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  1. Howson's passing has been abysmal these last few minutes.
  2. Akpom goal. Good finish. Has done alright tonight.
  3. Connor Malley looks a great player.
  4. Conceded from a corner. Bola beaten on the jump, Archer is absolutely no man's ground. Unlucky with Watmore having a goal disallowed. Akpom has missed a few good chances.
  5. In fairness to Akpom, he's getting involved here
  6. Class from Bolasie there. Akpom can't head.
  7. Wtf was that by Archer?! Getting a good keeper is absolutely imperative
  8. Genuine guy is Marv. Stand out player in 1st half of the season. Very unlucky to not have been involved more. Loves it at Boro.
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