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  1. And if he goes elsewhere I am sure Gibbo will give Warnock that 5m to spend elsewhere
  2. See we have been linked with two CB’s this week do we think this is an either or situation to add depth or are we trying to get both and possibly selling McNair?
  3. It looks like the initial loan amount is quite similar to what we offered.
  4. I think Warnock will want at least one like for like striker. If there are injuries or loss of form it’s just a change of player rather than a complete change. however an alternative would be nice as well.
  5. I think particularly with those two it was more about a manager being corrupt and poor oversight from the club. also the second we get money we will be: it’s repeated behaviour
  6. Midtjylland have said they will sell Sory Kaba. think we were interested and then not interested in him. and because I have woken up in the twilight zone Chelsea are linked with Betts.
  7. They are some really average signings. NW will have to get a lot out of a number of players for us to have any promotion hopes.
  8. Couple of little updates Lewis Gibson is in the North East taking to both us and Sunderland. Feeling is first team football at Sunderland is more attractive. Hume deal is getting more complicated and my mate thinks we will pull out he’s also picked up a small injury this week training in the gym. Sunderland hoping to sort out a couple of these this week. Coulson may not happen.
  9. Derby look to be in trouble: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57887861
  10. Perfect exotic foreigner who is also one of our own. ✅
  11. From my Sunderland connections. Don’t know if we are actually interested or if it was a leverage thing - would be interesting to see if anyone knows. Would seem to tick a few boxes and I think he’s from Durham. Never seen him play so don’t know if he’s any good.
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