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  1. I’m getting a little jaundiced with the footie We appear to have the oddest squad on the planet – about half of them are Warnockers and the other half are footballers. They do not understand each other nor play as though they could anytime soon. The crowd want football and Warnock wants Warnock ball up in the air and run like hell after it. I fear it may not end well. We do however need points. preferably sooner rather than later
  2. A team with no full backs versus a team with no centre backs...could be interesting... definitely Muddy Waters - sorry couldn't resist We definitely have room for a Mannish Boy - Kokolo debut ?
  3. I was just wondering if Warnock was considering playing his Uche coochie man. If so lets hope he's got his Mojo working
  4. Sounds like I under estimated the Muslim contingent a bit but the point is still the same if you know what they need to do you can plan accordingly. It might not be ideal but as long as you have a plan and it is adhered to then you have done the best you can. If you have a plan and it is ignored it is sloppy at best and at worst, unprofessional
  5. RR I'm guessing that the two main fasting groups are Muslims and Jews. I'm not sure there are many of either in the professional game. However if there is an issue it can be solved by adjusting the fuelling and maybe also the training to accommodate the religious needs. Think about Gary Mabbutt who was an injecting diabetic playing pro football. To achieve a career in pro football he had to get his fuelling right It is completely different to skipping designed fuelling schedules What I'm trying to figure out is who is the least professional/sloppy, Management or Players Who is
  6. Humpty, I have some sympathy with your view. Fuelling in top level sport is now important. As an example Frome when he won the Giro a year or two ago could only ingest and use 90/900 gs what ever the number was of carbs an hour. The team was set up to make sure he got that amount and no more. It seems unlikely that guys skipping breakfast alone would have that effect and I too doubt that the Boro's intakes are that finely calculated ........ but they might be. It is an example of guys paid a lot of money being sloppy and unprofessional. That is the real message Warm ups a
  7. There are a lot of people wanting to sack Warnock every time we lose. He even gets blamed for some of the guys not eating properly. WE are paying these guys at least £150,000 a year to play football. Dream job for millions of people ? sure is but we arn't good enough. I could manage to eat properly for that sort of money. And if some one wants to give me a bollocking for not doing what he thinks is my job then on £3,000 per week I can take that A number of them will be on significantly more than that and if any of them can't cope for that sort of money then I'm sorry but in
  8. Yesterday was my first game of the season. It probably won't be my last. It wasn't a particularly bad performance. Had Sporar's woodwork hitting attempt gone in after about 20/25 minutes that would have probably have made for straightforward win. I watched the warm up which I thought was particularly revealing. In most cases an animated coach and a group of disinterested players paying little attention doing nothing more than going through the motions. I was not convinced that "*** Steel" wasn't carrying an injury then. I've always regarded him as quick but yesterday he seemed off
  9. One tends to assume we have medical professionals who would find it easy to treat a simple case of fluid. Hence if RA is correct we are looking at an underlying medical condition If it has been "hushed up" as you put it to obtain a contract is that not fraud ? If so then repudiation of the contract should be straightforward but do we need to consider damages also ? This is a very uncharitable interpretation of the situation and it may be more practical to go down the insurance route as I'm sure we are insured for loss resulting from those who can no longer play I do not be
  10. Good luck to Grant in his retirement. My overriding memory of him was not in a game but merely the warm up when he walked from one side of the pitch to the other and just flicked the ball from one foot to the other as he walked. Keepie -uppies on the move, awesome
  11. I was particularly pleased to see Sam get back on the field for the u 23s and he got an assist too Will we be seeing Danny Dodds again anytime soon ?
  12. I'm inclined to agree with DZ I can see a 3-0 defeat looming on the horizon I am of course hoping for a 3-0 victory but at the moment I cannot see it I wondered if Malleys' 45 minutes was significant last night . Siliki or Payero to do the other half ? The line up will almost certainly be 4-2-3-1 to match up with Forest. So Peltier to play left back ? Who's fit ? McNair ? Bola? Try second guessing brother Warnock - you'll probably get it wrong
  13. If we have a crowd of 25,000 and an infection rate of 400 there will be around 100 people in the ground with covid. It is my main worry in attending. I may well remain masked throughout if it is busy and noisy
  14. I must be weird, I actually enjoyed it However I do enjoy doing nothing but exercising my mind So maybe it was boring and I was thinking about something else
  15. I don't get a Fulham fan being after a man for scoring a goal against them I might get a Derby fan who didn't like us having a poke around in an attempt to discredit us There may be a few other examples, jilted girlfriend ? BNP or similar ? LGB ACTIVITIST ? I'm sure that most of us will have said something similarly dreadful by modern day standards as 14 year olds Who ever it was is a very sad individual, in my view
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