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  1. Perfect insight into Warnock's mind, and Pulis', that if we could only get our massive shithouses on the end of our corners more often we could hold onto leads and get promotion. For me I don't care about the style of football, I don't think Gibson does either, but even Warnock's acknowledging he's under pressure to pick up points he's not daft as to the pressure he's under at the minute. I don't really have confidence that he'll turn it around personally, especially with him talking about set pieces in September 2021 when he's had a year and a half to 'sort it out' I mean that's an
  2. I think we should give Warnock until the October International break if he hasn't picked up 9 points minimum before then, we should get rid. The stuff with Payero is patently ridiculous as well you don't get a player up to speed by never bringing him on or playing U23 football he needs to actually play with his teammates in competitive matches...
  3. He has no excuses he's blamed refs, bad luck, lack of signings but he is not getting the best out of these players we have such a shakey defence which for a team managed by Neil Warnock is absolutely criminal.
  4. At some point, Warnock runs out of excuses for these flaky performances.
  5. I wonder if Neil is still reading OneBoro, I haven't heard him mention popping onto the forums for a while.
  6. https://www.diariodecadiz.es/cadizcf/Cadiz-CF-cerrado-mercado-plantilla_0_1606640888.html It does seem strange that we have apparently settled for 2 incomings when stories like the above say we'd agreed a deal to sign Ivan Alejo which the selling club were happy to facilitate for the fee but then we just seemed to pull out of the deal similar to what appears to have happened with McGrath.
  7. Really curious to see what the option will be on Spence's loan, got to be north of 3.5/4 million.
  8. Forest reporter for The Athletic reporting one more incoming to be announced there...
  9. Burke to Blackburn on loan has broken down, Sheff United fans seem more upset than Blackburn fans!
  10. If we tried to sign Ivan Alejo today could that mean we'll be in the market for a free agent winger as well as a left back? Not sure who's available beyond NML or Josh Sims.
  11. https://www.diariodecadiz.es/cadizcf/Cadiz-CF-cerrado-mercado-plantilla_0_1606640888.html Apparently we tried to sign Ivan Alejo from Cadiz on a loan to buy deal today, he appears to be a right winger.
  12. The Gazette are saying they understand that we will utilise the free agent market for a LB. Other than Kean Bryan it's pretty baron, I can't see Neil Taylor he's too slight for Warnock and I can't see us moving for someone with no experience in England.
  13. I'm not Djed Spence's biggest fan but we're loaning out our second choice RB but we can't prize Cardiff's third choice LB away is a mental scenario to imagine. If Warnock tries the 'Howson is a RB' experiment that Woodgate started my head might explode...
  14. If it's anything over 4 million for Spence I'd take it, anything under tell them to come back in January.
  15. It's an interesting squad we have now it's over to Warnock to get the new players in the lineup ASAP. My worry is if Sporar gets injured we'd have Ikpeazu for 60 minutes and then Coburn which isn't ideal. Other than a striker and a backup LB I think our squad's in a good place - all comes down to Sporar and if he gets firing whether we can do anything at the top end of the table but let's see!
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