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  1. It’s giving them a good chance though. Only 6 points off safety. They’d be in 15th if it wasn’t for the deduction so they are clearly doing much better than the bottom teams.
  2. Thats a pen every day. Sure it’s unlucky but his arm is still slightly out from his body and it stops the ball in it’s track. You always see players defend with their arms behind the back when standing up as you can’t make yourself wider with your arms. Clear as day.
  3. I think Warnock somehow needs to find a place for Jones again. I'd drop Uche for Jones and play Hernandez and Jones either side of Sporar with Tav centrally in front of Crooks and Payero -------------Lumley------------- Howson-Bamba-Mcnair-Peltier ---------Payero-Crooks-------- Hernandez----Tav------Jones --------------Sporar-----------
  4. Must win game this one isn't it? Barnsley at home. We have to win.
  5. I'm hoping they are very worried and appoint Warnock to save them🤞
  6. I thought all nets were designed to let young fish slip through and only catch fish of above a certain size.
  7. even one of Warnocks cronies congratulated him at the end.
  8. Well I think thay are doing something about it, but whether it's too late remains to be seen. The cod quotas in the baltic sea have been cut by some 86% for the coming period and that will most likely put a lot of fishermen out of jobs. If the EU reckons it's needed in the North Sea then they'll probably push for that too, although I don't know what Brexit is going to mean in that matter.
  9. H QPR v Nottingham Forest H Fulham v West Brom H Bristol City v Barnsley D Derby v Blackburn D Huddersfield v Millwall H Hull v Coventry H Middlesbrough v Birmingham H Preston v Luton H Sheff Utd v Blackpool H Stoke v Cardiff H Swansea v Peterborough A Reading v Bournemouth
  10. D Cardiff v Middlesbrough D Birmingham v Swansea H Blackburn v Reading D Blackpool v Preston H Bournemouth v Huddersfield D Coventry v Derby H Luton v Hull D Millwall v Stoke A Peterborough v QPR H West Brom v Bristol City A Barnsley v Sheff Utd A Nottingham Forest v Fulham
  11. Score 9 and still lose. How is it possible to concede so many every week. 76 so far😪
  12. The obvious player to drop is Uche if Warnock wants to make way for a defender and push howson into midfield. Crooks-Payero-Howson in midfield. Hernandez and Tav either side of Sporar.
  13. Good goal in the end. Brilliant by Payero and well taken by Coburn.
  14. Thats a certain pen for PB. Lumley nowhere near the ball
  15. Warnock isn’t a fan of young talent. That’s the answer for you.
  16. What on earth have they been doing for the last two weeks. This is absolutely abysmal to watch.
  17. Everyone bar Sporar has been invisible today. If I was a neutral I’d probably pick Tav as our worst offensive player.
  18. Battering ram. That’s about it. Certainly not someone you’d want to play a 1-2 with.
  19. My god we're a terrible team. Horrific display against the worst team in the league. I genuinely don’t think the players know how to play. Really crappy management.
  20. That defence though😂 you just know it’s going to be hugely disjointed and he'll put all the blame on Payero.
  21. I had a few quid in my betting account. Stuck it on 3-0 to Peterborough at 51/1. I just have a bad feeling that we will have worked on nothing in the break and Peterborough will win the fight and the players will simply give up when going 0-2 down. At that point I’m just hoping for a “sacked in the morning” chant. I’m not proud of saying stuff like that but I just want him gone and start afresh.
  22. That’s way too religious to me. We can’t have that on here.
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