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  1. Gibson leaked to the Gazette on background at least 3 different times this season that Woodgate is not at fault for our situation and while relegation is not something 'the club' want it is accepted that it's a possibility that was our supposed lord and saviour sticking his head 10 foot deep in Saltburn beach all because he gave the keys to a moron and somewhere along the line realised a 20% win percentage manager would likely take us down but gotta stick by him! Remember that when you get the woe is Gibson stories if we get relegated about how much money he's put in etc. Reality is we are horribly managed financially we hold onto multi million pound players for too long we let players who we have 5/6/7 million invested in in transfer fee alone walk instead of offloading the summer before whole hierarchy is rotten. 'Who'd invest in Middlesbrough FC' line that Gibson's defenders throw out gets me riled up beyond belief you have a crown prince owning Sheffield United the entire Saudi royal family buying Newcastle and Wolves were bought by a Chinese firm worth billions is Wolverhampton such a more attractive area than Middlesbrough? It's a crock of ****. We gave Johnny Woodgate our football club gave him full reign to live his dream and we'll probably get relegated because of it sure there'd be no Middlesbrough FC without Steve Gibson but if this keeps up there will be no one left to support Hurworth FC because we're ran by Gibson and his unsackable mates from their Rockliffe offices there's no accountability, no standards, no vision and no hope. Strachan era was about as low as I felt as a Boro fan but the past year has surpassed it we're ran badly in every department by people who have no business still being here and a chairman who's self destructing everything he built back during the Karanka era. Cut the budget back put none of your own money in sell everyone and get in trialists and loans that way I wont get condescending BS every transfer window like the only players in the world are 7 million pound Saville its the 'market' its 'Gibsons money why do you care' I mean without new ownership whatever ambition we as fans have will always be curtailed by the same BS from the people who run the club so what is the point.
  2. Jamie-H

    Boro V QPR 0-1

    I mean Warnock's playing Johnson at left back because he doesn't trust Coulson who's spent his life being a winger up until Woodgate's epiphany last August, he's having to play Friend centrally because we let Ayala's contract run down instead of selling him last summer which belied the delusion that I believe will cost us millions by simply not accepting we needed to cut the nearly out of contract loose because for whatever reason they genuinely thought Woodgate was the second coming and he'd have us near the top of the league. Also our previous manager ditched our only other LB in January back to Blackpool and one of our few actually attacking players he shifted to Oxford because he couldn't get him playing and we needed a space for Lukas Nmecha and a spot on the bench for Ravel Morrison. Woe is Woodgate doesn't work for me these players we have are either supposedly brilliant young players like Coulson/Tav/Spence and proven Championship midfielders who all have track records scoring in this league whether it's Howson/Mcnair/Saville/Wing then we are left with the 2 strikers Fletcher's solid at this level and Britt's had an awful season. Warnock's walked into a mess no doubt if he had Moukoudi fit and could push Friend out to LB maybe the Hull result is different but there is proven players in that squad that should have enough to dig us out of this.
  3. Correct Boxing Day was the last home win for us. Let that not distract us from the phenomenal Away record Woodgate led, leading us on our longest winless away run since Southgate in the Premier League. Really is just a phenomenal season for us in many ways we broke so many records and turned the clock back to old times... It's just the old times are when we were essentially close to administration in the 80s and the times of an out of depth manager being handed a mish mash squad and given a make a wish season with our football club by our wonderful chairman.
  4. The KC stadium hadn't seen a win for Hull since December then we rolled up...
  5. League 1: David Artell Championship: Karl Robinson Just accepting the rebuilds required which we should have accepted last summer not been pig headed about rejecting Randolph/McNair bids should have shifted whoever we could now we're in a summer where we have no choice but to shift Britt and co god knows what we'd get for him but I'm hoping we go with a PROVEN manager who while been given room and scope for next season will also know there is a standard and expectation medium term at Middlesbrough football club there will be pressure.
  6. Depends on how you define effort right? Like Saville and McNair poured everything into winning the duels and running up and down to support attack/defense they just lacked quality on the ball especially when it got near Hulls box. Meanwhile Coulson was anonymous for large spells of the game had 2 bursts other than that was pretty poor but had no quality? Wing treated it like a training game just wandering around his timing was awful he was doing unnecessary flicks when he should be bursting to shoot/get the ball to someone to shoot so I'd say Wing lacked effort and quality. Tav tried but lacked quality especially from crossing areas, Britt competed well but was given nothing all game no lack of effort or quality from him. Johnson had effort but abysmal quality, Fry and Friend were pretty solid all game getting done by a 40 yard deep cross has got to have done them in if I was them I'd be raging. I think it's a mix of problems we have I'm hoping Warnock fixes them but the result tonight vs an absymal team who leapfrog you in the process has the potential to mentally break teams especially with a squad of players as well compensated and travelled as ours it's just embarrassing as much as its demoralising.
  7. Yeah vs Stoke a major difference was our crosses and set pieces were on point we created numerous scramble chances just in front of their goal involving Saville/McNair against Hull we overhit every cross ran into blind alleys and continued our abysmal set piece record like Warnock never even arrived. Listen if we go down yeah sure it's bad and we lose millions of pounds in player devaluation alone but at least we let Johnny Woodgate live his dreams with no pressure, expectations or standards as a football club.
  8. Ohhhhh we are in deep deep trouble what a shocking result, Hull have been awful yet we're losing to them and can't find a goal.
  9. Howsons been outstanding all game wish McNair/Saville had his consistency.
  10. Yeah greed aside his final decision has just been bad and he's given Britt nothing.
  11. I think Roberts has been poor today I have to be honest.
  12. If Fletchers fit Id get him on for Coulson ASAP we need someone who will shoot right now we're too timid around their box.
  13. I mean I don't know how Kane scores just took all our momentum away, if the keeper is a step closer to the middle he probably saves it but still we need to put these away they are dreadful.
  14. We need Moukoudi back in the team ASAP I can't take Johnson at LB much longer that was nearly a pen
  15. Our instruction seems to be get the ball to Roberts as much as possible and get Saville + McNair running in the box we need better quality from him and Spence right now we're being wasteful.
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