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  1. Doesn't look like anything will be happening until January. Warnock in the Gazette quotes as saying: "At the moment I don’t think it’s realistic to do anything, we just have to hang in there and see what happens."
  2. Really wouldn't be a shocked if it was us. Sounds like th type of thing Gibbo would do.
  3. I would have thought that this is the exact situation that we use people like Burrell. A spot on the bench and probably a 10 minute run out. Has to be better that sticking Browne or Wood up there.
  4. Theres not a lot out there and what's half decent and available looks outside of us financially. Unless someone like Niasse has a change of contract demands you would have to think that whoever's left we looked at and decided San-oh-no was a better option.
  5. Enjoyed that. Never really thought we would concede and it was just whether we can score. Feels like earlyish Karanka days. Solid at the back and workman like upfront. Will probably grind out results if we score first but haven't anything to chase a game. January will be key for us will need that little bit extra quality in to top half to make the difference.
  6. Scrapping the league cup and charity shield plus a lower number of teams in the premier league is coincidentally is what Man U and Liverpool were just saying was the best thing for English football.
  7. Think we will end up with Watmore and either Sanogo or Niasse. Watmore seems the sensible choice as he has played as both a winger and a cf.
  8. So this is speculation have the club raced to get to the 5.00 o'clock deadline and missed it when they could have put in a deal sheet and just done it at 5.01
  9. Don't we have a similar dance every transfer deadline. Nothing nothing nothing player x linked (either premier league surplus of exciting foreigner) everyone gets excited. Window closes with nothing happening.
  10. Based on previous windows I would guess everyone is in the pub by now.
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    Hi I am afraid it is still happening from the same site.
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