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  1. Jones should have been aware that Dijksteel had overlapped absolutely criminal to get wrapped up like that.
  2. Not happy with Watmore leading the line at all.
  3. Riis scored 6 goals in the second half of last season - including two against us on the final day. I think we should be really cautious when you look at essentially a 4-5 month period across a 24 year old's career. On Gyokeres I think the perception of him is he's technically better, Swedish international but I think most fans were thinking we'd be paying £7 million for him. Irrespective of a transfer move Riis is also currently out of favour presumably off the back of his form since Ryan Lowe came in. I really hope we don't pay close to £10 million for him.
  4. Riis would be a massive gamble, he's not quick and not great in the air with a very limited track record aged 24 - paying £3-4 million would be a reasonable gamble but anymore and I struggle to see the logic.
  5. In his MFC post match he said he thought the players showed balls today and that everyone knows the group isn't at its strongest - only comment on transfers was that work was 'ongoing'.
  6. Last summer Celtic signed what I believe was the Eredivisie top scorer from the season before Giakoumakis for £2.5 million. The fact that Groningen have rejected £9 million seems wild given the market precedents, I'm not sure we should increase our bid - his commercial value doesn't justify it.
  7. Yeesh, Larsen is not a happy boy after Groningen's 6-1 defeat. https://sportnieuws.nl/voetbal/binnenland/jorgen-strand-larsen-wil-weg-en-haalt-uit-naar-fc-groningen-staan-nergens-voor-open/ "FC Groningen is not open to anything, that is disappointing," Strand Larsen said. Interest from Italy FC Groningen would have rejected a mega offer from Middlesbrough, but that is not the only thing, according to Strand Larsen. "A lot of things are going on, also off the field. We didn't do our job on the field. If you come here, you have to give 110%, we did 80%, that's not enough," said
  8. I thought Steffen and Lenihan were brilliant 2nd half. Wilder can't be happy that we've conceded two more daft goals, home draws vs WBA and SU aren't a disaster but if we're at the top 2/top 6 level we expect you'd like to be able to pull of a home win vs one of them. Shout out to Chuba though I can imagine it's been a tricky couple of years but he got his Riverside moment and have to say he can definitely play a big role for us this season.
  9. I had/have a lot of faith in Wilder and you could see in a lot of games last year that we were just a couple of tweaks or lucky breaks away. What's concerned me all summer is the lack of real change in the team's performances, Preston was a massive blow for Wilder because even if we missed out it would have showed the players had the bottle and belief.
  10. Jones decision making offensively and defensively is erratic, inside of him there's 3 CBs that seem absolutely terrified when they take more than two touches on the ball; Giles defensively is a liability the hope is we spend more time attacking than defending to mitigate it; our captain is an undroppable statue; two midfielders either side do a few neat passing triangles with their wingback but our strikers are invisible to them; our strikers either miss sitters, drop to hold the ball and lose it, or spend half the game chasing 40 yard balls. Not sure where we're going at the moment we l
  11. Teams get goalside of our defenders so frequently it's absolute joke we're like statues. Preston away summed us up perfectly and we've carried the same habits and form into this season. We have fundamental issues in our system which showed at the end of last season which haven't got any better, really concerning to be honest.
  12. People's nostalgia for Uche ignores the fact that sure he throws himself into every aerial duel but in games like this you need your strikers to be on their toes it took big Uche an age to get from halfway to the opposition box we just aren't holding the ball long enough. Our defenders need to sort their channel balls out they're not giving Forss or Akpom a chance they're either hitting Foderingham or giving away throw ins. McGree's been bullied, caught on the ball and seems to lack pace really worried about him second half.
  13. We look so slow out there, 6 statues around the box and no one gets close to Berge who took his time and pulled it low across Steffen. Not all of our problems are down to not having signings, we generally just look slow, off pace and ****.
  14. I don't have the stats and I admit it is purely from my own eyes but under Woodgate I thought Paddy was phenomenal in between boxes he just couldn't quite put that final touch or pass together to get the goals and assists his general play deserved. It'll be really interesting watching him today, Fry at LCB is a worry but hopefully his left foot's not called into action too much.
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