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  1. Maybe we should go the whole hog,A pint of Guinness, some bacon & cabbage,a hurley & 'Top of the mornin to ya Begorra on the side!!
  2. Saddened to hear of the passing of Paul Mariner, Former Ipswich striker, Died aged 68, What a player he was, RIP
  3. Lets hope whoever he is loaned out to dont play him at right back like Warnock did against Barnsley in the League Cup.He was like a fish up a tree!
  4. Dead Right, Our next signing should be a throw in specialist, We never really replaced Antonio Barragan.
  5. Half asleep this morning, I though for a second we were signing Bamford again, Wishful thinking!!
  6. Im very happy with that, I love a player who brings a bit of unpredictability to our play, He always keeps defenders guessing as to what he will do. Often he doesnt seem to know himself!!
  7. Whatever happens from here on in,the Austrians deserve great credit.Not just their defending but the passing out from the back & through midfield has been brilliant to watch against all the odds. Scecial mention to the ref as well ignoring some histronics from the Italians .
  8. Loving the Brum Fixture away on March 15th, i always go to this game.easier to get tickets on a tuesday evening.my birthday the day after & Paddys day the day after that! Could be a rough couple of days,Bring it on!
  9. My favourite game so far was Holland v Ukraine,Thought the second half was superb, The whole thing has been excellant. Hopefully more goals on the way in the next 45 mins
  10. Im hoping for an own goal hat trick here.It would be nice to see Pepe knocking one past his keeper as well
  11. There must be a Deesider out there somewhere!!
  12. Ridiculous penalty decision,
  13. Brilliant from Bale.So easy to hide after the penalty but super stuff to set up the second.delighted for the Welsh
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