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  1. must have been redirected .... thought this was the Boro supporters forum..... give the bloke a chance....winning is the game... winning well is a bonus
  2. no matter what, this has been a big dent to the 'invulnerable' image they had been building
  3. i'd rather we start that game with them needing to beat us for the sixth spot rather than the other way round.
  4. What does that mean? https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.urbandictionary.com/define.php%3Fterm%3DYer%2520da%26amp%3Dtrue Signs of a boro yer da include but are not limited to: 1) firmly believe Downing is our best player 2) have a permanent semi over the old Holgate End 3) hate the drummer in red faction 4) bald(ing) Yer Da just about sums me up :D :D :D two out of four :( ..... still got me hair :blush:
  5. shame that.... rather play Villa in the play-off and Fulham at Wembley than the other way round.
  6. So you want Britt dropped to the reserves but 2 upfront? Who's gonna partner Bamford then Dael Fry? fletcher?...would that be possible? can he be recalled?.... obviously not today.
  7. only watched the game on TV, but the impression i got was that the wolves players game plan from the off was to pressure the ref into handing out cards to our players... didn't that come back to bite them...Can't think why they even tried that 'cos, as was shown by their defending at the end and their finishing power they were certainly, at this time, better than us. If we'd equalised or Heaven forbid, scored a winner, i'd have been embarrassed by the result. It was a nothing game anyway really, despite losing we are in a marginally better position now than before
  8. what a miss by howson.... leadbitter would have buried that
  9. the immaturity and lack of control from wolves players should cost them this game. Unfortunately i don't think we will be the team to take advantage of their stupidity.
  10. thats a dive. even though off the pitch he deliberately went to ground to try and get a reaction from the ref. Is he austrailian?
  11. I really like the stadium it’s one of my favourites and how you can call Amsterdam a *** city is beyond me. I think he means Wembley and London. They are both nice too, but I fail to see the relevance:) its 'cos the england national team is of so little interest that i haven't a clue about its fixture list... apart from it ruining, for no reason, a weekend when 'Boro could have been bettering their chances of cementing a play off place. first time i went to wembley the stadium had a hole in its roof letting the rain in, and london was full of braying yuppies blocking the bars
  12. might watch it, but only for the Southgate/Middlesbrough connection. Otherwise its just a bunch of blokes i know absolutely nothing about - apart from seeing them overhyped on the sports pages and wasting trees and printing ink -playing in a ***e stadium in a ***e city in front of a 'crowd' of moaning cockernees
  13. hang about then....Say you didn't cash out and then it was us who scored a forth.... are you with the rest of us cheering our heads off or are you shouting at the ref and calling for an offside?
  14. A points penalty carried into next season might be a good help
  15. good one handed save by jason steele..... what?... oh dear.
  16. thats what i thought..... except it was a Leeds player that passed the through ball to him
  17. its hilarious..... Our football season just started its -15 and 1 meter snow.... whats the problem in in England?..... :-P we like to watch football not 22 beefy blokes in a mudbath
  18. if the west riding is inaccessible due to snow drifts and we play the match without Leeds actually turning up, is there a chance we won't concede a late equaliser?
  19. thats the tail wagging the dog. If pulis is a defensive manager then get players in who can defend. The ones we have now may be thought of as defensive players, but they aren't very good at it. We lost the goal at Sunderland not because of substitutes being told to defend but because they couldn't do the job properly.
  20. How about asking their fans if they'd swap with West Brom or Stoke. Sport is entertainment, if you don't get it then that's your failing not someone else's. The ideal situation is your team playing great football and winning. Everything other than that is a less ideal scenario. I don't believe there is anyone who would take playing crap football and winning over playing great football and winning. People might accept playing crap football and winning over playing great football and losing but fortunately that isn't a trade off that has to be made. At the moment we are playing crap foot
  21. All the ones who's owner doesn't have to put a mil a month of his own money to keep them afloat would be a starting point. But how can you ask that question when earlier the argument was how much Gibson was putting in of his own money due to us obviously being in a financial mire - you can't all have it both ways. We're intentionally run at a loss to enable us to spend the most we can and stay within FFP rules so yes you can have it both ways in this instance. i haven't a clue about finance... my marriage currently costs quite a lot more than i earn.... but wasn't it once rumoured t
  22. and if that results in us missing the play off by one point?
  23. watching the experts on Sky Sports. Not very pleasant seeing the whole panel and Jeff Stelling, all obviously upset at having no premiership matches to report on, mercilessly taking the *** of every Championship side.
  24. "at this moment"?.... i've been like that since Bobby Murdoch was manager
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