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  1. https://madeinfoot.ouest-france.fr/infos/article-mercato-rennes-james-lea-siliki-revient-pour-repartir-ij-366541.html RMC Sport reporting Siliki set to return to Rennes and then leave, presumably permanently?
  2. I am curious how this plays out with regards to their tax bill, the Finance Act 2020 legislation which came into force from April 2021 changed HMRC's status under law from the previous status of an unsecured creditor to a preferential creditor meaning they can take more than the 25% due to unsecured creditors in insolvency and administration scenarios. Absolute scandal if they somehow get off the hook on that tax bill, especially given it was the primary reason the current owner entered them into administration...
  3. Absolutely, this is nothing against George more the Derby fanbase at large who are trying to use this letter as further evidence that Gibson's the villain in all of this. The Derby fanbase are whipping each other up into an absolute frenzy over Gibson it doesn't do them or their club any good and ultimately young fans like George will suffer from the misinformation, in my opinion.
  4. Seeing this do the rounds on twitter, Derby fans have lost their damn minds... It's genuinely scary how widespread the belief is within Derby that Gibson is the big bad wolf, your football club's in administration and your administrators have not done anything to change that fact in 3 months maybe direct some pressure/anger onto them? Or alternatively write Mel Morris a letter asking him to hand the stadium/training ground back making a potential sale more likely due to the increased asset value it would bring to the table.
  5. Not sure if it's been mentioned but James Olley at ESPN reckons we're quoting clubs £15 million for Spence and there's interest from the Prem and abroad. ''Tottenham and Arsenal are among several clubs interested in signing Middlesbrough right-back Djed Spence, sources have told ESPN's James Olley. Spence, 21, is currently on loan at Nottingham Forest and any deal would have to include a loan back option given FA rules prevent a player from representing three different clubs in one season. Spence is valued at around £15m by Middlesbrough and, although no formal offers have been
  6. Sneaky feeling we'll win this, Warnock should have beat them at the Riverside and without Diaz their strikeforce looks quite weak with Gallagher completely off the boil. Interested to see how we lineup for this, I'm going for a 2-1 Boro win.
  7. So if I have this right all the Derby fans are asking for is for Gibson to drop his claims, HMRC to cut their tax bill by tens of millions of pounds, exit administration without selling any players and if they just get these small concessions we could all have played our part in #SaveDerbyCounty? To my knowledge every other club in their situation has had two options be it Portsmouth, Bury, Bolton or Wigan and here are those two options: Option 1: Sell your assets and pay your creditors allowing Administrators time to find a new owner. Option 2: Cease to exist. Why do Derby
  8. Great to get all these MPs on record supporting tax avoidance, if only Jimmy Carr hailed from Derby he'd have been knighted for his work in the field...
  9. Derby County Football Club owe HMRC somewhere in the region of £28 million yet somehow none of today's MP statements or news reports make mention of it... The biggest disgrace to football wouldn't be Derby getting liquidated it would be them wriggling out of a £28 million tax bill it would make a mockery out of every club and every individual in this country who does pay their taxes. I don't care if we get a penny out of Derby but the new owner will need to pay that tax bill in full anything less would be an absolute disgrace.
  10. Honestly this is the only online forum I use for anything and 10 years later I'm still logging on! I dip in and out but honestly from the start when Ian (@VectorBoro) was prominent and Chris (@Powlay) the content and discussion on Boro-related topics on here was always of a high standard it was - and is! - the best platform for Boro fans to get together and talk about our club. I wanted to take a moment and thank @Downsouth for keeping the site moving over the years, CT's been around a while as have alot of the mod team so if there has been a decision made I'm fairly confident it was
  11. I do think Warnock is right about Spence he'll either end up in the Premier League or non-league, he looks good at Forest with Johnson in front of him but not many teams play with a winger in front of a wingback and Spence lacks the technique to be a winger we saw how that experiment went under Woodgate and Warnock.
  12. https://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/sport/13325725.boro-chairman-steve-gibson-thinks-steve-mcclaren-ideal-magpies/ Hope Derby fans don't discover how far back Gibson and Ashley's friendship goes it might tip them over the edge...
  13. The attempted rugby tackle on Balogun because he was clear somehow being called as a Balogun foul because he dodged the tackle it is another highlight of the ref's performance. He missed about 3 Reading bookings as well, I'd love to see that Sporar penalty incident again as well it was either a clear dive or he was tripped.
  14. We were all over them bar a ten minute spell after HT - Reading had two shots on the edge of the box, a Swift free kick and Carroll's goal - they parked the bus and tried to ride it out from 0-0 even their fans were shocked when Carroll looped one in. Ref had an absolute shocker today as well he was clueless he stopped play for 2 minutes for Andy Carroll to tie his shoelaces.
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