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  1. Karankas Granada has just been relegated.
  2. Uh that’s going to sting.
  3. I think burnley could cope better with relegation than Leeds. Read that Philips and Raphina both have low relegation clauses so they will be snapped up for a lot less than what they are worth. I’m not ashamed to admit that it would amuse me greatly.
  4. No guarantees but I’d still take Ravanelli if he was in his prime.
  5. Not really for defenders which is why their prime years are around 28-33 or something like that.
  6. Of course not. In all likelyhood he's going to be even better. Another promotion season and a full Prem season under his belt. More experienced, mature and going into his prime years as a defender. He knows very well what it takes and will have learned a lot more. Plus the two seasons at Burnley might have made him even more mentally strong. There is literally nothing to suggest that he is a worse player than the one who left 4 years ago. And at that time he was the best defender in the Championship.
  7. In an ideal world everyone is on the same wavelength, but Wilder can't possibly know or scout every player in the world, so at some point he'll have to trust the analysts and the reports they come up with. If he personally has to check up on every player or only sign players he knows we are back to the limited pool of domestic players and even then there will be plenty of players he won't know much about. The important thing is that everyone knows the kind of style and recruitment we need. If Wilder requests an attacking left wingback with pace and a bit of technique it's up to the recruitment
  8. Yeah I can’t see us spending all the transfer income. If we get 15 mil for him I hope wilder gets 10 to improve the team.
  9. Now go on burnley. Get the winner.
  10. Pitch invasion at Everton in the 85th minute as Everton score. Wtf are they thinking. Definitely warrants games behind closed doors.
  11. Maybe we already have feelers from a decent club for Fry. Get 14 million for Fry and spend 5 million on replacing him with Gibson. Ideally I’d want to keep Fry but we all know the situation we’re in. That would be decent business and leave us with plenty of money to rebuild if we also get about 15 million from Spence. Replacing Fry with Gibson, who’d still be one of the best in the league, and still have about 20 million to buy other key players should give Wilder everything he needs to mount a serious challenge.
  12. They got him on a free so might be tempted to make some money off him. Unless of course they are looking to sell their highly rated forst choice and have Ryan take over. Good shout though.
  13. No chance we bid 2 million for Dean. Might have asked to take him on loan for a stop gap until the end of the season though. edit: misread it. Thought it said we had bid 2 mil.
  14. I very much doubt that Leicester are only looking at 3 million with decent experience from League 1+2 and the Championship with good reviews and he's also been called up to the Danish team just in March. I'd be surprised if they are looking at less than 5 million, and I'd also be surprised if he'd want to go on loan in the Championship again. That wouldn't bring him any closed to the Leicester team.
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