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  1. Looking at the predictions thread people certainly think Boro are favourites. I've predicted a win as I think we will have enough about us to see of their attacking threat and score a goal ourselves.
  2. SATURDAY 28TH NOVEMBER Birmingham City v Millwall D Blackburn Rovers v Barnsley H Cardiff City v Luton Town H Derby County v Wycombe Wanderers H Huddersfield Town v Middlesbrough A Norwich City v Coventry City H Rotherham United v AFC Bournemouth A Sheffield Wednesday v Stoke City D Watford v Preston North End H SUNDAY 29TH NOVEMBER Nottingham Forest v Swansea City D
  3. Just seen that Ahmed Musa is without a contract. Absolutely rapid 😉
  4. I'd be tempted to start with the same first 11, but I reckon NW will revert back to Spence and Johnson given that it's away and they both had a huge impact after coming on. Also Huddersfield is a much better team than _Derby so will likely put us under more pressure. I fancy us to keep another clean sheet for obvious reasons so just pray that we will take at least the one big chance that every team get.
  5. Why? Are the infection rates higher in the NE?
  6. Of course he wants us to get promoted. It’s ridiculous to think otherwise. But he’s going about it in a different way than he did three years ago and rightly so.
  7. You need to listen to Kiss more😜
  8. Regarding january I think there will be quite a few players on frees. Players like Bolasie who is never going to get a squad number might be paid off the leave. Everton have no interest in keeping him if no clubs will contribute to his wages so might find it better to reach a compromise with the player. There are going to be cases like that all over. With a healthy payoff those players might be interested in signing for us. Or on loan for the rest of their contracts meaning their parent club won't take a hit on the books by just releasing them while they have a value.
  9. You are giving Derby way too much credit here. We didn't score aginst the run of play. We scored when the game was very scrappy and neither team could create anything at that time. Derby were very poor throughout the game but all teams get a few chances every game but they didn't really have any huge chances. It was a couple of half chances. They were crap.
  10. Just watched the highlights and a special mention to Saville for the assist to Marvin. It was very good vision and a perfectly weighted lofted ball. And I can't believe the rise of Bola. Huge credit to him and the coaching team. He's removed all our fears about being stuck with no real left back. That pass to Johnson for the second goal was great. Not the most difficult one but the way he controlled the ball, stalled and picked the pass instead of just hoofing it back into the area suggested confidence that he certainly didn't posess last season.
  11. Agreeing to a deal like that just shows how badly run Derby are. No publicity stunt is big enough for that club. If true that is. I suppose if he had any dignity he'd claim minor injuries.
  12. You always get the struggling Prem side looking at the championship in january to see if they can beef up their strikeforce. Britt is a decent striker and will always score goals. Even if the club is relegated you can count on having a good striker for a promotion push. Teams like Burnley, Fulham, WBA and Sheffield aren't going to attract much talent from abroad in their situation so might be more enclined to look domestic and who could help them if they get relegated. They could match his current contract and he'd probably be open to a relegation wage reduction clause as come summer he won't be able to find a club that will match his current contract anyway.
  13. This makes perfect sense. You should always be able to amend an agreement if both parties agree. Or else it wouldn't be possible to negotiate that players reduce their contracts in the coronacrisis like Arsenal have. For Howsons sake it makes sense as he get's an extra year to his contract and some safety meaning he doesn't have to uproot next summer. He may get a lesser weekly wage but more security in a difficult market. Same could easily be applied to Fletcher and Britt.
  14. Who the hell is Nina and Frederik?
  15. Absolute madness that we’ve only conceded one goal from open play in 13 games. I know we’re not scoring enough but that defensive stat is rather incredible.
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