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  1. If there is room I wouldn't mind giving it a go.
  2. Is our backline being turned into a propaganda machine Hall Goode Gibson.
  3. You need to know what are the important stats and which aren't. The data is there for every club it's how you analyse the data that matters.
  4. Karanka had him playing the best football of his career so far. Hid his weaknesses better than anyone has since. A similar year could get him another big move.
  5. Warnock's deadline for players to decide has nearly passed.
  6. Well it's Monday are we expecting a busy day? In other news..... Monk second favourite for Bournemouth job. Britt to Bournemouth if that happens?
  7. All apart of the fabricated narrative about pluck little Bournemouth. Is this the second time he's walked out on them?
  8. Cameron John. We have a long standing interest in the lad.
  9. It will be interesting to see how much control Warnock actually has. Asking him if he would prefer Jones or Johnson is still "control" but not exactly being in complete control. Time will tell but as long as Gibno et al are around I doubt Warnock has control. The Jones link worries me as he is linked every window.
  10. Wait until tomorrow after we sign Gooch or Watmore from Sunderland. That'll be a show.
  11. Honestly pay little attention to what fans think about sales. Clubs im this country would have expected world beaters when signing Poritt, Morris and Chapman.
  12. He has done quite well at League one wether he can make the step up I am not sure. The little we have seen if him he hasn't shown anything. But then few people did under Woody.
  13. Brown played cm whilst on loan. I would like to see him there and see what he is like. Might be able to provide some link up play.
  14. I'm not too sure there would have been too many better options. His stint with us didn't end well and Forest was hit and miss. I think he will do well at Birmingham if they back him. Clayts to Birmingham?
  15. I think its because as boro fans what we really want in a manager is superstar celebrity Brazilian born in Yarm who has an impeccable record of success but has never managed before who will spend millions on Galatico moneyball signings from the lower leagues whilst playing only local lads in the first team. He should be good with media but tell us nothing. Be carm on the touchline but vocal. Have a rigid formation that he changes to suit the players he has. It's not too much to ask.
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