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  1. I really hope we can sort out something with Bolaise for next season.I know he had a few too many shots from distance today but he is so positive,drives forward at every opportunity and has a goal in him.Give him a proper pre season and he could be massive for us.
  2. How many points do we get for that? Its been a while!!
  3. Should surely be able to pick them off now,Down to 10 men having played abour 20 games in a week.. So unlucky again Howson
  4. I dont think Cork City are capable of pushing in front of anyone at the moment!!
  5. I heard they wiil scrap the whole idea if Bray are not involved!
  6. Boro for the New FA Cup in 2027.its inevitable! Lump on.You know it makes sense😁
  7. The sooner the big six sod off,the better! Maybe we would have some chance of competing in a new restructered league. Our last season in the top flight was embarrasing wondering how many we were gonna concede.Bring it on😎
  8. Ive been a big fan of Warnock since he arrived but these last few displays have been unacceptable.Wonder whats the excuses today- Match officials? Opposition Strikers were better than ours? Grass too long? Grass too short? Wind blowing in the wrong direction? Changing Rooms not up to standard? Gets tiresome.
  9. Astonishing 5 nil victory for Sheffield Wednesday v Cardiff.Barry Bannon was clearly MOTM but Adam Reach outstanding also scoring twice. If Wednesday get relagated,we could a lot worse than resigning him.Looks to have really developed his game and would be a geat addition to the squad. Que the obligatory 'Whats the obsession with our ex players'!
  10. Swansea concede an og in injury time v Preston. Seem to have no luck at all!!
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