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  1. It looks as though the pair will not be offered new deals as we are linked with another left back, this time Fox at Sheffield Wednesday. Friend has been a great servant but is becoming increasingly injury prone and, in the modern game, his alarming lack of pace is a real hindrance. I think he may be retained but only in a player coach capacity. Johnson is solid enough and does a job but is not a natural full back and I don't see him challenging for a more advanced role. He has been a model pro for us and has always been complimentary about the area but business is business and we can probably bring in somebody more suited to the way Woodgate wants us to play. The only other theory is that Woodgate sees Coulson as a left winger whish is something I don't agree with. The lad could either be a top class attacking full back simular in style to Robertson at Liverpool or a decent winger. He should be kept at full back and allowed to flourish there.
  2. In descending order: 3. Emerson vs Sunderland at Roker Park Roker park wasn't a happy hunting ground for Boro or at least it wasn't when I went. I'd never seen us win there prior to that game. An early start on the beer and the short journey up there in the back of a friends transit van had us all in high spirits long before the game kicked off. When Emo strode onto that ball 30 yards from goal like he was sauntering along the copacabana on a lazy sunday afternoon and unleashed a piledriver that nearly tore the net off it sparked riotous scenes in the terraces behind that goal. The fact that it was old school all standing meant that bodies and limbs were flung here, there and everywhere. 2. Massimo Maccarone vs Basel We needed to score 4 goals with just over an hour to play but weirdly it felt like a formality as soon as Viduka pulled one back just before half time. In the concourse at half time I lost count of the number of times I heard fans saying 'hey we can do this ya know'. It was almost written in the stars that we would pull it off. That togetherness and universal show of belief culminated in extraordinary scenes in the 90th minute when Massimo received the ball on the right corner of the penalty box and drove the ball into the oposite bottom corner. I went that mental I ran down the steps and kissed a chaps bald head three rows in front of me. 1. Massimo Maccarone vs Steau We couldnt do it again could we? Due to a late change in rotation I was able to attend this game but was not in my usual seat in the North Stand. Instead I had managed to get a ticket for the West Lower next to the Boro dugout. The unfamiliar surroundings added to the incredibly surreal and unprecedented celebration. When Downing whipped in that ball from the left hand side and the gleaming bald head of Massimo rose like a salmon at the back post to power a diving header into the far corner I took leave of my senses and celebrated like I'd never celebrated before. An incredible moment that epitomised what football is all about.
  3. Stay safe everybody and respect the guidelines. It took a while to get to this situation but the correct decisions have now been made IMO.
  4. Whilst the league has been postponed until April, I would say that there is little chance of it returning then. Probably looking at June at the very earliest.
  5. It helps them more than games played behind closed doors which was the only other alternative. Reports yesterday suggested that the league and the larger clubs in England would have to show solidarity with any club that is at risk. You'd think that means donating money to them to help them through it.
  6. I think so. Safeguards the lower league clubs 👍
  7. The correct decision at the right time in my opinion. Premier league yet to announce their plans.
  8. Really interesting points there. Its certainly more sensible to look at the situation in Italy rather than what happened in China. Much more similarities and much more reliable data. What I find astonishing is how people would rather we carried on as normal and decide not to limit social gatherings in the form of school closures, sporting events postpones, concerts cancelled etc etc. Are those things really worth the life of a person? Get a grip.
  9. I prefer to look at it as trying to buy a Gucci suit in TK Max. Impossible. He will have a bit more room to manoeuvre this summer. Hopefully.
  10. 😂 No idea what the punchline is in that joke! I'm in the UK and I agree that media outlets overreacting only stirs up hysteria but on the whole I don't think people are going overboard at the moment. Nothing wrong with being cautious and vigilant if it saves lives.
  11. I disagree. People need to be kept up to date and communication is key to this. The more info out there for people at risk the better it is. I'd rather you be bored if it helps saves lives to be honest.
  12. Absolutely. I watched the Leicester game the other night against Villa and both N'didi and then I think it was Mendy who came on. very much the archetypal holding player. Its all about pace and power and strength and energy in that role now. Djiksteel has those attributes. He'd certainly be better in that role than as a right back!
  13. The 4-3-3 formation is just a variation of a 4-2-3-1. Both utilise one main striker with midfielders supporting. If you want to see the perfect example of how we want to play then look no further than Leeds United. I know for a fact that Woodgate wants us playing exactly the same way as them. Bielsa is his idol and has been ever since he played in Madrid. The way in which he wants us to play wasn't thought up in the summer, it has been something that he has studied and watched and admired for a long time. So just look at the type of players in the Leeds team and replicate that for us. A keeper with good distribution. Two strong centre backs, one of whom has a turn of pace. Attacking full backs. One holding midfielder. One playmaker receiving the ball off the defence. Three pacy, technically good, goalscoring attacking midfielders that can beat a man. One striker who can link up play, works hard but can also finish.
  14. 100% this. He is tailor made for that role. I said it as soon as I watched him in one of our home games and he came on and played that role. Covers the ground quickly, strong, energetic and good in the air. I'm sure this will be where he will play next season for us.
  15. I think our government will be looking at what has happened in italy with regards to how quickly it has spread and why there is a higher mortality rate there compared to, for example China and South Korea. They will look at how the Italian government reacted to it and assess whether mistakes were made. In many ways, and its a horrible thing to say, we are lucky in this country that we have the chance to assess what has happened in another country and tailor our own response to those findings. Italy seemed to get to about the same stage we are at now before it escalated dramatically. They are now confirming over 1000 cases a day there. Hopefully we have learnt a few important points from their situation and we can control it more successfully. If Italy is just a one off and we don't see the same infection/death figures in other countries then Euro 2020 may go ahead but its really not that important in the grand scheme of things.
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