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  1. Zander Clark would be a really good signing especially on a free.
  2. As long as he has an exotic name no one will care.
  3. Move to LWB? We already have one winger playing there.
  4. All I can find is he signed a contract taking him up to the end of 2023 https://www.mfc.co.uk/news/marcus-tavernier-signs-new-contract Do you have a link for this?
  5. It’s not just one bad season under Warnock it’s a full careers worth. Despite playing in lower quality leagues he has never scored more than 10 in a season.
  6. They owe MSF what is being described as a “substantial” repayment of the £65m loan as a result of relegation.
  7. Guess Wilder is staying here then
  8. He has a connection with Rhodes’ agent. I think he was also the first to link us with Darlow.
  9. 3 goals this season and he scored past us. You can see why he got the scouts attention. Getting more and more convinced with every striker link that the plan is to have 10 strikers who each score 3. 😂
  10. McGolderick has been released. Wonder if we will look at him as 3rd/4th choice.
  11. He was also involved in taking him to Burnley.
  12. Just to add. Leeds and Burnley have demanded the PL set up an independent panel to investigate the handling of Everton’s finances and want this sorting in the next 6 weeks or they are threatening both Everton and PL with legal action for “considerable” losses. One thing is that it’s come to light that Everton knew they were over (372m) and still spent in January. Both clubs are suing it gives them an unsporting advantage. looks like Gibbo is a trend setter
  13. Burnley and Leeds are threatening legal action over Everton’s finances. Everton were £300m over FFP even taking into account acceptable loses they were nearly £200m over.
  14. One issue the Sheff Utd owners had with Wilder is that for a couple of positions he came to them with a list of one and wouldn’t consider other options. it will be interesting to see how Wilder and Scott etc work together.
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