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  1. Thank God thats all over,Thank you Mr Warnock, the emotions could very easily been very different tonight,
  2. 1-1 tonight i think,my previously predicted scuffed Saville goal from the edge of the box has to happen tonight!! Now where the hell is my valium,
  3. Has anyone any idea when the Wigan appeal is gonna be held?.Shocking defending today,midfield mot much better,Nmecha wouldnt get a game for Cork City,
  4. I have to hold my hands up,i had given up on George Friend as a championship defender, He was magnificent this evening,
  5. Can i come out from behind the sofa? Brilliant result,
  6. Think we have to win this evening,can see Wigan & Luton winning comfortably, 0-1,Britt,😎😎
  7. Would take a point today especially with the home disadvantage! I think last nights result was the worst possible outcome which puts the pressure back on, 1-1 Saville is due a scuffed effort from the edge of the box!!
  8. Hull 2 down, cant see them getting too many more points tbh, great day all round
  9. Outstanding performance, should have been against 9 men,shocking from the officials but thats a massive 3 points,😎
  10. Im delighted Neil listened to me re Shotton & a back 3!! Started off i would have taken a point,getting greedy now though,we can win this
  11. Incredible milestone. Ive done about 6 & i feel drained😁😁
  12. Anyone think Warnock might be tempted to go with Fry,Shotton & Mouk as a back 3 to counteract 6ft 6in Smith,Shotton scares me with the ball at his feet but might be very useful in this battle in the air, Ged Wallace looked very good v Charlton as well.
  13. I wonder was Warnock talking about Sheffield Wednesday or is there someone else in financial trouble. Could end up mid table yet!
  14. AnglianRed,im the one who had that horrible feeling about Hugill & no i didnt have money on it!!...What are the chances of Leagues 1 & 2 not stating next season at all, ive been frantically searching skyscanner for flights from Cork to Lincoln to no avail! Hopefully we might scrape enough points to stay up but i have to say it looks pretty grim
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