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  1. In essence the answer is "yes" but not everyone has the personality to do it. That is the point some people just don't have "it" We've seen Howson go missing in games before and this seemed another example. Maybe he didn't see the solution and needed help but the side seems short of those sort of "characters". It can be a very lonely place - get it right and you are a hero get it wrong and you are a fool. Not trying is however the cardinal sin (in my opinion)
  2. Guys just moving people around is like changing chairs on the Titanic. We actually need the equivalent of a cycling team's "road captain" for those occasions like last night when our oodles of talent is being stifled
  3. Difficult to disagree with much that Humpty has said but I do think the last time we went up we had Leadbitter. His like is not in this team. I always remember his attack on Barton at Burnley. Barton looked - nothing much said. It was a "are we playing or are we fighting ?" discussion without the words Add his tactical naus and "backbone" and will to win. He's not with us anymore nor do we have an adequate replacement. It should be Howson of maybe McNair. When its not going well maybe its get Sol on and move McNair into the midfield. Sol has some of Leadbitters qualities
  4. I've never known Blackburn be that cold. I've just looked at the weather forecast and it is bettween 2 and zero tonight. I'm stopping at home. Oldham is only the third highest ground in the country but one terrace is high and exposed because of its elevation over the rest of the ground. They've built a new stand so it might not be too bad next time you go. I remember a Boro juniors game at Whitby town with a stiff North wind blowing. I was freezing when I got back in the car and remaind cold all the way back to the far side of West Yorks despite full heating and a duvet jacket.
  5. Ewood Park has loads of parking - only problem is getting out which can be very slow. Can't remember the cost might be a tenner but no walk which suits me
  6. The guy from Wycombe gave a fair summary of legalities. If he and MFC did not think they had a case with a good chance of winning then they'd not have started. I conclude therefore that we have a reasonable case. Is that a £45M case ? I'd doubt that but my expectation would be for £8-10M as a mimimum The administrators not getting to grips with it is surprising if it is the "key" to getting out of Administration. Are the Administrators trying to maximise their fees ? It is rumoured to have been done before but the creditors are fairly disgruntled bunch at the best of times
  7. We are not all going to agree ....... even if the rest of you are wrong ! A weeks ban is hardly a major issue in my view We all come here on a voluntry basis and there are some daft situations from time to time. One point in favour of moderation might well be racism of any sort. Ask Yorkshire cricket
  8. I presume it was Danny Dodds on the team sheet. How did he go ? He's been missing for a while, presumably injured. I thought him very promising when he was around before
  9. I'm not sure but it looks like I have the wrong guy. I'd normally look at the prog/ team sheet but that went off to Erimus a week or three ago
  10. Unless I'm very mistaken Danny Dodds had a run out with the u23 on Friday night He's been missing for a while Lets hope he's back up to full speed soon = competition for Peltier or Joe Gibson or both
  11. Costello - Big quickish very direct CF type player ?? Did he score the first goal in the reverse fixture ?
  12. OC if big word if it is less serious then that is relatively good news. 80% is a good percentage but it still means 20% will still get it, hopefully mildly. No Vax at all means that you are very open to infection and potential intensive care. It probably means that you don't care about yourself nor do you care about your fellow men Finally if it is less serious then the next wave is likly to be even less serious and eventually it lowers naturally to normal Flu levels or below
  13. As far as I am aware he is not part of the "gibson" family. For as long as I can remember he has played on the right and started as an attack minder right back who has moved up and down the right side of the team. Wing back is probably the best description of his talents being used to the best advantage. He has recently captained the u 23s and there is a fantastic goal he scored in a recent match which might be worht having a look for keep an eye on Joe and as I said he may be the ideal Djed replacement if Djed does not want to return and he's one of our own
  14. I thought it very significant that Joe Gibson went with the first team on Saturday. If, as some seem to think, Djed does not want to return then "bingo" the competition for Isiah jones could be Joe Gibson. He's been very highly thought of for a while now and if Forest have any money we get a financial gain too. J Gibson right wing back for the cup tie ?
  15. In the event of a win today I might start wondering if what seemed impossible or maybe just unlikely a few weeks ago is actually possible. I will not be there as I went to go in the home end a while ago and they wanted to search me. it's a no thanks from me and a refusal to enter if they persue that policy. They did not but it is not acceptable to me at any time. I'm happy to open my hand bag and show the contents of my pockets but "keep your hands off me" is always the way I go ( it was Man City not the Boro incidentally) I might not go to too many games but so be it I'm h
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