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  1. Ahh ok, I thought he'd already signed a long contract within the last year.
  2. 1 goal to his name this season for Monaco. Was a huge talent a few years ago but hasn't really kicked on. I'm not sure it's such a huge deal, but I suppose it could work out like a "Gaston signing".
  3. He's hiding behind the Premier League as they put the mini winther break in and told clubs to respct it by not playing any games that week. The FA then put a replay in there and Klopp is now saying he is pulling out due to respect of the Premier League official message that clubs shouldn't play a game. Absoolutely ridiculous. Rest players as every club do but at least have the decency to turn up yourself. It's a stupid statement to make and it wouldn't surprise me if he is doing it in the hope of getting banned from the competition next. If it was about money like the Club World Cup I have no doubt that Liverpool would react in a different way.
  4. My guess is the big contract announcement is probably Spence. I know it could be Howson and Ayala but I just feel it would create a bigger buzz amongst the fans if Spence extended his contract with 5 years.
  5. It’s probably costing them huge amounts of money.
  6. Think it was Lurker who said that both howson and Ayala have been offered much reduced terms. I think both will extend and the rest will go.
  7. Every player we court will need to have some pace. It’s such a difference to the team and so much easier to have a go at teams. Just look what’s happened to the way we play after getting Spence, Coulson, Tav, Roberts, Fletcher in the team.
  8. We will sign at least 1 defender. I'm certain of that. May not be our first choice, but we will get someone to boos the numbers at the back.
  9. ??? Leaving the EU has got nothing to do with FIFA and uefa. English clubs still have to take part in uefa competitions
  10. You have a year still until you exit the free movement of labor but with the noises coming out from your government I think the rules are going to be relatively strict, although there could probably be exemptions for people earning more than X amount which most professional footballers do. Although you could miss out on young talent that’s not coming on big contracts. Anyway your country is going to go backwards. They EU is going to be very strict if your government is going to stick to not wanting to align with certain eu rules when it comes to import/export. But as CT says football is a special business for you and there is a lot of money involved so you’d expect some sort of solution.
  11. If Britt leaves it’ll only be for a struggling Prem club with money like Villa or West Ham. But I think they want a more proven striker if they should strengthen. He’s staying.
  12. Is it taken from a hiding place in the bushes😃
  13. Don’t the stalkers just use google earth these days? #carparksaga
  14. It’s going to take more than just 4-5 months in the championship to get back to that form. He’s going to need at least 1 year to get back to that kind of form so a loan with a permanent in the summer should do it. He can maybe play well enough to earn a shot at the Prem again either with us or another team if he again establishes himself as one of the leagues best defenders.
  15. Sounds a bit weird regarding Fry. I could understand if it was because of our lack of finances but this just sounds ridiculous.
  16. There is no way we should spend so much money on a league 1 player. Madness. We’ve seen first hand how difficult it is to step up to championship level. Besides I’d rather keep Britt. Think he can have his best period here for the remainder of the season if we continue to pres and create chances.
  17. But if it turns out it’s his only option because Burnley will only accept their bid then he’d be better off going there on loan.
  18. Pass completion and cross completion should be good indicators.
  19. I thought the second part was decent too. Only just started the opening scenes of the third. Not sure I'm a big fan of entering present time, but I have been entertained so far.
  20. Woodgate says he expects him to be back quickly. Sounds like he should be back for the Blackburn game.
  21. That he was amongst the best in a dreadful period isn't saying much. I just think that he smacks of League1 in most of what he does. I'm pleased that he hasn't downed tools and tried to help us in a dark period but I just don't think he is good enough.
  22. Yeah that's interesting. Just a shame he is so poor at everything else. Needs to go when Bola comes back in the summer hopefully in better shape.
  23. Can't really see it not going through then. Burnley are a Prem club after all and they are not looking for a starter so I don't think they are going to have big trouble finding someone if they really want another body.
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