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  1. 2 nil to the Boro tonight,a Brilliant brace from Britt,
  2. No bother,Bring it on,Hopefully we can skull a few pints before & after!
  3. Hope Bray can take our place! Best of luck next week, At least City will have a feisty couple of games against Cobh next season, Must admit i dont go to as many games as i should.Must put that to rights,
  4. Cork Citys relegation to the 1st Division confirmed,inevitable from the start of the season, Perhaps a light on the horizon with a strong possibility of Prestons Chairman (Trevor Hemmings) buying the club for 1euro!! Theres been a strong link between the clubs with the transfers of Kevin O Connor,Alan Brown & Seanie Maguire over the last few seasons with Preston having their pre season camp in Corks Fota Island, Maybe better days ahead,
  5. Decent result,gud week,actually a gud return from a tough set of opening fixtures,
  6. Wonder will Roberts fitness last beyond the hour on his return,Brown or Tav to get the call,Spence pretty quiet again, Decent team performance so far though
  7. Will the commentator reach half time without nodding off? Sounds bored out of his mind!
  8. Bench still looks weak, 1 nil to the Boro- Britt,UTB
  9. Horrible way for ROI to lose but best footballing performance for some time, Better days ahead,Congrats to NI & Scotland,
  10. Actually the better side tonight so far but it took a brilliant save from Randolph to keep it at 0-0, Miss him!!
  11. Today is indeed the day our season kicks off, 3-0 to the Mighty Boro, Britt (2) & Akpom.
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