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  1. Even in somewhere like Grimsby the fish you get isn’t from Grimsby.
  2. Mick McCarthy and Steve Bruce soon to be out of jobs. The manager after next race is really beginning to heat up.
  3. I don’t think the Peterbrough players helped themselves by hitting the deck every five minutes. that said I thought it was a penalty but can understand why it wasn’t given.
  4. Not sure the management are blind just think they are trying to protect him and nurture him. Not to the same level but Ferguson did something similar with Giggs.
  5. Good assist from Payero and great to see Josh score. peterbrough going to ground all the time was embarrassing and went against them a few times. Good result
  6. I agree I haven’t seen anything so far to justify the hype but it may be that he’s trying too hard when he gets on the ball.
  7. That wasn’t as bad as I feared to be honest. With a makeshift team and numerous players playing out of position we have managed to be just as dire as we always are. Ikpeazu is really dross. Looks like he can’t run. In the few games I have seen him young Josh offers so much more. Crooks has done okay at trying to link up Payero has largely been anonymous.
  8. Yeah I looked yesterday he played as a CB at Accrington I think it was. Not played there for years though as far as I can tell. Bamba will be important today talking through McNair and Crooks
  9. Christmas tree would be my guess hernandez and tav as wing backs bamba ncnair crooks howson payero watmore Ikp Sporar howson and crooks could switch
  10. No just chatting *** before the match and it came up as a possibility. I think we are reaping what we sowed. We have aging players, those who haven’t played for their clubs or done preaseasons and perpetually injured players. It was always a risk that the stars would align at some point and we would have a big injury list. add to that I wonder if we are over training some of the lads as there seems to be a lot of late injuries and generally avoidable ones.
  11. In a strange way I think the injuries help Warnock. It would be a hell of an ask to bring someone in and say there you go here’s 15 for players and no budget.
  12. If NcNair and Crooks/Howson go into the back line our centre midfield will then be interesting. JLS and Payero both with question marks over fitness and having completed international travel. Could we play a team of just CM’s?
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