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  1. Galway( Connolly) or Dublin( Kilkenny) are nowhere near the south coast🤣
  2. Yeah, loads of Gaelic but i would rather watch X Factor! I'm almost unique in that respect. I should really start going to Cork City games especially as they are top of the second tier at the moment unlike Bray Wanderers who lagging some way behind.🤣
  3. What on earth are we all going to do until July 30th? Fixtures release are still 5 weeks away. I guess the Transfer Rumours will help of course but it seems a long way away. Cork City have a few interesting games lined up, Man Utd Legends (Clayton Blackmore included) on June 9th & Stoke City have a training camp in Cork in July playing Cork City on July 9th. I suppose its something to keep the withdrawal symptoms at bay anyway!
  4. I think Spence is looking tired the last few games. He has'nt stood out as a €15-20m player to be fair. Very understandable as he has played nearly every game especially with his high intensity. Its bound to catch up with him much like Izzy.
  5. Great goal by Forest.Johnson is some talent,Aint his dad proud😊
  6. Spot on that man, The band is the sole reason i started supporting Boro. When i was about 7 or 8 when everyone in school was a Liverpool, Man Utd or Leeds fan, I got a Cork Gaelic Jersey, Got my mam to cut up & sew on a white bedsheet for a band! I thought i was the coolest kid on the block. Actually i still do😎
  7. I dunno though-The last Brighton loanee worked out so well👀
  8. I agree but i cant see big money being offered for him.
  9. To be fair,with the state of the pitches in the 70's.most shirts were Brown by half time anyway🤣
  10. Why are we selling McNair all of a sudden? I could be wrong but i cant see it. I thought Wilder pretty much said as such.Probably our most consistent player, rarely injured & can play in at least 4 positions.We need to keep Mc Nair, Selling him would weaken us,not improve us imo. Our lack of depth cost us last season.Bamba & Peltier have already gone & they had plenty game time.
  11. How are Forest not 3 or 4 up? Cracking game.
  12. Is that in relation to Lumley or the 'music'?
  13. The women arent much better
  14. Grandad’s Team - No Interest in those "foreign sports"! Dad’s Team - Man Utd Mum’s Team - No Interest in football Local Team - Cork City Your Team - Middlesbrough
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