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  1. I don’t think Derby, Reading and Aston Villa are out of the woods yet. Think they are anxiously looking at the Wednesday case.
  2. It's probably because we can't afford young players that are actually getting gametime and we're left with older has-beens that can't get into the matchday squads in lower prem teams. It'll be more Cranies than Gastons.
  3. At least we won't have to suffer the demoralising effects of being knocked out against a lower league team. It's a free game that we will likely lose comfortably and noone will even shrug their shoulders.
  4. Borodane

    Steve Gibson

    He did a *** poor job and is one of the main culprits of why we're in this situation with no money, a woefully assembled squad and no belief. I rue the day he was extended in the summer of 2018. It was just as bad a decision as handing Agnew the reigns in the Premier League.
  5. We're not abandoning a new direction though. The stuff that was said in the summer was obviously something grasped out of thin air. We look completely aimless both on and off the field. Shambles in every departmant. Gibson took the cheapest path possible and that is about the only new direction we can muster. Signing Pulis wasn't the fault per se. It was the timing of signing him. Had we signed him in january while in the prem it would have made sense. If we signed him now to help us avoid relegation it would make sense. It didn't make sense to sign him when we wanted to get promoted let alone extend his contract af that abject playoff debacle. It was clear to everyone (almost) but Gibson that you don't sign Pulis to win promotion. You sign him not to lose to relegation. Signing Warnock now on a short term contract to make sure we aren't relegated will make sense as the season is over anyway in regards of moving forward. It's damage control from now on and Woodgate isn't the answer for that. Warnock won't be a long term answer, just like Pulis shouldn't have been, but he is one of the better answers if we want to avoid the complete disaster of relegation to League 1.
  6. Tottenham v Burnley. H Blackburn v Derby. D Cardiff v Barnsley. H Fulham v Bristol Cty. H Hull v Stoke. H Luton v Wigan. D Middlesbrough v Charlton D (BRITT) Q.P.R. V P.N.E. A Reading v Birmingham. D Sheff Wed v Brentford H __________________________________________________________________ Leeds v Hull. H N/Forest v Middlesbrough. H (NO Boro Goalscorer.) P.N.E. Fulham. D Stoke v Luton. H Barnsley v Reading. H Birmingham v Q.P.R. H Brentford v Cardiff. D Derby v Sheff Wed:. H Swansea v Blackburn. H Wigan v W.B.A. A
  7. Borodane

    Steve Gibson

    Thanks for everything Gibson but your inept management is destroying the club. Hopeless.
  8. I was just happy that Pulis was gone but this is a disaster. Complete and utter shambles. If Woodgate isn’t gone now nothing will change and I still believe we are going down.
  9. I’ve got to the point where I almost don’t care anymore. The losses don’t even set me off anymore. It’s just meh. We’re an insignificant championship team with no ambition. It is what it is
  10. Logged in to see the expected. Just sack Woodgate. I thing good is going to happen be keeping him.
  11. Glad I can’t watch the game today. It’ll be a slaughter I think. Credit to the fans that have travelled.
  12. I think they are looking at a bigger figure in international terms. Think the Arsenal job is too big a step for him. Arsenal are apparently talking to Nuno from Wolves. That would be a huge blow for Wolves.
  13. Not at all. He hasn't delivered and they are playing some very naive football. I haven't talked to a single Arsenal fan or read a forum where they have been happy about his management. It's the correct decision. I hope they appoint Poch. He owes Spurs nothing after that sacking.
  14. Can't see anything but a comfortable Leeds win. We've got so many injuries and with Randolph out I think Leeds will stroll to a 4-0 win.
  15. The changes he made had us come out to the second half even worse. We were almost pinned back into our own half until we scored and it was out of sheer luck that we didn't fall behind when they hit the bar. Whatever Woodgate did at half time he left all the initiative to Barnsley and we looked second best. First half was even so he arguably made us worse. I don't think he is at all improving as a manager, but then again we have a woefully unbalanced squad and a lot of injuries. This is definately not the time to have a rookie manager but it is what it is and we cross our fingers that he doesn't take us down.
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