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  1. https://youtu.be/95Fa4Zn-Vzc I was stuck in a YouTube coaching vids search and came across this academy game from 2017. I think Woodgate is with the academy coach on the bench. Might be one or two of the players that are stepping up now amongst the group. Lots of commercials sorry.
  2. I predict a 2-1 win for boro with a late goal sealing our victory. not the best moustache but combined with the best (worst) uniform in football history it is magnificent. The Colorado caribou form the NASL days in the USA. It even has tassles.
  3. Are any of the supposed Liverpool and spurs players (possible loans) have Rio Ferdinand’s company as agents. Seemed he helped with the Browne signing. Just a query.
  4. I watched a few vids of eze as well and he looks like an exciting player. Strong and technically good. If we get him it would be very good business. Maybe, just maybe, we have some money tucked away for a deadline day purchase and he would fit the bill. With some outgoings of course. I don’t think it has to be our big names sold. I think Gibson wants Woody more than anyone else to succeed. Having said that perhaps success is stabilizing the team within the new ethos or perhaps he wants a play-off position and will push up to FFP limits for us. Exciting times.
  5. Are there any good players on the the German team (we played) that impressed and can be bought for low ££?
  6. I hope in the frenzy of the last two weeks of the window that we hold onto Fry, bring in a winger, loan a winger and try to get a settled team into the final friendlies. Out of curiosity, who would any of you put forward as a player capable of playing in Clayton’s position currently at the club? I only ask because he may get injured or may not be good enough in the new system. Cheers.
  7. I think I have a new name for this thread as there are no transfers to discuss The chattybox - anything EXCEPT transfers
  8. Maybe Woody should call for Glen Hoddle to assist him.
  9. Ronaldo to reveal his next step. What a big new contract or que Ronaldo to PSG plus £ with Neymar going the other way?? Prediction first dibs. I know never going to happen. It is silly rumour season though.
  10. Happy New Years from Canada! Just an FYI for those who like classic/retro video games from the 1980s,90sand 2000s I came across this website. It even has championship manager 1993 and other football sim and games( old fifa, international soccer/football etc) and flight sim/combat etc. Not sure if they all work but free nevertheless. Regarding TV shows- I’m enjoying the Orville, Star Trek discovery is ok. Www.classicreload.com Enjoy!
  11. Sounds like a type of compartment syndrome and they may have released the fascia to reduce intracompartmental pressure. Or perhaps they are worried the hematoma may turn into a myosotis ossificans and have tried reduce the hematoma. Either way a freak injury (likely a blow to the quad) and I can imagine his knee isn't bending well right now. Make take some time to resolve.
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