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  1. 3-2 Luton at the death. Didnt expect that,Super finish.excellant game
  2. Luton 2 up on Bournemouth coming up to half time😎
  3. I wouldnt agree with that🤠
  4. Maybe 2nd name on the sheet behind Jones! He has been superb though.
  5. I wonder if there is a place in the squad for Uche. Doubtful it seems but i would be gutted to see him leave. If Salah scored that goal today,Sky would be showing it for weeks.Brilliant from the big man. He will be a great signing for somebody but i cant see him getting many minutes for us ahead of Sporar,Balagun,Connolly or Watmore
  6. Lets look at the positives,we are in the hat for the next round, 2 late,late winners in a row, players coming back from covid. Only 1 defeat under Wilder.Another few young players getting experience. All gud😎 UTB
  7. Missed the second goal.dodgy box froze. Not complaining though.Great start
  8. Its about time we had somebody with a Double Barrelled name anyway!
  9. I have to agree with the English lads on this one, Mrs Browns Boys is about as funny as a prostate examination!
  10. Who will pay Spences scooter petrol expenses?
  11. We have unearthed a gem with Issiah Jones. Special player that lad. Tie him down with a 30 year contract at least!
  12. I have had my doubts about Sporar but that was a neat finish.3 in 3.,Cant argue with that. Brilliant from Jones again
  13. Grealish was Irish enough to play Gaelic Games as a kid.His father said it would help him anticipate tackles! Guess that didnt work too well! Irish enough to play 19 times for Irish underage Rice was Irish enough to play 17 times underage & 3 friendlys for the senior squad. Your point is valid though.Both using the Irish set up as a stepping stone. Yes i did google some of that & yes i am bored. Im not sure of the relevance of this to the transfer thread however
  14. I wouldnt go down that road considering Grealish & Declan Rice are both Irish! Needless to say,im not at all bitter about them jumping ship!! I dont care about who Connolly is spending his time with.I just dont think he will score the goals we need.Hope im wrong though.
  15. I have seen him a lot playing for the Republic.Not the goalscorer we are looking for imo.Busy player but not a great finisher.Havent heard anything about him being a 'tit'
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