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  1. Have a great time, that man. Hope the boys make you proud ,Enjoy the Legends Lounge & the party. ......... Travelling is a complete pain these days. Im off to Tenerife next week via Stansted so i need locator forms going into Spain, PCRS test & locator forms coming back to the UK & again a locator form coming back to Ireland. All worth it though........... I love the way people on Forums ask "Does anyone know a bar in "wherever" where i can watch the match. In other words- I am in "wherever" & i want everyone to know it, BTW Does anyone know a Bar in Costa Adeje where i
  2. "Life of Brian" for me. Comedy Gold
  3. I reckon diving might have been his best suited option🤣🤣🤣
  4. "We all saw this season as a write off under Warnock" Really? Bit of a sweeping statement that! We were 4 points off the play offs, We were in the play offs (briefly) 2 weeks before that. I certainly did not see this season as a write off. I still dont despite the awful start in results terms by CW. Lot of football to be played & still very hopeful we can get very close. No miracle needed. Glass half full here.
  5. Maybe add half a dozen psychoanalysts to find out why the hell we fall to pieces when we concede a goal!
  6. How long is this "Colin" thing gonna go on? Bit unnecessary imo
  7. Yip.Sky Sports Football. Red Button 19.40pm
  8. Forshaw very impressive for Leeds today v Spurs. Very neat & tidy and always available.
  9. Relieved to see Mc Nair & Sporar both fit to start. Not a clue how this is gonna go. UTB
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