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  1. That's not a selling video. Half of the stuff he's just man marking people off the ball 🙂 But the again it's a 20 month old video.
  2. Juninho without doubt. Honorable mentions for Viduka and Adama. Kind of players that we could really use now.
  3. They've probably just picked out Boro and Benevento to seem more "legit" and wealthy and hope no-one notices. It's hardly a big newsstory. We need the Gazette to question Boro about this or get in touch with said investment company.
  4. I'm sure the trusted Gazette reporters will ask the club if they see it here? Rather simple question considering it's from a reputable portuguese newspaper.
  5. There is a vast difference between investment and takeover though. They could have just invested 10% in Boro.
  6. They don't even have a website and nothing comes up when you google them. I call bullshit.
  7. One of the most exciting attacking teams in the league and his hometown club. That's no match for the mighty pull of Boro and Warnock✊
  8. Leipzig knock out Atlético. Incredible to think that their successful manager is only 33 years old.
  9. If we really lack funds I can see an idea in getting Stewart on a free and selling McNair for around 5 million. Spend that money on some creativity.
  10. So apparently a Danish guy wants to buy Charlton. Founder of a company that produces medical equipment Zynex Inc. Never heard of the guy but apparently he is worth around 350 million pounds. Interesting to see where that goes. The funny thing is he has said in an interview that he has yet to speak to owner Roland Duchalet but he is letting him know through the media that he is serious. Duchalet sold the club in january and only owns the stadium and training ground😂
  11. Nothing. Gibson apparently still training with us.
  12. My guess is they just don’t want to raise people’s hopes considering there are lots of questions still and money to sort out.
  13. Like most of our squad he showed glimpses of decent talent. Being a young and very attacking fullback he obviously lacks some maturity regards to positioning and when it’s wise to move forward. Plus he is eager to take people on. I dont think he has enough to be a good winger but the defensive side can be taught by a good manager. There is surely something in there to warrant patience and be one of our two left fullbacks for the season. I’d not be comfortable if he started as first choice though
  14. In those two particular games we were the victims of a manager who hasn't got a clue about how to actually win a match. It was so clear Pulis was going for 0-0 in both games. The return leg was especially criminal as it looked like he had forgotten Villa won the first match. Anyone with eyes should have been aware then and there that he wasn't the answer. But then again he worked miracles behind the scenes and set us up for much better times...
  15. Meh. But I suppose that since we've already paid a fee for him we're not losing him yet on a free. Hopefully it's a lesser contract because he is just not especially good. Hope he's not pencilled in to be our left wing starter or plays another game at LB ever again.
  16. Boubacarr Sanneh is apparently allowed to leave Anderlecht on a free as they need to ease their wages, He was an absolute monster in Denmark before being sold to Anderlecht for 8 million Euros. Almost immediatly the manager and DoF left and the new manager didn't fancy him. Had two loan spells in Turkey and another Belgian club. Very quick and strong. Think he would suit the Championship very well with his attributes. I'd imagine @SmogDane will agree as he played for his team 😉
  17. Not unless you’re talking about Obi Wan Kenobi
  18. Over a million for a league 2 player who’s 25 years old. Madness. Stop buying from those leagues. So much overvalued dross.
  19. There is probably some truth in that but he must be getting desperate so I reckon he is going to accept an average championship contract soon. Maybe even less with some incentives built in. Wages are very difficult to predict in these times as clubs are very tight it seems and the window is open for almost two months still. Personally I would take (depending on finances/wages obviously) Roberts back on loan/permanent depending on price Ibe for the other wing (maybe he's getting desperate but you'd imagine a prem team to come in for him) Madisson to give us something different behind the strikers If Warnock really wants a big striker I'd take either Fletcher or Martin on short deals so we're not lumbered with them. Hell I'd even take Zohore on loan if it's cheap. In defence I'd have a good look at Abdul Mumin who is a free agent. Big talent who is looking for a bigger challenge now. I suspect he'll end up in Belgium though or perhaps the Bundesliga. I have no idea for right back if it has to be a cheap option.
  20. The "big striker" thing is just smoke and mirrors and we are bringing in Daniel Sturridge on a free 🤣
  21. That's just the way the Evening Gibson is ran. The club probably wrote it all beforehand. Where else can you have 10k+ costumers who pay for the product beforehand and never ever be held accountable for anything or be asked a difficult question?
  22. Did you get that info from @"KM" in the bushes?
  23. Hey, that's the best ad we've ever had on this site.
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