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  1. Lyle Taylor has had an offer from us for several weeks. As previously mentioned though, he has a lot of offers.
  2. Don't think he is a winger personally in the old fashioned sense. I think there are a lot of similarities between him and Jarrod Bowen. Tav has the ability to beat man, he runs forward with the ball, can create, has one heck of shot and always looks to play the ball forward. Who else in our Midfield can do that?! First name on team sheet for me.
  3. Tav IS that important. Completely changes the team dynamic when he plays.
  4. Ben Gibson is adamant he wants to come back. He doesn't just want to play for Boro, he wants to be in and around Boro.
  5. We should be looking at Ronan Curtis really.
  6. That Blackpool fella reminds me of Gestede. Apparently he isn't very "mobile".
  7. Just heard we have enquired about Oliver Burke.
  8. Disappointed we aren't looking at Roberts again
  9. No point signing Gnanduillet unless we have 2 decent wingers.
  10. We need to be looking at European leagues for the bargains. Its about time we had some foreign flair back.
  11. Nothing other than what has been mentioned already. Fairly underwhelming so far.
  12. McNair to Stoke looking likely as well.
  13. Bournemouth, Sheffield Utd and Villa in for Wing.
  14. What exactly has happened to Jack Clarke?! Looked a World beater at one time.
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