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  1. Still keeps Huddersfield below us regardless of what happens tomorrow. The more teams below us the more teams need to pick up points to overtake us. All positive. If we go into the final game with 3 or 4 teams needing a result it’s better than just 1 team needing a result.
  2. It’s been extended to October across Europe I think.
  3. Ha. My exact though aswell. But we are losing Clayton and I'd happily let McNair go if we can get close to our money back. Same with Saville (which is highly unlikely).
  4. He hasn't exactly set the world on fire there, so could be a loan.
  5. To be frank I wouldn't advocate any Danish talent to join Boro at the moment. And those with talent in the danish league will likely have better offers than a relegation threatened championship club. I have repeatedly said we should sign Mustapha Bundu though, but Boro just won't listen.
  6. They have already been cleared by the EFL following promotion. They sold their stadium for 56 million and 30 million was promotion related costs which apparently counts against the deficit however weird that sounds.
  7. At his age he might actually like a 2-3 day working week. But I'm fairly convinced that Warnock isn't the answer to our DoF prayers. If he is the one putting together our recruitment strategy he might as well also be manager.
  8. Wonder when we will hear anything about the Wednesday situation, if there indeed is one? And when will there be a ruling on Wigans appeal? It would be nice to get that done with, so we know what we can count on.
  9. I can't remember the specifics, but iirc it was something to do with Rav being annoyed that most of the players weren't on his level and Beck got the brunt of his frustrations.
  10. Keep the system. I have seen nothing from other systems to suggest it can get better. Briit and Fletcher need to start together as neither a lone striker types. They need a partner to play off. I think we will lose this one 0-2 as two good games in a row seems impossible. I once served Mikkel Beck in a restaurant. I was sporting a black eye after being attacked the night before on my way home. It was too busy so I didn't have a chance to ask him if Ravanelli really did make him cry.
  11. It was hardly a massive change last summer. We signed 3 league 1 players and the first team squad hasn't changed that much. This summer however we are finally rid of the high earners that didn't really offer much on the pitch. There are some serious wages going out of the club. A perfect opportunity to build a balanced squad - but how many times have we said that over the years.
  12. Woodgate didn't make us competitive as he was way too inexperienced, so maybe it would be a decent move to have Warnock assist when we do interviews. Obviously it won't be necessary if we are talking to experienced managers like Hughton, but if we target young or foreign managers, it might be a good move to have someone experienced assisting with interviews. I can't for the life of me imagine Gibson and Bausor asking the relevant footballing questions about how the manager works on a day to day basis and how he prepares his squad for games. You need someone who can really grill the potential manager with relevant questions.
  13. This sounds all too Boro-like. So much that I believe it's how it will pan out. I literally have no idea who we should approach though. Not domestically anyway. Lee Johnson seems like a Gibson signing though, but it's not like he has really made Bristol take huge steps forward despite good investment. Plays nice football but always falters in the second part of the season. Could perhaps lay a decent foundation here for a few years. Hughton is also an obvious choice, but I doubt he'd want to come here. Long story short I don't think we have the senior staff to appoint a decent foreign manager so we will look at who is available domestically.
  14. As it happended I was sure the ref was going to send him off, but luckily Britt didn't really catch the guy. Could have been a very nasty tackle that would have surely resulted in a red card.
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