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  1. Great minds think alike,super player
  2. Might be taking Cork City's place next season! Not looking good,good to see Shamrock Rovers give a decent account of themselves v Milan,
  3. 1-0 to the Boro today,a header from a corner by Hall, i ve given up on the scuffed effort from Saville every week prediction ,just too far fetched!
  4. Im wondering is Mc Nair is now nailed on as a centre back,Seems to me to be his best position with the added bonus that playing there might keep him away from taking set pieces!
  5. Suppose the only positive was Mc Nair, well that & avoiding an inevitabe Mullering @ Chelsea,Poor team selection,totally unbalanced, Clearly making a point,
  6. Dreadful,What is Coulson doing on the right? Daft,hes like a fish up a tree!
  7. They wont score an easier goal this season, woeful defending
  8. Still think we can get at least a point here, Cmon Boro
  9. At least we wont be bottom if we lose with Sheffield Wednsdays point deduction! My prediction 1-1 with Savilles scuffed shot in off the post after 2 deflections on the way,has to happen at some stage
  10. Delighted that the Sanogo deal fell through ,Banana Skin Avoided ,Dreadful footballer,
  11. Am i the only one who thinks Sanogo would be a dreadful signing,Remenber him at Arsenal & he was one the most awkward players i have even seen,Bambi on ice awkward,Hope he proves me totally wrong if & when he signs & goes on to hit 20 this season
  12. Thanks for the link Red Rocket,great to have the footie back again,really enjoyed it, Bit worrying the way Hall was turned so easily on a few times,good to see us score 4 though,a rare treat, Really need a few in the next few weeks though, UTB
  13. Forest linked with the Duke,Hefele going the other way? Would not have minded him as back up to Fletch & Britt,
  14. Thank God thats all over,Thank you Mr Warnock, the emotions could very easily been very different tonight,
  15. 1-1 tonight i think,my previously predicted scuffed Saville goal from the edge of the box has to happen tonight!! Now where the hell is my valium,
  16. Has anyone any idea when the Wigan appeal is gonna be held?.Shocking defending today,midfield mot much better,Nmecha wouldnt get a game for Cork City,
  17. I have to hold my hands up,i had given up on George Friend as a championship defender, He was magnificent this evening,
  18. Can i come out from behind the sofa? Brilliant result,
  19. Think we have to win this evening,can see Wigan & Luton winning comfortably, 0-1,Britt,😎😎
  20. Would take a point today especially with the home disadvantage! I think last nights result was the worst possible outcome which puts the pressure back on, 1-1 Saville is due a scuffed effort from the edge of the box!!
  21. Hull 2 down, cant see them getting too many more points tbh, great day all round
  22. Outstanding performance, should have been against 9 men,shocking from the officials but thats a massive 3 points,😎
  23. Im delighted Neil listened to me re Shotton & a back 3!! Started off i would have taken a point,getting greedy now though,we can win this
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