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  1. If that’s true the. I retract my penalty claim. The replays I saw I only saw Saville take out their man
  2. Why would I want that? I just see things as they are and trying not to be biased. It was a *** decision to rule out goal out but that was a clear penalty.
  3. Didn’t look like Saville touched the ball. Just went through their player
  4. Why do people think it wasn’t a penalty? Saville clearly took out their man.
  5. That’s a stone wall penalty. Nothing to say about that. Very late by Saville.
  6. Take your time lads. We wouldn’t want to go for the three points🙄
  7. The rest are fairly average though. Who’s out of the ordinary?
  8. Come the summer I’d sell anyone bar Fry, Bola and Tav. None of the others will be missed.
  9. It’s what we play for though.
  10. 8 points off playoffs. Season is done if we end the day like this.
  11. Game over. Brilliant bit of defending by us again.
  12. I’m guessing Fischer is for a back 4 and Spence is for a back 5.
  13. It’s on Viasat in Denmark.
  14. Two attacking players and no striker🤣
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