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  1. I'll take it that they are not of interest to anyone so I'll have to try elsewhere or use them for lighting my next bonfire How do you delete a thread .......... or don't you ?
  2. I was clearing up an unused corner and found three team sheets u18s v Blackburn Jan 2020 u23 V Liverpool March 2018 - Premier league cup u23s v Sparta Prague - Nov 2016 - PL international cup I seem to recollect someone asking for team sheets but didn't tag the topic Just let me know and I'll stick them in the post
  3. From those excellent slowed down shots it is clear that the ball was free. I took the view that Paddy got to the ball first and that Bacuna was slightly later. Hence McNair has the ball and the tackle was from Bacuna. With that logic it cannot possibly be a red card. It is not even a foul
  4. white band wor lass had it done today at Boots in Halifax. At least we're both now on the same hymn sheet It's about time something changed and lets hope its the Boro's form keep smiling
  5. and Rhodes and Reach scored for Wensday
  6. For anybody who follows our old boys you might care to note the Shrewsbury v Sunderland game tonight. Will the scorers be one of our old boys I noticed at the weekend that Curtis Main provided the assist for Harry Chapman and that Charlie Wyke scored again
  7. From what I have gleaned he's going into the u 23 and they want to see how he develops over the next few months as his time here is currently limited 'til the summer
  8. On one demonstration with the little 1.6 Isuzu engine I was taken into the service area on Hartshead Moor on the M 62 having been asked to note the car in front of us. We came out of the services directly behind the same car. That's impressive. The JPS one "Elite "? was the one with a two litre turbo engine right behind your head was the worst for getting out of - ok on the way in and superb for 2 people with virtually no luggage. I did, for once, listen to my wife as there was not even enough space for the groceries
  9. In answer to the Lotus question I did try them and they are fantastic but the problem I had with most of them was I was getting out on my hands and knees.. Dressed in a suit etc and out to impress the potential client - crawling round the car park nah doesn't work ! I bought something larger and more comfortable instead
  10. Arthur Horsefield did in fact have an excellent scoring record. but he almost scored at least twice as many. He was often known on the terraces as "donkey". He was also a foil for John O'Rourke and if I remember correctly they scored 60 goals between them one season
  11. Redcar R I don't think it is down to the boots. Browne stuck his leg well into the turf with an apparent intention of creating a "solid hip " to lever the player away. We've all done it ! I was quite surprised that he got injured and tended to assume that it was because he'd used his inside leg to make it less obvious. I've seen a knee go back in again on its own but it is an odd and very upsetting sight to see a knee cap next to where is should be
  12. Just had a look out of the window and it doesn't look as though it is raining much. I'm effectively at the farm in the middle of the M 62 (where it is normally a bit damp - surrounded by reservoirs is a bit of a clue) I'd guess it is a bit better in Nottingham The only "unless" is the state of the river Trent which is very close to the ground and it flooded the low lying areas of Burton yesterday Sadly I have no sauces !!
  13. Zac Clough used to be as canny little player whilst at Bolton and possibly could be again under the Warnock system. Whether he became a billy big boots I know not but it is a year or three since he was a promising player
  14. Ste Walker scores 5 goals in 5 starts at MK Dons and gets the "bullet" That not very logical
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