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  1. I still blame Southgate for our relegation, he was a very mediocre U21 manager and he's just plodded along in the England job. Maybe I'm a tad biased in my dislike of him but we wont win anything with Southgate he lets games breeze by and is as passive as Hodgson was he just has better players at his disposal.
  2. Hearty display from the Scots, absolutely turgid football from Southgate yet again.
  3. Trippier at LB would be a shocking call to be fair, sure he won La Liga and kept Croatia's RB out of the Atleti team in the process but we have a LB who has just won the Champions League!!! Sterling over Rashford or Grealish as well is a big call he's been crap for the past year, Mings and Phillips I have no real issue with they've got pace and have had solid seasons.
  4. The detailing could have been done better, it looks like it was drew on with a byro pen...
  5. Season's been finished for weeks but if Warnock's as ruthless as we think he is then some of those players wont be here next season the lack of intensity in these past few months is inexcusable. Massive summer ahead of us we have alot of work to do on what is probably going to be a shoestring budget.
  6. It took him a couple of months to get some sharpness back but NML these past 2 short cameo's has shown his quality. If I was NW I might start talking to Gibson about tying him down past the summer,last thing he'll want is us spending the time getting him fit and a relegated club like Sheffield United or WBA picking him up on a free. I thought it was a solid performance today we countered well and sat in for spells whilst maintaining our shape.
  7. Usually over the years whenever the ref's are blamed I shrug my shoulders because being in this league for 10 out of the past 11 years I've just become accustomed to the shocking level of referee's we get served up. But having put that qualifier up, I was pretty stunned at how many bad decisions he made. Seeing his arms point quickly for a corner then suddenly change to a penalty was a special kind of cock up that just rounded it off why on earth the 2nd division in this country puts up with refs that aren't up to it I don't know. We get stuck with older refs that have aren't good enough
  8. I think he's exceeded expectations considering the amount of missed targets he had in the summer and injuries he's had to deal with. We are not far away to be honest we compete well in most games against 'promotion rivals', build our frontline to be more clinical and we could be right up there next season in my opinion.
  9. I thought Howson was great today, drove our attacks and tried to keep a high tempo. As it stands we're 3 points off 6th and 7 off 5th, we're in reach of the playoffs we just need to fix our awful home form...
  10. Woodgate must have the best powerpoint presentation in football, how he's ended up falling into the Bournemouth job I have no idea.
  11. Warnock over 2 windows has managed to work miracles on a relative shoestring compared to his predecessors I can't fault the man honestly we'll see where we finish but give him next season if he wants it regardless of where we finish, he's the most competent manager we've had since Karanka.
  12. I don't want to jinx it and he'll probably fall to the Boro curse but Kebano can actually take a set piece...
  13. I am still extremely curious what went on between NML and Cardiff that caused CCFC to terminate an asset worth millions of pounds with extreme prejudice. I think he's a quality player and I think if he is fit he's a game changer he's the type of player that can fire us into the playoffs if he hits a streak of form but the Cardiff termination and not attending a training session with a football club in nearly a year has me worried.
  14. Exciting social media post as we approach the deadline? What is this 'not in a pub by 3pm' deadline day I'm witnessing? On a serious note if it is NML I have serious worries about his fitness the blokes been sat in his house for nearly a year.
  15. I remember Kebano was linked randomly to us years ago when he was still in Belgium it was the summer we got promoted it was a couple of million at the time but he chose fulham over us reportedly if memory serves. His free kicks and goals got Fulham promoted, NML is a great player especially when Warnock's managing him they'd both be great signings imo.
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