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  1. Forest have so many attacking options, IF we win this it'll set a great marker for where we are heading.
  2. Saville off for Wing. Spence off for Coulson. Thats what I would do. However, Roberts off and Browne on is what we are doing. Fml.
  3. Have to be 433 against these with Tav and Roberts up with Britt
  4. This Coventry team doesn't require 3 centre halves playing against it.
  5. Bettinelli's kicking continues to impress. We are also nailed on to be the lowest scorers again.
  6. Nailed on 2 nil defeat. Ever the pessimist, me.
  7. Saville marking Moore. Bit of a mismatch. 3 players on the line and it gets to Ojo first.
  8. I think Johnson has given the ball away every time he has has it today 😞
  9. Johnson is having a poor game. Akpom has barely touched it. Tav is trying. Saville has just scored.
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