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  1. I think Everton are definately stating up. They have a better squad than at least three teams and also the perfect manager for this kind of situation.
  2. We were 9th with 1.51. Sheffield top with 1.84 and Burnley in second with 1.80. WBA third with 1.63. Luton were 7th. with 1.61. We actually overachieved last season by scoring 0.24 more goals than expected. https://footystats.org/england/championship/xg# This season we're 5th and on par with actual goals scored vs. expected.
  3. On the fence then? I’d love to see it.
  4. Lee Cattermole as the next manager
  5. Had a very poor clearance leading up to their second goal when we could have relieved the pressure. Other than that I can’t remember him being bad. Both teams we overran in midfield the entire first half though. The main culprit yesterday with passing was Dijksteel who only managed 69%. Bangura on the other side had 95%. Dijksteel might still be rusty but I think it’s telling why he’s not really favored. He’s just not any good on the ball.
  6. North American sports is basically highly paid slavery. Being forced to go and play and live in a place you don’t want to just because a corporation owns you.
  7. McNair and Dijksteel were well below what you’d expect. Awful for their goals and Dijksteels red was his own fall.
  8. That also puts you under pressure constantly. Today we just needed to be stronger individually. McNair and Dijksteel completely bottled it. Had nothing to do with the way we play.
  9. Serbia is the last team. Tricky. Good to avoid Italy from the 4th pot.
  10. Slovenia is the third team. Thank god we missed out on Croatia and Holland from pot 3.
  11. Denmark and England lock horns at the Euros in the group stages.
  12. By some crazy run of events we’re still only three points off a playoff spot. But seriously our defense play needs to pick up. The mistakes today are very much avoidable. Crazy poor individual defensive displays from McNair and Dijksteel today. To concede those two goals. And then Dijksteel concedes a red because the ball is his enemy. Let’s have a top 6 right back in January please and play Fry and RVDB in the middle. And hire a defensive specialist coach. The ones doing it now clearly are missing something.
  13. He’s just not a particularly good footballer. Awful with the ball and no awareness at all.
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