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  1. I championed this lad last season when he was getting slated. I looked at his physical attributes and thought he would be worth a go in a holding midfield role but goodness me the lad has shone like a star playing in defence this season. He is strong and powerful with a great turn of pace but I've been extremely impressed with how he has held his own in aerial battles too. If you also add to that his reading of the game and how comfortable he is on the ball then it's even more impressive. I've noticed one or two weaknesses in terms of his positioning and concentration at times where he has been done with a little one two or a player running off his shoulder but that's being overly critical really considering he is learning all the time in his new role. I'd also like to point out that young Bola is making huge strides this season. The pair of them are looking like good signings so well done to Jonny Woodgate for identifying them and for the legend Warnock and his staff for improving their games and recognising their potential in different roles. Now let's see the same happen with young Browne who I think also has plenty of raw talent and physical attributes to make it. One final message for the scousers. Hands off Virgil Van Djiksteel !
  2. I'm expecting a very different game to the one in which they triumphed in the League Cup a couple of weeks ago. We will have a much stronger side out than that day and I think having played them once and seen the full extent of how they like to play and their gameplan that evening is a big advantage. On that League Cup showing they came and played on the break looking to exploit the spaces down the flanks that were left by our attacking wing backs. We will have learnt from that and a couple of minor changes will make a big difference today. Firstly, ball retention must improve. This is especially the case when we commit numbers to attacks. We simply can't be as sloppy in possession as we were that night. I'm sure they will have been working on that in training. Attacks that break down before the ball is delivered into their area allows them to move the ball quickly and break on us using a lone striker to either work the channels or hold it up and bring their wide attackers into play. We must take care of the ball and ensure we complete our attacks with a final cross or shot then recover our shape quickly. For this reason alone I would start with Sam Morsy today in place of George Saville who doesn't look like he is fully firing as yet. I expect McNair and Djiksteel to play either side of Fry. Both of the aforementioned players have a nice turn of pace and will be comfortable in wider areas. It is worth noting that only one of them was on the pitch at any given time in the previous game against todays opponents. Having the pair of them both in from the start today will make a big difference. Secondly, we have to create more chances than we did in the previous meeting and indeed more than we usually do create. We are very one dimensional at the moment and our only real attacking gameplan, especially at home, seems to be to look to find the runs of our overlapping wing backs and get onto the end of their deliveries into the box. Patrick Roberts will certainly give us another dimension in this respect and I have also been encouraged by the vision and positive intent shown by Morsy in his brief cameo's to date. Obviously only Morsy is available for us today and if selected I think he could give us slightly more going forward than we have had so far. Expect Barnsley to again let us have it up until the final third and then press us strongly in central areas in particular. There will be more space out wide but they coped fairly comfortably and dealt with almost everything that went into their box from wide areas in the last game. The difference is that this time we have a presence in there in the form of Chuba Akpom. Whilst Britt and Fletcher can get on the end of crosses, they are not the type of players who will win challenges "that they have no right to win". Akpom seems like he has the physicality and mindset to win battles even when the odds aren't necessarily in his favour so that is a big plus for us going forward. Spence in particular struggles to deliver pinpoint crosses so I think having Akpom in there means we will carry much more of a continuous threat from wide positions. I would expect/hope for us to line up as follows: Bettinelli Djiksteel - Fry - McNair Spence - Howson - Morsy - Tavernier - Johnson Britt - Akpom In terms of a score prediction, I fancy us to score twice today in either a 2-0 or 2-1 win. It is vital that we pick up three points today and whilst it woulld be nice to get a performance to go with it I think three points to get us up and running for the season so that we can look towards the top end of the table is of massive importance. That would certainly make a nice change considering where we have been languishing in recent times.
  3. I just totted up the last 6 games of the season as form guides are usually 6 games long. Apologies if it's not worked out right. Either way, we were averaging more than two points for every three games played so it's a moot point. WE HAVE NOT MADE REAL PROGRESS 😂
  4. Warnock took charge of six games last season with last season's squad of players. From those six games we took 12 points. Then during the summer he lost eleven first teamers and has only been allowed to recruit four as it stands. With this season's squad we have taken 2 points from our opening three games. Even if we win our next three games we will still have taken less points than the six from last season. If you call that real progress then you are part of the problem.
  5. Due to the manager and his coaching staff.
  6. The only reason we have improved as a squad is due to Neil Warnock. He himself mentioned we were glaringly short on numbers and quality yet he has lost eleven and recruited just four. So yes, in terms of numbers and quality we are indeed in a worse state than last season. Everyone can see it apart from the club, the media stooges and a small number of blinkered supporters
  7. but still need that little bit of oomph. Who pays these journalists a wage? We are worse than last season in terms of both numbers and quality. What a nonsense article by a clown of a journalist who, and this shows how bad the others are, is the best the Gazette has to offer. This smacks of an attempt by the club via the local rag to prepare the fans for no more signings. We were three or four players short last season and have lost eleven first teamers since then and only added four. Do the club and the Gazette think we are all morons?
  8. You do realise we received a fee in excess of £20 million for a player who couldn't get a look in under Karanka and Monk? I'd say that's benefitted the club in the long term
  9. I can name quite a few but the glaringly obvious one is playing and developing Traore. Step out of that mist of hatred and bias, open your eyes and give a balanced opinion.
  10. I am neither a racist nor a bigot and I'll have words with anyone who says otherwise. Absolutely guaranteed you post on fmttmboro with an attitude like that.
  11. Bamford demanded assurances that he would be first choice when fit. he never got them. He then, through his representatives, engineered a move away. This is how it went from start to finish of his exit process.
  12. What has happened to comeonboro by the way? I tried to access it yesterday and it was down.
  13. I quite like the comeonboro forum. I visit once a week, usually on matchdays or the day after. It can be quite amusing. I don't post on that other one fmttmboro and having read it its probably for the best that I don't. Such an arrogant and intolerant site, hardly a forum, more a soap box for those who have the same opinions on everything in the world who want those opinions validated with hearty back slaps.
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