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  1. Yes it does. Seems like the Belgian league pulled the trigger too soon because they have been summoned into a meeting with uefa after uefa said they would ban clubs for next season if the leagues were cancelled.
  2. Takes a nutter to know a nutter😉 Call me a nutter but I don't think Johnson is good enough and I'd rather someone else. As for Friend he's looked finished for a long time. Maybe it's because he will never reach 100% again.
  3. The Belgian league is being cancelled and Club Brugge are crowned as champions. They have yet to figure out how relegation and promotion is sealed.
  4. Johnson is not very good though so I'd rather spend his wages on someone who might be better. I'd rather a specialist LB or LW instead of handy player like Johnson who doesn't excell in either position.
  5. Coulson is much better going forward than he is defending, so to me it makes sense to coach his attacking abilities. He might be the tricky winger ala Adam Johnson but he has a wonderfull burst of pace and work rate. We're not a good enough team to gamble on having a poor defensive full back.
  6. If Friend is released or not seen as a LB anymore and Coulson is going to play on the wing then we need another and a steady free signing with some experience is sensible deal. Will take some pressure off Bola too.
  7. They’ve had a video conference with the 55 members and agreed to scrap the normal deadline allowing for national leagues to play into the summer months.
  8. It won’t be. Uefa have already said that all leagues must finish and the 30 June has been scrapped. Could play into august if needed I think.
  9. Could well be us soon so I wouldn’t be so cocky😪
  10. What is affecting Boro because it's not like we are raking in huge crowds and it seems like gate reciepts was always a relatively low income compared to our total budget and we've only had 1 home game anyway. TV money isn't particularly big either in the Championship and it's not my understanding that it's paid on a monthly basis anyway. What income have we missed out on in the previous month to put us into the bother? Has there been any rumours about playing staff reducing their wages to save the regular staff in this time? Plenty of clubs around europe have done so and it's beginning to show in Denmark too.
  11. While you are obviously right I'm just taking it for granted as it would be exactly the kind of thing this club would do😪 I hope we don't though
  12. The stupidety at the club never ceases to amaze me. If we are ready to waiver 7,5 million and even top it to get a defender back who hasn't played for two years I'm ready to give up on the club ever being properly run. We will forever be a club run on emotions rather than common sense and it will hold us back. That signing has all the hallmarks of Downing mk.2. We will probably even make him the leagues top earner and to make it happen the rest of our signings will be scraps from league 1.
  13. That Nugent goal against Hull! I was supposed to be making dinner for my wifes entire family in a rented summer house, but they weren't aware that I was following the game on my phone as I was alone in the kitchen and kept it quite. That changed however when Nugent scored and I was flying around the kitchen and did a small knee slide. Looked up and everyone was looking like big question marks. Brilliant. Needles to say the rimmed salmon starter was perfect. At least I ate with a smile on that evening. The two Maccarone goals are up there though no doubt.
  14. It's just slightly odd to me that despite being short of money we want to keep someone at the club for his influence when he clearly isn't good enough anymore. But I suppose if the money is right and Friend wants to wind down it would be a decent move, but I can't help but think the money could be spent better ie. on a genuine qualified coach for the first team.
  15. Yeah Iv'e been looking forward to the follow up. The first season was well made.
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