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  1. Yeah but usually they slip a line in at the end 'we understand hes not a target' the past 3 windows when we've been linked with Jones they've always played it down with those kind of editorialized lines. Maybe Vickers didn't give Dom Gibson's number is another scenario and the Gazette are now just scouring forums as Warnock said but Dom did seem to know about the Morsy deal before it happened if he's not writing that we have absolutely no interest like they have before there might be something to our interest.
  2. https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/middlesbrough-one-three-championship-clubs-18950835 Gazette picking up the Jones story isn't necessarily confirmation but in the past they've been informed from club sources that it's all rubbish and we have no interest which isn't happening this time. Warnock was absolutely certain pre Barnsley that he would have the striker ready for the bench at Bournemouth I'd be shocked if Akpom isn't announced today or tomorrow morning.
  3. Neil Warnock alone with his laptop for a couple of weeks? Oh you can guarantee he's checking in on the Boro forums again that's a given... Hoping you get through it unscathed Neil.
  4. Greek reports were he flew to England today, I'm guessing the standard Rockliffe overnight then announced tomorrow after a medical just in time for Warnock's press conference unless Warnock's still sick that is.
  5. I wish I had a second team at times it's an absolute ballache supporting Boro. Area has no other remotely good sports teams besides a semi decent speedway team or if you like your rugby trek up to watch the Falcons, I just follow Yorkshire in the cricket and a couple of American sports teams can't bring myself to give a f about another football team sadly I wish I had it in me to sometimes because there's nothing pretty about watching pub team football or 50 yard punts week in week out for going on 4 years but *sigh* I persevere...
  6. I think it became hard to separate the 'long term targets' we signed that summer such as Fischer that were sold as Gary Gill signings and the Victor Orta signings we tried and failed for like Mandi/Rupp/Meunier etc. Our single biggest failure that summer was trying to run 2 track recruitment one side you had club targets like Guzan and Fischer on the other you had the Orta/Karanka signings like Negredo+Valdes it was so muddled and patchwork must have been a nightmare for Karanka to deal with players he didn't really want.
  7. PAOK fans all say he isn't the best finisher more of a creator for other forwards around the box with a good workrate apparently has scored crucial goals for PAOK in derby's and scored an overhead kick in last years Greek Cup final to win them the Cup. He seems different than what we have in that he has good technique with a good touch around the box and he uses it to pick out teammates with cute passes something we do lack from Britt and Fletcher. I'm assuming there's a massive unit to come on loan as striker number 4, after that I'll just be praying we get new wingbacks.
  8. Gone are the days where 2.5 million pound strikers are viewed as big news to the fanbase but have to say bit disheartened to see no flight tracking going around today like the good old days of the Jelle Vossen chase he has the pedigree of scoring against Ajax in Europe and assisting to knockout Benfica in the Champions League! Chubez, you already know thats his Warnock nickname, has chose us over European football Turkish teams and FC Koln of the Bundesliga he might be a flop for us but if he wasn't English I sense there'd be more excitement maybe? After all we all got excited over a second division Spanish striker named Kike Garcia but the sense from social media/forums seems strangely negative today towards Akpom.
  9. West Ham were linked heavily with Akpom last summer and in January, apparently picking Ajeti over him in the summer and not needing to go for him in January. Now given West Hams track record on strikers I'm not sure that's a good sign or not but Ajeti is on fire for Celtic and if he was below Akpom on their list this lad might do well. Chose us over FC Koln and Turkish sides as well clearly is driven to succeed in England specifically and he did just get an assist against Benfica in the Champions League with his manager highlighting his workrate as crucial to PAOK seeing it out.
  10. https://www.safc.com/news/academy-news/2020/september/under-23-double-signing Mitch Curry joins Stephen Wearne at Sunderland after their releases.
  11. The practice of inserting those mammoth clauses is the scandalous part after the million pound fee they paid for him they're probably making half a million on him after 2 years there it's harsh, that's why the reported fee is differing between 3.3 and 3 million euros it might have been 3 million for non British clubs but we had to top up 10% to make up for Arsenal's British clause.
  12. "Arsenal placed sell-on clauses in the contracts to ensure it would receive 40% of the fee if Akpom was sold to a British club but only 30% from any other team. Frosinone was also given an incentive to not later sell Campbell back to a British club as 30% of the fee would have to be paid to Arsenal. But the London club would receive only 25% of the transfer fee if Campbell was sold to a club elsewhere. " Morsy had a sell on of 10% of any fee above 200k I think the profit percentage is rarer than a fee percentage to be honest. Scandalous stuff from Arsenal in my opinion the British clause is the one that got them in trouble with Fifa but to put such high sell ons onto future fees is a highly unusual practice anything beyond 20% is pushing it. We apparently have given them a 10% sell on as part of the deal so after reading what Arsenal have done to them I hope we turn this lad into a proper player and get a big fee. PAOK launched this lads career and are going to get 1 and a half million for him out of a 2.8 million fee doesn't sit right with me at all.
  13. Pour one out for PAOK yikes, some people think we've been stitched up but they have to hand Arsenal 40% of the fee! https://apnews.com/cb0df24cdaf7edd9e366061a5f069c1d
  14. Piecing the timeline together this isn't an alternative to Sanogo because a week ago we had Sanogo booked in for a medical and a bid lodged with PAOK hopefully the alternative big man on loan we're targeting is up to it. Warnock said he's a younger loan, knowing that he's a Sanogo alternative he must have a bit of height about him maybe George Hirst?
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