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  1. Any links for a stream stuck at work today
  2. seems that Alan Nixon was surprised we missed out on the Leicester midfielder, still keen on Muniz on his latest Boro tweet
  3. If he’s shown a good attitude and at the moment gives us an outlet to build off and you’ve got to remember it will take any other striker 2 weeks to bed in and if they dont arrive to until late in the window it makes sense, especially with plenty of games at the start of the season. As last season proves every point is vital even at the start of the season. Hoppe, Forss,Akpom +2
  4. We scored from a corner and the run Forrss made for his goal was well timed and a good finish. We clearly need someone with the physicality up that’ll front the ball can go up then bring others into the attack, which was the big difference in the second half! Very early days in the season
  5. Does that mean we have photos of Roberto Carlos & Forlan in Boro kits?
  6. Anyone else concerned about the lack of pace in midfield, looks like Howson lost few yards of pace over the summer?
  7. Just wondering if the current rise in cost of living is making anyone question going to the game also as it’s on sky tv. For myself living best part of 200 miles away from the Riverside the fuel cost and shocking public transport really made me think about going up to the game. Also travelling up to the game on my own so no way of sharing fuel costs etc.
  8. NE saying we’ve enquired about Archer & Parrot, just recycling stories but keeps the name of Archer floating around
  9. Sheffield united have the same kit supplier as us now….
  10. Wasn’t the initial chat we want a player included in the Tav deal if he goes to Bournemouth?
  11. Forest signing Lingard so can’t see them going back in for Tav
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