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  1. He should have caught the corner Sporar headed away. That said, he was looking to punch it when unchallenged. Question is, did he shout for it or not?
  2. He was looking good with Watmore.
  3. Just watched the Wilder interview. Feels like this one hurt him. Genuine interview though.
  4. I'd play Tav LWB. Can get Payero in the team and some attacking balance. Jones and Tav could then switch sides every now and again.
  5. Massively disappointed with that. We squandered a lot of chances. Should have had a penalty and dirty Balckburn do us again. Hope Mowbrays happy mind.
  6. Should score. Crooks dumps it over.
  7. I hate Blackburn under Mowbray. Such a dirty horrid team.
  8. Fml that was a chance. Connelly is awful
  9. Fancy that. Spanks it high and wide. Woeful.
  10. If only we had a good free kick taker....
  11. Balogun already done more than Connolly.
  12. Have to say, we should have changed this sooner. Lack of substitutes very worrying.
  13. Well that was farcical. Lumley went to punch when it was there to be caught. Sporar headed it. McNair has a howler with a miss kick. Then the score from a snapshot. Collectively rubbish.
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