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  1. Yeah, but it’s almost too random not to be something in it.
  2. Really? I think they are a fairly average team. Think they will struggle to get past the quarter finals and if the draw number three from the Germany/Portugal/France group in the final 16 I think that'll be the end for them.
  3. Woohoo top of the league with three straight wins. Didn't expect that. Great work @Youngy228
  4. A Slovakia v Spain H Sweden v Poland A Portugal v France H Germany v Hungary
  5. A Russia v Denmark A Finland v Belgium A North Macedonia v Netherlands H Ukraine v Austria H Croatia v Scotland A Czech Republic v England
  6. H Spain v Poland A Hungary v France H Germany v Portugal H Switzerland v Turkey H Italy v Wales
  7. Sorry. Didn't see I had to correct my predictions. I'll just predict the ones today then: Croatia v Czech Republic H England v Scotland H Sweden v Slovakia H
  8. Tbh I think Smith is actually about the best we can do. We're not signing anyone from abroad and we don't have the money to buy someone prolific from the domestic leagues. That's just the harsh reality. Have a look at last seasons scoring charts. Who above Smith do you honestly think we can attract that can be better?
  9. Undeserved win for De Bruyne against Denmark. Oh well it doesn’t change much. We still need to beat Russia now and count on Belgium beating Finland.
  10. When in trouble just sub Hazard and de Bruyne on. Some players to save their bacon. Need to beat the Russians in the final game and Belgium to beat Finland🤞
  11. What a first half performance. Absolutely brilliant.
  12. It's more or less forced on us that we can't go down that route, as with the work permit rules it will have to be a player who is a regular for his country over the past few years. We are going to see very little, if any, of those transfers in the Championship. Maybe for some of the relegated clubs with plenty of money, but certainly not for the skint average championship club like us. On paper someone like Ryan Gauld looks interesting though.
  13. Coming in early gives the players a chance to get into the team from day one. Come in late and you're already behind the other players. Avoiding pre season is a bit stupid, so I doubt any players think that's a good idea. Of course there are those players that have a number of offers, but there will be plenty of players that don't have many offers and will take what they can get.
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