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  1. Get in. Maybe we'll get an update on the 'couple of trialist' strikers he expected to come in early this week in his postmatch.
  2. That's the thing with this league the *** refs work for or against you. I haven't complained about an EFL ref in 7 years I just take it as a given they'll be dropping howlers all game.
  3. If we hold on here between this and the Reading result it would be a very good sign for us given how well those 2 have started...
  4. https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/free-agent-strikers-middlesbrough-could-19118034.amp?__twitter_impression=true Knowing how desperate we are for a free agent striker now let's just go back to Sanogo because some of those names available to us like Watmore/Borini/Diomande/Sakho are pretty depressing.
  5. I just realised today was deadline day reading back 20 pages was an absolute trip. Bolasie at Villa was shocking but he has had a pre season he might have that extra bit of fitness shame we didn't get it done.
  6. FFS another one? Honestly at this point let's just sell Rockliffe's lands and assets to Bulkhaul if FFP let's that stuff go with stadiums it's pointless and adherent clubs get shafted along the way.
  7. Carabao money behind them I think, right? They splashed big on Puskas/Joao last year they've reigned it in this summer with a 2 million net spend on Ejaria I'm not an FFP expert but can't imagine they'll be in too much trouble they just let Gunter and a couple of big earners leave as well.
  8. Big year for Joe Ridley at that age group as well he was moved to the 18s quickly after getting in the England U16s last year he's a winger which will naturally bring extra pressure onto him. I'm keeping my eyes on that crop that moved up to the 23s Balde/Cornet/Gibson with Kiernan and Hackney it's an interesting cluster of 18 year olds in that age group this year.
  9. "But we've got to look after ourselves at the minute. We need Marcus at the moment, and a lot could depend on who we bring into the club." That's an interesting Warnock quote I picked up on, he doesn't seem to be thinking of Roberts as a Browne replacement as he's basically done. The question I have is what position is viewed as a Browne replacement in the squad for Warnock? My guess is he still wants a 4th striker since that's where he's played Browne but I have no idea I can't see it being a CB or defender coming in that he's talking about before he lets Browne go.
  10. Sounds like we wont be seeing Tav central very much he said he thinks he's better with a line by the side of him guess he's a wingback option now? He's not wrong on Roberts' consistency he had some very mediocre games for us but he's different than what we have and off a striker he could be deadly.
  11. Didn't look like a clear trip to me looked like he threw himself?
  12. This might be Fry's best game of 2020 he's dealt with everything looks much sharper after he had another disrupted pre season.
  13. If we don't extend Dijksteel's contract soon we're mad can't let it get to next summer he keeps this form up he'll get a Prem move...
  14. Akpom is one of the most impressive signings we've made in years. He's a proper player.
  15. Great strike by Tav that would have been a GOTS contender if it went under the bar, well in by Saville as well that was an awkward looping rebound but he competed well.
  16. Hmm I'm just against playing strikers on wings every sod from Monk onwards has done it and Tav in wide areas is less than convincing his best moments for us have come in central areas.
  17. Hmmm sticking Akpom on a wing I'm not sure about that. Wonder if it's 532 with Howson as RWB again...
  18. Getting in Roberts and Buur on loans would go a long way for me I'd like a LB/LWB after that but who knows maybe that's Warnock's plan. The overseas permanent thing we tried/still trying is interesting would that have been an option ahead of Roberts? I think in glimpses Roberts showed incredible quality he could be the difference maker that puts us in the playoffs come May.
  19. We've had a narrow loss to Watford away, drew with Bournemouth at home and got a point at QPR considering we all think we haven't really put it all together yet that isn't a bad set of results to be honest. The worry now is the games in October/November come thick and fast it will test our thin squad I think we need 3 more in maybe 4.
  20. I need to see a replay of that not sure who was offside.
  21. It's hard to get on Tav or the strikers today when our attacks have usually broken down at the wingbacks feet I don't know how you solve that problem without getting new players in...
  22. Fry's the best blocker/clearer defender at the club always been his strength he's shown it again there.
  23. Could be worse we could be Cardiff and Derby getting shellacked at home.
  24. A positive for me across all 3 league games so far is we are competitive again, we never look out of a game, whereas alot of games under Woodgate and Pulis we just let time pass us by.
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