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  1. Well well... what a bizarre game of football... first half was one of our worst showings recently... sloppy passing, gave city far too much space and time, too cautious going forward and generally looked over-awed by the whole occasion... second half though was something else... some first class counter attacking football... could easily have been four or five... went mental in the boro end after Kike scored... here's my two penneth... Mejias 7 made two or three first class saves but still wants to punch when looks easier to catch Friend 7 terrible first half... looked like an imposter but back to his usual self in the second Ayala 9 imperious... looked comfortable against premier league opposition Gibson 9 ditto Whitehead 8 solid and calm on the ball... unfortunate to get booked Adomah 7 too cautious in first half... second half sometimes brilliant sometimes awful... credit due for making the first... should have had another Leadbitter 9 brilliant... controlled the game second half Clayton 8 was the perfect foyle for Leadbitter... solid in the middle of the park Bamford 8 quick feet and great passing... glided past the city defence on several occasions... didn't look out of place against premier league opposition either Tomlin 9 few dodgy passes first half but almost single handedly carved city open in the second with some sublime through balls... so gutted for him after his shot came off the inside post after that amazing turn... even the city fans next to us were clapping... could have had at least a couple today Vossen 7 fairly quiet on the ball but worked tirelessly and was a real pest to city centre backs... unfortunate not to score what would have been a wonderful volley Reach 7 worked hard when he came on Kike 7 can't remember him doing much else other than scoring... good to see him get his goal
  2. Finally got mine after 2.5 hours queueing on phone... sounds like they're nearly sold out already
  3. Man City away would be nice... a short walk down the road rather than the usual 230 mile round trip
  4. I'm a Kike fan and think he gets too muck stick of fans but there is no denying he was poor today and too greedy. Have to agree to disagree there , I thought he worked hard and was a bit unlucky. I actually want a forward who only has eyes for the goal so will forgive the greedy tag , but think he needs a few to start going in just to build his confidence Having been at the game today, and having the luxury of seeing Kike's play off the ball, i thought he was quite lazy... he doesn't chase down defenders with the same veracity and force mistakes like Vossen does... his desire to win the ball isn't the same as others and his passing was very sloppy today... it may seem he puts the work in but lacks commitment in the final challenge... similarly he jumps up for headers like he has no intention to actually win the ball... I've no doubt he is a class player but i don't think he suits the tempo of the english game and he's not as willing as others to geet stuck in... no doubt I'll get a load of stick for these comments but what exactly has he done since August?
  5. Strange game today... plenty of decent individual performances but not a great team one... give Wigan their credit, Malky set them up well and they never really looked under too much pressure... they controlled the first 30 mins before letting us back in but we never capitalised and movement was poor... second half more even but we were lucky to get away with a point in my opinion... here's my two penneth... Dimi 7 solid as ever despite inexplicably punching off a cross in the first half which nearly cost is a goal Friend 7 solid defensively... not too many chances to get forward but worked well with Reach Gibson 6 not his best game... too negative first half other than long balls to no one... better second Ayala 8 imperious at the back... probably our best player today and reason behind our point... brilliant blocking run late first half to deny what would have been a goal... although a moment of madness second half would have cost us a goal had the Wigan player not hoofed over from six yards Nsue 6 did his job defensively but offered nothing going forward... interested to know why Freddy never started as he's fast becoming my favourite player Reach 7.5 full marks for effort but seemed to be trying to do it all on his own first half... some excellent mazy runs and crosses but no support Leadbitter 7 again no doubting his attitude but technically not his best game Clayton 6 as above... decent enough but our midfield never got control of the game so have to say didn't get his job done... lucky to last the 90 mins Adomah 6 forgot he was playing first half... better second but never made an impact Tomlin 7 good individual performance but didn't do his job of linking the midfield and attack very effectively Kike 6 other than one good moment first half and his assist in the second half, thought he was poor today... probably get a load of stick now off 'fans' who rarely go to games... can't help but think he's still trading off his good July and August form Bamford 7 didn't get too involved but did really well to get his goal showing strength and composure... made some good runs into the box unlike others Fredericks 6 never really got chance to make an impact but did his job Wildschutt 6 see above
  6. Spot on Trapper but this got out into the public domain sadly:-/ I have to say I'm quite surprised you think racism and sexism is ok as long as it's in private. I think it's about time these stupid witch hunts were halted and people got involved with the real problems of this world instead, instead of being sidetracked with a lot of nonsense. Totally agree... and i don't think people should try to stifle debating this subject either... quite the contrary... we need more open and honest debate around such sensitive subjects without fear of being branded a bigot Personally i couldn't give two hoots what colour skin people have but the sad reality is that racism does exist... always has and always will... and trying to censor people's views with political correctness only drives the problem underground as we can see with the re-emergence of the far right across northern europe in recent years Oh yeah... and I'll be there on saturday as ever
  7. Anyone who actually goes to the games (i've missed only 4 games this season including cup) can clearly see he isn't happy... for whatever reason... whether that be frustration with the players around him or he's struggling to settle down in the North East (remember he doesn't speak English)... so not really that unbelievable
  8. North stand row 7 season ticket... next to the legend that is The Frigate
  9. He didn't run across to Adomah to celebrate with the rest of the team, Clayton came over to congratulate him for his assist, then Adomah and the rest of the lads ran to celebrate with him. The crowd picked up on his subdued celebration and sung the "Ole Ole Kike" chant which he acknowledged with an air punch/ raised fist. Then he was substituted before they kicked off again That's what I saw too... in my opinion Kike's attitude has got poorer of late... reminds me a bit of Scott McDonald with his moaning and is probably one of the players Karanka has suggested is playing for themselves His performances have also dipped of late in my view... his work rate is good but noticed a few times today a lack of commitment in some of his challenges... his footwork and distribution weren't great today either and whilst i agree he looks isolated at times I'd like to see him get more involved as he was earlier in the season... not entirely convinced by him just yet... he certainly has the ability but i think his attitude needs to improve before his performances do
  10. What Clayton brings over Butterfield is consistency. With Clayton and Leadbitter you have two guys with great engines, who will press the opposition and look to keep the ball moving, that's what we saw today. Butterfield looked good in spells, but overall he flatted to deceive. No good having one great game and then four stinkers. Good point... hope you're right
  11. No offence taken here pal... no mention of man of the match either... reason i gave him an eight was because from where i was standing he contributed more positively and made less mistakes compared to most others... but you're right... no one can lay claim to man of the match for just 30 mins on the pitch
  12. Scrappy disjointed poor quality game from both sides first half... Boro came to take control second half... seemed like complacency crept in later on hence their equaliser... thought we were lucky to get a winner from a soft penalty... here's what i saw from the stands... Dimi 7 little to do... spilled it first half but Damia did well to mop up... otherwise solid and must replace Mejias Damia 7 looked to get forward more today but lacks thrust of Friend... solid defensively and best performance in a Boro shirt so far Friend 7 not as successful with his forays forward this week but decent showing today Gibson & Ayala 7 few wobbly moments from both but otherwise solid performance against a team with little cutting edge... too far away to see if either were responsible for Stead's goal Clayton 7 not really seeing yet what he brings that Butterfield didn't but decent enough game Leadbitter 8 really stepping up to the role as captain and leader... definitely more forward thinking this season... no longer the crab... few misplaced passes but great strike for the first... from right behind the goal you could see the amount of swerve he put on the strike with the outside of his boot... confident penalty too... needs to put more pace on his crosses though... Butterfield's deliveries in the first half was how you do it Adomah 7.5 probably our most potent attacking outlet first half... not as effective second but another good performance overall building on his good showing against Reading Reach 7.5 got himself involved a fair bit... especially second half... did well to get past his man a couple of times but really needs to get his head up and look before crossing... we could have had one or two more if his deliveries were better Tomlin 6 certainly more effort today but still ineffective... little came off for him and was pushed off the ball to easily... expect him to be a bench warmer from now on Kike 6 not a great performance and seemed to be showing a touch of the scotty mcdonalds with his moaning... he and Tomlin in particular sharing a few sharp words... another trait we're starting to see is he's a bit of a greedy bar steward... needs to improve both his game and attitude but in fairness he looks isolated up top Vossen 8 definitely a genuine second striker rather than an attacking midfielder like Tomlin... looked composed, retained the ball well (despite what Genk fans seem to say), played a few well measured passes and was unlucky not to score with his 20 yard drive that shaved the post... should be a permanent fixture in the hole based on this cameo and will hopefully give Kike the support he so desperately needs Bamford 5 did nothing... literally... looks a little too laid back for my liking... only saw him play once before joining Boro and didn't think much then... lets hope he delivers on his reputation over the coming weeks
  13. Today was certainly a much needed dose of reality but I wouldn't recommend this forum to anyone suffering from bi-polar disorder! Season is still in its infancy, transfer window still hasn't shut and many teams are still gelling... today we lost to a decent looking side and whilst I agree we were poor in my humble opinion it wasn't THAT bad
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