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  1. Svend Larson and Akpom as our top two this season will be fine. Akpom doesn't half graft.
  2. Ffs Watmore needs to cut his toenails.
  3. McGree has been a complete passenger today.
  4. Akpom! That's a great header as well.
  5. This season almost has the feel of a relegation battle already.
  6. The problem is the midfield, and arguably the system. Oh, and the substitutions.
  7. This is one of the worst starts to a season I can remember.
  8. Omg. What the heck was that. It was coming though. We have been rubbish this half.
  9. Brewster causing problems. Good save Steffen. Midfield non existent meaning Chuba having to come into midfield. Not ideal.
  10. Our midfield is terrible really. Was hoping for so much more from McGree.
  11. Howson and McGree have been hopeless.
  12. Great goal! Akpom deserved that. Our best player currently.
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