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  1. Changing Times - Well done son We all make mistakes, not all of us are big enough to stand up and say so
  2. Just in case it is not clear there was a pub between my office and theirs and it was the pub we all went to Now there's a surprise journalist in a pub !
  3. Humpty I used to have an office next to the local Paper and the journos used to drop in most lunch times. filling the football column inches in the close season is a problem for them. You will therefore, undoubtedly, be correct. They tried also to be on the front foot and have half written obituary's on prominent local personalities. It wasn't the Gazette by the way
  4. NB Do you have nightmares every night ?
  5. sounds like it - he dummies over head to get his space - clever and instinctive bordering on genius
  6. Dan no doubt Gatland has decided if you cannot match the physicality of the South Africans there's no point in going. It seems to me that there is not a lot of time going to be spent playing "pretty" rugby. He's learnt from the England defeat ( and others) that these guys are efficient, strong and prepared to do what is necessary to dominate. He has also spotted what he thinks is a weakness he can exploit. He might also think he can exploit them around the fringes late in the game hence Curry and Simmons not to mention Itoje, Byrne and Lawes who can be a nuisance from minute 0ne.
  7. Today was a bad day at the office - maybe a very bad day. I've been here before, a time or three !! Watching the Boro lose 0-4 at Ayresome was a salutary lesson on the first match of the season in 1953 I'll not be watching tonight to see how bad we were. I always omit viewing again the bad days. We seem to forget that last season was awful and Warnock saved us. We've finished 10th Boro fans have usually been the same - he's a great player - he's rubbish. Often its the same player and two weeks apart My advice would be relax have a good few weeks off, recharge the B
  8. Dan to be honest at the end of the day Sinkler is not the greatest technical prop and the South Africans will find him out. All props are a bit odd and on some days you get an absolute pasting. I've had a few but I was not a regular. As I've said before when you are really under the cosh, how you cope mentally is very important. Genge is powerful but will do what ever he needs to do to win the contest. He is prone to stepping out to exert greater pressure - its illegal. With the centres he's chosen as well he is going to go straight down the middle and see how they like it. If
  9. doesn't matter what we think - its been given now So it is a goal
  10. The only surprises for me are at Centre. I'm sorry but Ake and Harris are not Lions centres for me. Having said that who is better and then you start to struggle as the obvious candidates like Davies and North are injured. Slade ? but that is about it although Hugh Jones might also have had a shout. Both may have failed the immaculate defence test Did some one say England Props ? Genge is good like his predecessor Joe Marler but both are potential cards in waiting. Judging props from the touchline is hard as they are always up to something - Brian Moore or Flats might offer a greate
  11. I think the mini plays to start each thread have been amazing. Congratulations You may be flogging a dead horse at the moment but keep it up. I'd certainly like to see Sol Brynn given a run out Lets have a look at another couple of kids say Kokolo ? at left back and Hackney in midfield Another look at Sam Folarin is fine by me Lets see Barnsley in the Prem again but I think Brentford is more likely If I can get there in August I'll be there. This season is the first season in 67 where I've not seen at least one game
  12. I'm inclined to believe that there is something more than pace there. The first time I saw him I thought Fulham must be daft letting him go. Yes he has pace and sometimes he uses it to our advantage Some times he's in the right place and if he's not he usually has the pace to get there. Sometimes he has an attacking threat and then sometimes he does not. Sometimes he fronts up as a defender and I'm likely to be told that most of the time he doesn't. I'm in the Warnock camp - he can be what he wants to be. If he doesn't listen and understand and apply himself then he will get wh
  13. I like the games against Sheffield Wednesday as I used to be a regular back in the 60s I remember watching "bronco" Layne, Kay and Peter Swan. anyone remember the match fixing scandal ? Ron Springett in goal. I'd seen him a few years earlier when he played for QPR in the third division south. they were quite a good side in those days
  14. Oh you are all still alive "! My remarks weren't meant to be taken too seriously and they havn't been Well done and thank you It's much better than all the moaning and groaning
  15. I was about to start and point out how lucky and pampered you lot have been for a long long time Most have you won't know what a third division stadium looks like nor what it s like to sit on the steps in the Holgate at half time 'cause there's no one much about and the first half was garbage ......... and we're losing again Then I thought I can't be bothered
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