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  1. I'd like to see our more promising Academy guys getting a "go" Bilongo and joe Gibson being the main two, for me Hackney played very well last week and probably desrves a "go" too Wilder is not paying enough attention to the Academy lads, in my view He seems to like Finch and Kav is always a bit of handful and he doesn't have much else up front. If Akpom is fit more minutes will be a good idea.
  2. I'm not entirely convinced that a deal has not done on Larsen and that the Dutch club are merely "window dressing". The other scenario is that Larsen is addressing both of his options before chosing and that he has left Rockcliffe and gone to Italy for a couple of days training there. There may be others visiting for a similar purpose hence the "blackout" B. Gibson maybe Muniz ? or a completely left field answer Maybe Armstrong is training here. I can only leave it there and wait, no matter how frustrating that might be for any of us let alone the impatieint and the instant gene
  3. They seemed very organised and very nice little ground - grub was good I'm told and the selection of beers was fine Plenty of people around to make you feel welcome and wanted However I think it is the Boro who are being either disorganised or overly protective. I suspect that there was more than the odd one who was u 18. They seemed to trun up in dribs and drabs but that often happens at Bishops too so it was own transport/parents or friends
  4. DZ I never saw one, nor anyone with one. I could probably live with that if the names of the players appeared at the end of reports then I can try and work it out for myself You'll gather I was there
  5. I've still seen nothing of a team sheet. or names of the lads that played at Guisborough The club are obviously anxious to not make the youngsters overly publicity conscious at an early and impressionable stage in their development. I understand the need for that and agree with it to an extent To balance that with the supporters wish to know who they are looking at particularly at u 23 level is not a difficult task. A simple team sheet (with numbers preferably) would be desirable. Anybody who can pass this on to somebody who might listen in the club would earn my gratitude fo
  6. Ah that explains most of it ! Max Howellls is a little blond lad who's very short but very quick - correct ? I think I'm corrct in that all his shots were on target and he also gets up remarably high for headers but he looks like a junior school pupil playing men. All the Boro team were quick but most of them were not of the size of the men of Guisborough. Eventually if you keep the ball moving the men run out of gas but the u 23s didn't and din't look if they were going to either. A thoroughly entertaining evening
  7. If he goes AWOL presumably he doesn't get paid Can we fine him as well ? It won't take too long for him to owe us ????
  8. I could see that but technically it is a hire purchase agreement - I din't realise that until the last car but one 2/3 years ago
  9. Boro Dane if you had made you statement about car values going down a couple of years ago, I might well have agreed with you. Having just sold my last car which as not a classic for about 15% more than I paid for it. I think it was a poor analogy in the current car market. From what I can gather most people go for a PCP these days and you never actually own the damn thing - bit like leasing really I'll leave you to ponder
  10. Steffen has now been reported on by the Man City mafia .............. or at least the bit I know American and desparately in need of game time. when he was in goal we were not overly concerned, unlike a number of his predecessors. I read that as competent but not excitiing
  11. Me Dad was called Stanley. His parents were expecting a girl but when he was a boy they were very surprised and maybe a little confused. Help was at hand they'd had a pit disaster at Stanley the previous week Hence he became Stanley and the only person I know named after a pit disaster Makes Mungo sound quite normal
  12. If I read it correctly we have loaned out Lumley to Reading, Hemmings to Kilmarnock and Brynn to Swindon Hence without new introductions we have Daniels and James left and I'm not sure of James fitness
  13. I'm not sure that the phrase lazy journalism is accurate. The guys have an allocated space they have to fill every day. There is currently no or at least very little football. Hence they have to fill the space with something. They will probably have most of theri contacts off on holiday as the season is finished and will be restarting again in a week or twos time. It is a huge problem for them. Transfer speculation is one of the main ones that is useful but accurate speculation is difficult as most of the main players are away on holiday. As far as tight lipped is concerned it
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