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  1. Warnock has hinted a few times in recent weeks about Saville and Spence having to prove themselves. Quite scary to think we could loose Betteneli, Archer, Stoj, Coulson, Spence, Saville, Wing, Johnson, Bolasie, Kebano, NML, Britt, Fletcher and Akpom this summer. It’s a big ass rebuilding job this summer. add in the effects of COVID on the clubs finances, Brexit and who you can and can’t sign and it’s such a huge task. add in an inept recruitment department and we could very well be sat on deadline day with the lights off at the Riverside and Warnock on SSN saying we are ho
  2. No *** Sherlock. I am also hearing from my super secret sauces we will sign a goal keeper. Keep it under your hat 🤫
  3. We could end up with two codes. FIFA and ESL.
  4. There can’t be that many left: Pearson, Fat Sam.
  5. I think that Warnock is looking at Spence and Saville. I suspect both might be sold in the summer.
  6. I do wonder if it’s in his loan agreement that he has to play or if we face fines for not playing him.
  7. We are really the perfect club for that kind of philosophy. People rave about Brentford’s money ball system - I think we have really missed the boat with our academy. We should be looked at as the English Ajax and the golden thread really compliments this. Instead we have spent about 5 years saying we are broke and a decade flipping between management styles. I don’t think it was genuine from the club as it wasn’t a thought before Woodgate or after. I can well believe it’s something Bevington tried to bring to the club and took with him.
  8. The Woodgate appointment was a strange one. I would like to say it was the right idea but the wrong man - but I don’t believe that the golden thread etc was actually an idea or a philosophy that existed before his appointment but rather spin that occurred afterwards. I am sure Gibson looked at the quality of the squad and thought at worst we would be mid table and if things went well we would be around the play offs and playing football the fans wanted to see. I do think Woodgate vastly under performed. The squad wasn’t dissimilar to the Pulis one and certainly had the better playe
  9. We have clearly progressed this season. By the end of this season we will have scored more goals, won more matches and accumulated more points that last season. There has been no hint of a relegation battle and until recently we had a chance of promotion via the play offs. If that’s not progress from a relegation battle then I don’t know what is progress. I think you could fairly argue that it hasn’t been enough progress, that this squad should be doing better or that the football is far from entertaining but I really struggle to see how there has been no progress.
  10. Putting aside his off the field issues we don’t need another non scoring striker.
  11. You can include our kick offs in this as well. Just abject rubbish from the school yard
  12. I have been saying that for months. With the loans and contracts ending we are well short of numbers. Bett and Archer are leaving so that’s at least 2 keepers are required. Brynn may step up but will probably go on loan or replace stoj We then may have to replace Johnson, Bolasie, Kebano, NML, Fletcher and Britt. Thats 8 players and even then it doesn’t address that we need cover at left back and centre back. So that’s 10 players we need. Then we will start thinking about selling Saville and/or Spence (Wing and Coulson going probably don’t make no difference).
  13. Rubbish? Didn’t he play in one game and wasn’t he in his late teens early twenties at the time. I haven’t kept track of him since then but I wouldn’t be judging him on his time here.
  14. They are big ‘if’s’. I think we will keep NML a preseason will do him good and will be more involved next season. I can’t see us loaning Kebano as Fulham will most likely be in the championship next season and I don’t see us spending the kind needed to buy him. Bolaise would have to come a long way down on wages. It wouldn’t fully surprise me as I think he now just wants to play the issue would be most of the league could offer him more money.
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