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  1. Very predictable result unfortunately.
  2. At least we won't get relegated.
  3. Saville has been turd again today.
  4. No point signing anyone this month. Bang average middle of the table team we are.
  5. Must say I'm massively disappointed in Mowbray. Result was always going to be a defeat.
  6. That was shocking from Britt and Howson
  7. Bettinelli can't kick a ball.
  8. Another great save then Wood hits the post.
  9. Not sure Morsy touched him there.
  10. This long ball tactic of ours is absolute pony.
  11. How is this Blackburn team a Mowbray team? One of the most cynical, dirty teams I've seen all season. An embarrassment to Mowbray is this.
  12. Wood on. That is absolutely shocking. Another joke of a decision.
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