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  1. Completely agree. Fletcher is only marginally better then Lee Dong-Gook and Paul Sugrue in my opinion.
  2. Woodgate has inherited a poisoned chalice as the club has made so many mistakes over the last few years. We needed an experienced manager as we needed a complete rebuilding job. The appointment was wrong but now we need to pull together or we’re going down. The only thing that matters is staying up..... For those wanting Woodgate sacked, who would you appoint?
  3. We’re hardly the first club to struggle to adapt to the Championship after relegation from the Prem. We gambled on Monk and it landed us with weak players on big contracts. When the parachute payments stopped, we were left with under achieving players whom we couldn’t afford. At that point we needed a seasoned manager to rebuild over a 3 year period. This needed to be coupled with a thriving youth development programme and astute recruitment. The massive problem is that we don’t have the experienced manager to oversee this and our recruitment continues to be hopeles
  4. If we get Ravel Morrison & Harold Moukoudi I’d be pretty happy. We’ve improved our squad overall in this window. Our defence would be directly strengthened plus Shotton and Friend are coming back soon. Pears looks capable as a replacement for Randolph This has an impact on the midfield as we can now play McNair and/or Howson in their preferred positions Our attack is strengthened as Morrison will offer more than Browne as an attacking midfielder plus Nmecha offers options and Britt is back soon. Just a shame about Roberts.....
  5. If Morrison is a direct replacement for Browne, it’s hard to see how he won’t be an upgrade. Browne has played 13 matches this season and has ‘contributed’ 0 goals, 0 assists, 2 yellow cards and 1 red card. The bar is extremely low but Morrison must be able to improve on Browne’s stats and is worth a punt in my opinion.
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