a Saudi Prince, Sheff Wed by a rich Asian family and Derby are backed by Mel Morris having spent time in Derby I can safely say it is whatever people say about Boro and worse so again I don't buy those excuses.
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