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  1. https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/neil-warnock-wants-sign-duncan-19200149.amp?__twitter_impression=true My worry with Watmore is he broke out primarily because of his raw pace and speed when dribbling but with those horrific knee injuries what is left in his legs? Saying that beggars can't be choosers and have no issue with us giving him a 1 year deal if Warnock thinks he can contribute.
  2. Please to announce that the Boro will be smashing the league this season. That is all.
  3. Anyone remember that rapid youth group striker who performed at ridiculous levels for england youth groups up to 17s even forcing his way into Karanka's thoughts at one point? Bradley Fewster. He's currently semi pro at Whitby Town 4 years later, I've said over the past 12 months that Walker is at a critical stage where he'll either absolutely shine out on loan or he'll end up following Fewsters footsteps. Reality of his situation is, whether you think Warnock will 'need' him or not, this is probably the most important season of his career it will determine what level he will be playing at in 4 years time because the youth strikers we have coming through look really good and keeping Ste Walker around an extra season taking up a spot in the 23s if he has a poor season is not something I imagine the club will do. It's like Chapman and Mondal they looked absolute livewires in the UEFA youth league in 16/17 fast forward a few years Junior's spent most of his time in non league and Chapman's spent most of his time sitting in stands or on his couch. This isn't talking down our youngsters it's just the harsh realities of the transition from youth football to senior and from evidence available Walker might have enough there or he might not but 5 sub appearances for us this season wont give us the answers we/him need for his career so sending him out made complete sense for all parties.
  4. I bloody knew it was us he was reading! He's mentioned reading messageboards like 10 times and not to blow the OneBoro horn but we are the main Boro forum. Neil Warnock on a charter flight to Newquay every week with unlimited data on his phone of course he takes a peak at what we're saying it just makes sense. I'm not getting on his bad side I holiday down near his village every summer he could have me jumped if he catches me in his parish. Listen Neil if you're reading us talking about you reading us the person you're looking to beat up round the back of the bike sheds is Anthony Vickers aka @Changing Times
  5. Me reading the lineup Yep... Yep... Yep... Yep... Yep... Yep... Yep... Yep... Yep... Ye... nooooooooooo wait a minute Marvin Johnson ahead of Roberts or literally any other contracted player?
  6. Get in. Maybe we'll get an update on the 'couple of trialist' strikers he expected to come in early this week in his postmatch.
  7. That's the thing with this league the *** refs work for or against you. I haven't complained about an EFL ref in 7 years I just take it as a given they'll be dropping howlers all game.
  8. If we hold on here between this and the Reading result it would be a very good sign for us given how well those 2 have started...
  9. https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/free-agent-strikers-middlesbrough-could-19118034.amp?__twitter_impression=true Knowing how desperate we are for a free agent striker now let's just go back to Sanogo because some of those names available to us like Watmore/Borini/Diomande/Sakho are pretty depressing.
  10. I just realised today was deadline day reading back 20 pages was an absolute trip. Bolasie at Villa was shocking but he has had a pre season he might have that extra bit of fitness shame we didn't get it done.
  11. FFS another one? Honestly at this point let's just sell Rockliffe's lands and assets to Bulkhaul if FFP let's that stuff go with stadiums it's pointless and adherent clubs get shafted along the way.
  12. Carabao money behind them I think, right? They splashed big on Puskas/Joao last year they've reigned it in this summer with a 2 million net spend on Ejaria I'm not an FFP expert but can't imagine they'll be in too much trouble they just let Gunter and a couple of big earners leave as well.
  13. Big year for Joe Ridley at that age group as well he was moved to the 18s quickly after getting in the England U16s last year he's a winger which will naturally bring extra pressure onto him. I'm keeping my eyes on that crop that moved up to the 23s Balde/Cornet/Gibson with Kiernan and Hackney it's an interesting cluster of 18 year olds in that age group this year.
  14. "But we've got to look after ourselves at the minute. We need Marcus at the moment, and a lot could depend on who we bring into the club." That's an interesting Warnock quote I picked up on, he doesn't seem to be thinking of Roberts as a Browne replacement as he's basically done. The question I have is what position is viewed as a Browne replacement in the squad for Warnock? My guess is he still wants a 4th striker since that's where he's played Browne but I have no idea I can't see it being a CB or defender coming in that he's talking about before he lets Browne go.
  15. Sounds like we wont be seeing Tav central very much he said he thinks he's better with a line by the side of him guess he's a wingback option now? He's not wrong on Roberts' consistency he had some very mediocre games for us but he's different than what we have and off a striker he could be deadly.
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