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  1. Cakpom has just scored for PAOK in Europa.
  2. Ouch. A right walloping. Well done Nawoo on scoring 9.
  3. Hopefully he will perform better and more consistently with the added quality of Onel, Sporar, Siliki and perhaps also Payero if he gets going. Takes a bit of pressure off him
  4. I don't count Fry as an academy player anymore. I realise I said Home Grown, but I meant young players who is about to break through from the academy. Like Jones, Malley, Wood etc.
  5. At least that concludes the saga. Lucky for them that they have had a decent start to the season everything considered, and will "only" be 7 points off safety. But with only 4 goals scored I doubt they will have the firepower to make up the points. They can't 0-0 themselves to safety. Maybe it will save Houghtons job as Forest won't be last.
  6. While we are in the Championship I don't think it's wrong to have a strategy that says there has to be 2-3 academy players as part of the first team squad. Do we really need to be signing players like Peltier, Bamba and Ameobi for the last three spots in the squad? Those numbers could just as well be made up from academy players. With the money we are spending on the academy and the status we should have three home grown players in the squad. Also we need to have at least one player breaking through once in a while in order to bring in some sales or not needing to buy first team starters.
  7. Exactly. Get the ball on the floor. We’ve got decent pace in the team now but we badly miss Bola.
  8. Did Sporar touch the ball twice in the second half🤣
  9. Forest fans already leaving. Crazy considering how poor we are defensively.
  10. This is just a goal for Forest waiting to happen. We’re just hoofing it ridiculously.
  11. Just got in. How has the game been? And no Payero in the squad today again?
  12. Look at the stats in the WBA-Derby game. Incredible that derby are coming away with a point.
  13. I think those poster, myself included, said that he wouldn't work undercover without there being a clear understanding between Norwich and Boro. I refuse to believe that Boro or Scott would actively work together without Norwich's knowledge.
  14. How are they doing? Any first teamers?
  15. Neil will line up cautiously and we hand the game to Forest. Im just really deflated about start we've made. Just making up the numbers.
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