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  1. Good point, I think Burnley are the exception rather than the rule. Dyche has built a squad of mainly British players and created a Wimbledon type of siege mentality. They are performing well above their individual ability because the team are so well coached and managed. I don't think we can recreate that with a foreign manager, lots of foreign players and a huge discrepancy in wage structure. Burnley did what we are doing 2 yrs ago. Then they went down added to the players they bought in the premier league and came up again stronger. If we can stay up we cut a yr off that A big if
  2. Chip quite clearly our negative and cautious approach is not working a lot of us thought we would take the game to Palace at the weekend sadly not the case and for me and for Boro to be safe end of season we must be more adventurous. I honestly feel we need to change our ethos and take the game to our opponents straight away, try and score a bloody goal or two and then if achieved see the game out with a more traditional approach which ironically we all know the outcome of that and those nervy last few minutes. We aint going anywhere at the moment but we have to from now on It's painful to watch at the moment, we are so predictable. Like you say have a bloody go get the fans excited instead of this tedious football that is taking us back to the championship.
  3. Boro supporters have a connection to the town, we are not a global brand. The likes of Man Utd, Chelsea ***nal etc have supporters all over the country. These teams can charge what they like and fans will pay. As you say in your post the revenue generated is peanuts for the club but for the average fan it's a huge outlay.
  4. I am married with 3 children and work alternative weekends, live about 70 miles from Boro so it is not viable for me to buy a season ticket. I pay walk up prices as this is my only option. When I was younger I went home and away as I had ample cash to go to football and money left to socialise, once you have a family your priorities change. My family will always come first, the prices for tickets are just going to far. I love my club but I would rather take my family to a decent restaurant. We are all appreciative of what Gibbo has done for the Club but we are getting the best TV deal in history, away tickets are being priced at £30 I can see no justification in raising ticket prices. We would all like to see a full Riverside. Our supporters have connections to Boro we are not a global brand. Middlesbrough, economically is a poor area we are potentially missing out on a generation of fans. We should of frozen ticket prices this year.
  5. It's time for AK to go, when he first came he started to change the club around. He was professional with everything he did but he has always been stubborn falling out with Hignett, Adomah and Caryol. Albert applauding a team he used to play for and Bristol fans singing his name, then AK has a rant at him, AK was wrong how he handled this. What annoys me is that whenever there is any sort of spat, it makes headlines why can they not just keep it in house. We still have a chance of promotion but if we keep AK in charge it won't happen. We need to act fast and get a new manager, if AK has punched a player then then he could be in breach of his contract and Gibbo would have no choice but to sack him, This could be why the meeting is supposedly taking place on Tuesday as Gibbo needs to get all the facts from players and management. Let's get it sorted and move on, if we lose to Hull on Friday then it's playoffs. What a season, it was heading for the best since the premier days and we have imploded.
  6. Yeah I agree with your post, would like a win as I'm going and I work with loads of Leeds fans.
  7. Must win, keep the pressure up on Hull and Burnley plus I'm going to this one.
  8. That was an interesting transfer window Rhodes On/Off/On. To buy the most consistent striker in this division, we now need to utilise him and not leave him isolated. I work with a few Huddesfield fans who think that if we get promoted then they are due £2million from the Rhodes deal and another £1million from the Clayton deal. Anyone else hear about this? On the MFC website it says tickets for Leeds nearly sold out, I could not make the original Saturday fixture but due to it being played on Monday 15th Feb I'm off. I've bought a ticket, they are priced £37 plus a £2.50 booking fee. What a rip off!!!!!
  9. Sold 2,100 tickets for Leeds, extra allocation available now giving us 2,826. Normally get a result under the floodlights, bought my ticket today.
  10. RUMOUR: @AFCAjax_EN linked with shock move for @FulhamFC midfielder Tom Cairney http://the72.co.uk/46547/ajax-linked-to-shock-move-for-championship-midfielder/ … #ffc #Ajax #FulhamFC #hcafc #rovers To replace McCormack?
  11. Don't know much about Ramirez, heard the name but for me the jury is still out. Would be good to get McCormack as he knows the league and would be fhe missing link that we desperately need.
  12. If you get info that we maybe signing a player yeah post it, if it's just made up leave it to twitter.
  13. McCormack is expensive at 9 million if reports are right but if he gets us into the premier league it's money well spent. We need someone who knows where the back of the net is and there is nobody better in this league than McCormack
  14. Fulham have bid for Steve Sidwell is that to replace Ross McCormack
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