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  1. Just read there are over 150 championship players to be out of contract in the summer. Thats an incredible amount.
  2. Delighted with that win. Keeps us in the mix for the playoffs. Oh for two or three quality signings. Bola is unrecognisable. Full credit to him and the coaching team. Howson was at his best tonight. Been a fan of his since watching him at Leeds. Tonight was one of the few times I have watched him and though I remember why I liked you.
  3. Possibly but he has recently turned down forest in order to try and get in the West Brom team.
  4. Think that’s about our best team still don’t get the clamour for Roberts - other than the typical boro novelty of the more you are out of the team the better you become. I would like Tav on the right cutting in and Watmore on the opposite flank.
  5. We signed some dross from TLF’s team and somehow missed this lad. Newcastle players may hold on a move to see what happens with Bruce.
  6. what we know winger who can also play upfront premier league team with injuries playing coming on loan To help the speculation https://www.footballcritic.com/premier-league/season-2020-2021/player-stats/wingers/appearances/2/41756
  7. Reading the papers this morning doesn't sound like Roberts is going anywhere. I think it was the Hartlepool mail said his agent can’t find anywhere else for him.
  8. Ravel Morrison has the greatest agent in football in talks over a move to Derby. Assume he doesn’t mind not being paid.
  9. I would play Watmore on the left and Tav on the right but that is about our strongest team (assuming Sav for CM).
  10. I think Man City have signed someone as well. What’s worth noting is where the money has gone. None of those are teams buying from the Championship. I think until that happens the transfer market will remain quite flat in the championship. I am not expecting it to burst into much life but I think a few more deals will happen.
  11. There was also a time (may still be true) where you couldn’t offer lower terms.
  12. It’s okay we are going to set off from Barnard Castle
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