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  1. It was expected. Copenhagen are arguable the biggest club in Scandinavia and have by far the most resources.
  2. Maybe not. But it wouldn’t disrupt anything. It would just make us a lot stronger. Unfortunately we are shambles behind the scenes so it won’t happen.
  3. No. 5 would be great. New LB, CB, RW, LW and ST. It would be perfect.
  4. Yeah but that would mean moving away from pulisball. We’re hellbent on playing hoof ball with zero creativity and pace✊
  5. I know. But I don’t want to play that. It’s crap. But in that case we need two new wingbacks.
  6. I know what you mean. I still have feelings for my wife.
  7. It was some excellent stuff. First time I tried to grow it myself. I gave most of it away after I had dried it. The kids started to ask what kind of plant the big one was next to the tomates and cucumbers in the greenhouse. So I'm not growing that anymore. Stupid wife. Now back to transfers...
  8. Those are the best tomato plants. Grew one last year that was over 2 meters high 😎
  9. - Does anyone realistically think we can beat the Cherries (and if so, can I please have some of what you're smoking)? No. Think we will lose 3-0. Game will be gone before halftime. - What would be your team selection and formation for this game? --------------Betinelli-------------- --------Fry--Hall--Mcnair------- Dijksteel---------------Coulson ---------Saville--Morsy------- ----------------Tav------------------ ---------Britt--Fletcher---------- - How many more signings do we need and in what positions? Badly need pace and creativity. We need a CB, LB, LW, RW and ST. It's never going to happen though so Akpom and a dross defender most likely. - If we fail to strengthen further, do you think Warnock and his coaches can improve what we have? No. It'll be another tough relegation battle. - Do you think we'll have any more success in the January transfer window? Even though it looks like it'll be impossible to have a worse window I think we will top it, as few players will want to sign for a team fighting relegation and playing crap football at the same time.
  10. How long time does he need to isolate? I assume he won't join any trainings or matchdays.
  11. We never ever beat Randers. It's a real pain. The Randers fans have even set up this counter: https://www.tickcounter.com/countup/102760/sidst-agf-fik-en-sejr-over-randers-fc "The last time AGF won against Randers FC"😪
  12. PAOK could have just turned down Arsenals demands. It's not scandalous from Arsenal. PAOK could have probably paid more up front and negotiated a lower clause or looked elsewhere.
  13. Haha. Poor you. Probably the worst team to watch in the Danish league. Much like Boro. Horsens isn't their name. They have nicknamed themselves The Yellow Danger (roughly translated) as they play in yellow. Their very few fans tend to just shout "Yellow Yellow Yellow". Seriously though it's a very sad team to follow. They've just sold a huge talent to Ajax though.
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