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  1. I always got the empression that Warnock wasn't treating Leo very well and didn't really want him here.
  2. Btw. does anyone know if the club do half-season online match tickets, like they do with normal season tickets? I vowed never to buy a match as long as Warnock was manager, but I might change my stance now, although I rarely get to see entire games due to other commitments.
  3. Yeah I get that. It's probably the best time to not have midweek games with Fry and Payero getting back and the players learn the new routines and build up more fitness. But that still doesn't change the fact, that I want games.
  4. If you follow the rule book it was the refs fault. The rules specifically say that the goalkeeper has to be fully functional at all time for the game to be continued. It was Arsenals luck that the ref didn't see he was down injured and blew his whistle before the ball had gone in. It's the refs responsibility to stop play as soon as the keeper isn't functional. That is what makes it controversial. If a keeper is hurt while trying to stop the ball from going into the net ie. bangs his head against the post and the ball goes in then it's obviously a goal. But if the keeper is down hurt before th
  5. I hate these weeks without a midweek game when we look like a team with new energy and ideas.
  6. By all means let them live but reserve all season ticket money for the HRMC until the debt is paid 😁 but I suppose a longish installment plan is the practical way to go about it. Including interests.
  7. Don't Derby have a young midfielder that is a bit interesting? Knight or something like that? Would be extra salt in their wounds if we picked him off them for a pittance in january. Administrators will be looking to sell anyone if they make it until january. If they fold at least we will get 2 extra points after our lacklustre draw earlier in the season.
  8. That would be slightly odd as I dont think he is good enough, but if McNair is staying in defence I suppose it won't hurt to have an extra body, although we still have Payero to come back and Lea Siliki isn't playing while some of the younger lads like Malley could do with a chance if we are to see if they are good enough.
  9. D Barnsley v Stoke H Cardiff v Coventry H Fulham v Birmingham H Huddersfield v Blackpool D Hull v Blackburn H Luton v Bristol City H Middlesbrough v Nottingham Forest H Millwall v Swansea H Peterborough v Reading H Preston v Sheff Utd A Derby v West Brom A QPR v Bournemouth
  10. A Barnsley v West Brom H Cardiff v Derby D Middlesbrough v Bournemouth H Blackburn v Birmingham D Blackpool v Peterborough H Bristol City v Huddersfield H Coventry v Stoke H Millwall v Preston H Nottingham Forest v Hull H QPR v Swansea D Reading v Luton H Fulham v Sheff Utd
  11. D Huddersfield v Coventry H Birmingham v Cardiff H Bournemouth v Blackburn D Derby v Blackpool H Hull v Bristol CIty A Luton v Fulham D Peterborough v Millwall H Preston v Barnsley D Stoke v Middlesbrough H Swansea v Nottingham Forest H West Brom v Reading D Sheff Utd v QPR
  12. H Fulham v Bournemouth D Coventry v West Brom H Barnsley v Huddersfield D Blackburn v Preston A Blackpool v Luton D Bristol City v Derby D Cardiff v Sheff Utd H Middlesbrough v Swansea H Millwall v Birmingham H Nottingham Forest v Peterborough H Reading v Hull H QPR v Stoke
  13. -Have you seen the players at the other relegation candidates. They're terrible and someone like Lingard is head and shoulders above any of those.
  14. Hehe, agree that. I'm sure Scott can come up with someone capable.
  15. And currently a certain Jonatan Woodgate is hiding in the bushes outside Rockliffe ready to pounce when Scott shows up for work.
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