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  1. Still haven't won an away game it's a high bar to set but seeing a corner truly turned would be 3 points at the City Ground. We've been told we've turned a corner every few weeks whether a draw at Ashton Gate or a draw at Loftus Road I think we're closer to the corner than we were in early November whether young players like Spence/Tav/Coulson can show consistency to propel us through the next 3 tough games I really don't know. If Britt's missing for the next week does Woodgate throw Walker in to pair with Fletcher or push Coulson/Johnson to the left wing Fletcher down the middle and Tav wide right? It's a tough spot but I still think he needs to find 1 win out of Forest Stoke and Swansea we need to get to 23GP 5W just to give us a real cushion from relegation.
  2. We actually controlled most of the game up to the last 10 minutes UNLIKE our last 1 0 win vs Barnsley this was a much better performance we never stayed on the ropes too long our fullbacks were brilliant outlets all game Saville and Clayton grafted hard and that was one of Tavs best performances finishing aside. I mean Charlton were bad but I think we maybe made them look bad as well? If Fletcher or Tav could finish it could have been 3/4 goals was a good performance Coulson showed up and Spence might finally have his concentration levels where they need to be for senior football. Having said all that it is 1 result we need to see this for the next 3-4 games or it's square 1 again.
  3. We have a grip of the game we're controlling where we push, where we lose possession and when we want to drop it's been a good display so far problem is it's 1 0 and surely Charlton will be better 2nd half I think we keep sending Coulson and Spence down the sides we look more ragged when we expect Britt and Fletcher to bulldoze 1 2s through the middle between themselves. Hopefully we find a 2nd goal and kill the game we need 3 points.
  4. How Fletcher's not put that in I don't know fair play to Saville let's see if we can build the lead hopefully we don't sit off
  5. Hate that we're 5 at the back again especially with that personnel I'd rather a back 4 and push Howson to midfield, Spence has been prone to switch off in games whenever he's called up not confident in him going into this, Saville's an absolute clownshow in a holding role whenever he's in a pivot especially with Clayton it's god awful we get 35% possession without Saville's loose touches I reckon him being in costs us 10 extra turnovers a game. Positive note I'm glad Clayton's back in the team still think him and Howson are our best midfielders as for Coulson I'd say him and Bola have both messed up defensively so hard to say who the better pick is right now. That bench has 2 good young midfield options, Wood, Bola and Ste Walker I mean maybe no 'gamechanger' offensive player but Liddle/Wood could easily slot in a 5 at the back home team vs Charlton but we'll see how he uses the bench.
  6. Can see why he'd turn down Watford hardly a stable situation we offer him a blank slate type job with a shrinking wage budget I bet he'd back himself to build up a squad next summer. The last bit about SOME board members is pretty hilarious when the reason these stories are appearing is I'm pretty sure a bad result vs Charlton and they already know what they'll have to do by lining up a replacement ASAP. I'll go on record as saying I'll take any manager with any sort of decent track record give me Shteve Mclaren back if you can wrangle it Hughton/Warnock are best case scenario's I guess shame we limited our last hunt to Jokanovic and Woodgate the only reason JWs still employed is people can't swallow how badly they screwed up and are dragging it on out of their own pride at this point I suspect the JW supporters on the board are Bausor, Bevington and Gibson I can't imagine Joyes or Lamb are the 1s dragging this on.
  7. The problem with saying we miss the experience of Friend/Flint/Shotton is that area is not the area we're reportedly targetting it's a 'creative' midfielder and a striker. My issue is everyone's fit in our squad there's not a chance this mystery Championship/PL squad striker gets Britt out the team and we've chased 'creative' midfielders with experience like Puncheon many times before I'm not sure the rumoured 2-3 signings would actually improve our XI that much if we get a Martin Cranie type again for defence it would be fine but with the amount of crosses we concede we could have Chiellini back there we'd still struggle. I'd rather we went harder for youngish PL loans like Izzy Brown in the summer but the ship on most of them has sailed, I'm really not convinced a Leon Clarke type coming in does much for us we saw with VLP as well signing a 'creative' midfielder who's got no game time under his belt is a pretty expensive bad idea. I know it's been said alot but if we had a decent scouting network we could fill these gaps with European league experienced players on cheaper wages and nominal fees the 'proven' Championship cliche we've gone for since Monk has buried us with big fees, big wages and big disappointments why go to that well again I don't get it.
  8. https://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/sport/18077510.middlesbrough-set-modify-transfer-approach-january/ We're so skint we're apparently taking on experienced PL squad players who can barely get a game? What could possibly go wrong, that League 1 experiment sounds like it's went down a storm and any time I see us targeting 'proven' Championship players I get a strong Guedioura/Gestede vibe. This 'new' approach sounds very January 2017-January 2019 to me... He also says Clayton's contract's up along with Howson and Ayala they're attracting Championship interest what would we realistically get at this point for Howson/Clayton? 700k? Maybe 1 mill for Howson?
  9. I'm not too into stylistic arguments to be honest the reason Pulis failed was because he posted career low set piece percentages with us meaning we lost the goals and points he historically gets from that stat not necessarily 'crap football' also our current manager plays 5 atb and hates having possession Warnock wouldn't be that different in that regard. The defense of Warnock is he organises teams puts his arm around players builds solid home ground records at his clubs which is a key platform for any team in this league to go anywhere near the top. We aren't exactly in much of a position as fans to be picky when we're 3 wins from 19 and average 30-40% possession a game anyway I don't really see a negative in Warnock to steady us we already know how we're ran if Warnock's the best non local contact left in Gibson's phone then give him our last 25 games he legitimately can't do any worse. If we lose to Charlton and limp into Swansea Forest Stoke there is no way he survives he'd be 3 wins from 23 games he's got a truly shocking record he's worse than Maddren's win record he's approaching our worst ever manager statistically Bobby Murdoch, I think a failure to win vs Charlton gives him the honor it's shambolic, shameful and that's why I'll take anyone else because I don't want to see us in League 1 and with the players we have we should be 10-15 places higher it's a failure of the manager in place Mowbray came into a far worse mess than Woodgate inherited he was forced to throw in Smallwood/Main they're no better than Malley/Liddle and co re 'thin squad' complaints, Woodgate's played a hand of his own making, his own strategy and his own words horrendously when the axe falls who knows but whoever comes next will not relegate us, act like he's running a pub team and might actually salvage value from players in the summer.
  10. Reading the echo story on this just set alarm bells off they source it from a Boro 'chief' who wants to stick by Woodgate but at no point is there a denial about talks with Warnock they even mention Warnock and Gibson's close relationship (?) it's meant to read as a confidence note I read it as Woodgate's final warning. I'd rather Nigel Pearson as is well documented on here over the past 3 years he's a kick up the backside type and doesn't play full on shithouse football if we go with Gibson's pal Warnock I don't see how it works he'll bin half the team bring in a lump maybe finally sign some wingers he'd keep us up but Glenn Roeder would keep us up got to breathe some life into things. I'm not set against Warnock especially for the rest of the season I'm just not sure him and Gibson getting their heads together over transfers would work he had alot of flops at Cardiff we're god awful signing British players especially and he paid over 4 mill for an Oxford winger and a Rotherham CDM...
  11. People's feelings on Woodgate get asked/spoke about the most have done for his whole tenure his stats are some of the worst league stats a manager of our club's ever produced especially in the 2nd tier. Let's game it out a little let's say best case scenario he gets 2 wins out of the next 4 games he'd go to a record of 5 wins in 23 games if he replicates that over the last 23 we'll have 10 wins for the season and probably just enough draws to pad us over 40 points. That's assuming best case in the next 4 games he has us in a shocking position with 0 away wins and 3 total league wins in 19 games it could be worse we used to say but what's worse than 3 in 19? In that best case we win 2 of the next 4 even that would put us borderline relegation at the half way mark if he does less than 2 wins in the next 4/5 games I don't see how he survives until January and the next 4 games aren't easy especially for him. This might be the last poll of his tenure is all I'm saying I don't see how he stays tenable especially if he fails to pick 2 wins up in the next 4/5 games.
  12. Goes back to my key issue is Woodgate a special little boy living his dream or is he a Middlesbrough FC manager I mean FFS all he's taking away from today's 30% possession 4 0 drubbing is how lovely the Leeds fans were to him but he couldn't wave because we were 3 0 down at the time? I'm not saying Boro are Man United but are we just at the point where we build all week for our manager to enjoy a day trip to Elland Road I mean come on he's acting like he's managing a pub team. This club in my 27 year lifetime has never felt so small and it's nothing to do with finances it's attitudes/expectations it's all got so distorted it's shocking to me actually it's depressing I can not believe our manager's 2 takeaways are how sweet Leeds fans are as his teams been drubbed and how there's no need to panic January's coming.
  13. I hate this line of argument, brought to you by the guy whose 3 summer signings are currently lighting the league on fire, right? The worst possible argument for Woodgate's case is 'spend more, sign more' follow the thread through... Sign who? A backup striker? An extra midfield body? A winger who'll end up wingback half the games? His 3 summer signings 1 was kept off LWB by Shotton and Johnson the others in, out and looks a wreck while Browne looks ready to rip peoples heads off when he gets sent on. I don't know if the January reinforcement line holds for the next month if he doesn't get 2-3 home wins I can't see how he'd be there come January. The same guy bemoaning thinness of squad was the same one late August bragging about how if target no.1s not available we wont go down the list we'll give the U23s who are "100% good enough already" for a place in the team. He binned Hackney after a short pudgy grey haired Austrian bullied him for an hour in pre season, Pears is in because a Cypriot League nostalgia trip isn't up to the 20 crosses a game we face and Malley/Wearne are being left to develop... like any other MFC manager would. I don't see any youngsters given consistent game time under Woodgate any other manager wouldn't have given the same i.e Tav/Fry/Wing/sprinkling of Wood. I think the Woodgate's a youth friendly coach has been shown to be a bit of a fallacy to be honest.
  14. I meant tactically we've setup with a 5 3 2 (or 1 1) which I was talking about he's setting us up for Pulis esque 30-37% possession most away games he's not reinventing the wheel he just seems to retread things we did last year but think he has grand answers Pulis didn't going forward that's kind of where I was going with teamsheet more formation/setup than exact name for name 11 players. I get what you're saying Tav and Wing in midfield are less 'defensive' in mindset than Besic/Clayton and less experienced but he still had a bulk of options that Pulis had even with injuries he takes back 30% possession from Elland Road difference is Pulis could have points to show for his defensive 9 defenders setups and Woodgate's just a poor imitation of Pulis especially away.
  15. Friend was poor though at the time alot of people wanted McQueen in, Howson and Clayton are fit to play midfield and most people after last season would want Wing>Besic in midfield I'm not sure the lineup itself is much poorer? Shotton for that spell was a better RWB than we have available but the rest I don't know alot of them were average under Pulis, if anything a year odd on you'd expect Tav in for Downing and say Wing for last seasons Besic to be upgrades if anything, no?
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