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  1. Ste Walker scores 5 goals in 5 starts at MK Dons and gets the "bullet" That not very logical
  2. I was under the impression that Warnock said we were not close to any signings so what is this Archer bloke then - a free gift ? .... or perhaps he's just our Christmas present a bit late
  3. I merely brought up the subject of Charlie Wyke to illustrate the aspirations of others might be equally as pointless. Wyke rarely misses the target when he gets an opportunity is the answer as to why he scores. He is however a much better header of the ball than most of our current strikers but it may well be that he is at his level and we might be better considering what we need. If Fletcher or Brown is to return early in January then the need might not be so urgent However remember the "midget gems" - might some of our current lads be able to recreate something like that quality
  4. We'd be better off signing Charlie Wyke from Sunderland rather than this limited strikers that we seem to think might do a job. I might add Glenn Murray is not in the Davis / Blair Henderson description of limited
  5. If we can beat Millwall 3-0 with 8 men what can we do against Luton with a full team To me what more? is our best striker as a a he anticipates - see goal 1 b he untangles his feet when presented an opportunity - see goal 2 I prefer Akpom as a striker as he makes space for what more ? to move into neither are particularly good in the air so keeping the ball on the floor might be a good idea
  6. They lost 3-1 Hayden Hackney and Romarn Burrell both played, neither scored. Fisher was subbed in the second half and Cole Kiernan came on for him and scored. ( don't shoot me over the spellings, I'm hopeless) 2 of their defenders scored which sounds like get a cross in and the big defenders all charge .......... but I'm really just speculating
  7. Just looked at the u 23 team down at Fulham. I wonder about Danny Dodds as he's not playing Is he another one to make the bench tomorrow ? If that's the case then *** Steel will be sitting out again There is no Jones or Folarin either so they are in touch with the 1st team squad too Zac Hemming is in goal, does that suggest an other one of the lads is ready to step up too
  8. I did rather wonder if Isiah Jones is the man to start on the right wing. He is incredibly rapid. It is going to leave an inexperienced or slow left back really in the mire just a thought
  9. fair comment smoggie - if only our strikers scored as well
  10. What-more now has one assist and one goal in two appearances - wish we had one or two more like him
  11. The big Auzzie was very good and for a long time. I notice you have not mentioned Jim Platt who I rated highly also along with Pears. For some reason I tend to regard Given and Randolph as cameo appearances which is not really fair but who said life was fair - keep smiling
  12. Some interesting replies on crowds returning. I have a record of 65 + years of attending Boro matches and I'm anxious to keep it up but have one or three health problems so I can take no risks with Covid. transmissions. I'd love to go but it won't be until I've been vacced etc. If I can I'd love to go, even if its just the one game to keep up the record of at least one game in every season since 1953/4 keep smiling
  13. I have a feeling that we may not have been physically fatigued but mentally fatigued. They looked sloppy when the got off the bus half of them masked and half not. They arrived expecting to win and set about dong so. Unfortunately with Stearrman going off Britt's dominance disappeared. This put those who were expecting their usual armchair ride under pressure. There is nothing worse than having to respond to what you did not expect. Switching back on is almost impossible for many We have another keeper, not as vocal but he might get into the right positions and have a chance of saving. Spence could have gone to right back to save Dijksteel if he was injured, maybe Warnock didn't trust him. sooner or later McNair and Saville were going to have a bad day at the office. I didn't expect them to both do it at the same time. Woody would not have let us down. Britt probably needs to play himself back into form and we warned Akpom was never going to be the biggest scorer on the planet Maybe Warnock needs to have an extra special look at Dodds, Burrell and Hackney if things are that bad and we need some fresh blood
  14. What more ? One game, one assist What more do you lot expect ? If the rest of the guys got an assist every time they played we would be top of the league Lets be realistic. He's clearly not fit for 90 minutes but lets assume he will get better and fitter game by game then we can assess what we've got but if we can get one assist every time he plays, he'll be a big help
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