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  1. Typical Boro pre-season propaganda with no chance of any of these glamour signings. Give me a Gary O'Neil anyday.
  2. Muniz was identified due to his physical maturity and ability to hold the ball up, play with back towards the goal etc.
  3. Coulson doing his best to avoid being sent to Ipswich.
  4. Missed Ameobi and Payero off. As well as Muniz.
  5. We are doing a good job of creating a low Championship table squad, at least on paper.
  6. I wouldn't. We have a wages budget with it allocated to various positions/ players. For example, would you sign Mpanzu if it meant not getting Payero? Mpanzu priced himself out of a move to us.
  7. Wing should be starting for us, not making a case for himself. He will get more goals and assists than any of our other Midfield lot if utilised correctly.
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