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  1. Very happy with Assombalonga, the one player I wanted us to sign as soon as we went down. £15m might be a bit steep, but as long as he stays fit I'm sure he'll be worth every penny. I don't think we'll get far with Murphy. Norwich fans are already disappointed with his brother being sold and I doubt they would be happy selling to a divisional rival for half of the price of his brother especially when they have every reason to believe he is better. Only way it comes off is if they're really struggling for cash. As for Brahimi, I have no idea what we're going for there. 4 goals and 2 assis
  2. 34.

    Hello Championship

    Horrible season by all accounts. I want to say well done to Ben Gibson, an absolute consistent star in a shockingly bad team. Can't begrudge his eventual move to whichever PL team gets him. At least next season can't be as bad as this. Not sure if you can make it to the matches, but there's this embarrassing part before the game were we show half the goals we've scored this season on the big screen whilst the BBC Tees commentary for the goal flashes up on all the ad boards. At least that's over after the Southampton game.
  3. Guzan hasn't been that bad recently, but oh lord this has been even worse than that awful performance he put in against Sunderland early on in the season. Another example of terrible recruitment.
  4. Any other manager would be tearing his hair out by now. :D
  5. Chelsea carving us open the same way time & time again is a marked contrast from Karanka's 80 page dossiers on the opposing team. I didn't like Karanka, but at least he was actually prepared to some degree. Agnew is embarrassing. At least one under-performing baldy is already off to America
  6. I had a good feeling after seeing City's lineup, Navas at the back, Garcia playing (bit of an insult to us really) and Gabriel Jesus rushed back. Those poor decisions from Pep certainly gave us a reasonable advantage today for the first 48 minutes. Very glad we took our chances and I can't fault anyone today apart from Stuani who had an absolute mare. Downing & Forshaw in particular stepped up despite being disappointing recently, shame Stewie hasn't worked on his final delivery. Glad we're going down with a fight, but as the saying goes 'it's the hope that kills you' so it feels pre
  7. This is arguably the most annoying thing. £16m and for that we've received - 1) Bamford who can't get a look in. 2) Guedioura who only gets on for twenty minutes now and then. His 'quality' is his long shots allegedly and yet so far he has spooned every shot well wide/over and provided nothing else. 3) Gestede, who I do like, but that chance and the 39 games stat suggests he won't come close to helping to keep us up. Unbelievable waste.
  8. Admittedly that also looks like a poor choice right now. I suppose that is a fair charge. It's rather depressing that Hull, who some of us probably laughed at the start of the season for their thin squad, are doing better than us in all aspects except defending.
  9. I'm sick of a lot of these players, the halfwits that signed them and the Chairman that seems to be more interested in friendships than doing what's right for the club. Not a big fan of many of our players, but Barragan and Espinosa take it to another level. Not sure Gibbo can be criticised for too much though, it's the structure below him that's rotten. All Gibbo did wrong was wait too long to pull the trigger on AK, but even then AK hid his inevitable failure well for half a season.
  10. So sick of Barragan, how hard can it be to throw it properly? Unbelievable ball from Negredo there
  11. Llorente not playing is a nice bonus for us. Swansea fans on twitter seem less than enthusiastic about Ayew coming in for him.
  12. Really hoped Gestede would play so that is a shame. Might be a difficult day with Bernardo and Barragan at the back. Well done Agnew for abandoning the three holding midfielders tactic though.
  13. I thought we looked very positive in the first fifteen and last fifteen minutes as a few people have said. The first fifteen is how Karanka's system should have played out and the last fifteen was a result of the plan B he rarely used. Hopefully Agnew was simply being cautious against United though, would like to see some different tactics against the weaker teams, but even in this system we produced a more entertaining game today. The in between was a bit of a shambles and the goals were the result of some terrible defending (Barragan for 1-0, Barragan & Bernardo for 2-0) and Bernardo
  14. If you look at the advisory jobs he has taken on over the last year and his little stint as Jordan manager as well as the amount of punditry he's doing, I think it's safe to say he's short of cash. I'm with you, he would be good short term but I don't really want him to have any chance at transfers or we could end up down for a lot longer than 7 years. Hiddink for ten games remains our best option right now if he is interested at all.
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