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  1. Interesting tactic giving points for leaving. Need to revisit some of my scores 10 for Connolly: 1 for his contribution and 9 for *** off. 😂
  2. Hopefully it might make the chairman rethink his gift buying policy. Why is it when we sign someone we “definitely” didn’t pay the reported transfer fee and it’s made up of wages and fees and clauses. Yet when we sell we definitely get the report fee?
  3. Would Man Utd really want Scott. No evidence he can work at the level.
  4. Rate the signing of the Slovenian
  5. Gibbs White would be my guess. Or maybe we are after Brewster 😂
  6. Not sure if posted but linked with Davies for £4m from Liverpool https://the72.co.uk/2022/06/23/middlesbrough-make-enquiry-to-sign-liverpool-man-on-permanent-deal/
  7. Probably put one wrong on the training pitch
  8. Not sure how many will get the reference. anyway rate the signing of Ameobi
  9. Think this is the last before the elves start number crunching or have I missed someone anyways you know the drill rate the signing?
  10. As he was mentioned previously Hearts are in talks with Shankland over a 500k transfer.
  11. Wilder’s first Boro signing. What grade do you give him?
  12. I nearly gave the options as 0 to -10
  13. There’s very little for Spence to do at this stage his agent (or agents) will be working with both clubs making sure him and his client get the best deals. as it stands Spence hasn’t officially asked to leave and the club haven’t transfer listed him so there will be talks about image rights, bonuses and clauses to be worked through. all this will likely have an effect on the transfer fees. For all we know he could be talking to Conte about his role and vision. I suspect when all the dominos line up it will be quick. And as we have seen medical etc can happen anywhere. Ad
  14. I really couldn’t care what his reputation was before he came - most off the field stuff doesn’t bother me and has no reflection on a players ability. Judging him on what we saw he was a bloody awful signing. Ran around. Fell down. Waved his arms. Attitude of Paul Dickov ability of Lee Dong Gook. Got credited with two goals and that alone has boosted his rating. 2/10.
  15. I think there are few questions to be asked about this signing.
  16. Sure to be some strong disagreements on this one
  17. I think the fact he was shipped straight back out speaks volumes. Wilder seems to have made his mind up quickly on some people (Wing, Browne).
  18. I wonder what Wilder was told/promised when he took the job. It seems we are having to sell before we buy and that’s great now we have a 20m player to sell but we didn’t in November.
  19. The Olusanya and Ameobi ones will be firey affairs I can feel it now.
  20. I think I am right in saying he only played 4 times for the under 23’s
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